Greer High School Students Succeed in Global Challenge


On Tuesday, April 9, 2013, the Global Business Challenge, an event open to all VEI students, was held at New York University.  Two weeks prior to participating in this event, students received a Business case study to analyze and research.  The company the students explored this year was Starbucks.  Over 200 students from 7 countries and 12 states were split into 25 teams of 6-8 students.  South Carolina had 18 students from four high schools participate.  Most teams had two U.S. students with the remaining students comprising from the countries of Brazil, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Romania, Germany, and Austria.

After an opening program, students worked together for two hours to answer four case study questions and create a PowerPoint presentation they would present to a panel of five judges.  Teams who moved on to the final round made their presentation in front of all students, coordinators, VEI leaders, and judges in attendance.

At the conclusion of the event, Greer High School had two students play key roles on winning teams.  Richard Handler took on the role of team leader and guided his team to a 1st place finish.  Jackson Tipton also played a key role on the team that placed 2nd.  To cap things off Jordan Walker from St. James High School was on the team that placed 3rd.  It was a great experience for all students from our state.