Featured Firm: AGEX (Brazil)

EFG BH – Escola de Formação Gerencial
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil


About the Firm

AGEX sells traditional Brazilian products that celebrate Brazilian lifestyle and culture, including shoes, sportswear, beachwear, music, musical instruments, and interior design items.

The vibrant firm successfully brought a slice of Brazil to New York City at the [intlink id=”9162″ type=”post”]2014 International Trade Show[/intlink] and earned an Outstanding Achievement in Booth Design for their efforts.

The firm is interested in doing business with retail companies from around the VEI world. Going forward, AGEX plans on expanding their product mix to offer a diversity of products that reflect Brazil’s worldwide influence.


AGEX’s booth at the 2014 International Trade Show

Team Members

Coordinator: Professor Gilberto Franco


  • Izabella Valadares
  • Gabriela Resende


  • Ronnye Castro
  • Cecília Horta


  • Victor Caus

Human Resources

  • Maria Luiza Alves
  • Lara Sterzik Fink


  • Eduarda Coutinho


  • Érica Sena
  • Igor Arantes

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