NYC VE Stock Exchange

Stock Prices

Firm Name Stock Price*
ASAP $24.36
Brandmark $32.08
Build Your Future $20.74
Imagination, Inc $36.86
Infinite Investment Solutions $21.37
Lucid Investment Financial Enterprise $35.33
Majestique Clothing $43.49
New Horizons $34.02
Nüapps $35.79
Sweet ‘N Savory Catering $42.79
T-Squared $27.98
Urban Ground $18.98

*Stock prices valid until 4/30/15

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  • Shares of stock from firms that have achieved financial certification are now available for sale to firms and individuals who have access to a US Network Bank account.
  • Only companies that are listed on the NYC VE Stock Exchange may offer shares of stock for sale within the NYC Network of Virtual Enterprises.
  • Stocks prices will be established/updated in Mid-May; early September; early February.
  • Insurance will be available to owners of stocks of firms that may close in subsequent years because of school circumstances. (I.e. closed not because of financial issues.)
  • Shares of stock of firms – that cease operations after May (or June) 2015 and “restart” as new firms the following September –  will be repurchased by the NYC VE Stock Exchange; stockholders will be paid in September the market price of that stock that was in effect as of May 31 (of the prior school year).


How to Purchase Stocks

  • Stocks may be purchased directly through the NYC VE Stock Exchange (  or through a brokerage firm registered with the NYC Central Office of Virtual Enterprises (email


How to Issue Stocks

  • Gotham Financial Services is a provider of investment banking services to NYC VE firms. Certified firms that are interested in issuing additional shares of stock should contact a stock underwriter by email at