Youth Business Summit

Virtual Enterprises International's 2016 Youth Business Summit on April 18, 2016. (Photo:

Virtual Enterprises International’s 2016 Youth Business Summit on April 18, 2016. (Photo:

The Youth Business Summit is VE’s signature three-day event, offering students multiple opportunities to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and diverse talents in entrepreneurship, communications, computer technology, and global business management—key components of the VE program.

The 2017 Youth Business Summit will take place April 4-6, 2017. More information is coming soon! Contact Tyler Fugazzie at with any inquires.

Check out the 2016 Youth Business Summit Recap and Social Wall.

Youth Business Summit Events

National Business Plan Competition

The National Business Plan Competition (NBPC) showcases some of the best and brightest student leaders and budding entrepreneurs in the country. Teams representing 28 VE companies from around the country have their written business plans and oral presentations judged by industry professionals and educators. After receiving top honors in local and regional business plan competitions during the school year, these teams have earned the chance to compete in the country’s premiere team-based national business plan competition.

National Human Resources Competition

The inaugural National Human Resources Competition (NHRC) provides an opportunity for some of the most talented and hardest-working students in VE to address the HR operations of their respective companies. Teams of 1-2 HR employees from VE companies deliver oral presentations to inform judges of their HR policies and practices as they relate to the employee handbook, company communications, employee evaluations, and employee recognition.

Global Business Challenge

The Global Business Challenge (GBC) is one of the world’s most unique business-related events for high school students. Students representing 7 countries work in multinational teams to identify the challenges, opportunities, and risks involved in a global business by examining a real-world, college-level business case study. After two hours of analysis and deliberation, teams present their findings to a panel of judges.

International Trade Show

The International Trade Show (ITS) is the largest exhibition of practice businesses in the United States. Bringing together more than 3,000 students, educators, business leaders, and industry professionals, the International Trade Show is VE’s largest and most dynamic live event. Every industry from entertainment, to business services, to travel and tourism is on display as 175 student businesses from 7 countries exhibit and sell their products and services to consumers and businesses inside and outside of the VE program. Students also compete for Best Booth Design and Best Salesmanship during the show.