Firm Spotlight: Less Than Mainstream


“LTM is a new age, one-stop-shop up-cycling clothing establishment based around fashionable teens and twenty-somethings. Their main focuses include redesigning clothes brought in by customers to their specifications as well as taking unwanted clothes, redesigning, and selling them as storefront merchandise. In addition to having an intense passion for fashion and a spark for ingenuity, our company is very eco-friendly. Focused on creativity and quality, our company is worthy of each individual’s time and money.” – Less Than Mainstream’s coordinator Heather Daniel, Landstown High School and Governor’s STEM Academy.

The Less Than Mainstream team includes:

Arooba Ayaz
Adrian Daniels
Nicole Deperio
Damien Dobos
Nylea Johnson
Shawntel Johnson
Nikki Ligo
Yasmonia Mack
Brianna Mcpeek
Janet Mineva
Jericho Morelan
Stephen Neal
Cory Petinga
Miya Poole
Justin Robles
Natalie Shelby