Portal Support / [Teachers] Reactivate a Student

If you believe you’ve accidentally “deleted” a student from the Portal, there is nothing to fear. By default, students can only be “deactivated,” meaning they will only be inactive and temporarily unable to use the Portal, but they can be easily “reactivated” at any time.

Follow these steps in order to Reactivate a student:

  1. Sign into the Portal with your teacher username.
  2. Click on Firm Admin in the top toolbar (pictured below), and choose the students’ firm.teacher-sign-in
  3. You will instantly see the Students management tab after clicking into Firm Admin. This is a list of students, their information, and account management controls. If you have already deactivated the student, they will not appear in this list.
  4. Click on the “Deactivated” view to see a list of deactivated students.
  5. Look at the rightmost column to find a button to “Reactivate” the student. Click on the button. teacher-deactivated-view
  6. The student will now be active again. Click on the “Active” student view and confirm that the student appears in this view. This student can now login to the Portal again. teacher-reactivated-student