Loan Application

If you are a new or existing firm and require a loan, refer to the following instructions and notes to complete and submit the application form below.

In the form, you will need to upload the following documents (templates of these required documents can be found on the Reference Files page).

  1. Loan Request Letter (formal business letter on firm letterhead addressed to your Regional Office).
  2. A completed loan amortization table for the proposed loan amount, based on a 5-year repayment period.   Firms have the choice between a Fixed Rate or Variable Rate loan.  For fixed rate loans the APR = prime (as of 9/01/2014) plus 2%.  For variable rate loans the APR = prime (as of 9/01/2014) + 1% and is readjusted each year.
  3. A completed Business Plan for the 14/15 Fiscal Year.  (For loan applications submitted prior to December 2014, please include an Executive Summary of the Business Plan and an 8-month projected Cash Budget.)


The maximum loan amount for firms, funded by your Regional Office, will be approximately 5 months of operating expenses.

Firms will receive a standardized promissory note with agreed upon terms governing the loan repayment period (5 years) and the interest rate.

  • Fixed Rate Loans: APR = prime (as of 9/01/2014) + 2%
  • Variable Rate Loans: APR = prime (as of 9/01/2014) + 1% and is readjusted each year
  • The prime rate shall be equal to the published Wall Street Journal prime rate in effect on September 1 of the current fiscal year.
    • Example:  If the WSJ prime rate on September 1st is 6.5%, then the Variable Rate APR would be 6.5% + 1% or 7.5%.

Loan Application Processing:

Once your loan application is processed you will be sent a Promissory Note outlining the terms of the loan.  Your firm’s CEO will need to sign and return that letter to your Regional Office.  When the signed promissory note is received by the Regional Office, the requested funds will be deposited directly into your US Network Bank Account.