Portal Support / Viewing International Firms (for Payments and Invoicing)

If you or your firm is trying to conduct business with an International Firm, but you’re unable to see them in the Portal to send an invoice, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Firm Admin on the top toolbar
  2. Click on Firm Profile on the left sidebar within this Firm Admin page (see image below)
  3. Check the General section and see if International Trade is checked as “Yes”
    1. If not, click on Edit at the bottom of the page and then check this box
  4. Check the Operating Hours and make sure your firms’ operating hours are selected for each day (see image below)
    1. If not, click on Edit at the bottom of the page and select your hours


Once these conditions are met, your firm will be able to see International Firms in order to send them invoices and make payments. If you follow the directions above and still don’t see the International Firm, then we suggest emailing that firm and alerting them to fill out the necessary firm profile information on their end.