Featured Firms

This section is dedicated to increasing firm visibility and helping stimulate commerce between VEI firms across the U.S. and International Networks as well as provide inspiration for future VEI business models.

2015 Featured Firms



Life’s PURiTEA is a tea company with a purpose.

Meet Life’s PURiTEA



@ Your Service is a professional event-planning and concierge company.

Meet @ Your Service



Golden Ram Enterprises, Inc. is an insurance and financial services company.

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2014 Featured Firms

U.S. Network

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Déjà Vu is an online fitness store that offers products for consumers to start or continue a fun and healthy lifestyle.

Meet Déjà Vu



ReImagin3D offers unique, affordable, and imaginative 3D printed products using eco-friendly materials to meet everyday needs.

Meet ReImagin3D

Oasis Logo

Oasis provides the opportunity to practice environmental responsibility, healthy living, and community vitality through the cultivation of sustainable rooftop gardens.

Meet Oasis

V-LO Chip (BYOC) is a virtual company that sells a custom-designed tracking device.

Meet V-LO Chip


Build Your Own Craving (BYOC) is a unique company within the food and candy industry that builds custom, pre-made candy and snack baskets.

Meet Build Your Own Craving


International Network


AGEX sells sells traditional Brazilian products that celebrate Brazilian lifestyle and culture, including shoes, sportswear, beachwear, music, musical instruments, and interior design items.



Faller sells cardboard boxes and furniture, which makes it a go-to firm for the moving and furnishing needs of individuals and businesses.

Meet Faller