Student Testimonials

Every year, VEI prepares thousands of students across the country, offering countless opportunities and aiding students to develop the kind of proactive mindset that allows them to capitalize on these opportunities. Below are videos that showcase the students near the end of their VEI experience, transformed and ready to take on the world.


Richmond Anyetei
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School, New York, NY – Class of 2015

VEI allowed Richmond to gain control over his life.

Mike Claustro
School of Business and Tourism at Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, Los Angeles, CA – Class of 2015

VEI’s workplace environment was a natural fit for a creative, entrepreneurial student like Mike.


James Holmes
Crenshaw High School, Los Angeles, CA – Class of 2014

Pillow Tune’s CEO shares why he’s thankful for the VEI experience and how he wishes every student in his community and similar communities across the United States will get the same opportunity.

Oluwatoyin (Toyin) Shitta-Bey
New Dorp HS, Staten Island, NY – Class of 2014

Watch below to see how VEI prepared Toyin to face challenges in college and the rest of his life.


Vonzell Byrd (CEO, TigerTech, Inc., Chicago), Angel Cepedes (Class of 2011), Crystal Helton (VP of Marketing, Eden’s Confections, SC), Slav Kuzmin (Class of 2009), Saul Lopez (CEO, Art Beat, CA), Jordan Knox (CEO, Versorna, NYC), Anthony Lewis (Class of 2011), Nathaly Lopez (Class of 2005), Catherine Perez (CEO, T-Squared, NYC), Rosalvens Saint Jean (CEO, 10 Chefs N’ A Gourmet Bundle, Boston), Bri Smith (Class of 2013)

This group of eleven current and former students handled the stage like seasoned business professionals and captivated the guests even more than the breathtaking view of Manhattan’s nighttime skyline.




Shane Meares
Santa Barbara High School, Santa Barbara, CA – Class of 2013

The CEO of DONS Net Cafe shares how his doubts were replaced by confidence, what it takes to realize one’s full potential, and his personal epiphany about translating a passion into a career.


Josuel Plasencia
Academy of Finance & Enterprise, New York, NY – Class of 2013

The ASAP CEO talks about how VEI empowered him to transform a world full of unfavorable circumstances, into one where he speaks at corporate events at Wall Street and rings the bell at the New York Stock Exchange.


Santiago Hernandez
Santa Barbara High School, Santa Barbara, CA – Class of 2013

The CFO of DONS Net Cafe traveled a great distance to get where he is today.