Amy Huang

Amy Huang

Amy Huang
SIFMA Foundation Intern
High School of Economics and Finance

My favorite moments occurred during the days before the business plan competitions and New York City International Trade Show. Everyone was rushing to prepare, which made it more thrilling and fun. I’m interested in books, movies, art and education and I’m an aspiring educator.

What tasks/projects did you work on?
I edited documents for my supervisor, helped another employee prepare for SIFMA’s tribute dinner, helped prepare a presentation for a large group of teachers at Pace University about incorporating The Stock Market Game into after school programs. As a former VEI student, I used my experience with financial education to describe its importance and impact to current and future generations.

Do you think VEI prepared you for this experience?
VEI prepared me to be professional in a business environment. I know the Do’s and Don’ts of all settings, how to use Microsoft Office, send formal emails, keep consistent communication, and more. It helped me learn soft skills that have been very useful to me when I work with others.

What did you like best about the SIFMA Foundation?
SIFMA is a large company and I was nervous to be an intern at first because I did not think I was ready for such a big company. However, after the first few days of the internship, I realized everyone at the office is friendly and easy-going. It felt great working with such intelligent and knowledgeable individuals.

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