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Regional Director Resources

Registrations/Submittal Forms (Back-End)

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Personal Income Tax



2015-16 Archive

School/Program Information

Please provide me with the following information in a spreadsheet by this Friday, 10/23/15.

  1. Updated list of current schools and contacts (School name, contact information, # of firms)
  2. List of schools and contacts that were active last year but not active this year (School name, contact information, brief reason for leaving)

Action Item:  Send the spreadsheet


Program Participation Fees

Please send in any checks that you have for PPF.  Send them directly to me.

I am working on providing each of you with a list of schools with outstanding A/R.  It will help me  greatly to cross-reference that list against the lists that you send me from above!

Action Item:  Send the checks


Business Registration Forms

As noted in the Biweekly Brief, all firms must submit the Business Registration Form.  Instructions for accessing the submission data from JotForm is provided on the Regional Director page ( , p/w: Virtual1%)

Please be sure to review these submissions in a timely fashion and submit payments for seed money or provide feedback for follow up.  Below is a list of the # of unique firm submissions in each region.  Please follow up with your schools/firms to encourage them to complete this important form ASAP.

Action Item:  Follow up with schools/firms to complete

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Business Plan Competitions

BP comps are fast approaching.  Below is a table of all competition dates that I have on file.  Please respond to me if there are any modifications to this schedule.  Also, if you have any need for judges please let me know so we can follow up with some of our national partners to solicit judges.

We are trying to expand the teams in the National Business Plan Competition to 28, up from 20 in 2014 and 24 last year to accommodate growing regions and increased competition participation.  Please let me know how many spots in the national competition that your region/states will be requesting.

Action Item:  Reply with any date modifications, the number of NBPC spots requested, and any needs you have in finding judges.

Preliminary BP Comp BP Comp Final
New York City December 17-22, 2015 1/14/2016
Long Island 1/15/2016 2/24/2016
Northeast 11/17/15 (written) 12/11/2015
MidAtl – Virginia 12/17/2015 12/17/2015
MidAtl – New Jersey 1/12/2016 1/12/2016
Michigan 2/7/2016
Illinois 12/8/2015
Tennessee Nov. 2-6, 2015 11/22/2015
North Carolina 12/16/2015 12/18/2015
South Carolina 2/7/2016
Florida 1/20/2016
Northern California 12/7/2015 1/13/2016
Southern California 12/4/2015 1/13/2016
Bakersfield 12/9/2015 1/13/2016
San Diego 12/11/2015 1/13/2016
Orange County 12/14/2015 1/13/2016


Trade Shows

Refer to the Trade Show page on the Portal to access information on all trade shows around the country.  As you approach your event we will need some information to post on this page.

Please refer to the following list:

  1. Event Information file (event welcome and overview information with contact info)
  2. Competition Information file (overview of competitions and criteria)
  3. Floorplan image (a PNG image file of your floorplan for the registration page)
  4. Sample Invoice (to be added to the registration page to set up automated billing)

Action Item:  Send the necessary trade show documents.

Updates for 2015-16

New! VEI Checkout

Beginning in September all firms will have access to the “VEI Checkout” system, found within the Portal.  This feature will be a self-contained shopping cart system for e-commerce websites.  Firms will be able to create html “Buy” buttons which will be pasted directly into the firm’s website.  Customers will be able to simply select products they wish to buy and check-out with their Portal username and password.  A Direct Debit payment system means that VEI firms will be paid at the time of purchase.  No more Accounts Receivable!  Guests will also have the ability to pay for purchases using pre-paid credit cards.


New! VEI Market Insights

Go and check it out!  Funded by Standard & Poor’s, the “VEI Market Insights” tool captures and summarizes all of the VEI bank transaction data over the past year and will be updated in real-time throughout the upcoming year.  Get accurate and timely information on transactions, market categories/sizes, and national averages.

Big thanks to Nolan for his hard work during the summer developing this tool.


New! Certified Vendor Network

Last year we began with the Advertising Vendors, now we are expanding to many new industry sectors.  A “certified vendor” status will help us maintain quality and improve reliability for other businesses seeking these services.

Industries will include: Advertising, Real Estate, Utilities, Insurance, and Shipping

Information and Applications will be found here:

Firms MUST submit their Business Registration Forms prior to applying to be a Certified Vendor. The Certified Vendors Application even hides the ability to submit for those who haven’t submitted their Business Registration Forms.


New! National Competitions – Online

This year we will be expanding our offering of national online competitions.  Open to all schools/firms in the network, these competitions will be judged by industry professionals and provide all participants with valuable feedback.

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New! Easier back-end management for submittal forms

For all regional directors and coordinators, each of you will have access to all JotForm data through links and passwords provided by the national office.  A catalog of all current JotForms and links will be available on the RD page.


Steps to get data for your region:

  1. Click the link for the appropriate JotForm
  2. Enter the password:  “Virtual1%”
  3. Sort the results by typing your region into the search field
  4. Export a report as an Excel or PDF file


New! Help form and Portal Support

We’re beginning VEI’s knowledge base by opening up a Help Form for users to indicate if they have a Program-related, Technical, or other issue. We’ve also opened up a Portal Support page that answers and provides steps for frequently asked questions.


Please feel free to direct users to these areas when necessary.



The Pre-Test is now live.  The link to access the test is on the Portal under Teacher Tools / Assessments.

Each student and teacher will need to register on the Learning Express site with a school Access Code provided by the RD.  These User and Report Access Codes for schools will be available for download on the RD page.  Also available are links to download the hardcopy versions of the Teacher and Student exams.


Photo/Video Release Form

Reminder:  It is the Teacher’s responsibility to get from each student a signed Photo/Video Release Form and keep on file.  Forms can be found on the Portal under Human Resources / Reference Files.  This will also available for download on the RD page.


Firm Startup Procedures

Below is a review of the firm startup procedures for Regional Directors/Coordinators.

  • All new schools and firms must be entered in the Portal
  • Review the list of Active schools and “Deactivate” any school that is not currently active in the program this year
  • Repeat this process for firms
  • Once a firm determines their business they must submit the “Business Registration Form

○        Each RD/Coordinator should review the information submitted on the JotForm

○        Change/update the name of the firm in the Firm Profile of the Central Office Admin

○        Assign a firm email address by selecting the appropriate button from the Firm Profile screen in the Central Office Admin.

○        In the event the firm is “restarting”, go to the “Bank Accounts” tab and click to reset bank data

○        Approve and make a payment for seed funding


Additional Resources

Additional Resources will now appear as a left sidebar item on the Portal.  Go here to find links to partner resources available to VEI students and teachers.  General Assembly, InVEST, Learning Express…lots of great partnerships and external resources!  Also includes User Manuals for all Portal elements (Bank, Portal, Wholesale Marketplace).


Salary Guidelines

Provide guidance to firms on appropriate salary rates for your region.  Salaries should be based on entry-level salaries in the respective employee’s department commensurate with salaries in your region.


Non-VEI (Out-of-Network) Sales

Out-of-Network sales are limited to 75% of projected salaries expense, net of Cost of Goods Sold.

Request for payment is submitted to the Regional Office through the “Payment Request Form

Use discretion when approving, especially as it relates to the impact impact on competitive vs. non-competitive teams in the NBPC.


Calculating 75% of projected salaries expense, net of Cost of Goods Sold

Out-of-Network Sales Maximum = .75 X (Projected Salaries Expense) / (Gross Margin)


Example:  Projected Annual Salary Expense = $600,000, Gross Margin = 80%, Cost Of Goods Sold = 20%


$562,500 can be requested in Out-of-Network sales over the course of the year.

$562,500 X .20 = $112,500 should be paid to the wholesale marketplace for inventory (COGS).

$450,000 goes to firm to apply towards salaries expense.


VEI sales include:  Sales made to customers with a VEI bank account or sales made at a VEI trade show.

Examples: Internet sales; direct sales (email, phone); trade show sales.


Out-of-Network sales include:  Sales or business contracts made to customers without a VEI bank account or contracts made with a Central Office.

Examples: Business contracts with business partners, schools administrators or the Central Office; open house events; grand openings; sales to other students, parents, or teachers at your school


Firm Directory

There is a new International Directory that will be going live September 1st.  This should allow students and firms to find international firms easier and more reliably than ever before.

  • Coming Soon! Ability to add searchable “keywords” to firm profile
  • Coming Soon! Ability to add a logo and PDF catalog to firm profile
  • Possibility to eventually add featured product(s) to directory through “Store Manager” system


Business Plan Competitions

  • A new Judges Orientation page will be edited and made available to all RD’s and BP organizers.


  • NBPC competition guidelines are being updated and will be sent in the first few weeks of September.
  • Some categories of the Written and Oral rubrics for 15/16 are being consolidated and will be sent out with the NBPC competition guidelines.
  • Scoring file templates for local competitions will be sent to RD’s and BP organizers.
  • PitchBurner dates and contact information should be provided per my email on 8/25/15.


Trade Show Calendar and Registration

  • Trade show dates are now available on the Portal (under Trade Shows) and on the website.
  • NEW! All regional trade shows will use the registration system on the Portal (just like the NYC trade show).
  • We will need: Event details, “Event Info” file, “Competition Info” file, and a PNG of the trade show floorplan.
  • Competition registrations will still be done through a JotForm with entries sorted by event.
  • Photos (Trade Show venue, sales being conducted, competition winners, etc.), competition results, summary paragraph to be sent to Tyler after the event (# of firms, events, standout moments, business partner participation, etc).
  • Examples of good Regional Trade Shows recap posts: