Portal Support / [Teachers] Make the Store Manager Visible for Students

The Store Manager is a tool that allows firms to sell products and services directly on their website. In order to begin using the Store Manager, teachers must set which student(s) can access the Store Manager, similar to setting access for bank accounts and the Wholesale Marketplace.

Follow these steps to make the Store Manager visible for students:

  1. Sign into the Portal with your teacher username.
  2. Click on Firm Admin in the top toolbar (pictured below), and choose the students’ firm.ps-teacher-after-login
  3. You will instantly see the Students management tab after clicking into Firm Admin. This is a list of students, their information, and account management controls. Click on the name of the student(s) who you want to give access to the Store Manager.ps-teacher-firm-admin-students
  4. If the Access to Store Manager field is set to “No,” click Edit at the bottom of the student’s profile. ps-teacher-firm-admin-student-edit
  5. Check the radio box to grant Access to Store Manager. ps-teacher-firm-admin-student-edit2
  6. The next time this student logs in, they will now see the Store Manager at the top of the Portal. ps-store-manager-visible