70 Schools Attend the 12th Annual Bay Area Trade Show

The atmosphere was electric at the 12th Annual San Francisco Bay Area Entrepreneurship Conference and Trade Show, March 4-5, 2016 at the Oakland Convention Center in Oakland, California! The event attracted more than 1,300 VEI students, teachers, industry professionals, and other guests, filled more than 80 booths, representing more than 70 schools from California, New York, Illinois, and Oregon.

Eleven competitions took place at this year’s conference, including the Sustainable Revenue Business Plan which awarded cash prizes to the top three teams. In addition to competitions, the Conference featured guest speakers and series of professional workshops for students.

Plans are already underway for next year’s event March 26-27, 2017 again at the Oakland Convention Center.

Competition Results

“WOW” Factor (combined Best Booth and Salesmanship)

INK - South Pasadena High School1
Second Stitch - Mission Viejo High School2
iScream - Dos Palos High School3
Trifecta - Murrieta Valley High School4
Lifedrone - University High School5
Every Drop Counts - Roosevelt High School6
Green Grocery - Pitman High School7
Nocogo - Murrieta Valley High School8
Illumilight - Rio Linda High School9
Sprout - South Pasadena High School10
Sockscribe - Centennial High SchoolHM
Vend-Inc - Century High SchoolHM
Micro Mansion - Antelope Valley High SchoolHM
Ubox - Estancia High SchoolHM
Hikeout - Golden West High SchoolHM

Sustainable Business Plan

Every Drop CountsRoosevelt High School 1
InkSouth Pasadena High School 2
Alumni ApparelJames Logan 3
IllumilightRio Linda 4
Whitebox GraphicsLynbrook 5
Second StitchMission Viejo 6
Atlantis AquaponicsVallejo High School 7
IscreamDos Palos 8
HikeoutGolden West 9
Coast to Coast EventsSan Marcos High School 10

Human Resources Scenario

Sockscribe - Centennial High School1
Karuna - Bakersfield High School2
Vend-Inc - Century High School3
Wired Koffee - Palm Springs High School,4
INK - South Pasadena High School5
Impulse - Ashland High School6
Atlantis Aquaponics - Vallejo High School7
TOP FORM - James Logan High School8
Empire - Century High School9
Ubox - Estancia10
Dare Devil Obstacles - La Mirada High SchoolHM
Star City Sports - St. Charles NorthHM
Illumilight - Rio Linda High SchoolHM
Pro-tect - Costa Mesa High SchoolHM
Golden Soles - James LoganHM
Second Stitch - Mission Viejo High SchoolHM

Marketing Plan

INK - South Pasadena High School1
Vintage Automotive Technology - Vintage High2
Second Stitch - Mission Viejo High School3
Karuna - Bakersfield High School4
The Courier - Liberty High School5
Nocogo - Murrieta Valley High School6
Trifecta - Murrieta Valley High School7
Bolt, Inc. - Homestead High School8
Sockscribe - Centennial High School9
Lifedrone - University High School10
Carlsbags - Carlsbad High SchoolHM
Pro-tect - Costa Mesa High SchoolHM
Atlantis Aquaponics - Vallejo High SchoolHM
Aqua Pura - Century High SchoolHM
Brandons Big Prints - LynbrookHM
Golden Soles - James LoganHM

Elevator Pitch

INK - South Pasadena High School1
Pro-tect - Costa Mesa High School2
Lifedrone - University High School3
Second Stitch - Mission Viejo4
Illumilight - Rio Linda5
Solar-Tek - Century High6
Lucid Investment - HS of Economics and Finance7
Sockscribe - Centennial8
Trifecta - Murrieta Valley9
N.E.R.D.S. Technology - Arvin High School10
Golden Soles - James LoganHM
Karuna - Bakersfield High SchoolHM
Sprout - South Pasadena HighHM
Athena - La MiradaHM
Dare Devil Obstacles - La MiradaHM

Video Commercial

Top FormJames Logan 1
TrifectaMurrieta Valley 2
SockscribeCentennial 3
SproutSouth Pasadena 4
INKSouth Pasadena 5
KarunaBakersfield High 6
Golden SolesJames Logan 7
XpressionMt. Miguel 8
LimitlessElmwood Park (IL) 9
Atlantis AquaponicsVallejo 10
Secret SolesPhoenix (OR) HM
Every Drop CountsRoosevelt HM
Pro-tectCosta Mesa HM
Fly New YorkHM
Andersen and AssociatesEast Bakersfield HM

Trade Show Advertisement

Atlantis Aquaponics (Vallejo)1
Sockscribe (Centennial)2
Empire (Century)3
Second Stitch (Mission Viejo)4
Karuna (Bakersfield High)5
Golden Soles (James Logan)6
Delta Wave (South High)7
Sprout (South Pasadena)8
Vend-Inc (Century)9
Velocity International (Forest Hills)10
Iscream (Dos Palos)HM
Green Grocery (Pitman)HM
Crème Bags (Vallejo)HM
ASAP (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis)HM
Perfect Plates (Moreno Valley)HM

Logo Design

Nocogo, Murrieta Valley1
NY Idea - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis2
INK - South Pasadena3
Second Stitch - Mission Viejo4
Lifedrone - University High5
Sockscribe - Centennial6
Dare Devil Obstacles - La Mirada7
Every Drop Counts - Roosevelt8
Bolt - Inc. - Homestead9
Ubox - Estancia10
Sprout - South PasadenaHM
Karuna - Bakersfield HighHM
Vend-Inc. - CenturyHM
Iscream - Dos PalosHM
The Courier - LibertyHM
Imagination Inc - HS for Arts - Imagination & InquiryHM