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VE Task-Based Curriculum

The VEI Approach

Using a student-centered approach that emphasizes project-based collaborative learning, VEI replicates the functions and demands of real businesses in both structure and practice. With the guidance of a teacherfacilitator and a business partner, VEI students establish and manage a virtual company, conducting business with other “firms” domestically and internationally. Students are involved in all aspects of running the business, including human resources, accounting, product development, production, distribution, marketing, and sales.

Students are assigned to work in different departments, typically Administration, Accounting/Finance, Sales/Marketing, Human Resources, Editorial/Communications and Graphics/IT. The class selects a CEO and managers who oversee each department. Working in teams to make decisions about how to complete their departmental tasks in support of company goals and objectives, students learn from both their successes and mistakes. Read more.


Notes To Teachers

Economics Lesson Alignment Table

Instructional Units