Akua McEachron

Akua McEachron

Akua McEachron
Interfor Inc Intern
Abraham Lincoln High School

I already attend Berkeley College in Midtown Manhattan for a major in Computer Science with a concentration in Art.

I’m interested in culture, music, food, fashion, business, art, technology, animation, and films. While in Abraham Lincoln High School, I was the Director of Human Resources for Chocology, a science-based, high-end chocolate company. My favorite parts involved interacting with my coworkers and participating in the Business Plan Competition and Trade Show.

I plan to create my own company once I graduate from college.

What excited you most about this internship opportunity?
Stepping into a whole new field and meeting people I don’t normally get to interact with on a daily basis.

What tasks/projects did you work on?
I created media-kits and brochures for meetings, set up conference rooms, and made widely-used spreadsheets.

How was working at Interfor similar or different to your VEI experience?
The workplace environment at Interfor mirrors the VEI environment, but my role at Chocology required little to no research, while my role at Interfor required extensive research.

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