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2017-18 National Online Competitions

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2017 National Elevator Pitch Competition Results

626 submissions with an average submission rating of 3.

Some names may reflect the name of the person submitting and not the name of the person pitching and some firm names may be different as these pitches were delivered during a time when businesses were still finalizing their business details. If you see any information that needs to be corrected, please send corrections in an email to

Firm NameSubmitter NameSchool NameStateRatingResultVideo Link
32 BelowJosh S.Beech HSTN4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
A Lil TwistBen A.Carle Place HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Alpha & OmegaHope M.Lawrence County HSTN4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
ApexNicolette O.Neuqua Valley HSIL4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
At Your ServiceMark-Andrew L.West Hempstead HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Bake My Day BakeriesSerena B.Elmont HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
BasixNaveen M.Centennial HSCA4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Bee ThereJessica L.Carpinteria HSCA4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
BLADESAndrea S.East Bakersfield HSCA4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
BrandEDCamille S.Charter Oak HSCA4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
crumbConnectJustin A.Jericho HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
DormStopLauren J.Morris Hills HSNJ4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Down To Earth, Inc.Nathan G.Hardin County HSTN4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Fit4YouLauren C.Pittsford Sutherland HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Hydration to the WorldBilly C.Lemoore HSCA4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
It's FudgeJamie G.Syosset HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
LumiJordan W.Granville Central HSNC4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
LumiereJoshua R.Golden West HSCA4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Luxury ScrubsKeyli G.Hemet HSCA4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
MatchWearAmy L.Francis Lewis HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
MatchWearChansong K.Francis Lewis HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
MatchWearSinbay T.Francis Lewis HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Modern TechAnthony M.George Washington HSVA4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
M-Theory MediaCathy S.V.R. Eaton HSTX4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Novel PursuitGisselle H.Bloomington HSCA4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
NuappsGrace A.Francis Lewis HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Pinksand PackagingJhon B.CedarBridge AcademyNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
PonixMaxwell C.Syosset HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Poseidon PureGreg S.Calhoun HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Smooth MoveLaura B.St. James HSSC4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
SockItBriana G.Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
STELLAIREstie C.V.R. Eaton HSTX4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Stellar TechAbigayle P.William Cullen Bryant HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
VIBESSe Yun J.Oxford AcademyCA4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
VIVID+Mitch W.Parkway West HSMO4.5Top 10%Watch Pitch
Advanced LifestyleJoseph M.Southold HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
AffinitySahiri V.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
AffinityZach M.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
ApexAlyssa B.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
AthenaRobert M.Coalition School for Social ChangeNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
AuggiesDavid C.Cary-Grove HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
BasixAdrey S.Centennial HSCA4Top 25%Watch Pitch
BasixCaleb T.Centennial HSCA4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Beach GolfBlake M.Long Beach HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
BlueprintAmy H.Francis Lewis HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
BOMAGina B.Longwood HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
BrandEDAmearah B.Charter Oak HSCA4Top 25%Watch Pitch
BrandEDGarrett F.Charter Oak HSCA4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Bucket ListCaroline C.Waubonsie Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Bucket ListMaddie P.Waubonsie Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Bucket ListTyler P.Waubonsie Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
CatalystAaron H.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
CatalystKyle C.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Cloud9Karina L.Oxford AcademyCA4Top 25%Watch Pitch
ConnexusWendy A.Century HSCA4Top 25%Watch Pitch
ConnoCrateKarina G.V.R. Eaton HSTX4Top 25%Watch Pitch
ConnoCrateNoah N.V.R. Eaton HSTX4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Egbert Intermediate School #2 8th Grade FIRM TBDJoseph D.Egbert Intermediate School #2NY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
ElluminateJason P.Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
ElluminateKarissa E.Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
ElysiumKathy M.Bearden HSTN4Top 25%Watch Pitch
eXtra LLCRiley W.Northwood HSNC4Top 25%Watch Pitch
fiberLeyliana G.Jefferson HSFL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Global Goodies VECheryl M.Parkway West HSMO4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Grow N' GoColin M.Fountain Valley HSCA4Top 25%Watch Pitch
H to O: Hydration to OthersBrady H.Greer HSSC4Top 25%Watch Pitch
HeadStart AdvisorsJose M.Academy Of Finance & EnterpriseNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Health OnMelissa G.Carolina Forest HSSC4Top 25%Watch Pitch
HighSchoolHireMatteo E.James Logan HSCA4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Jenison GlobalParker L.Jenison HSMI4Top 25%Watch Pitch
JerseyPlugSarah Y.Waubonsie Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
LegacyJoe T.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Live ActionNicholas W.Schreiber HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
LumiAmaya J.Granville Central HSNC4Top 25%Watch Pitch
LumiereElijah G.Golden West HSCA4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Mac AttackJustin D.Ward Melville HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
MatchWearAshkarn S.Francis Lewis HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
MatchWearDylan M.Francis Lewis HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
MatchWearJulio S.Francis Lewis HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Millennial Money ManagementBetina P.Academy Of Finance & EnterpriseNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Monstrous MunchiesLena G.Oyster Bay HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
M-Theory MediaAmbriette R.V.R. Eaton HSTX4Top 25%Watch Pitch
M-Theory MediaDominick W.V.R. Eaton HSTX4Top 25%Watch Pitch
M-Theory MediaEmma M.V.R. Eaton HSTX4Top 25%Watch Pitch
M-Theory MediaTobey M.V.R. Eaton HSTX4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Neuqua Valley HS TBD 2Alex W.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Neuqua Valley HS TBD 2Ritvik M.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Neuqua Valley HS TBD 2Robby R.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Neuqua Valley HS TBD 2Rushil K.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Neuqua Valley HS TBD 2Uthman K.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
New FrontierBrandon F.Palm Springs HSCA4Top 25%Watch Pitch
NuappsBrian B.Francis Lewis HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
O' Ship MeLuis L.East Wake School of ITNC4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Olympic InsuranceVeronica B.Flushing HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
PersonianAngela T.Person HSNC4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Pro DormBrett L.Pittsford Mendon HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Smooth ImproveRoseann D.J.F. Kennedy HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
SpectrumGianna R.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
SpectrumLauryn W.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
SpectrumSarah P.Neuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Stellar TechAlyssa M.William Cullen Bryant HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Taste of the WorldGary Z.Century HSCA4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Tip Top Table GardensEmma R.V.R. Eaton HSTX4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Tip Top Table GardensPatricia S.V.R. Eaton HSTX4Top 25%Watch Pitch
TRANSCORDStephen C.Smithtown HS EastNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
trubambuNaomi G.Westhampton Beach HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
UBLA United Booccer League of AmericaTerrence W.Ortega HSCA4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Vacations in Paradise (V.I.P.) EnterprisesYasser B.The Berkeley InstituteNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
VIVID+Sydney B.Parkway West HSMO4Top 25%Watch Pitch
Your Name HereTim R.Ft. Hamilton HSNY4Top 25%Watch Pitch
0h,Guac-O-TacoNancy O.Wantagh HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
2NitesTheNightChristopher A.Walt Whitman HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
585 Home & Office SuppliesNick S.Brighton HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
5urfs UpSandy S.Walt Whitman HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
9021 DoughAaron K.Beverly Hills HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
9021 DoughNicolette N.Beverly Hills HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
A Helping HandVarun D.West Hempstead HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
AffinityChris B.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
AffinityGrace A.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
AffinityHanneh M.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
AffinityKieran O.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
AffinityNicholas S.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
AffinityRiddhi L.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
ApexAlex K.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
ApexAva P.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
ApexEllie M.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
ApexKayla H.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
ApexMike C.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Banga EssentialsChristian S.Capistrano Valley Christian SchoolCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
BasixJonathan J.Centennial HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
BlueprintAnna Z.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
BlueprintAnthony O.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
BlueprintDaniel A.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
BlueprintGavin O.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
BlueprintHelen L.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
BlueprintIris L.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
BlueprintJing L.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
BlueprintJulie P.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
BrandEDErika K.Charter Oak HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Bucket ListAshley M.Waubonsie Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Bucket ListChris B.Waubonsie Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
CatalystBryan J.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
CatalystJason H.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
CatalystLara S.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
CatalystLuis L.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
CatalystMike B.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
CatalystThomas B.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
CHI CorporationHayden G.Hewlett HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Cloud9Edward J.Oxford AcademyCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
ConnoCrateCraig W.V.R. Eaton HSTX3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
ConnoCrateJacob N.V.R. Eaton HSTX3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Culture CrateHarrison V.Samueli AcademyCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
DASHCarlos P.Richmond HillNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
DASHKimberly P.Richmond HillNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
DeafindLeo S.Citrus Valley HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
De'Zign19Shakyra P.Clyde Miller Career AcademyMO3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
DoughliciousKyle N.Atwater HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Down To Earth, Inc.Aj S.Hardin County HSTN3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Down To Earth, Inc.Bethany F.Hardin County HSTN3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Eco-JuiceValdrex P.Redlands HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
EssenceTim O.Mount St. MaryNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
EVO TechMatthew C.Patchogue-Medford HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Flagship, Inc.Venkata M.Homestead HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Prep StartVanessa T.Manhattan Business AcademyNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Global Goodies VEJack G.Parkway West HSMO3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Global Goodies VEJackson P.Parkway West HSMO3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Gourmet to GoNick R.Redlands HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
HeadStart AdvisorsBrandon P.Academy Of Finance & EnterpriseNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
HeadStart AdvisorsD'Angeleze N.Academy Of Finance & EnterpriseNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Healthy ChefHannah P.Pitman HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
HemisFoodsHarrison R.Syosset HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Highrise GardensRobin B.Bloomington HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Hygiene2youDylan E.Millikan HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Kutt LooseLauren M.Siegel HSTN3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
LegacyJake K.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
LegacyJoann L.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
LegacyKatherine W.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
LegacyKyri C.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
LegacyMadison D.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Live ActionCheryl C.Schreiber HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
LumiDaniel Y.Granville Central HSNC3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
LumiMicah D.Granville Central HSNC3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
LumiereAhtziry A.Golden West HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
LumiereLuis A.Golden West HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
LumiereOlga B.Golden West HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
LumiereSergio G.Golden West HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
MatchWearAmily C.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
MatchWearBrian L.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
MatchWearBryan C.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
MatchWearCarrie F.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
MatchWearEmily D.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
MatchWearEnid Z.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
MatchWearHumza K.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
MatchWearKaran K.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
MatchWearMonica S.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
MatchWearTerry P.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Millennial Money ManagementHillary S.Academy Of Finance & EnterpriseNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Millennial Money ManagementShadrach A.Academy Of Finance & EnterpriseNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Inside the BoxLaura D.Loudon HSTN3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
M-Theory MediaCherinn N.V.R. Eaton HSTX3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
M-Theory MediaHallie T.V.R. Eaton HSTX3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
M-Theory MediaRiley A.V.R. Eaton HSTX3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Neuqua Valley HS TBD 2Alex H.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Neuqua Valley HS TBD 2Joseph K.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
New FrontierMagali V.Palm Springs HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
NuappsEunice B.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
NuappsEvan D.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
NuappsSebas B.Francis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Oblivion Inc.Gurleen S.Upper Darby HSPA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
OrionMaggie R.Dekalb County HSTN3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
OrionTrey F.Dekalb County HSTN3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
PACK'DAlexander K.Herricks HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Pandora's BoxLea M.Cookeville HSTN3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Pandora's BoxTaylor A.Cookeville HSTN3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Pandora's BoxTyler B.Cookeville HSTN3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
PetPointNeil B.Robbinsville HSNJ3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
PonixWayland L.Syosset HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Port ClothingJacob C.Northport HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Portside SweetsPeter M.Bellport HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
SockItAmanda A.Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
SockItRyan C.Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
SolarFlexMackenna H.J.F. Kennedy HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
SolematesKendall C.Murrieta Valley HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
SoularEric W.Cold Spring Harbor HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Southern PrestigeCameron T.Spartanburg HSSC3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Spa-TacularJacqueline G.William Floyd HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
SpectrumKavya V.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
SpectrumMaggie M.Neuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
SPFyBjørn C.Westhampton Beach HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Stellar TechNicolette G.William Cullen Bryant HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
StormsEvan I.Syosset HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
STYLAzima M.HS For Arts And BusinessNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
STYLSherwyn B.HS For Arts And BusinessNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
SuppLIJason R.Baldwin HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Triple TKaren M.Mlk HS For Arts & TechnologyNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Uncommon GroundAnastasia F.Clinton HSTN3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
UnwindJames K.Crystal Lake SouthIL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Vacations in Paradise (V.I.P.) EnterprisesNaomi F.The Berkeley InstituteNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Vacations in Paradise (V.I.P.) EnterprisesSole T.The Berkeley InstituteNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Vacations in Paradise (V.I.P.) EnterprisesTyrese C.The Berkeley InstituteNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
VE RadioAlexis C.Mt. Miguel HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
VENTUREMatthew D.St. Francis HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Very EventfulAshley S.Mt. Miguel HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Very EventfulGloria G.Mt. Miguel HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Very EventfulMelissa R.Mt. Miguel HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
Very EventfulSarai R.Mt. Miguel HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
VIBESCassie V.Oxford AcademyCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
VIBESCianna R.Oxford AcademyCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
VIBESJohnny R.Oxford AcademyCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
VIBESMilly C.Oxford AcademyCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
VIBESSadad S.Oxford AcademyCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
VidaTechLaura L.Arvin HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
VinylustAylene S.Samueli AcademyCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch
What If We Send It?Nina G.East Hampton HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Pitch

2017 National Company Branding Competition Results

205 submissions with an average submission rating of 3.5.

Firm NameSchool NameStateRatingResultBrand Package
5urfs UpWalt Whitman HSNY4.5Top 10%View Package
A Lil TwistCarle Place HSNY4.5Top 10%View Package
Claws & Paws ParadiseDeer Valley HSCA4.5Top 10%View Package
ConnoCrateV.R. Eaton HSTX4.5Top 10%View Package
ElluminatePlainview-Old Bethpage JFK HSNY4.5Top 10%View Package
EssenceMount St. MaryNY4.5Top 10%View Package
Extreme AdventuresEast Hamilton HSTN4.5Top 10%View Package
Fresh DirectIslip HSNY4.5Top 10%View Package
Home PlateHerricks HSNY4.5Top 10%View Package
LockdownJames Logan HSCA4.5Top 10%View Package
PowerCloudCentury HSCA4.5Top 10%View Package
Relâcher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSCA4.5Top 10%View Package
SolarFlexJ.F. Kennedy HSNY4.5Top 10%View Package
Stop, Drop and PopNew Dorp HSNY4.5Top 10%View Package
Tea TreatJP Taravella HSFL4.5Top 10%View Package
The Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto HSTN4.5Top 10%View Package
trubambuWesthampton Beach HSNY4.5Top 10%View Package
UnwindCrystal Lake SouthIL4.5Top 10%View Package
Vend the rulesGreat Neck S HSNY4.5Top 10%View Package
A Helping HandWest Hempstead HSNY4Top 25%View Package
All Natural NYCQueens Vocational and Technical High SchoolNY4Top 25%View Package
At Your ServiceWest Hempstead HSNY4Top 25%View Package
Auto CorrectCrystal Lake SouthIL4Top 25%View Package
BaskitLynbrook HSCA4Top 25%View Package
BrandEDCharter Oak HSCA4Top 25%View Package
CHI CorporationHewlett HSNY4Top 25%View Package
Cloud9Oxford AcademyCA4Top 25%View Package
crumbConnectJericho HSNY4Top 25%View Package
El BigoteSamueli AcademyCA4Top 25%View Package
fiberJefferson HSFL4Top 25%View Package
Freedom Trail Outfitters, Inc.Cannon County HSTN4Top 25%View Package
Gobi OutfittersEast Islip HSNY4Top 25%View Package
Grow N' GoFountain Valley HSCA4Top 25%View Package
H to O: Hydration to OthersGreer HSSC4Top 25%View Package
HeadStart AdvisorsAcademy Of Finance & EnterpriseNY4Top 25%View Package
Inked OutLynbrook HSCA4Top 25%View Package
New FrontierPalm Springs HSCA4Top 25%View Package
NuappsFrancis Lewis HSNY4Top 25%View Package
PonixSyosset HSNY4Top 25%View Package
Poseidon PureCalhoun HSNY4Top 25%View Package
Prestige Worldwide: Backyard EntertainmentIslip HSNY4Top 25%View Package
RamPride Inc.Hill-McCloy HSMI4Top 25%View Package
SockItPlainview-Old Bethpage JFK HSNY4Top 25%View Package
SPFyWesthampton Beach HSNY4Top 25%View Package
STELLAIRV.R. Eaton HSTX4Top 25%View Package
SummitAdvanced Technology CenterVA4Top 25%View Package
SuppliBaldwin HSNY4Top 25%View Package
The Pop ShopLoris HSSC4Top 25%View Package
Vacations in Paradise (V.I.P.) EnterprisesThe Berkeley InstituteNY4Top 25%View Package
VE CateringPort RichmondNY4Top 25%View Package
1 2 3 PetsHarpeth HSTN4Honorable MentionView Package
Alpha & OmegaLawrence County HSTN4Honorable MentionView Package
BasixCentennial HSCA4Honorable MentionView Package
BlocSouth Pasadena HSCA4Honorable MentionView Package
BlueprintFrancis Lewis HSNY4Honorable MentionView Package
Clear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSCA4Honorable MentionView Package
DeafindCitrus Valley HSCA4Honorable MentionView Package
Fit4YouPittsford Sutherland HSNY4Honorable MentionView Package
Ice for IceMorris Knolls HSNJ4Honorable MentionView Package
It's FudgeSyosset HSNY4Honorable MentionView Package
LimitlessElmwood Park HSIL4Honorable MentionView Package
Millennial Money ManagementAcademy of Finance & EnterpriseNY4Honorable MentionView Package
Monstrous MunchiesOyster Bay HSNY4Honorable MentionView Package
Style To Your LikingHS for Arts and BusinessNY4Honorable MentionView Package
Tech Toys for TeensMLK HS for Arts & TechnologyNY4Honorable MentionView Package
Tip Top Table GardensV.R. Eaton HSTX4Honorable MentionView Package
TravelisticYonkers Montessori Academy- YonkersNY4Honorable MentionView Package
VE RadioMt. Miguel HSCA4Honorable MentionView Package
VIVID+Parkway West HSMO4Honorable MentionView Package
Xtreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles EastIL4Honorable MentionView Package
99 @dventuresBerks Career and TechnologyPA3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Abstract RealityJefferson HSFL3.5Honorable MentionView Package
AnomalousBakersfield HSCA3.5Honorable MentionView Package
AtlasLa Mirada HSCA3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Bake My Day BakeriesElmont HSNY3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Body KineticsMattituck HSNY3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Chargi - fiLemoore HSCA3.5Honorable MentionView Package
CozyCoStewarts Creek HSTN3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Culture CrateSamueli AcademyCA3.5Honorable MentionView Package
DormStopMorris Hills HSNJ3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Eco-JuiceRedlands HSCA3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Endure, Inc.Summertown HSTN3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Fad FactoryPittsford Mendon HSNY3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Guac-o-TacoWantagh HSNY3.5Honorable MentionView Package
HubLiberty HSCA3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Imagination, IncThe Maxine Greene HS for Imaginative InquiryNY3.5Honorable MentionView Package
In the MixSyosset HSNY3.5Honorable MentionView Package
InfussoSamueli AcademyCA3.5Honorable MentionView Package
LumiereGolden West HSCA3.5Honorable MentionView Package
M-Theory MediaV.R. Eaton HSTX3.5Honorable MentionView Package
OrionDekalb County HSTN3.5Honorable MentionView Package
PACK'DHerricks HSNY3.5Honorable MentionView Package
ScrumdiddlyumptiousOyster Bay HSNY3.5Honorable MentionView Package
SignumCentury HSCA3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Smooth MoveSt. James HSSC3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Supa ScoopsLindenhurst HSNY3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Taste of the WorldCentury HSCA3.5Honorable MentionView Package
The VisionRoosevelt HS- YonkersNY3.5Honorable MentionView Package
TopthrillLapeer County Ed & Tech HSMI3.5Honorable MentionView Package
Vegan LipsCarson HSCA3.5Honorable MentionView Package
VidaTechArvin HSCA3.5Honorable MentionView Package
WavelengthCary-Grove HSIL3.5Honorable MentionView Package
WrapanalityJohn Adams HSNY3.5Honorable MentionView Package

2018 National Website Competition Results

Results to be announced.

2018 National Newsletter Competition Results

Results to be announced.

2018 National Video Commercial Results

Results to be announced.

2017-18 Regional Conference & Exhibition Competitions

2017 Southern Regional Conference & Exhibition2017 San Diego Conference & Exhibition2017 Northeast Regional Conference & Exhibition2018 Long Island Regional Conference & Exhibition2018 NJ/PA Business Expo and Business Plan Competition2018 California State Conference & Exhibition2018 Great Lakes Regional Conference & Exhibition2018 Los Angeles Area Conference & Exhibition2018 Virginia Conference & Exhibition2018 Bay Area Conference & Exhibition

2017 Southern Regional Conference & Exhibition

Advanced Website1stUncommon GroundClinton HSClintonTN
Advanced Website2ndMavco, Inc.Milford HSHighlandMI
Advanced Website3rdAdrenalineAnderson County C&TKnoxvilleTN
Booth Design1stThe Pop ShopLoris HSLorisSC
Booth Design2ndSmooth MoveSt. James HSMurrells InletSC
Booth Design3rdThe Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto HSLorettoTN
Company Branding1stUnwindCrystal Lake SouthCrystal LakeIL
Company Branding2ndVIVID+Parkway West HSChesterfieldMO
Company Branding3rdThe Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto HSLorettoTN
Company BrandingHonorable Mention32 BelowBeech HSHendersonvilleTN
Company BrandingHonorable MentionAlpha & OmegaLawrence County HSLawrenceburgTN
Company BrandingHonorable MentionAuto CorrectCrystal Lake SouthCrystal LakeIL
Company BrandingHonorable MentionElectric AvenueSt. Charles EastSt. CharlesIL
Company BrandingHonorable MentionLimitlessElmwood Park HSElmwood ParkIL
Company BrandingHonorable MentionNuappsFrancis Lewis HSFresh MeadowsNY
Company BrandingHonorable MentionTop ThrillLapeer County Ed-Tech CenterAtticaMI
Company Newsletter1stSouthern PrestigeSpartanburg HSSpartanburgSC
Company Newsletter2ndCynosure TelecomOak Ridge HSOak RidgeTN
Company Newsletter3rdAlpha & OmegaLawrence County HSLawrenceburgTN
Company NewsletterHonorable Mention1st Class ClothingSt. Charles NorthSt CharlesIL
Company NewsletterHonorable MentionClever ContraptionsSt. Charles EastSt. CharlesIL
Company NewsletterHonorable MentionDown to Earth, Inc.Hardin County HSSavannahTN
Company NewsletterHonorable MentionElectric AvenueSt. Charles EastSt. CharlesIL
Company NewsletterHonorable MentionH to O: Hydration to OthersGreer HSGreerSC
Company NewsletterHonorable MentionLimitlessElmwood Park HSElmwood ParkIL
Company NewsletterHonorable MentionThe Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto HSLorettoTN
E-Commerce Website1stCo-ExistCareerline Tech CenterHollandMI
E-Commerce Website2ndAlpha & OmegaLawrence County HSLawrenceburgTN
E-Commerce Website3rdSouthern PrestigeSpartanburg HSSpartanburgSC
E-Commerce WebsiteHonorable MentionAxis EnterprisesFranklinton HSFranklintonNC
E-Commerce WebsiteHonorable MentionEndure, Inc.Summertown HSSummertownTN
E-Commerce WebsiteHonorable MentionH to O: Hydration to OthersGreer HSGreerSC
E-Commerce WebsiteHonorable MentionMetaphor, Inc.Blackman HSMurfressboroTN
E-Commerce WebsiteHonorable MentionThe Pop ShopLoris HSLorisSC
E-Commerce WebsiteHonorable MentionThe PulseEagleville HSEaglevilleTN
E-Commerce WebsiteHonorable MentionXtreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles EastSt. CharlesIL
Elevator Pitch1st32 BelowBeech HSHendersonvilleTN
Elevator Pitch2ndCozyCoStewarts Creek HSSmyrnaTN
Elevator Pitch3rd3t CetraSouth Granville HSCreedmoorNC
Elevator PitchHonorable MentionAlpha & OmegaLawrence County HSLawrenceburgTN
Elevator PitchHonorable MentionElysiumBearden HSKnoxvilleTN
Elevator PitchHonorable MentionH to O: Hydration to OthersGreer HSGreerSC
Elevator PitchHonorable MentionMavco, Inc.Milford HSHighlandMI
Elevator PitchHonorable MentionSkyline 360Blackman HSMurfressboroTN
Elevator PitchHonorable MentionTouch of EleganceOakland HSMurfreesboroTN
Elevator PitchHonorable MentionVIVID+Parkway West HSChesterfieldMO
Elevator PitchHonorable MentionWayBound, Inc.Fenton HS MIFentonMI
Human Resources1stCo-ExistCareerline Tech CenterHollandMI
Human Resources2ndThe Animal Kingdom, Inc,Loretto HSLorettoTN
Human Resources3rdAlpha & OmegaLawrence County HSLawrenceburgTN
Human ResourcesHonorable MentionAffinityNeuqua Valley HSNapervilleIL
Human ResourcesHonorable MentionBucket ListWaubonsie Valley HSAuroraIL
Human ResourcesHonorable MentionClever ContraptionsSt. Charles EastSt. CharlesIL
Human ResourcesHonorable MentionCloud 9 DesignsRiverdale HSMurfreesboroTN
Human ResourcesHonorable MentionCore, Inc.Timothy Christian HSElmhurstIL
Human ResourcesHonorable MentionYoung EverywearCarolina Forest HSMyrtle BeachSC
Impact Marketing1stCore, Inc.Timothy Christian HSElmhurstIL
Impact Marketing2ndThe Pop ShopLoris HSLorisSC
Impact Marketing3rdJerseyPlugWaubonsie Valley HSAuroraIL
Marketing1stBucket ListWaubonsie Valley HSAuroraIL
Marketing2ndKutt LooseSiegel HSMurfreesboroTN
Marketing3rdArrow ShippingParkway South HSManchesterMO
MarketingHonorable Mention32 BelowBeech HSHendersonvilleTN
MarketingHonorable MentionCore, Inc.Timothy Christian HSElmhurstIL
MarketingHonorable MentionDown to Earth, Inc.Hardin County HSSavannahTN
MarketingHonorable MentionFreedom Trail Outfitters, Inc.Cannon County HSWoodburyTN
MarketingHonorable MentionLimitlessElmwood Park HSElmwood ParkIL
MarketingHonorable MentionOrionDekalb County HSSmithvilleTN
MarketingHonorable MentionPharsideCarolina Forest HSMyrtle BeachSC
MarketingHonorable MentionUnwindCrystal Lake SouthCrystal LakeIL
MarketingHonorable MentionVIVID+Parkway West HSChesterfieldMO
MarketingHonorable MentionWayBound, Inc.Fenton HS MIFentonMI
Sales Materials1stCynosure TelecomOak Ridge HSOak RidgeTN
Sales Materials2ndLimitlessElmwood Park HSElmwood ParkIL
Sales Materials3rdDown to Earth, Inc.Hardin County HSSavannahTN
Sales MaterialsHonorable MentionAlpha & OmegaLawrence County HSLawrenceburgTN
Sales MaterialsHonorable MentionElectric AvenueSt. Charles EastSt. CharlesIL
Sales MaterialsHonorable MentionJet EnterprisesAirport HSCarletonMI
Sales MaterialsHonorable MentionSouthern PrestigeSpartanburg HSSpartanburgSC
Sales MaterialsHonorable MentionThe Blend CavesOrange HSHillsboroughNC
Sales MaterialsHonorable MentionThe Pop ShopLoris HSLorisSC
Salesmanship1stH to O: Hydration to OthersGreer HSGreerSC
Salesmanship2ndVIVID+Parkway West HSChesterfieldMO
Salesmanship3rdSmooth MoveSt. James HSMurrells InletSC
SalesmanshipHonorable MentionA+ OpportunityCareerline Tech CenterHollandMI
SalesmanshipHonorable MentionAffinityNeuqua Valley HSNapervilleIL
SalesmanshipHonorable MentionArrow ShippingParkway South HSManchesterMO
SalesmanshipHonorable MentionAuroraWhitehaven HSMemphisTN
SalesmanshipHonorable MentionAuto CorrectCrystal Lake SouthCrystal LakeIL
SalesmanshipHonorable MentionCore, Inc.Timothy Christian HSElmhurstIL
SalesmanshipHonorable MentionDown to Earth, Inc.Hardin County HSSavannahTN
SalesmanshipHonorable MentionGlobal Goodies VEParkway West HSChesterfieldMO
SalesmanshipHonorable MentionO-town, Inc.Dekalb County HSSmithvilleTN
Video Commercial1stDown to Earth, Inc.Hardin County HSSavannahTN
Video Commercial2ndH to O: Hydration to OthersGreer HSGreerSC
Video Commercial3rdEndure, Inc.Summertown HSSummertownTN
Video CommercialHonorable MentionAdrenaline RushSouth Granville HSCreedmoorNC
Video CommercialHonorable MentionElectric AvenueSt. Charles EastSt. CharlesIL
Video CommercialHonorable MentionFreedom Trail Outfitters, Inc.Cannon County HSWoodburyTN
Video CommercialHonorable MentionLegacyNeuqua Valley HSNapervilleIL
Video CommercialHonorable MentionSouthern PrestigeSpartanburg HSSpartanburgSC
Video CommercialHonorable MentionUnwindCrystal Lake SouthCrystal LakeIL
Video CommercialHonorable MentionVIVID+Parkway West HSChesterfieldMO

2017 San Diego Conference & Exhibition

San Diego Conference & Exhibition
December 4, 2017
San Diego, CA

CompetitionFirm NameSchool NameCityStateRank
BoothGrow N' GoFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA1st
BoothSportsplex CollectablesElizabeth Learning CenterCudahyCA2nd
BoothScoopalicious DessertsElizabeth Learning CenterCudahyCA3rd
BoothVegan LipsCarson HSCarsonCAGold
BoothBespokeMarina HSHuntington BeachCAGold
BoothAnomalousBakersfield HSBakersfieldCAGold
BoothSteez SkateshopMoreno Valley HSMoreno ValleyCAGold
BoothClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCASilver
BoothSneekGeekzLa Sierra HighRiversideCAsilver
BoothConnexusCentury HSSanta AnaCASilver
BoothBeach DaysLa Serna HSWhittierCASilver
BoothCloud 9Oxford AcademyCypressCASilver
BoothRelacher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCASilver
BoothOC Barber-to-GoPacifica HSGarden GroveCABronze
BoothGourmet-To-GoRedlands HSRedlandsCABronze
BoothTaste of the WorldCentury HSSanta AnaCABronze
BoothBasixCentennial HSBakersfieldCABronze
BoothDrone VisionLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCABronze
BoothSolematesMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCABronze
Novice BoothLuxury ScrubsHemet HSHemetCA1st
Novice BoothLumiereGolden West HSVisaliaCA2nd
Novice BoothKITastropheIrvine HSIrvineCA3rd
Novice BoothTender StripLa Sierra HSRiversideCAGold
Novice Booth0C PetsEl Modena HSOrangeCAGold
Novice BoothHelado ChicanoMontclair HSMontclairCASilver
Novice BoothDeafindCitrus Valley HSRedlandsCASilver
Novice BoothEx NihiloSan Juan Hills HSSan Juan CapistranoCABronze
Novice BoothCosmic BurgerPalm Desert HSPalm DesertCABronze
SalesVIBESOxford AcademyCypressCA1st
SalesAudio GlassUniversity HSIrvineCA2nd
SalesClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA3rd
SalesModa ApparelPacific Palisades Charter HSPacific PalisadesCAGold
SalesSchool BrewPacific Palisades Charter HSPacific PalisadesCAGold
SalesAnomalousBakersfield HSBakersfieldCASilver
SalesRelacher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCASilver
SalesNew FrontierPalm Springs HSPalm SpringsCASilver
SalesSolematesMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCASilver
SalesBasixCentennial HSBakersfieldCASilver
SalesBaytesUniversity HSIrvineCABronze
SalesAtlasLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCABronze
SalesGrow N' GoFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCABronze
SalesEco-JuiceRedlands HSRedlandsCABronze
SalesChameleon CustomsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCABronze
Novice SalesKITastropheIrvine HSIrvineCA1st
Novice SalesHelado ChicanoMontclair HSMontclairCA2nd
Novice SalesTender StripLa Sierra HSRiversideCA3rd
Novice SalesLumiereGolden West HSVisaliaCAGold
Novice Sales0C PetsEl Modena HSOrangeCAGold
Novice SalesEx NihiloSan Juan Hills HSSan Juan CapistranoCASilver
Novice SalesDeafindCitrus Valley HSRedlandsCASilver
Novice SalesLuxury ScrubsHemet HSHemetCABronze
Novice SalesCosmic BurgerPalm Desert HSPalm DesertCABronze
Sales MaterialsGrow N' GoFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA1st
Sales MaterialsChameleon CustomsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCA2nd
Sales MaterialsVIBESOxford AcademyCypressCA3rd
Sales MaterialsSignumCentury HSSanta AnaCAGold
Sales MaterialsNew FrontierPalm Springs HSPalm SpringsCAGold
Sales MaterialsVE RadioMt. Miguel HSSpring ValleyCASilver
Sales MaterialsClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCASilver
Sales MaterialsCloud 9Oxford AcademyCypressCASilver
Sales MaterialsConnexusCentury HSSanta AnaCASilver
Sales MaterialsHygiene2YouMillikan HSLong BeachCASilver
Sales MaterialsPowerCloudCentury HSSanta AnaCABronze
Sales MaterialsBespokeMarina HSHuntington BeachCABronze
Sales MaterialsAnomalousBakersfield HSBakersfieldCABronze
Sales MaterialsSteez SkateshopMoreno Valley HSMoreno ValleyCABronze
Sales MaterialsRelacher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCABronze
BrandingNew FrontierPalm Springs HSPalm SpringsCA1st
BrandingVE RadioMt. Miguel HSSpring ValleyCA2nd
BrandingSignumCentury HSSanta AnaCA3rd
BrandingBasixCentennial HSBakersfieldCAGold
BrandingPowerCloudCentury HSSanta AnaCAGold
BrandingVIBESOxford AcademyCypressCASilver
BrandingSolematesMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCASilver
BrandingBespokeMarina HSHuntington BeachCASilver
BrandingClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCASilver
BrandingGourmet-To-GoRedlands HSRedlandsCASilver
BrandingRelacher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCABronze
BrandingVery EventfulMt. Miguel HSSpring ValleyCABronze
BrandingLumiereGolden West HSVisaliaCABronze
BrandingEx NihiloSan Juan Hills HSSan Juan CapistranoCABronze
BrandingDrone VisionLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCABronze
Video CommercialCloud 9Oxford AcademyCypressCA1st
Video CommercialDrone VisionLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA2nd
Video CommercialClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA3rd
Video CommercialSignumCentury HSSanta AnaCAGold
Video CommercialGrow N' GoFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCAGold
Video CommercialTaste of the WorldCentury HSSanta AnaCASilver
Video CommercialGourmet-To-GoRedlands HSRedlandsCASilver
Video CommercialBeach DaysLa Serna HSWhittierCASilver
Video CommercialAnomalousBakersfield HSBakersfieldCASilver
Video CommercialBasixCentennial HSBakersfieldCASilver
Video CommercialNails By The BeachMillikan HSLong BeachCABronze
Video CommercialChameleon CustomsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCABronze
Video CommercialNew FrontierPalm Springs HSPalm SpringsCABronze
Video CommercialPowerCloudCentury HSSanta AnaCABronze
Video CommercialSportsplex CollectablesElizabeth Learning CenterCudahyCABronze
E-Commerce WebsiteDrone VisionLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA1st
E-Commerce WebsiteScoopalicious DessertsElizabeth Learning CenterCudahyCA2nd
E-Commerce WebsiteRelacher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA3rd
E-Commerce WebsiteSignumCentury HSSanta AnaCAGold
E-Commerce WebsiteEco-JuiceRedlands HSRedlandsCAGold
E-Commerce WebsiteNew FrontierPalm Springs HSPalm SpringsCASilver
E-Commerce WebsiteSportsplex CollectablesElizabeth Learning CenterCudahyCASilver
E-Commerce WebsiteVE RadioMt. Miguel HSSpring ValleyCASilver
E-Commerce WebsiteBasixCentennial HSBakersfieldCASilver
E-Commerce WebsiteBeach DaysLa Serna HSWhittierCASilver
E-Commerce WebsiteAnomalousBakersfield HSBakersfieldCABronze
E-Commerce WebsiteTaste of the WorldCentury HSSanta AnaCABronze
E-Commerce WebsiteVery EventfulMt. Miguel HSSpring ValleyCABronze
E-Commerce WebsiteVIBESOxford AcademyCypressCABronze
E-Commerce WebsiteChameleon CustomsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCABronze
E-Commerce WebsiteClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCABronze
E-Commerce WebsiteLumiereGolden West HSVisaliaCABronze

2017 Northeast Regional Conference & Exhibition

Northeast Regional Conference & Exhibition
December 8, 2017
Rochester, NY

2018 Long Island Regional Conference & Exhibition

Long Island Regional Conference & Exhibition
January 8-9, 2018
Long Island, NY

CompetitionRankFirm NameSchool NameCityState
Company BrandingGoldFresh DirectIslip HSIslipNY
Company BrandingGoldPonixSyosset HSSyossetNY
Company BrandingGold5urfs UpWalt Whitman HSHuntington StationNY
Company BrandingGoldAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HSWest HempsteadNY
Company BrandingGoldTrubambuWesthampton Beach HSWesthampton BeachNY
Company BrandingSilverNuappsFrancis Lewis HSFresh MeadowsNY
Company BrandingSilverVend The RulesGreat Neck S HSGreat NeckNY
Company BrandingSilverSolarFlexJ.F. Kennedy HSBellmoreNY
Company BrandingSilverSupa ScoopsLindenhurst HSLindenhurstNY
Company BrandingSilverA Helping HandWest Hempstead HSWest HempsteadNY
Company NewsletterGoldSuppLIBaldwin HSBaldwinNY
Company NewsletterGoldBlueprintFrancis Lewis HSFresh MeadowsNY
Company NewsletterGoldPrestige WorldwideIslip HSIslipNY
Company NewsletterGoldBody KineticsMattituck HSMattituckNY
Company NewsletterGoldEVO TechPatchogue-Medford HSMedfordNY
Company NewsletterSilverA Little TwistCarle Place HSCarle PlaceNY
Company NewsletterSilverZaropaFloral Park Memorial HSFloral ParkNY
Company NewsletterSilverNuappsFrancis Lewis HSFresh MeadowsNY
Company NewsletterSilver0h, Gauc-O-TacoWantagh HSWantaghNY
Company NewsletterSilverSPFyWesthampton Beach HSWesthampton BeachNY
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldInvisaTrackMount Sinai HSMount SinaiNY
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldA Helping HandWest Hempstead HSWest HempsteadNY
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldHome PlateHerricks HSHerricksNY
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HSWest HempsteadNY
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldPonixSyosset HSSyossetNY
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverSuppLIBaldwin HSBaldwinNY
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverA Little TwistCarle Place HSCarle PlaceNY
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverEVO TechPatchogue-Medford HSMedfordNY
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverTRUBLU TechnologiesSmithtown HS WestSmithtownNY
E-Commerce WebsiteSilver0h, Gauc-O-TacoWantagh HSWantaghNY
Employee HandbookGoldPetPairBethpage HSBethpageNY
Employee HandbookGoldBlueprintFrancis Lewis HSFresh MeadowsNY
Employee HandbookGoldBody KineticsMattituck HSMattituckNY
Employee HandbookGoldEVO TechPatchogue-Medford HSMedfordNY
Employee HandbookGoldIt’s FudgeSyosset HSSyossetNY
Employee HandbookSilverSuppLIBaldwin HSBaldwinNY
Employee HandbookSilverVend The RulesGreat Neck S HSGreat NeckNY
Employee HandbookSilverPort ClothingNorthport HSNorthportNY
Employee HandbookSilverPonixSyosset HSSyossetNY
Employee HandbookSilverTruBambuWesthampton Beach HSWesthampton BeachNY
Sales MaterialsGoldFresh DirectIslip HSIslipNY
Sales MaterialsGoldBody KineticsMattituck HSMattituckNY
Sales MaterialsGoldAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HSWest HempsteadNY
Sales MaterialsGoldA Helping HandWest Hempstead HSWest HempsteadNY
Sales MaterialsGoldTrubambuWesthampton Beach HSWesthampton BeachNY
Sales MaterialsSilverClick-n-shopGlen Cove HSGlen CoveNY
Sales MaterialsSilverVend The RulesGreat Neck S HSGreat NeckNY
Sales MaterialsSilverPrestige WorldwideIslip HSIslipNY
Sales MaterialsSilverSolarFlexJ.F. Kennedy HSBellmoreNY
Sales MaterialsSilver02HLong Beach HS-NIKELido BeachNY
Video CommercialGoldClick-n-shopGlen Cove HSGlen CoveNY
Video CommercialGoldHome PlateHerricks HSHerricksNY
Video CommercialGoldA Helping HandWest Hempstead HSWest HempsteadNY
Video CommercialGoldAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HSWest HempsteadNY
Video CommercialGoldTrubambuWesthampton Beach HSWesthampton BeachNY
Video CommercialSilverEmpire CratesBellport HSBrookhavenNY
Video CommercialSilverA Little TwistCarle Place HSCarle PlaceNY
Video CommercialSilverFresh DirectIslip HSIslipNY
Video CommercialSilverOmniStreemRocky Point HSRocky PointNY
Video CommercialSilverSPFyWesthampton Beach HSWesthampton BeachNY
Booth DesignGoldPre Game Sports Inc.Connetquot HSBohemiaNY
Booth DesignGoldGobi OutfittersEast Islip HSEast IslipNY
Booth DesignGoldBake My DayElmont HSElmontNY
Booth DesignGoldPrestige WorldwideIslip HSIslipNY
Booth DesignGoldPonixSyosset HSSyossetNY
Booth DesignGoldTrubambuWesthampton Beach HSWesthampton BeachNY
Booth DesignSilverSuppLIBaldwin HSBaldwinNY
Booth DesignSilverTrendy TeesEast Meadow HSEast MeadowNY
Booth DesignSilverMatchWearFrancis Lewis HSFresh MeadowsNY
Booth DesignSilverEVO TechPatchogue-Medford HSMedfordNY
Booth DesignSilverAdvanced LifestyleSouthold HSSoutholdNY
Booth DesignSilverAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HSWest HempsteadNY
SalesmanshipGoldEmpire CratesBellport HSBrookhavenNY
SalesmanshipGoldBake My DayElmont HSElmontNY
SalesmanshipGoldMatchWearFrancis Lewis HSFresh MeadowsNY
SalesmanshipGoldFresh DirectIslip HSIslipNY
SalesmanshipGoldMonstrous MunchiesOyster Bay HSOyster BayNY
SalesmanshipGoldA Helping HandWest Hempstead HSWest HempsteadNY
SalesmanshipSilverZaropaFloral Park Memorial HSFloral ParkNY
SalesmanshipSilverCHI CorporationHewlett HSHewlettNY
SalesmanshipSilverSay CheeseLindenhurst HSLindenhurstNY
SalesmanshipSilverEcoSenseSchreiber HSPort WashingtonNY
SalesmanshipSilverLive ActionSchreiber HSPort WashingtonNY
SalesmanshipSilverAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HSWest HempsteadNY
Impact MarketingGoldSuppLIBaldwin HSBaldwinNY
Impact MarketingGoldInvisa TrackMount Sinai HSMount SinaiNY
Impact MarketingGoldAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HSWest HempsteadNY
Impact MarketingGoldA Helping HandWest Hempstead HSWest HempsteadNY

2018 NJ/PA Business Expo and Business Plan Competition

NJ/PA Business Expo and Business Plan Competition
January 18, 2018
Madison, NJ

Booth DesignFirstDorm StopMorris Hills High SchoolRockawayNJ
Booth DesignHonorable Mention99 @dventuresBerks Career & Technology CenterLeesburgPA
Booth DesignHonorable MentionUnperplexed SolutionsThe Academy for Math, Science & EngineeringRockawayNJ
Sales MaterialsFirstUnperplexed SolutionsThe Academy for Math, Science & EngineeringRockawayNJ
Sales MaterialsHonorable MentionDorm StopMorris Hills High SchoolRockawayNJ
Sales MaterialsHonorable MentionIce for IceMorris Knolls High ScoolRockawayNJ
SalesmanshipFirstIce for IceMorris Knolls High SchoolRockawayNJ
SalesmanshipHonorable Mention99 @dventuresBerks Career & Technology CenterLeesburgPA
SalesmanshipHonorable MentionLuxury LiftsHanover Park High SchoolEast HanoverNJ

2018 California State Conference & Exhibition

California State Conference & Exhibition
January 17-18, 2018
Bakersfield, CA

CompetitionPlaceVE FirmSchoolCityState
Business Plan Competition1stAnomalousBakersfield High SchoolBakersfieldCA
Business Plan Competition2ndBlocSouth Pasadena High SchoolSouth PasadenaCA
Business Plan Competition3rdSolematesMurrieta Valley High SchoolMurrietaCA
Business Plan Competition4thClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley High School MurrietaCA
Business Plan Competition5thJourneySouth Pasadena High SchoolSouth PasadenaCA
Business Plan Competition6thHighrise GardensBloomington High SchoolBloomingtonCA
Business Plan Competition7thBasixCentennial High SchoolBakersfieldCA
Business Plan Competition8thGrow N’ GoFountain Valley High SchoolFountain ValleyCA
Company Sales PresentationGold -1stClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Company Sales PresentationGold - 2ndRel â cher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
Company Sales PresentationGold - 3rdAnomalousBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Company Sales PresentationGold Scoopalicious DessertsElizabeth Learning CenterCudahyCA
Company Sales PresentationGold Cloud9Oxford AcademyCypressCA
Company Sales PresentationSilverDrone VisionLa Mirada HSLa Mirada CA
Company Sales PresentationSilverSteez SkateshopMoreno Valley HSMoreno ValleyCA
Company Sales PresentationSilverBespokeMarina HSHuntington BeachCA
Company Sales PresentationSilverChameleon CustomsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCA
Company Sales PresentationSilverLockDownJames Logan HSUnion CityCA
Company Sales PresentationBronzeDoughliciousAtwater HSAtwaterCA
Company Sales PresentationBronzePROVELTRoosevelt HSFresnoCA
Company Sales PresentationBronzeChargi-FiLemoore HSLemooreCA
Company Sales PresentationBronzeVida TechArvin HSArvinCA
Company Sales PresentationBronzeAtlasLa Mirada HSLa Mirada CA
Marketing PlanGold - 1stSolematesMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Marketing PlanGold - 2ndBasixCentennial HSBakersfield CA
Marketing PlanGold - 3rdAnomalousBakersfield HSBakersfield CA
Marketing PlanGold Clear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Marketing PlanGold Cloud9Oxford AcademyCypressCA
Marketing PlanSilverVibesOxford AcademyCypressCA
Marketing PlanSilverEco-JuiceRedlands HSRedlandsCA
Marketing PlanSilverGrow N' GoFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
Marketing PlanSilverWai AquaponicsThousand Oaks HSThousand OaksCA
Marketing PlanSilverBlocSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
Marketing PlanBronzeNovel PursuitBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Marketing PlanBronzeRel â cher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
Marketing PlanBronzeJourneySouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
Marketing PlanBronzeH2Go, LLCThousand Oaks HSThousand OaksCA
Marketing PlanBronzePower CloudCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Human ResourcesGold - 1stBlocSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
Human ResourcesGold - 2ndClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Human ResourcesGold - 3rdBasixCentennial HSBakersfield CA
Human ResourcesGold Ex NihiloSan Juan Hills HSSan Juan CapistranoCA
Human ResourcesGold Power CloudCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Human ResourcesSilverVibesOxford AcademyCypressCA
Human ResourcesSilverNovel PursuitBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Human ResourcesSilverPodzSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
Human ResourcesSilverPROVELTRoosevelt HSFresnoCA
Human ResourcesSilverGrow N' GoFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
Human ResourcesBronzeSolematesMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Human ResourcesBronzeDrone VisionLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Human ResourcesBronzeChargi-FiLemoore HSLemooreCA
Human ResourcesBronzeCloud9Oxford AcademyCypressCA
Human ResourcesBronzeVE RadioMt. Miguel HSSpring Valley CA
The Perfect Elevator PitchGold - 1stBlocSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
The Perfect Elevator PitchGold - 2ndAnomalousBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
The Perfect Elevator PitchGold - 3rdLockDownJames Logan HSUnion City CA
The Perfect Elevator PitchGold BasixCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
The Perfect Elevator PitchGoldPROVELTRoosevelt HSFresno CA
The Perfect Elevator PitchSilverClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
The Perfect Elevator PitchSilverHighSchoolHireJames Logan HSUnion City CA
The Perfect Elevator PitchSilverNew FrontierPalm Springs HSPalm SpringsCA
The Perfect Elevator PitchSilverModa ApparelPacific Palisades Charter HSPacific PalisadesCA
The Perfect Elevator PitchSilverSportsplex CollectablesElizabeth Learning CenterCudahyCA
The Perfect Elevator PitchBronzeCheekieThousand Oaks HSThousand OaksCA
The Perfect Elevator PitchBronzeCloud9Oxford AcademyCypressCA
The Perfect Elevator PitchBronzeSteez SkateshopMoreno Valley HSMoreno ValleyCA
The Perfect Elevator PitchBronzeConneXusCentury HSSanta AnaCA
The Perfect Elevator PitchBronzeGourmet to GoRedlands HSRedlandsCA
Impact MarketingGold - 1st VE RadioMt. Miguel HSSpring ValleyCA
Impact MarketingGold - 2ndClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Impact MarketingGold - 3rdChameleon CustomsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCA
Impact MarketingGold Eco-JuiceRedlands HSRedlandsCA
Impact MarketingGold Rel â cher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
Impact MarketingSilverAnomalousBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Impact MarketingSilverSteez SkateshopMoreno Valley HSMoreno ValleyCA
Impact MarketingSilverTaste of the WorldCentury HSSanta Ana CA
Impact MarketingSilverVibesOxford AcademyCypressCA
Impact MarketingSilverDeafindCitrus Valley HSRedlandsCA
Impact MarketingBronzeHighSchoolHireJames Logan HSUnion CityCA
Impact MarketingBronzeBlocSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
Impact MarketingBronzeHoof PrintsDos Palos HSDos PalosCA
Impact MarketingBronzeJourneySouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
Impact MarketingBronzePROVELTRoosevelt HSFresnoCA
Job Interview/VEI InternHiredAlex Royal/Ex NihiloSan Juan Hills HSSan Juan CapistranoCA
Sales MaterialsGold - 1stChameleon CustomsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCA
Sales MaterialsGold - 2nd Rel â cher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
Sales MaterialsGold - 3rdCloud9Oxford AcademyCypressCA
Sales MaterialsGold SignumCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Sales MaterialsGold Grow N' GoFountain Valley HSFountain Valley CA
Sales MaterialsSilverBlocSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
Sales MaterialsSilverSteez SkateshopMoreno Valley HSMoreno ValleyCA
Sales MaterialsSilverSolematesMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Sales MaterialsSilverPROVELTRoosevelt HSFresnoCA
Sales MaterialsSilverVery EventfulMt. Miguel HSSpring ValleyCA
Sales MaterialsBronzeBespokeMarina HSHuntington BeachCA
Sales MaterialsBronzeConneXusCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Sales MaterialsBronzeDoughliciousAtwater HSAtwaterCA
Sales MaterialsBronzeNew FrontierPalm Springs HSPalm SpringsCA
Sales MaterialsBronzeVibesOxford AcademyCypressCA
Video CommercialsGold - 1stWai AquaponicsThousand Oaks HSThousand OaksCA
Video CommercialsGold - 2ndModa ApparelPacific Palisades Charter HSPacific PalisadesCA
Video CommercialsGold - 3rdClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Video CommercialsGoldSolematesMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Video CommercialsGoldAnomalousBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Video CommercialsSilverNails By the BeachMillikan HSLong BeachCA
Video CommercialsSilverCloud9Oxford AcademyCypressCA
Video CommercialsSilverGourmet to GoRedlands HSRedlandsCA
Video CommercialsSilverChameleon CustomsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCA
Video CommercialsSilverPodzSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
Video CommercialsBronzeSignumCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Video CommercialsBronzeNew FrontierPalm Springs HSPalm SpringsCA
Video CommercialsBronzeVery EventfulMt. Miguel HSSpring Valley CA
Video CommercialsBronzeConneXusCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Video CommercialsBronzeHydration to the WorldLemoore HSLemooreCA
Company NewsletterGold - 1stTaste of the WorldCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Company NewsletterGold - 2nd BlocSouth Pasadena HSSouth Pasadena CA
Company NewsletterGold - 3rdPROVELTRoosevelt HSFresnoCA
Company NewsletterGoldNovel PursuitBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Company NewsletterGoldBasixCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Company NewsletterSilverPower CloudCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Company NewsletterSilverLockDownJames Logan HSUnion CityCA
Company NewsletterSilverAnomalousBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Company NewsletterSilverConneXusCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Company NewsletterSilverHoof PrintsDos Palos HSDos PalosCA
Company NewsletterBronzeClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta CA
Company NewsletterBronzeJourneySouth Pasadena HSSouth Pasadena CA
Company NewsletterBronzeHighrise GardensBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Company NewsletterBronzeCloud9Oxford AcademyCypressCA
Company NewsletterBronzeSteez SkateshopMoreno Valley HSMoreno ValleyCA
E-Commerce WebsiteGold - 1stPodzSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
E-Commerce WebsiteGold - 2ndBlocSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
E-Commerce WebsiteGold - 3rdRel â cher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldAnomalousBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldVibesOxford AcademyCypressCA
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverChargi-FiLemoore HSLemooreCA
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverHoof PrintsDos Palos HSDos PalosCA
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverCloud9Oxford AcademyCypressCA
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverBasixCentennial HS BakersfieldCA
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverPROVELTRoosevelt HSFresnoCA
E-Commerce WebsiteBronzeVE RadioMt. Miguel HSSpring Valley CA
E-Commerce WebsiteBronzeClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
E-Commerce WebsiteBronzeNails By the BeachMillikan HSLong BeachCA
E-Commerce WebsiteBronzeBeach DaysLa Serna HSWhittierCA
E-Commerce WebsiteBronzeLimitedMcLane HSFresnoCA
Booth DesignGold - 1stGrow N' GoFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
Booth DesignGold - 2ndEggcellent CoopsRidgeview HSBakersfieldCA
Booth DesignGold - 3rdEl BigoteSamueli AcademySanta AnaCA
Booth DesignGoldConneXusCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Booth DesignGoldiHopeSamueli AcademySanta AnaCA
Booth DesignSilverClear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Booth DesignSilverE.S.G.Ridgeview HSBakersfieldCA
Booth DesignSilverLockDownJames Logan HSUnion CityCA
Booth DesignSilverRel â cher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
Booth DesignSilverSportsplex CollectablesElizabeth Learning CenterCudahyCA
Booth DesignBronzeAtlasLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Booth DesignBronzeHygiene2youMillikan HSLong BeachCA
Booth DesignBronzeEx NihiloSan Juan Hills HSSan Juan CapistranoCA
Booth DesignBronzeHubLiberty HSBrentwoodCA
Booth DesignBronzeLimitedMcLane HSFresnoCA
SalesmanshipGold - 1stBeach DaysLa Serna HS WhittierCA
SalesmanshipGold - 2ndNails By the BeachMillikan HSLong BeachCA
SalesmanshipGold - 3rdAtlasLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
SalesmanshipGold BespokeMarina HSHuntington BeachCA
SalesmanshipGoldEx NihiloSan Juan Hills HSSan Juan CapistranoCA
SalesmanshipSilverConneXusCentury HSSanta AnaCA
SalesmanshipSilverLockDownJames Logan HSUnion CityCA
SalesmanshipSilverE.S.G.Ridgeview HSBakersfieldCA
SalesmanshipSilverLumiereGolden West HSVisaliaCA
SalesmanshipSilverGrow N' GoFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
SalesmanshipBronzeEl BigoteSamueli AcademySanta AnaCA
SalesmanshipBronzeInfussoSamueli AcademySanta AnaCA
SalesmanshipBronzeSportsplex CollectablesElizabeth Learning CenterCudahyCA
SalesmanshipBronzeNew FrontierPalm Springs HSPalm SpringsCA
SalesmanshipBronzeJourneySouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
ApprenticeMedal-1stGroup 7/VEN Marketing Firm
*Emily Mendoza/LumiereGolden West HSVisaliaCA
*Michail Melnik/Moda ApparelPacific Palisades Charter HSPacific PalisadesCA
*Jimmy Sparacello/Eco-JuiceRedlands HSRedlandsCA
*Vincent Pham/Clear Coast EyewearMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
*Eddie Sarr/BespokeMarina HSHuntington BeachCA
*Luis Moreno/AtlasLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
State Business ChallengeMedal - 1stGroup 6/Clout
*Miguel Serran/Drone VisionLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
*Jack Johnson/AnomalousBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
*Lizzy Cardenas/Power CloudCentury HSSanta AnaCA
*Sergio Avalo/VE RadioMt. Miguel HSSpring Valley CA
*Jakob Navarro/BLADEEast Bakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
*Manuel Fereglino/Moda ApparelPacific Palisades Charter HSPacific PalisadesCA
*Zachary Binowitz/Ex NihiloSan Juan Hills HSSan Juan CapistranoCA
*Payton Gordon/Chameleon CustomsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCA

2018 Great Lakes Regional Conference & Exhibition

Great Lakes Regional Conference & Exhibition
February 2, 2018
Chicago, IL

Basic Website1stEnvision NorthBelvidere North HSBelvidereIL
Basic Website2ndArea 304Geneva CUSD #304GenevaIL
Basic Website3rdCo-ExistCareerline Tech CenterHollandMI
Basic WebsiteTop 25%1st Class ClothingSt. Charles North HSSt. CharlesIL
Basic WebsiteTop 25%ECOPlexGrand Blanc HSGrand BlancMI
Basic WebsiteTop 25%Electric AvenueSt. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
Basic WebsiteTop 25%InnovatioSarah E. Goode STEM AcademyChicagoIL
Basic WebsiteTop 25%Knight & DayAuburn HSRockfordIL
Basic WebsiteTop 25%Marauder EnterprisesOscar A. Carlson HSGibraltarMI
Basic WebsiteTop 25%MetaNovaMetea Valley HSAuroraIL
Best Booth1stWavelengthCary-Grove HSCaryIL
Best Booth2ndMarauder EnterprisesOscar A. Carlson HSGibraltarMI
Best Booth3rdRamPride, Inc.Montrose Hill-McCloy HSMontroseMI
Best BoothHonorable MentionGolden Ram Enterprises, IncHolt HSHoltMI
Best BoothTop 25%MarauderOscar A. Carlson HSGibraltarMI
Best BoothTop 25%ApexNeuqua Valley HSNapervilleIL
Best BoothTop 25%AutocorrectCrystal Lake South HSCrystal LakeIL
Best BoothTop 25%Xtreme ComfortSt. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
Best BoothTop 25%UnwindCrystal Lake South HSCrystal LakeIL
Best BoothTop 25%ECOplexGrand Blanc HSGrand BlancMI
Best BoothTop 25%SummitNeuqua Valley HSNapervilleIL
Best BoothTop 25%MetaNovaMetea Valley HSAuroraIL
Best BoothTop 25%Prime MatrixMaine East HSPark RidgeIL
Best BoothTop 25%Little LivingPinckney Community HSPinckneyMI
Best BoothTop 25%Envision NorthBelvidere North HSBelvidereIL
Best BoothTop 25%MozzafiatoSt. Charles North HSSt. CharlesIL
Best BoothTop 25%1st Class ClothingSt. Charles North HSSt. CharlesIL
Impact Marketing1stEnvision NorthBelvidere North HSBelvidereIL
Impact Marketing2ndLittle LivingPinckney Community HSPinckneyMI
Impact Marketing3rdUnwindCrystal Lake SouthCrystal LakeIL
Marketing Plan1stPrime MatrixMaine East HSPark RidgeIL
Marketing Plan2nd1st Class ClothingSt. Charles North HSSt. CharlesIL
Marketing Plan3rdaWAKEnSt. Charles North HSSt. CharlesIL
Marketing PlanTop 25%CatalystNeuqua Valley HSNapervilleIL
Marketing PlanTop 25%Electric AvenueSt. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
Marketing PlanTop 25%MozzafiatoSt Charles North HSSt. CharlesIL
Newsletter1stLimitlessElmwood Park HSElmwood ParkIL
Newsletter2ndNever EndingMetea Valley HSAuroraIL
Newsletter3rdElectric AvenueSt. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
NewsletterTop 25%1st Class ClothingSt. Charles North HSSt. CharlesIL
NewsletterTop 25%A to ZCrystal Lake Central HSCrystal LakeIL
NewsletterTop 25%Bucket ListWaubonsie Valley HSAuroraIL
NewsletterTop 25%ECOplexGrand Blanc HSGrand BlancMI
NewsletterTop 25%RamPride, Inc.Montrose Hill-McCloyMontroseMI
NewsletterTop 25%Xtreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
Salesmanship1stInnovationsSouthgate Anderson HSSouthgateMI
Salesmanship2ndUnwindCrystal Lake South HSCrystal LakeIL
Salesmanship3rdLimitlessElmwood Park HSElmwood ParkIL
Sales Materials1stPrime MatrixMaine East HSPark RidgeIL
Sales Materials2ndEXOPlexGrand Blanc HSGrand BlancMI
Sales Materials3rdXTreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
Sales MaterialsTop 25%Co-ExistCareerline Tech CenterHollandMI
Sales MaterialsTop 25%EclipseCivic Memorial HSBethaltoIL
Sales MaterialsTop 25%InnovationsSouthgate Anderson HSSouthgateMI
Sales MaterialsTop 25%LimitlessElmwood Park HSElmwood ParkIL
Sales MaterialsTop 25%Top ThrillLapeer County Education & Technology CenterAtticaMI
Sales MaterialsTop 25%UnwindCrystal Lake South HSCrystal LakeIL
Speed Interview1stHanneh Motkowski, AffinityNeuqua Valley HSNapervilleIL
Speed Interview2ndJalana Haynes, 1NNOVATIVEMelvindale HSMelvindaleMI
Speed Interview3rdBrian Caine, ECOPlexGrand Blanc HSGrand BlancMI
Speed InterviewTop 25%Faraz Ali, MetaNovaMetea Valley HSAuroraIL
Speed InterviewTop 25%Kailee Bass, MetaNovaMetea Valley HSAuroraIL
Speed InterviewTop 25%Chante' Boyd, Cavalier EnterprisesCarman Ainsworth HSFlint TownshipMI
Speed InterviewTop 25%Hannah Gorkowski, Thumbs Up, Inc.Huron Area Tech CenterBad AxeMI
Speed InterviewTop 25%Will Hofner, CatalystNeuqua Valley HSNapervilleIL
Speed InterviewTop 25%Zack James, aWAKEnSt. Charles North HSSt. CharlesIL
Speed InterviewTop 25%Sam Kohler, 1st Class ClothingSt. Charles North HSSt. CharlesIL
Speed InterviewTop 25%Cassie Longo, Area304Geneva CUSD #304GenevaIL
Speed InterviewTop 25%Jeffrey Makowski, Xtreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
Speed InterviewTop 25%Madeline Mason, ECOplexGrand Blanc HSGrand BlancMI
Speed InterviewTop 25%Sanad Omar, PrimeMaine East HSPark RidgeIL
Speed InterviewTop 25%Isabella Roberts, EclipseCivic Memorial HSBethaltoIL
Speed InterviewTop 25%Calista Shannon, Little LivingPinckney Community HSPinckneyMI
Speed InterviewTop 25%Brian Sypolt, XTreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles Ease HSSt. CharlesIL
Speed InterviewTop 25%Alexia Ten Brink, Co-ExistCareerline Tech CenterHollandMI
Speed InterviewTop 25%Sarah Young, JerseyPlugWaubonsie Valley HSAuroraIL
Video Commercial1stUnwindCrystal Lake South HSCrystal LakeIL
Video Commercial2ndMAVCO, Inc.Milford HSHighlandMI
Video Commercial3rdaWAKEnSt. Charles North HSSt. CharlesIL
Video CommercialTop 25%1st Class ClothingSt. Charles North HSSt. CharlesIL
Video CommercialTop 25%A+ OpportunityCareerline Tech CenterHollandMI
Video CommercialTop 25%Bucket ListWaubonsie Valley HSAuroraIL
Video CommercialTop 25%CatalystNeuqua Valley HSNapervilleIL
Video CommercialTop 25%ECOPlexGrand Blanc HSGrand BlancMI
Video CommercialTop 25%Electric AvenueSt. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
Video CommercialTop 25%RamPride, Inc.Montrose Hill-McCloy HSMontroseMI

2018 Los Angeles Area Conference & Exhibition

Los Angeles Area Conference & Exhibition
February 13, 2018
Los Angeles, CA

2018 Virginia Conference & Exhibition

Virginia Conference & Exhibition
March 6, 2018
Virginia Beach, VA

2018 Bay Area Conference & Exhibition

Bay Area Conference & Exhibition
March 17-18, 2018
Oakland, CA


2017 Youth Business Summit

2017 National Business Plan Competition - Top 6 Teams2017 National Business Plan Competition - Top 16 Teams2017 National Business Plan Competition - Top 28 Teams2017 National Human Resources Competition2017 National Marketing Competition2017 Global Business Challenge2017 International Trade Show - Booth2017 International Trade Show - Salesmanship2017 International Trade Show - Sales Materials
BumbleBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA1st Place
Flip ChipSyosset HSSyossetNY2nd Place
Pinya LinyaMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta ValleyCA3rd Place
The PyramidCentennial HSBakersfieldCA4th Place
ROC SecurityG.W. Hewlett HSHewlettNY5th Place
ReImagin3DFrancis Lewis HSFresh MeadowsNY6th Place
ManGoMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta ValleyCA7th Place
Poseidon PureSanford H. Calhoun HSMerrickNY8th Place
SpireParkway West HSChesterfieldMO9th Place
ZenithWesthampton Beach HSWesthampton BeachNY10th Place
AuggiesCary Grove HSCary GroveIL11th Place
Power UpSanta Barbara HSSanta BarbaraCA12th Place
Off the GridFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA13th Place
SpokesJames Logan HSOaklandCA14th Place
Brooklyn's Sweet N Savory CateringFort Hamilton HSBrooklynNY15th Place
Globalyze Web & DesignAdvanced Technology CenterVirginia BeachVA16th Place
AuggiesCary Grove HSCary GroveIL
Avant-garde Furnishings, Inc.Fort Hamilton HSBrooklynNY
Brooklyn's Sweet N Savory CateringFort Hamilton HSBrooklynNY
BumbleBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
DexacorpLakeland HSLakelandMI
EssenceMount St. MaryKenmoreNY
Extreme AdventuresEast Hamilton HSOoltewahTN
FitspirationRobbinsville HSRobbinsvilleNJ
Flip ChipSyosset HSSyossetNY
Get LostSouth Granville HSCreedmoorNC
Imagination Inc.HS for Arts, Imagination & InquiryNew YorkNY
LimitlessElmwood Park HSElmwood ParkIL
Luxury Resort ManagementEast Hamilton HSOoltewahTN
ManGoMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta ValleyCA
Off the GridFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
Pinya LinyaMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta ValleyCA
Poseidon PureSanford H. Calhoun HSMerrickNY
Power UpSanta Barbara HSSanta BarbaraCA
PyramidCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
ReImagin3dFrancis Lewis HSFresh MeadowsNY
RepurposeGreer HSGreerSC
ROC SecurityG.W. Hewlett HSHewlettNY
SpireParkway West HSChesterfieldMO
SpokesJames Logan HSOaklandCA
Globalyze Web & DesignAdvanced Technology CenterVirginia BeachVA
The EdgeGranville Central HSStemNC
veBuyCooper City HSCooper CityFL
ZenithWesthampton Beach HSWesthampton BeachNY
Reimagin3DFrancis Lewis HSQueensNYUSAAndrew Li, Joyce Pan1
ZenithWesthampton Beach HSWesthampton BeachNYUSAMegan Booth, Avery Lagattolla2
Palm ShadesPalm Springs HSPalm SpringsCAUSADarina Jacobs, Anthony Valenzuela3
The PyramidCentennial HSBakersfieldCAUSALubia Ruiz-Acevedo, Abigail WitcherHonorable Mention
HaegeaSekolah High Score IndonesiaJakartaIndonesiaLathifah Kusuma Ananda, Adika CafaiziHonorable Mention
PrizmWesthampton Beach HSWesthampton BeachNYUSAHanna Mancuso, Jillian McManusHonorable Mention
Off The GridFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCAUSATrina V VuHonorable Mention
Avant-garde Furnishings, Inc.Fort Hamilton HSBrooklynNYUSAJennie Ng, Jimmy TamHonorable Mention
EssenceMount St. Mary AcademyKenmoreNYUSAJulia Barth, Erin WatsonHonorable Mention
NeuVenJefferson HSTampaFLUSAChandani Singh, Marquia TriggHonorable Mention
veBuyCooper City HSCooper CityFLUSACayla YellenHonorable Mention
Taste of the WorldCentury HSSanta AnaCAUSABella Sirgy1
MatchWearFrancis Lewis HSQueensNYUSASherry Chen, Harmukh Singh2
NuAppsFrancis Lewis HSQueensNYUSAJosue Grullon, Daniel Persaud3
Brooklyn's Sweet 'N Savory CateringFort Hamilton HSBrooklynNYUSAFares Ayub, Peter PapamichalakisHonorable Mention
Alternate Reality EntertainmentSyosset HSSyossetNYUSAKevin Wang, Matt WeissHonorable Mention
Fly Fashion NYHS of Fashion IndustriesNYCNYUSASitan Conde, Shaniyah DentHonorable Mention
veBuyCooper City HSCooper CityFLUSAHunter Harrington, Logan PiperHonorable Mention
EssenceMount St. Mary AcademyKenmoreNYUSAMarissa Brandel, Annie MackHonorable Mention
PF "Stevia Lux Junior" LTDNational Trade & Banking HSSofiaBulgariaNikola Belev, Kaloyan RaychevHonorable Mention
The PyramidCentennial HSBakersfieldCAUSADaniel Garcia, Emily TaylorHonorable Mention
Off the GridFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCAUSACatherine Chau, Kahtlynn HoHonorable Mention
PlaceTeam #Student NameSchool NameState/ Country
1st42Aleksandra DelikostovaNATIONAL TRADE AND BANKING HIGH SCHOOLBulgaria
1st42Bhupinder SinghAcademy of Finance and EnterpriseNew York
1st42Emily PuckettJF Webb High SchoolNorth Carolina
1st42Julianna HartmannMassapequa High SchoolNew York
1st42Krysten WalkerPiper High SchoolFlorida
1st42Lauren CivelloWalt WhitmanNew York
1st42Moses RamosPort Richmond HSNew York
1st42Nyia CarrSarah E. Goode STEM AcademyChicago
1st42Yana BellamySt. James High SchoolSouth Carolina
2nd32Max CohenSyosset High SchoolNew York
2nd32Ana AlonsoJacqueline Kennedy OnassisNew York
2nd32Asante DarrellThe Berkeley InstituteBermuda
2nd32Cayla YellenCooper City HighFlorida
2nd32Durrell ForbesPiper High SchoolFlorida
2nd32Joel RobinsonPiper High SchoolFlorida
2nd32Kiara LaraissaSekolah HighScopeIndonesia
3rd10Ana Carolina da Silveira e SilvaEscola de Formação Gerencial EFG - SEBRAE/MGBrazil
3rd10Assyla Ridha AdhaniSekolah HighScopeIndonesia
3rd10Bryce TricasNorthwood High SchoolNorth Carolina
3rd10Hashim AyeshEast WakeNorth Carolina
3rd10Huda KhelalfaHLA GernsbachGermany
3rd10Joshua GillBearden High SchoolTennessee
3rd10Josue GrullonFrancis Lewis High SchoolNew York
3rd10Karla EscobedoCentury High SchoolCalifornia
4th15Nele FrankenPXLBelgium
4th15Muhammad Rizaldi TabraniSekolah HighScope IndonesiaIndonesia
4th15Ester Carvalhaes CoutinhoEscola de Formação Gerencial EFG - SEBRAE/MGBrazil
4th15Jackie McBrideMurrieta ValleyCalifornia
4th15Analise HernandezElmwood Park High SchoolIllinois
4th15Laura GarridoCentennial High SchoolCalifornia
4th15Taylor HunterAdvanced Technology CenterVirginia
4th15Raya YangFrancis Lewis High SchoolNew York
School NameFirm NameStateAward
Bucket ListWaubonsie Valley High SchoolILGold
Polyglot TranslationsNew Dorp High SchoolNYGold
Piece of CakeEwing High SchoolNJGold
DashRichmond HillNYGold
Evo TechPatchogue MedfordNYGold
Flip ChipSyosset High SchoolNYGold
Lucid Investment Financial EnterpriseHigh School of Economy and FinanceNYGold
Prestige Worldwide: Backyard EntertainmentIslip High SchoolNYGold
ReImagin3DFrancis Lewis High SchoolNYGold
Vitality Inc.Bearden High SchoolTNGold
Sweet Tooth IndustriesJohn Adams High SchoolNYSilver
LimitlessElmwood Park High SchoolILSilver
TruView VRMepham High SchoolNYSilver
99 @ AdventuresBerks Career and TechnologyPASilver
CatalystNeuqua Valley High SchoolILSilver
Nice PopsSyosset High SchoolNYSilver
NuappsFrancis Lewis High SchoolNYSilver
Stevia Lux JuniorNational Trade and Banking High SchoolBulgariaSilver
VE-JV Vitra VisionJHS 259 - William McKinleyNYSilver
What’s in the Box?Centereach High SchoolNYSilver
School NameFirm NameStateAward
Clyde Miller Career AcademyAcademy, Inc.MOGold
Francis Lewis HSReimagin3DNYGold
Couper City HSVebuyFLGold
Person High SchoolRock SolidNCGold
Metea Valley High SchoolNever EndingILGold
JKO High schoolT'SquaredNYGold
Fountain Valley High schoolOff the GridCAGold
Greer High SchoolRepurposeSCGold
Neaqua ValleyCatalystILGold
Elmwood Park High SchoolLimitlessILGold
Intech AcademyFusion TLCNYGold
Great Neck South High SchoolLost in SauceNYGold
HS of Economics and FinanceLIFENYGold
Northwood HSCapital Enterprise, Inc.NCGold
Cary-Grove HSAuggiesILGold
Best FoodsNational Trade and Banking HSBulgariaGold
Body KineticsMattituck HSNYGold
Click-n-Shop GroceriesGlen Cove HSNYGold
EunoiaJefferson HSFLGold
HaegeaSekolah HighSocpe HSIndonesiaGold
LibrevitaBaldwin HSNYGold
LumiereGranville Central HSNCGold
Mac N ChooseMorris Knolls HSNJGold
ManGoMurrieta Valley HSCAGold
NuvenJefferson HSFLGold
OmniStreemRocky Point HSNYGold
Palm ShadesPalm Springs HSCAGold
SpokesJames Logan HSCAGold
Taste of the WorldCentury HSCAGold
Firm NameSchool NameStateAward
PitchSekolah HighScope HSIndonesiaGold
The Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto HSTNGold
HaegeaSekolah HighScope HSIndonesiaGold
UnWrappSekolah HighScope HSIndonesiaGold
CatalystNeuqua Valley HSILGold
Taste of the WorldCentury HSCAGold
Avant-garde Furnishings, Inc.Fort Hamilton HSNYGold
Endure, Inc.Summertown HSTNGold
Off the GridFountain Valley HSCAGold
SpireParkway West HSMOGold
Mac N' ChooseMorris Hills HSNJSilver
Power UpSanta Barbara HSCASilver
AuggiesCary-Grove HSILSilver
Pinya LinyaMurrieta Valley HSCASilver
MatchWearFrancis Lewis HSNYSilver
Brooklyn's Sweet N Savory CateringFort Hamilton HSNYSilver
Abstract Ice CreamWantagh HSNYSilver
EssenceMount St. MaryNYSilver
My Room My WayCalhoun HSNYSilver
F.E. TRAVELLING AROUND THE WORLDVirgil Madgearu Economic HSRomaniaSilver

2016-17 National Online Competitions

16-17 Video Commercial16-17 Elevator Pitch16-17 Company Branding16-17 Employee Manual16-17 Website16-17 Newsletter

2017 National Video Commercial Results

Firm Name and VideoSchool NameStateRatingLevel
BlokCarlsbad High SchoolCA4Top 10%
EunoiaJefferson High SchoolFL4Top 10%
EVO TechPatchogue-Medford HSNY4Top 10%
Imagination, IncHS For Arts, Imagination & InqNY4Top 10%
RepurposeGreer High SchoolSC4Top 10%
SOLsandCarlsbad High SchoolCA4Top 10%
SpokesJames Logan High SchoolCA4Top 10%
The Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto High SchoolTN4Top 10%
0ntheGo TechnologyWalt Whitman HSNY3.5Top 25%
AffinityNeuqua Valley HSIL3.5Top 25%
Alpha & OmegaLawrence County High SchoolTN3.5Top 25%
Brooklyn's Sweet N Savory CateringFt. Hamilton HSNY3.5Top 25%
BumbleBakersfield High SchoolCA3.5Top 25%
C. Wood & AssociatesCrestwood High SchoolSC3.5Top 25%
Capital Enterprise, IncNorthwood HSNC3.5Top 25%
UnWrappSekolah HighScope High SchoolXI3.5Top 25%
DISCOVRHerricks HSNY3.5Top 25%
Keyboard CleanseCarson High SchoolCA3.5Top 25%
Off the GridFountain Valley High SchoolCA3.5Top 25%
SunPacMillikan High SchoolCA3.5Top 25%
Unperplexed SolutionsThe Academy of Mathematics, Science & EngineeringNJ3.5Top 25%
AccesStoriesDiamond Bar High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
Click-n-Shop GroceriesGlen Cove HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
HaegeaSekolah HighScope High SchoolXI3.5Honorable Mention
Mac n' ChooseMorris Knolls High SchoolNJ3.5Honorable Mention
NuappsFrancis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
PureasolJohn F. Kennedy High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
Spirit 17Roosevelt High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
Vitality, IncBearden HSTN3.5Honorable Mention
Alpha BoxPittsford Mendon High SchoolNY3Honorable Mention
BalanceCharter Oak High SchoolCA3Honorable Mention
Candy CoordinationsMillikan High SchoolCA3Honorable Mention
Daily Dose ExpressMonterey High SchoolCA3Honorable Mention
Fit4YouPittsford Sutherland High SchoNY3Honorable Mention
FitspirationRobbinsville High SchoolNJ3Honorable Mention
FLY Fashion NYThe HS of Fashion IndustriesNY3Honorable Mention
MatchWearFrancis Lewis HSNY3Honorable Mention
Millennial Money ManagementAcademy Of Finance & EnterpriseNY3Honorable Mention
Red Hawk ApparelStewarts Creek HSTN3Honorable Mention
TECRAIDCanastota High SchoolNY3Honorable Mention
Xtreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles EastIL3Honorable Mention

Watch Top 10% Pitches from the 2016 National Elevator Pitch Competition

2016 National Elevator Pitch Competition Results

Average Rating: 3.19

Total Submissions: 273

Top 10%CHU 2Germantown Friends School
Top 10%RepurposeGreer High School
Top 10%WorldTasteJames Logan High School
Top 10%NeuVenJefferson High School
Top 10%Mac n' Choose 1Morris Knolls High School
Top 10%VE RadioMt. Miguel High School
Top 10%At Your ServiceWest Hempstead High School
Top 10%PrizmWesthampton Beach High School
Top 10%RippledCharter Oak High School
Top 10%Pandora's Box 1Cookeville High School
Top 10%Nuapps 1Francis Lewis High School
Top 10%ReImagin3D 2Francis Lewis High School
Top 10%Brooklyn's Sweet N Savory Catering 1Ft. Hamilton High School
Top 10%CHU 3Germantown Friends School
Top 10%Acoustic Cakes And ApparelHart District Rop
Top 10%NicePopsSyosset High School
Top 10%0ntheGo TechnologyWalt Whitman High School
Top 10%Body KineticsMattituck High School
Top 10%Poseidon PureCalhoun High School
Top 10%PureasolJohn F. Kennedy High School
Top 25%Echo CommunicationsBloomington High School
Top 25%MatchWear 2Francis Lewis High School
Top 25%ReImagin3D 1Francis Lewis High School
Top 25%Lumiere 1Granville Central High School
Top 25%EunoiaJefferson High School
Top 25%Mac n' Choose 2Morris Knolls High School
Top 25%Mac n' Choose 3Morris Knolls High School
Top 25%ManGoMurrieta Valley High School
Top 25%Spire 1Parkway West High School
Top 25%Spire 2Parkway West High School
Top 25%Boardwalk RentalsPortland High School
Top 25%AAA Turbo Tech 2Syosset High School
Top 25%Alternate Reality EntertainmentSyosset High School
Top 25%Flip-ChipSyosset High School
Top 25%Vacations in Paradise (V.I.P.) EnterprisesThe Berkeley Institute
Top 25%AuggiesCary-Grove High School
Top 25%Avant-garde Furnishings, Inc.Ft. Hamilton High School
Top 25%Down To Earth, Inc.Hardin County High School
Top 25%EssenceMount St. Mary
Top 25%Golden Ram Enterprises, Inc.Holt High School
Top 25%Replay
Top 25%Adventure Outdoors CompanyAcademy of the Canyons
Top 25%Nuapps 4Francis Lewis High School
Top 25%Alpha & OmegaLawrence County High School
Top 25%Piinya LinyaMurrieta Valley High School
Honorable MentionCozy Casas 1Antelope Valley High School
Honorable MentionCozy Casas 2Antelope Valley High School
Honorable Mention0ne O.A.K Gameday EssentialsBrentwood High School
Honorable MentionSignumCentury High School
Honorable MentionPandora's Box 2Cookeville High School
Honorable MentionPandora's Box 3Cookeville High School
Honorable MentionPandora's Box 4Cookeville High School
Honorable MentionAuto CorrectCrystal Lake South
Honorable MentionMatchWear 3Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionMatchWear 4Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionNuapps 2Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionNuapps 3Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionNuapps 5Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionNuapps 6Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionNuapps 7Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionNuapps 8Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionReImagin3D 10Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionReImagin3D 3Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionReImagin3D 4Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionReImagin3D 5Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionReImagin3D 6Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionReImagin3D 7Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionReImagin3D 8Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionReImagin3D 9Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionBrooklyn's Sweet N Savory Catering 2Ft. Hamilton High School
Honorable MentionCHU 1Germantown Friends School
Honorable MentionLumiere 2Granville Central High School
Honorable MentionDISCOVRHerricks High School
Honorable MentionOPUSHS for Arts And Business
Honorable MentionMaletteLiberty Technology Magnet High School
Honorable MentionDaily Dose ExpressMonterey High School
Honorable MentionPerfect PlatesMoreno Valley High School
Honorable MentionSpire 3Parkway West High School
Honorable MentionSpire 4Parkway West High School
Honorable MentionSpire 5Parkway West High School
Honorable MentionNYCyclesQueens Vocational
Honorable MentionSolar CellRedlands High School
Honorable MentionSpirit 17Roosevelt High School
Honorable MentionSmarty PantsSanta Monica High School
Honorable MentionMaximUSSmithtown High School East
Honorable MentionSouthern PrestigeSpartanburg High School
Honorable Mentionyüth CosmeticsThousand Oaks High School
Honorable MentionAbstract Ice CreamWantagh High School
Honorable Mention0n Demand Food DeliveryBrentwood High School
Honorable MentionAdvanced Performance AthleticsSouthold High School
Honorable MentionBake My Day BakeriesElmont High School
Honorable MentionBay View Furniture CompanyArmijo High School
Honorable MentionCapital Enterprise, IncNorthwood High School
Honorable MentionClima CompanySchreiber High School
Honorable MentionCOREOrtega High School
Honorable MentionEmpireCentury High School
Honorable MentionHarbor Sound EnterprisesCold Spring Harbor High School
Honorable MentionHydrusDos Palos High School
Honorable MentionInk.FinityChatsworth Charter High School
Honorable MentionKeyboard CleanseCarson High School
Honorable MentionOff the GridFountain Valley High School
Honorable MentionPOGGBerks Career And Technology
Honorable MentionFreedom Trail Outfitters, Inc.Cannon County High School
Honorable MentionSiva
Honorable MentionThe PyramidCentennial High School
Honorable MentionVE ConnectedEast Islip High School
Honorable MentionMatchWear 1Francis Lewis High School
Honorable MentionAAA Turbo Tech 1Syosset High School

2016 National Company Branding Competition Results

Average Rating: 3.21

Total Submissions: 180

Firm NameSchool NameStateStarsRankSubmission
NuappsFrancis Lewis High SchoolNY5Top 10%View PDF
SignumCentury High SchoolCA5Top 10%View PDF
DISCOVRHerricks High SchoolNY4.5Top 10%View PDF
Globalyze Web & DesignAdvanced Technology CenterVA4.5Top 10%View PDF
PulseOxford AcademyCA4.5Top 10%View PDF
VE ConnectedEast Islip High SchoolNY4.5Top 10%View PDF
WhippedLindenhurst High SchoolNY4.5Top 10%View PDF
A Taste of the WorldCentury High SchoolCA4Top 10%View PDF
Abstract Ice CreamWantagh High SchoolNY4Top 25%View PDF
Adventure Outdoors CompanyAcademy Of The CanyonsCA4Top 25%View PDF
AthenaLa Mirada High SchoolCA4Top 25%View PDF
AuggiesCary-Grove High SchoolIL4Top 25%View PDF
Avant-garde Furnishings, Inc.Ft. Hamilton High SchoolNY4Top 10%View PDF
Bake My Day BakeriesElmont High SchoolNY4Top 25%View PDF
BalanceCharter Oak High SchoolCA4Top 10%View PDF
BumbleBakersfield High SchoolCA4Top 25%View PDF
BundleBoxLiberty High SchoolCA4Top 25%View PDF
Click-n-Shop GroceriesGlen Cove High SchoolNY4Top 10%View PDF
Coastal Crew ClothingSan Marcos High SchoolCA4Top 25%View PDF
Comp 1Sekolah HighScope High SchoolXI4Top 25%View PDF
SmoDiamond Bar High SchoolCA4Top 10%View PDF
DexacorpLakeland High SchoolMI4Top 25%View PDF
EVO TechPatchogue-Medford High SchoolNY4Top 25%View PDF
Flip-ChipSyosset High SchoolNY4Top 25%View PDF
Mac n' ChooseMorris Knolls High SchoolNJ4Top 25%View PDF
MaletteLiberty Technology Magnet High SchoolTN4Top 25%View PDF
MatchWearFrancis Lewis High SchoolNY4Top 10%View PDF
MaximUSSmithtown High School EastNY4Top 25%View PDF
NeuVenJefferson High SchoolFL4Top 25%View PDF
NicePopsSyosset High SchoolNY4Top 25%View PDF
N'IdeaJacqueline Kennedy Onassis High SchoolNY4Top 10%View PDF
NYCyclesQueens VocationalNY4Top 25%View PDF
Piece Of CakeEwing High SchoolNJ4Top 25%View PDF
PrizmWesthampton Beach High SchoolNY4Top 10%View PDF
ReApparelArvin High SchoolCA4Top 25%View PDF
ReImagin3DFrancis Lewis High SchoolNY4Top 10%View PDF
Relâcher Day SpaCanyon Springs High SchoolCA4Top 25%View PDF
RoastedTrenton High SchoolMI4Top 25%View PDF
The Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto High SchoolTN4Top 10%View PDF
The BlendOrange High SchoolNC4Top 25%View PDF
The ExperienceLemoore High SchoolCA4Top 25%View PDF
Titan EnterprisesSouthgate Anderson High SchoolMI4Top 25%View PDF
uDesignLivingston High SchoolNJ4Top 25%View PDF
VE RadioMt. Miguel High SchoolCA4Top 10%View PDF
veBuyCooper City High SchoolFL4Top 10%View PDF
VenueGoMarina High SchoolCA4Top 25%View PDF
WorldTasteJames Logan High SchoolCA4Top 25%View PDF
02HLong Beach High SchoolNY3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
9021 DoughBeverly Hills High SchoolCA3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Acoustic Cakes And ApparelHart District RopCA3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Alternate Reality EntertainmentSyosset High SchoolNY3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Body KineticsMattituck High SchoolNY3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Bundimals by IgniteCedar Ridge High SchoolNC3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
CatalystNeuqua Valley High SchoolIL3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Comp 3Sekolah HighScope High SchoolXI3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Complete LookMillikan High SchoolCA3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Cover CellWilliam Floyd High SchoolNY3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
EunoiaJefferson High SchoolFL3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Forever Fit By FloydWilliam Floyd High SchoolNY3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
GG JewelersElizabeth Learning CenterCA3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
HeadStart AdvisorsAcademy Of Finance & EnterpriseNY3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Hydra CycleSouth High SchoolCA3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Ink.FinityChatsworth Charter High SchoolCA3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
KicksUp!Floral Park Memorial High SchoolNY3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
LegacyNeuqua Valley High SchoolIL3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Palm ShadesPalm Springs High SchoolCA3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
PenPal LLCParkway South High SchoolMO3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
PureasolJohn F. Kennedy High SchoolCA3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Red Hawk ApparelStewarts Creek High SchoolTN3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
ROC SecurityHewlett High SchoolNY3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
SpireParkway West High SchoolMO3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
The PyramidCentennial High SchoolCA3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
The WaveLindenhurst High SchoolNY3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Vend-IncCentury High SchoolCA3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
ViveNewport Harbor High SchoolCA3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
VYBRANDManhattan Business AcademyNY3.5Honorable MentionView PDF
Yüth CosmeticsThousand Oaks High SchoolCA3.5Honorable MentionView PDF

2016 National Employee Manual Competition Results

Average Rating: 3.25

Total Submissions: 223

Firm NameSchool NameStateStar RatingLevelView Manual
Adventure Outdoors CompanyAcademy Of The CanyonsCA4.5Top 10%View PDF
Avant-garde Furnishings, Inc.Ft. Hamilton HSNY4.5Top 10%View PDF
Brooklyn ' s Sweet N Savory CateringFt. Hamilton HSNY4.5Top 10%View PDF
BundleBoxLiberty High SchoolCA4.5Top 10%View PDF
Coastal Crew ClothingSan Marcos High SchoolCA4.5Top 10%View PDF
FitspirationRobbinsville High SchoolNJ4.5Top 10%View PDF
Gift BundlrLakeland Regional High SchoolNJ4.5Top 10%View PDF
International Bucket ListInternational Prep HSNY4.5Top 10%View PDF
NeuVenJefferson High SchoolFL4.5Top 10%View PDF
Off the GridFountain Valley High SchoolCA4.5Top 10%View PDF
OmniStreemRocky Point HSNY4.5Top 10%View PDF
Perfect PlatesMoreno Valley High SchoolCA4.5Top 10%View PDF
PureasolJohn F. Kennedy High SchoolCA4.5Top 10%View PDF
ReImagin3DFrancis Lewis HSNY4.5Top 10%View PDF
Relâcher Day SpaCanyon Springs High SchoolCA4.5Top 10%View PDF
SignumCentury High SchoolCA4.5Top 10%View PDF
Spa-TacularWilliam Floyd HSNY4.5Top 10%View PDF
VE RadioMt. Miguel High SchoolCA4.5Top 10%View PDF
Vitality, Inc.Bearden HSTN4.5Top 10%View PDF
1WorldFoodCorpMagen David YeshivaNY4Top 25%
Advanced Performance AthleticsSouthold HSNY4Top 25%
Area304Geneva CUSD #304IL4Top 25%
BalanceCharter Oak High SchoolCA4Top 25%
Cloud 9 DesignsRiverdale High SchoolTN4Top 25%
Footprints ApparelOceanside HSNY4Top 25%
FutUre Inc.Freeport HSNY4Top 25%
fuzeOLyman High SchoolFL4Top 25%
Health OnCarolina Forest High SchoolSC4Top 25%
HolykicksWilliam Cullen Bryant HSNY4Top 25%
Imagination, IncHS For Arts, Imagination & InqNY4Top 25%
InnovatioSarah E. Goode STEM AcademyIL4Top 25%
KicksUp!Floral Park Memorial HSNY4Top 25%
Mac n' ChooseMorris Knolls High SchoolNJ4Top 25%
Millennial Money ManagementAcademy Of Finance & EnterpriseNY4Top 25%
NetWorksJ.F. Kennedy HSNY4Top 25%
NicePopsSyosset HSNY4Top 25%
NomadSouth Pasadena High SchoolCA4Top 25%
NuappsFrancis Lewis HSNY4Top 25%
OPUSHS For Arts And BusinessNY4Top 25%
OrionDekalb County HSTN4Top 25%
Oz WaxThousand Oaks High SchoolCA4Top 25%
Palm ShadesPalm Springs High SchoolCA4Top 25%
Pinya LinyaMurrieta Valley High SchoolCA4Top 25%
PrizmWesthampton Beach HSNY4Top 25%
PulseOxford AcademyCA4Top 25%
SignumCentury High SchoolCA4Top 25%
Spirit 17Roosevelt High SchoolCA4Top 25%
SpokesJames Logan High SchoolCA4Top 25%
Sunrise CrateSamueli AcademyCA4Top 25%
The Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto High SchoolTN4Top 25%
TRUBLU TechnologiesSmithtown HS WestNY4Top 25%
Vacations in Paradise (V.I.P.) EnterprisesThe Berkeley InstituteNY4Top 25%
Vend-IncCentury High SchoolCA4Top 25%
ViveNewport Harbor High SchoolCA4Top 25%
ZenithWesthampton Beach HSNY4Top 25%
#1 $terling GroupSterling Heights HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
0ntheGo TechnologyWalt Whitman HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
AAA Turbo TechSyosset HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Abstract Ice CreamWantagh HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
AceITJF Webb HSNC3.5Honorable Mention
AkenoNewport Harbor High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
Alternate Reality EntertainmentSyosset HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
AthenaLa Mirada High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
Bay View Furniture CompanyArmijo High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
Body KineticsMattituck HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Bundimals by IgniteCedar Ridge High SchoolNC3.5Honorable Mention
C. Wood & AssociatesCrestwood High SchoolSC3.5Honorable Mention
Candy CoordinationsMillikan High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
CHRONOSLandstown High SchoolVA3.5Honorable Mention
CHUGermantown Friends SchoolPA3.5Honorable Mention
Clima CompanySchreiber HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Comp 1Sekolah HighScope High SchoolXI3.5Honorable Mention
Comp 2Sekolah HighScope High SchoolXI3.5Honorable Mention
Cyber ShockJF Webb HSNC3.5Honorable Mention
Daily Dose ExpressMonterey High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
DexacorpLakeland High SchoolMI3.5Honorable Mention
Down To Earth, Inc.Hardin County High SchoolTN3.5Honorable Mention
Echo CommunicationsBloomington High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
EmpireCentury High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
EssenceMount St. MaryNY3.5Honorable Mention
EunoiaJefferson High SchoolFL3.5Honorable Mention
EVO TechPatchogue-Medford HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
EVolve GamingRockford East HSIL3.5Honorable Mention
eXtraNorthwood HSNC3.5Honorable Mention
FLY Fashion NYThe HS of Fashion IndustriesNY3.5Honorable Mention
HaegeaSekolah HighScope High SchoolXI3.5Honorable Mention
Harbor Sound EnterprisesCold Spring Harbor HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
HydrusDos Palos High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
ImpulseAshland High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
Keyboard CleanseCarson High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
Knight & DayAuburn HSIL3.5Honorable Mention
Kutt LooseSiegel High SchoolTN3.5Honorable Mention
LegacyNeuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable Mention
LibrevitaBaldwin HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Lucid Investment Financial EnterpriseHS Of Economics And FinanceNY3.5Honorable Mention
LuxeWaubonsie Valley HSIL3.5Honorable Mention
Made GardensUniversity High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
ManGoMurrieta Valley High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
MatchWearFrancis Lewis HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Mine.Samueli AcademyCA3.5Honorable Mention
NYCyclesQueens VocationalNY3.5Honorable Mention
O' Ship MeEast Wake School of ITNC3.5Honorable Mention
Pandora's BoxCookeville High SchoolTN3.5Honorable Mention
Piece Of CakeEwing High SchoolNJ3.5Honorable Mention
PlatinumRiverdale High SchoolTN3.5Honorable Mention
Polaris, Inc.Homestead High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
Prestige Worldwide: Backyard EntertainmentIslip HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
RepurposeGreer High SchoolSC3.5Honorable Mention
ROC SecurityHewlett HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Side Top Co.Golden West High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
SivaRoy C. Ketcham HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
SmartyyPantsSanta Monica High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
Solely RubberJP Taravella High SchoolFL3.5Honorable Mention
SolmissionMission Viejo High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
SpireParkway West HSMO3.5Honorable Mention
T-SquaredJacqueline Kennedy Onassis HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
The EdgeGranville Central HSNC3.5Honorable Mention
Uncommon GroundClinton High SchoolTN3.5Honorable Mention
UnderwrapzCrystal Lake SouthIL3.5Honorable Mention
UniWavezIn-tech AcademyNY3.5Honorable Mention
VE ConnectedEast Islip HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
VeloCityCarpinteria High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
VikeInksLynbrook High SchoolCA3.5Honorable Mention
VYBRANDManhattan Business AcademyNY3.5Honorable Mention

2017 National Website Competition Results

Average Rating: 3

Total Submissions: 403

Firm and WebsiteSchool NameStateRatingResult
99 @dventuresBerks Career And TechnologyPA4.5Top 10%
A.I. EnergyNorthview AcademyTN4.5Top 10%
Alpha & OmegaLawrence County High SchoolTN4.5Top 10%
ApolloMetea Valley HSIL4.5Top 10%
Area304Geneva CUSD #304IL4.5Top 10%
Auto CorrectCrystal Lake SouthIL4.5Top 10%
Avant-garde Furnishings, Inc.Ft. Hamilton HSNY4.5Top 10%
aWAKEnSt. Charles NorthIL4.5Top 10%
Daily Dose ExpressMonterey HSCA4.5Top 10%
East DocksDresden HSTN4.5Top 10%
Endure, Inc.Summertown HSTN4.5Top 10%
Footprints ApparelOceanside HSNY4.5Top 10%
Lost in SauceGreat Neck S HSNY4.5Top 10%
Luxury Resort ManagementHamilton CountyTN4.5Top 10%
MantraSummit HSCA4.5Top 10%
Millennial Money ManagementAcademy Of Finance & EnterpriseNY4.5Top 10%
Side Top Co.Golden West HSCA4.5Top 10%
The Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto HSTN4.5Top 10%
The BlendOrange HSNC4.5Top 10%
The PyramidCentennial HSCA4.5Top 10%
International Bucket ListInternational Prep HSNY4Top 25%
ZenithWesthampton Beach HSNY4Top 25%
00A2 Wavy Jewelry & Accessories Inc.Acad Of Scholarship & EntrepNY4Top 25%
02HLong Beach HSNY4Top 25%
1 2 3 PetsHarpeth HSTN4Top 25%
A&T Style SnappMlk HS For Arts & TechnologyNY4Top 25%
AthenaLa Mirada HSCA4Top 25%
Au Naturale Spa & HairOakland HSTN4Top 25%
BumbleBakersfield HSCA4Top 25%
Clever ContraptionsSt. Charles EastIL4Top 25%
Denali Sports & Outdoors Ravenwood HSTN4Top 25%
DISCOVRHerricks HSNY4Top 25%
Eagle Impulse Inc.Byron HSMI4Top 25%
Evergreen Lodge IncWallenpaupack HSPA4Top 25%
Exclusive EmporiumHollywood Hills HSFL4Top 25%
First ClassJohn Jay HSNY4Top 25%
Flip-ChipSyosset HSNY4Top 25%
Freedom Trail Outfitters, Inc.Cannon County HSTN4Top 25%
Gotham EnterprisesNYC Central OfficeNY4Top 25%
Gourmet-to-GoRedlands HSCA4Top 25%
Green GroceryPitman HSCA4Top 25%
Health OnCarolina Forest HSSC4Top 25%
Imagination, IncHS For Arts, Imagination & InqNY4Top 25%
ManGoMurrieta Valley HSCA4Top 25%
MatchWearFrancis Lewis HSNY4Top 25%
MetaNovaMetea Valley HSIL4Top 25%
Metaphor, Inc.Blackman HSTN4Top 25%
MOBUILTSachem North HSNY4Top 25%
Motown IncLivonia Career Tech CenterMI4Top 25%
NicePopsSyosset HSNY4Top 25%
NuappsFrancis Lewis HSNY4Top 25%
Olympian, IncSpring Hill HSTN4Top 25%
OPUSHS For Arts And BusinessNY4Top 25%
Party LocksStranahan HSFL4Top 25%
PenPal LLcParkway South HSMO4Top 25%
Planet XpressPequannock HSNJ4Top 25%
POP'Z CORNLivingston HSNJ4Top 25%
Poseidon PureCalhoun HSNY4Top 25%
RamPride Inc.Hill-McCloy HSMI4Top 25%
RUSHWantagh HSNY4Top 25%
See It In ColorNortheast Wi Technical CollegeWI4Top 25%
Skyline EntertainmentSt. Charles NorthIL4Top 25%
Smooth MoveSt. James HSSC4Top 25%
SpireParkway West HSMO4Top 25%
TopthrillLapeer County Ed & Tech HSMI4Top 25%
Touch Of EleganceOakland HSTN4Top 25%
VE ConnectedEast Islip HSNY4Top 25%
VE RadioMt. Miguel HSCA4Top 25%
Vend-IncCentury HSCA4Top 25%
ViewsSouth Pasadena HSCA4Top 25%
Zoo To UPequannock HSNJ4Top 25%
BOMALongwood HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Abstract Ice CreamWantagh HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Back 2 BackSamueli AcademyCA3.5Honorable Mention
DreamScapeGolden West HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
0n Demand Food DeliveryBrentwood HSTN3.5Honorable Mention
1nfinity, Inc.Grand Blanc HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
1st Class ClothingSt. Charles NorthIL3.5Honorable Mention
1WorldFoodCorpMagen David YeshivaNY3.5Honorable Mention
2 Pure Sachem East HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
2 Rent A PetNorth Shore Hebrew Academy HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
A Helping HandWest Hempstead HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
A To Z FirmCrystal Lake Central HSIL3.5Honorable Mention
A+ OpportunityCareerline Tech CenterMI3.5Honorable Mention
Acoustic Cakes And ApparelHart District RopCA3.5Honorable Mention
Advanced Performance AthleticsSouthold HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Adventure TimePinckney Community HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
All Out On TopBay Arenac ISD Career CenterMI3.5Honorable Mention
ArrowPhoenix HSOR3.5Honorable Mention
At Your ServiceWest Hempstead HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
AuggiesCary-Grove HSIL3.5Honorable Mention
Axis EnterprisesFranklinton HSNC3.5Honorable Mention
BackstageHightstown HSNJ3.5Honorable Mention
BalanceCharter Oak HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
Bay View Furniture CompanyArmijo HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
BluetipFarragut HSTN3.5Honorable Mention
Brooklyn ' s Sweet N Savory CateringFt. Hamilton HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
BundleBoxLiberty HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
Capital Enterprise, IncNorthwood HSNC3.5Honorable Mention
CastoraEdward R. MurrowNY3.5Honorable Mention
Cav CratesMontclair HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
Cavalier EnterprisesCarman Ainsworth HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
Click-n-Shop GroceriesGlen Cove HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Clima CompanySchreiber HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Coast to Coast ToastBoonton HSNJ3.5Honorable Mention
Co-ExistCareerline Tech CenterMI3.5Honorable Mention
College Town XperiencePittsford SutherlandNY3.5Honorable Mention
ConciergeNew DorpNY3.5Honorable Mention
Core IncTimothy Christian HSIL3.5Honorable Mention
Cynosure TelecomOak Ridge HSTN3.5Honorable Mention
DormUSt. Francis HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Down To Earth, Inc.Hardin County HSTN3.5Honorable Mention
DurapaxWestwood Regional HSNJ3.5Honorable Mention
Eco-Living3.5Honorable Mention
ECOplexGrand Blanc HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
Electric AvenueSt. Charles EastIL3.5Honorable Mention
EmpireCentury HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
Enterprise EditionsCooper City HSFL3.5Honorable Mention
EnvyUsNew Lothrop HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
EssenceMount St. MaryNY3.5Honorable Mention
EunoiaJefferson HSFL3.5Honorable Mention
Flushing FlexFlushing HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
FLY Fashion NYThe HS of Fashion IndustriesNY3.5Honorable Mention
Food DudesSayville HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
FuelBoxLynbrook HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Gift BundlrLakeland Regional HSNJ3.5Honorable Mention
Global GateSouthgate Anderson HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
G-SSurancePhineas Banning HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
HaegeaSekolah HighScope HSXI3.5Honorable Mention
Home Sweet HomeGrover Cleveland HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
HydrusDos Palos HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
Jenison GlobalJenison HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
Jet EnterprisesAirport HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
KicksUp!Floral Park Memorial HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Knight & DayAuburn HSIL3.5Honorable Mention
LibrevitaBaldwin HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
LuxeWaubonsie Valley HSIL3.5Honorable Mention
Luxury IncorporatedDavison HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
Mac n' ChooseMorris Knolls HSNJ3.5Honorable Mention
MaletteLiberty Technology Magnet HSTN3.5Honorable Mention
MAVCO, INC.Milford HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
Midtown FashionMurray Hill AcademyNY3.5Honorable Mention
Mine.Samueli AcademyCA3.5Honorable Mention
MUNCHKINGSClarke HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
NeuVenJefferson HSFL3.5Honorable Mention
Never EndingMetea Valley HSIL3.5Honorable Mention
NomadSouth Pasadena HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
NYCVE Athletics DBA Inspire AthleticsAbraham Lincoln HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Off the GridFountain Valley HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
ONE NATION SPORTSEast Meadow HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Pandora's BoxCookeville HSTN3.5Honorable Mention
PetropolitanBethpage HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Piece Of CakeEwing HSNJ3.5Honorable Mention
Platinum PregameEast Meadow HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
POGGBerks Career And TechnologyPA3.5Honorable Mention
Polaris, Inc.Homestead HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
Power UpSanta Barbara HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
Prehistoric PetsMassapequa HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Prestige PoolsBrighton HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
PrizmWesthampton Beach HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
Red Hawk ApparelStewarts Creek HSTN3.5Honorable Mention
ReQuip! EnterprisesFlushing HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
Rio KicxRio Linda HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
Rock SolidPerson HSNC3.5Honorable Mention
SeekIt Travel AgencyFlushing HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
SignumCentury HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
Solely RubberJP Taravella HSFL3.5Honorable Mention
SolmissionMission Viejo HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
SpectrumNeuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable Mention
Spirit 17Roosevelt HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
Style on DemandLakeland Regional HSNJ3.5Honorable Mention
SunPacMillikan HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
Surreal EstateClio HSMI3.5Honorable Mention
Sweet Tooth Industries John Adams HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
SynergyGASC Technology CenterMI3.5Honorable Mention
Taste of the WorldCentury HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
The EdgeGranville Central HSNC3.5Honorable Mention
The PulseEagleville HSTN3.5Honorable Mention
Tornado FitLawrence HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
TruView VRMepham HSNY3.5Honorable Mention
UnderwrapzCrystal Lake SouthIL3.5Honorable Mention
UniWavezIn-tech AcademyNY3.5Honorable Mention
Unperplexed SolutionsThe Academy of Mathematics, Science & EngineeringNJ3.5Honorable Mention
UsherDeer Valley HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
VenueGoMarina HSCA3.5Honorable Mention
Vitality, IncBearden HSTN3.5Honorable Mention
WhippedLindenhurst HSNY3.5Honorable Mention

2017 National Newsletter Competition Results

Average Rating: 3

Total Submissions: 139

Vitality, IncBearden HSTN5TOP 10%
LegacyNeuqua Valley HSIL4.5TOP 10%
NomadSouth Pasadena High SchoolCA4.5TOP 10%
ReImagin3DFrancis Lewis HSNY4.5TOP 10%
0ntheGo TechnologyWalt Whitman HSNY4TOP 25%
EmpireCentury High SchoolCA4TOP 25%
SpokesJames Logan High SchoolCA4TOP 25%
Sunrise CrateSamueli AcademyCA4TOP 25%
The Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto High SchoolTN4TOP 25%
Body KineticsMattituck HSNY4TOP 10%
ManGoMurrieta Valley High SchoolCA4TOP 10%
Pinya LinyaMurrieta Valley High SchoolCA4TOP 10%
ViewsSouth Pasadena High SchoolCA4TOP 10%
Alternate Reality EntertainmentSyosset HSNY3.5TOP 25%
Cavalier EnterprisesCarman Ainsworth HSMI3.5TOP 25%
CHUGermantown Friends SchoolPA3.5TOP 25%
Daily Dose ExpressMonterey High SchoolCA3.5TOP 25%
EssenceMount St. MaryNY3.5TOP 25%
EunoiaJefferson High SchoolFL3.5TOP 25%
FairbrewSamueli AcademyCA3.5TOP 25%
FitspirationRobbinsville High SchoolNJ3.5TOP 25%
Flip-ChipSyosset HSNY3.5TOP 25%
FuelBoxLynbrook HSNY3.5TOP 25%
Green GroceryPitman High SchoolCA3.5TOP 25%
KicksUp!Floral Park Memorial HSNY3.5TOP 25%
Mac n' ChooseMorris Hills High SchoolNJ3.5TOP 25%
Pandora's BoxCookeville High SchoolTN3.5TOP 25%
Perfect PlatesMoreno Valley High SchoolCA3.5TOP 25%
POP'Z CORNLivingston High SchoolNJ3.5TOP 25%
PulseOxford AcademyCA3.5TOP 25%
PureasolJohn F. Kennedy High SchoolCA3.5TOP 25%
RepurposeGreer High SchoolSC3.5TOP 25%
SpireParkway West HSMO3.5TOP 25%
veBuyCooper City HSFL3.5TOP 25%
Brooklyn ' s Sweet N Savory CateringFt. Hamilton HSNY3.5HONORABLE MENTION
EVolve GamingRockford East HSIL3.5HONORABLE MENTION
Film ChestMercer County Career CenterPA3.5HONORABLE MENTION
Fit4YouPittsford Sutherland High SchoNY3.5HONORABLE MENTION
Imagination, IncHS For Arts, Imagination & InqNY3.5HONORABLE MENTION
SignumCentury High SchoolCA3.5HONORABLE MENTION
SwaySouth Pasadena High SchoolCA3.5HONORABLE MENTION
The PyramidCentennial High SchoolCA3.5HONORABLE MENTION
Bay View Furniture CompanyArmijo High SchoolCA3HONORABLE MENTION
DexacorpLakeland High SchoolMI3HONORABLE MENTION
O' Ship MeEast Wake School of ITNC3HONORABLE MENTION
Relâcher Day SpaCanyon Springs High SchoolCA3HONORABLE MENTION

2016-17 Regional Trade Shows Competitions

16-17 Midwest Trade Show16-17 San Diego Trade Show16-17 Northeast Trade Show16-17 Long Island Trade Show and Business Plan16-17 California Trade Show16-17 Great Lakes Trade Show16-17 Los Angeles Trade Show16-17 Mid- Atlantic Trade Show16-17 North Carolina Trade Show16-17 Bay Area Trade Show

2016 Midwest Trade Show

CompetitionPlaceVE FirmSchoolCityState
Advanced Website1stUncommon GroundClinton High SchoolClintonTN
Advanced Website2ndAdrenaline, Inc.Anderson County C&TClintonTN
Advanced Website3rdSPIREParkway West High SchoolChesterfieldMO
Brochure1stDown to EarthHardin County High SchoolSavannahTN
Brochure2ndExtreme AdventuresEast Hamilton High SchoolOoltewahTN
Brochure3rdLuxury Resort ManagementHamilton CountyOoltewahTN
BrochureTop 10Adventure TimePinckney Community High SchoolPinckneyMI
BrochureTop 10Alpha & OmegaLawrence County High SchoolLawrenceburgTN
BrochureTop 10Axis EnterprisesFranklinton High SchoolFranklintonNC
BrochureTop 10Cloud 9 DesignsRiverdale High SchoolMurfreesboroTN
BrochureTop 10Endure, Inc.Summertown High SchoolSummertownTN
BrochureTop 10OrionDekalb County High SchoolSmithvilleTN
BrochureTop 10The Animal KingdomLoretto High SchoolLorettoTN
Business Card1stAlpha & OmegaLawrence County High SchoolLawrenceburgTN
Business Card2nd1st Class ClothingSt. Charles NorthSt. CharlesIL
Business Card3rdLumiereGranville Central High SchoolStemNC
Business CardTop 10Auto CorrectCrystal Lake SouthCrystal LakeIL
Business CardTop 10Bucket ListWaubonsie Valley High SchoolAuroraIL
Business CardTop 10Core, IncTimothy Christian High SchoolElmhurstIL
Business CardTop 10LegacyNeuqua Valley High SchoolNapervilleIL
Business CardTop 10LimitlessElmwood Park High SchoolElmwood ParkIL
Business CardTop 10Southern PrestigeSpartanburg High SchoolSpartanburgSC
Business CardTop 10The PulseEagleville High SchoolEaglevilleTN
Business Plan1stLuxury Resort ManagementHamilton CountyOoltewahTN
Business Plan2ndExtreme AdventuresEast Hamilton High SchoolOoltewahTN
Business PlanHonorable MentionVitalityBearden High SchoolKnoxvilleTN
Business PlanWild CardSPIREParkway West High SchoolChesterfieldMO
Commercial1stSpectrumNeuqua Valley High SchoolNapervilleIL
Commercial2ndAlpha & OmegaLawrence County High SchoolLawrenceburgTN
Commercial3rdO Ship MeEast Wake High SchoolWendellNC
CommercialTop 10Area 304Geneva CUSD #304GenevaIL
CommercialTop 10Axis EnterprisesFranklinton High SchoolFranklintonNC
CommercialTop 10Clever ContraptionsSt. Charles EastSt. CharlesIL
CommercialTop 10InnovationsSouthgate Anderson High SchoolSouthgateMI
CommercialTop 10PlatinumRiverdale High SchoolMurfreesboroTN
CommercialTop 10UnderwrapzCrystal Lake SouthCrystal LakeIL
CommercialTop 10Xtreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles EastSt. CharlesIL
Flyer1stThe Animal KingdomLoretto High SchoolLorettoTN
Flyer2ndMatchWearFrancis Lewis High SchoolFresh MeadowsNY
Flyer3rdFreedom Trail OutfittersCannon County High SchoolWoodburyTN
FlyerTop 10Alpha & OmegaLawrence County High SchoolLawrenceburgTN
FlyerTop 10aWAKEnSt. Charles North High SchoolSt. CharlesIL
FlyerTop 10InnovationsSouthgate Anderson High SchoolSouthgateMI
FlyerTop 10NuAppsFrancis Lewis High SchoolFresh MeadowsNY
FlyerTop 10O Ship MeEast Wake High SchoolWendellNC
FlyerTop 10RepurposeGreer High SchoolGreerSC
FlyerTop 10Touch of EleganceOakland High SchoolMurfreesboroTN
Newsletter1stLimitlessElmwood Park High SchoolElmwood ParkIL
Newsletter2ndAu Naturale Spa & HairOakland High SchoolMurfreesboroTN
Newsletter3rdClever ContraptionsSt. Charles EastSt. CharlesIL
NewsletterTop 10Alpha & OmegaLawrence County High SchoolLawrenceburgTN
NewsletterTop 10Auto CorrectCrystal Lake SouthCrystal LakeIL
NewsletterTop 10Cloud 9 DesignsRiverdale High SchoolMurfreesboroTN
NewsletterTop 10Health OnCarolina Forest High SchoolMyrtle BeachSC
NewsletterTop 10Hero HavenEagleville High SchoolEaglevilleTN
NewsletterTop 10LegacyNeuqua Valley High SchoolNapervilleIL
NewsletterTop 10OrionDekalb County High SchoolSmithvilleTN
Template Website1stRock SolidPerson High SchoolRoxboroNC
Template Website2ndSouthern PrestigeSpartanburg High SchoolSpartanburgSC
Template Website3rdXtreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles EastSt. CharlesIL
Template WebsiteTop 100 DangerHuntley High SchoolHuntleyIL
Template WebsiteTop 10Alpha & OmegaLawrence County High SchoolLawrenceburgTN
Template WebsiteTop 10Endure, Inc.Summertown High SchoolSummertownTN
Template WebsiteTop 10OrionDekalb County High SchoolSmithvilleTN
Template WebsiteTop 10Pandora’s BoxCookeville High SchoolCookevilleTN
Template WebsiteTop 10Red Hawk ApparelStewarts Creek High SchoolSmyrnaTN
Template WebsiteTop 10The Animal KingdomLoretto High SchoolLorettoTN

2016 San Diego Trade Show

CompetitionPlaceVE FirmSchoolCityState
Best Catalog1stPulseOxford AcademyCypressCA
Best Catalog2ndSignumCenturySanta AnaCA
Best Catalog3rdRelacherCanyon Springs High SchoolMoreno ValleyCA
Best CatalogGoldVend-IncCenturySanta AnaCA
Best CatalogGoldPower UpSanta Barbara High SchoolSanta BarbaraCA
Best CatalogSilverSmoDos Pueblos High SchoolGoletaCA
Best CatalogSilverBumbleBakersfield HighBakersfieldCA
Best CatalogSilverOff The GridFountain Valley High SchoolHuntington BeachCA
Best CatalogSilverPerfect PlatesMoreno Valley High SchoolMoreno ValleyCA
Best CatalogSilverPinya LinyaMurrieta Valley High SchoolMurrietaCA
Best CatalogBronzeCav CratesMontclair HighOntarioCA
Best CatalogBronzeManGoMurrieta Valley High SchoolMurrietaCA
Best CatalogBronzeAthenaLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Best CatalogBronzeCoastal Crew ClothingSan Marcos High SchoolSanta BarbaraCA
Best CatalogBronzePureasolJohn F. Kennedy High SchoolLa PalmaCA
Video Commercial1stBumbleBakersfield HighBakersfieldCA
Video Commercial2ndPureasolJohn F. Kennedy High SchoolLa PalmaCA
Video Commercial3rdSolSandCarlsbad High SchoolCarlsbadCA
Video CommercialGoldKeyBoard CleanseCarson HighCarsonCA
Video CommercialGoldVE RadioMount Miguel High SchoolSpring ValleyCA
Video CommercialSilverPinya LinyaMurrieta Valley High SchoolMurrietaCA
Video CommercialSilverManGoMurrieta Valley High SchoolMurrietaCA
Video CommercialSilverOff The GridFountain Valley High SchoolHuntington BeachCA
Video CommercialSilverPAKLa Serna High SchoolWhittierCA
Video CommercialSilverBlokCarlsbad High SchoolCarlsbadCA
Video CommercialBronzeTaste of the WorldCentury High SchoolSanta AnaCA
Video CommercialBronzeSignumCentury High SchoolSanta AnaCA
Video CommercialBronzeStormfitUniversity High SchoolIrvineCA
Video CommercialBronzeSmoDos Pueblos High SchoolGoletaCA
Video CommercialBronzeCoastal Crew ClothingSan Marcos High SchoolSanta BarbaraCA
Trade Show Flyer1stPulseOxford AcademyCypressCA
Trade Show Flyer2ndTaste of The WorldCentury High SchoolSanta AnaCA
Trade Show Flyer3rdAthenaLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Trade Show FlyerGoldPureasolJohn F. Kennedy High SchoolLa PalmaCA
Trade Show FlyerGoldKeyBoard CleanseCarson HighCarsonCA
Trade Show FlyerSilverDrone VisionLa MIrada High SchoolLa MiradaCA
Trade Show FlyerSilverManGoMurrieta Valley High SchoolMurrietaCA
Trade Show FlyerSilverSmoDos Pueblos High SchoolGoletaCA
Trade Show FlyerSilverGG JewelersElizabeth Learning CenterCudahyCA
Trade Show FlyerSilverMade GardensUniversity High SchoolNewport BeachCA
Trade Show FlyerBronzeVE RadioMount Miguel High SchoolSpring ValleyCA
Trade Show FlyerBronzeBumbleBakersfield HighBakersfieldCA
Trade Show FlyerBronzeOff the GridFountain Valley High SchoolHuntington BeachCA
Trade Show FlyerBronzeVenueGomarinaHuntington BeachCA
Trade Show FlyerBronzeVend-IncCenturySanta AnaCA
Website Design1stBumbleBakersfield HighBakersfieldCA
Website Design2ndPulseOxford AcademyCypressCA
Website Design3rdVE RadioMount Miguel High SchoolSpring ValleyCA
Website DesignGoldThe PyramidCentennial High SchoolBakersfieldCA
Website DesignGoldTaste of the WorldCentury High SchoolSanta AnaCA
Website DesignSilverPinya LinyaMurrieta Valley High SchoolMurrietaCA
Website DesignSilverRelƒcher Day SpaCanyon Springs High SchoolMoreno ValleyCA
Website DesignSilverSignumCentury High SchoolSanta AnaCA
Website DesignSilverSolar CellRedlands High SchoolRedlandsCA
Website DesignSilverAthenaLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Website DesignBronzeMade GardensUniversity High schoolNewport BeachCA
Website DesignBronzeCav CratesMontclair HighOntarioCA
Website DesignBronzeOff The GridFountain Valley High SchoolHuntington BeachCA
Website DesignBronzeKeyBoard CleanseCarson HighCarsonCA
Website DesignBronzeSole JuceCarson High SchoolCarsonCA
Novice Booth1stCav CratesMontclair HighOntarioCA
Novice Booth2ndBrewed Caf‚La Sierra High SchoolRiversideCA
Novice Booth3rdPower UpSanta Barbara High SchoolSanta BarbaraCA
Novice BoothGoldenPalm ShadesPalm Springs High SchoolPalm SpringsCA
Creative Booth1stRelacher Day SpaCanyon Springs High SchoolMoreno ValleyCA
Creative Booth2ndTaste Of The Worldcentury highschoolSanta AnaCA
Creative Booth3rdHonua ApparelElizabeth Learning CenterCudahyCA
Creative BoothGoldGG JewelersElizabeth Learning CenterCudahyCA
Creative BoothGoldVend-IncCenturySanta AnaCA
Creative BoothSilverCoastal Crew ClothingSan Marcos High SchoolSanta BarbaraCA
Creative BoothSilverSole JuceCarson High SchoolCarsonCA
Creative BoothSilverThe PyramidCentennial HighBakersfieldCA
Creative BoothSilverVE RadioMount Miguel High SchoolSpring ValleyCA
Creative BoothSilverOff The GridFountain Valley High SchoolHuntington BeachCA
Creative BoothBronzeAthenaLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Creative BoothBronzePinya LinyaMurrieta Valley High SchoolMurrietaCA
Creative BoothBronzeEmpireCentury High SchoolSanta AnaCA
Creative BoothBronzeSmoDos Pueblos High SchoolGoletaCA
Creative BoothBronzeSolar CellRedlands High SchoolRedlandsCA
Novice Sales1stGourmet-to-GoRedland High SchoolRedlandsCA
Novice Sales2ndBrewed Caf‚La Sierra High SchoolRiversideCA
Novice Sales3rdCav CratesMontclair HighOntarioCA
Novice SalesGoldenPower UpSanta Barbara High SchoolSanta BarbaraCA
Sales1stRelacher Day SpaCanyon Springs High SchoolMoreno ValleyCA
Sales2ndBumbleBakersfield HighBakersfieldCA
Sales3rdSolsandCarlsbad High SchoolCarlsbadCA
SalesGoldPulseOxford AcademyCypressCA
SalesGoldAthenaLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
SalesSilverReApparelArvin High SchoolArvinCA
SalesSilverOff The GridFountain Valley High SchoolHuntington BeachCA
SalesSilverPureasolJohn F. Kennedy High SchoolLa PalmaCA
SalesSilverThe PyramidCentennial HighBakersfieldCA
SalesSilverGG JewelersElizabeth Learning CenterCudahyCA
SalesBronzeDrone VisionLa MIrada High SchoolLa MiradaCA
SalesBronzeVE RadioMount Miguel High SchoolSpring ValleyCA
SalesBronzeSignumCenturySanta AnaCA
SalesBronzePinya LinyaMurrieta Valley High SchoolMurrietaCA
SalesBronzeStormfitUniversity High SchoolIrvineCA

2016 Northeast Trade Show

CompetitionPlaceVE FirmSchoolCityState
Best Booth1stInternational Bucket ListInternational Prep HSBuffaloNY
Best Booth2ndFit4YouPittsford Sutherland HSPittsfordNY
Best Booth3rdEssenceMount St. MaryKenmoreNY
Business Plan1stEssenceMount St. MaryKenmoreNY
Business Plan2ndFit4YouPittsford Sutherland HSPittsfordNY
Business Plan3rdInternational Bucket ListInternational Prep HSBuffaloNY
Company Newsletter1stEssenceMount St. MaryKenmoreNY
Company Newsletter2ndFit4YouPittsford Sutherland HSPittsfordNY
Company Newsletter3rdAmeriCoPittsford Mendon HSPittsfordNY
HR Employee Manual1stInternational Bucket ListInternational Prep HSBuffaloNY
HR Employee Manual2ndDormUSt. FrancisAthol SpringsNY
HR Employee Manual3rdEssenceMount St. MaryKenmoreNY
Most Sales1stEssenceMount St MaryKenmoreNY
Most Sales2ndFishing FanaticsHoneoye FallsHoneoye FallsNY
Most Sales3rdInternational Bucket ListInternational Prep HSBuffaloNY
Salesmanship2ndInternational Bucket ListInternational Prep HSBuffaloNY
Salesmanship3rdDormUSt. FrancisAthol SpringsNY
Salesmanship1stEssenceMount St. MaryKenmoreNY
Trade Show Flyer1stFit4YouPittsford Sutherland HSPittsfordNY
Trade Show Flyer2ndInternational Bucket ListInternational Prep HSBuffaloNY
Trade Show Flyer3rdFishing FanaticsHoneoye FallsHoneoye FallsNY
Video Commercial1stFit4YouPittsford Sutherland HSPittsfordNY
Video Commercial2ndEssenceMount St. MaryKenmoreNY

2017 Long Island Trade Show 

CompetitionPlaceVE FirmSchoolCityState
Best Advertisement1stLost in SauceGreat Neck S. H.SGreat NeckNY
Best Advertisement2ndMy Room My WayCalhoun H.SMerrickNY
Best Advertisement3rdPrestige WorldwideIslip H.SIslipNY
Best Brochure1stNetWorksJ.F Kennedy H.SBellmoreNY
Best Brochure2ndA Helping HandWest Hempstead H.SWest HempsteadNY
Best Brochure3rdEVO TechPathogue-Medford H.SMedfordNY
Best Business Card1stClick-n-shopGlen Cove H.SGlenCoveNY
Best Business Card2ndROC SecurityHewlett H.SHewlettNY
Best Business Card3rdCover CellWilliam Floyd H.SMastic BeachNY
Best Catalog1stTruView VRMepham H.SN.BellmoreNY
Best Catalog2ndPrizmWesthampton Beach H.SWesthamptonNY
Best Catalog3rdBody KineticsMattituck H.SMattituckNY
Best Commercial1stROC SecurityHewlett H.SHewlettNY
Best Commercial2ndBake My Day BakeriesElmont H.SElmontNY
Best Commercial3rdLost in SauceGreat Neck S. H.SGreat NeckNY
Best Employee Manual1stAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead H.SWest HempsteadNY
Best Employee Manual2ndBody KineticsMattituck H.SMattituckNY
Best Employee Manual3rdPrizmWesthampton Beach H.SWesthamptonNY
Best Logo1stNicePopsSyosset H.SSyossetNY
Best Logo2ndPoseidon PureCalhoun H.SMerrickNY
Best Logo3rdApex, Inc.Connetquot H.SBohemiaNY
Best Sales Pitch1stA Helping HandWest Hempstead H.SWest HempsteadNY
Best Sales Pitch1stMunchKingsClarke H.SWestburyNY
Best Sales Pitch2nduBlendValley Stream N. H.SFranklin SquareNY
Best Sales Pitch2ndFirst ClassJohn Jay H.SHopewell Jct.NY
Best Sales Pitch3rdFootprints ApparelOceanside H.SOceansideNY
Best Sales Pitch3rdROCHewlett H.SHewlettNY
Best Booth1stForever FitWilliam FloydMastic BeachNY
Best Booth1stNice PopsSyosset H.SSyossetNY
Best Booth2ndCouture CoordinatesConnetquot H.SBohemiaNY
Best Booth2ndFlip ChipSyosset H.SSyossetNY
Best Booth3rdTruBlue TechnologiesSmithtown H.S W.SmithtownNY
Best Booth3rdPrizmWesthampton Beach H.SWesthamptonNY
Best Company Apparel1stWhippedLindenhurst H.SLindenhurstNY
Best Company Apparel1stMy Room My WayCalhoun H.SMerrickNY
Best Company Apparel2ndWhat's in the BoxCentereach H.SCentereachNY
Best Company Apparel2ndPlatinum PregameEast Meadow H.SEast MeadwNY
Best Company Apparel3rdBake My Day BakeriesElmont H.SElmontNY
Best Company Apparel3rdZenithWesthampton Beach H.SWesthamptonNY
Top Sales Firm1stA Helping HandWest Hempstead H.SWest HempsteadNY
Top Sales Firm1stROCHewlett H.SHewlettNY
Top Sales Firm2ndBake My Day Bakeries            Elmont H.SElmontNY
Top Sales Firm2ndTornado FitLawrence H.SCedarhurstNY
Top Sales Firm2ndCentury 22Massapequa H.SMassapequaNY
Top Sales Firm3rdEVO TechPathogue-Medford H.SMedfordNY
Top Sales Firm3rdNice PopsSyosset H.SSyossetNY
Firm Favorite Booth1stEVO TechPathogue-Medford H.SMedfordNY
Firm Favorite Booth1stPrizmWesthampton Beach H.SWesthamptonNY
Firm Favorite Booth2ndTruBlue TechnologiesSmithtown H.S W.SmithtownNY
Firm Favorite Booth2ndOhana Surfboard CompanySayville H.SWest SayvilleNY
Firm Favorite Booth3rdWhippedLindenhurt H.SLindenhurstNY
Firm Favorite Booth3rdZenithWesthampton Beach H.SWesthamptonNY
Most Creative Firm1stWhippedLindenhurst H.SLindenhurstNY
Most Creative Firm1stPlatinum PregameEast Meadow H.SEast MeadowNY
Most Creative Firm2nd2 PureSachem East H.SFarmingvilleNY
Most Creative Firm2ndFlip ChipSyosset H.SSyossetNY
Most Creative Firm3rdOmniStreamRocky Point H.SRocky PointNY
Most Creative Firm3rdPrehistoric PetsMassapequa H.SMassapequaNY
Most Enthusiastic Firm1stWhat's in the BoxCentereach H.SCentereachNY
Most Enthusiastic Firm1stTruView VRMepham H.SN.BellmoreNY
Most Enthusiastic Firm2ndAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead H.SWest HempsteadNY
Most Enthusiastic Firm2ndMunchKingsClarke H.SWestburyNY
Most Enthusiastic Firm3rdForever FitWilliam Floyd H.SMastic BeachNY
Most Enthusiastic Firm3rdROCHewlett H.SHewlettNY
Business PlanSemi-FinalistsAlternate Reality EntertainmentSyosset High SchoolSyossetNY
Business PlanSemi-FinalistsBake My Day BakeriesElmont Memorial High SchoolElmontNY
Business PlanSemi-FinalistsFlip-ChipSyosset High SchoolSyossetNY
Business PlanSemi-FinalistsPoseidon PureCalhoun High SchoolMerrickNY
Business PlanSemi-FinalistsPrestige Worldwide: Backyard EntertainmentIslip High SchoolIslipNY
Business PlanSemi-FinalistsPrizmWesthampton Beach High SchoolWesthampton BeachNY
Business PlanSemi-FinalistsROC SecurityHewlett High SchoolHewlettNY
Business PlanSemi-FinalistsTruView VRMepham High SchoolNorth BellmoreNY
Business PlanSemi-FinalistsVE ConnectedEast Islip High SchoolEast IslipNY
Business PlanSemi-FinalistsZenithWesthampton Beach High SchoolWesthamptonNY

2017 California Trade Show

Job Interview- Accounting: Payroll AssistantLeivy CraigGreen-E- ApparelAtwater HS
Job Interview- Administration: Director of AdministrationAyden SlabyVenueGoMarina HS
Job Interview- Human Resources: Public Relations OfficerCatherine RodriguezSpokesJames Logan HS
Job Interview- Marketing: Production AssistantAlexander HillManGo KineticsMurrieta Valley HS
Job Interview- Sales: Sales AssociateRachel GagnonPulseOxford Academy
Best Novice Booth Awards1stBrewed CaféLa Sierra HS
Best Novice Booth Awards2ndCandy CoordinationsMillikan HS
Best Novice Booth Awards3rdMine.Samueli Academy
Best Novice Booth Awards4thSunPacMillikan HS
Best Novice Booth Awards5thWuphf GraphicsRidgeview HS
Best Novice Booth Awards6thPower UpSanta Barbara HS
Best Novice Booth Awards7thSunrise CratesSamueli Academy
Best Novice Booth Awards8thComplete LookMillikan HS
Best Novice Booth Awards9thCozy CasasAntelope Valley HS
Best Novice Booth Awards10thEnlightenVallejo HS
Best Novice Booth AwardsHMPalm ShadesPalm Springs HS
Best Novice Booth AwardsHMCommuniBudsVallejo HS
Best Novice Salesmanship Awards1stCozy CasasAntelope Valley HS
Best Novice Salesmanship Awards2ndSunrise CratesSamueli Academy
Best Novice Salesmanship Awards3rdSunPacMillikan HS
Best Novice Salesmanship Awards4thPower UpSanta Barbara HS
Best Novice Salesmanship Awards5thPalm ShadesPalm Springs HS
Best Novice Salesmanship Awards6thBrewed CaféLa Sierra HS
Best Novice Salesmanship Awards7thComplete LookMillikan HS
Best Novice Salesmanship Awards8thCandy CoordinationsMillikan HS
Best Novice Salesmanship Awards9thMine.Samueli Academy
Best Novice Salesmanship Awards10thEnlightenVallejo HS
Best Novice Salesmanship AwardsHMCommuniBudsVallejo HS
Best Novice Salesmanship AwardsHMWuphf GraphicsRidgeview HS
Best Salesmanship Awards1stBumbleBakersfield HS
Best Salesmanship Awards2ndAthenaLa Mirada HS
Best Salesmanship Awards3rdRelâcher Day SpaCanyon Springs HS
Best Salesmanship Awards4thOz WaxThousand Oaks HS
Best Salesmanship Awards5thSpokesJames Logan HS
Best Salesmanship Awards6thSolSandCarlsbad HS
Best Salesmanship Awards7thPulseOxford Academy
Best Salesmanship Awards8thRuby CasesThousand Oaks HS
Best Salesmanship Awards9thGolden State NewsFresno HS
Best Salesmanship Awards10thEmpireCentury HS
Best Salesmanship AwardsHMNomadSouth Pasadena HS
Best Salesmanship AwardsHMMalibu BoxEast Bakersfield HS
Best Salesmanship AwardsHMSide Top Co.Golden West HS
Best Salesmanship AwardsHMThe Experience!Lemoore HS
Best Salesmanship AwardsHMHonua ApparelElizabeth Learning Center
Company Business Card Awards1stPulseOxford Academy
Company Business Card Awards2ndHydrusDos Palos HS
Company Business Card Awards3rdTaste of the WorldCentury HS
Company Business Card Awards4thReApparelArvin HS
Company Business Card Awards5thYüth CosmeticsThousand Oaks HS
Company Business Card Awards6thRush N’ JavaBloomington HS
Company Business Card Awards7thWorldTasteJames Logan HS
Company Business Card Awards8thPureasolJohn F. Kennedy HS
Company Business Card Awards9thVeloCityCarpinteria HS
Company Business Card Awards10thVend-Inc.Century HS
Company Business Card AwardsHMSolMissionMission Viejo HS
Company Business Card AwardsHMPAKLa Serna HS
Company Business Card AwardsHMSpokesJames Logan HS
Company Business Card AwardsHMBumbleBakersfield HS
Company Business Card AwardsHMThe ExperienceLemoore HS
Company Catalog Awards1stSignumCentury HS
Company Catalog Awards2ndPower UpSanta Barbara HS
Company Catalog Awards3rdRelâcher Day SpaCanyon Springs HS
Company Catalog Awards4thEmpireCentury HS
Company Catalog Awards5thNomadSouth Pasadena HS
Company Catalog Awards6thSwaySouth Pasadena HS
Company Catalog Awards7thOff the GridFountain Valley HS
Company Catalog Awards8thHydrusDos Palos HS
Company Catalog Awards9thCAV CratesMontclair HS
Company Catalog Awards10thDreamScape IncGolden West HS
Company Catalog AwardsHMRush N’ JavaBloomington HS
Company Catalog AwardsHMPulseOxford Academy
Company Catalog AwardsHMResc-UAVThousand Oaks HS
Company Catalog AwardsHMCandy CoordinationsMillikan HS
Company Catalog AwardsHMPerfect PlatesMoreno Valley HS
Company Sales Presentation Awards1stBumbleBakersfield HS
Company Sales Presentation Awards2ndNomadSouth Pasadena HS
Company Sales Presentation Awards3rdManGo KineticsMurrieta Valley HS
Company Sales Presentation Awards4thSwaySouth Pasadena HS
Company Sales Presentation Awards5thVeloCityCarpinteria HS
Company Sales Presentation Awards6thPureasolJohn F. Kennedy HS
Company Sales Presentation Awards7thBlokCarlsbad HS
Company Sales Presentation Awards8thRush N’ JavaBloomington HS
Company Sales Presentation Awards9thSpokesJames Logan HS
Company Sales Presentation Awards10thOff the GridFountain Valley HS
Company Sales Presentation AwardsHMAthenaLa Mirada HS
Company Sales Presentation AwardsHMViewsSouth Pasadena HS
Company Sales Presentation AwardsHMHydrusDos Palos HS
Company Sales Presentation AwardsHMYüth CosmeticsThousand Oaks HS
Company Sales Presentation AwardsHMBundleBoxLiberty HS
Employee Newsletter Awards1stManGo KineticsMurrieta Valley HS
Employee Newsletter Awards2ndBumbleBakersfield HS
Employee Newsletter Awards3rdSpokesJames Logan HS
Employee Newsletter Awards4thPinya LinyaMurrieta Valley HS
Employee Newsletter Awards5thThe PyramidCentennial HS
Employee Newsletter Awards6thBlokCarlsbad HS
Employee Newsletter Awards7thNomadSouth Pasadena HS
Employee Newsletter Awards8thViewsSouth Pasadena HS
Employee Newsletter Awards9th2ndBig Inc.Cabrillo HS
Employee Newsletter Awards10thSignumCentury HS
Employee Newsletter AwardsHMPulseOxford Academy
Employee Newsletter AwardsHMOff the GridFountain Valley HS
Employee Newsletter AwardsHMSpirit 1st7thRoosevelt HS
Employee Newsletter AwardsHMTaste of the WorldCentury HS
Employee Newsletter AwardsHMEmpireCentury HS
Human Resources Manual Awards1stSwaySouth Pasadena HS
Human Resources Manual Awards2ndOff the GridFountain Valley HS
Human Resources Manual Awards3rdComplete LookMillikan HS
Human Resources Manual Awards4thDreamScape Inc.Golden West HS
Human Resources Manual Awards5thManGo KineticsMurrieta Valley HS
Human Resources Manual Awards6thSpokesJames Logan HS
Human Resources Manual Awards7thThe PyramidCentennial HS
Human Resources Manual Awards8thEcho CommunicationsBloomington HS
Human Resources Manual Awards9thEmpireCentury HS
Human Resources Manual Awards10thCoastal Crew ClothingSan Marcos HS
Human Resources Manual AwardsHMSpirit 1st7thRoosevelt HS
Human Resources Manual AwardsHMGreen-E-ApparelAtwater HS
Human Resources Manual AwardsHMPureasolJohn F. Kennedy HS
Human Resources Manual AwardsHMBumbleBakersfield HS
Human Resources Manual AwardsHMCandy CoordinationsMillikan HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation Award1stBumbleBakersfield HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation Award2ndOff the GridFountain Valley HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation Award3rdNomadSouth Pasadena HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation Award4thVive Inc.Newport Harbor HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation Award5thSolSandCarlsbad HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation Award6thSolMissionMission Viejo HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation Award7thEcho CommunicationsBloomington HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation Award8thWuphf GraphicsRidgeview HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation Award9thPinya LinyaMurrieta Valley HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation Award10thSpokesJames Logan HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation AwardHMDrone VisionLa Mirada HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation AwardHMViewsSouth Pasadena HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation AwardHMSpirit 1st7thRoosevelt HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation AwardHMThe PyramidCentennial HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation AwardHMBaby SeaterCosta Mesa HS
Impact Marketing Awards1stCoastal Crew ClothingSan Marcos HS
Impact Marketing Awards2ndSpokesJames Logan HS
Impact Marketing Awards3rdTaste of the WorldCentury HS
Impact Marketing Awards4thBundleBoxLiberty HS
Impact Marketing Awards5thBumbleBakersfield HS
Impact Marketing Awards6thSignumCentury HS
Impact Marketing Awards7thPinya LinyaMurrieta Valley HS
Impact Marketing Awards8thNomadSouth Pasadena HS
Impact Marketing Awards9thGG JewelersElizabeth Learning Center
Impact Marketing Awards10thEmpireCentury HS
Impact Marketing AwardsHMThe PyramidCentennial HS
Impact Marketing AwardsHMBrewed CaféLa Sierra HS
Impact Marketing AwardsHMSpirit 1st7thRoosevelt HS
Impact Marketing AwardsHMBaby SeaterCosta Mesa HS
Impact Marketing AwardsHMComplete LookMillikan HS
Marketing Plan Presentation Awards1stNomadSouth Pasadena HS
Marketing Plan Presentation Awards2ndThe PyramidCentennial HS
Marketing Plan Presentation Awards3rdRelâcher Day SpaCanyon Springs HS
Marketing Plan Presentation Awards4thSwaySouth Pasadena HS
Marketing Plan Presentation Awards5thTaste of the WorldCentury HS
Marketing Plan Presentation Awards6thPinya LinyaMurrieta Valley HS
Marketing Plan Presentation Awards7thSunrise CrateSamueli Academy
Marketing Plan Presentation Awards8thEcho CommunicationsBloomington HS
Marketing Plan Presentation Awards9thSolSandCarlsbad HS
Marketing Plan Presentation Awards10thBumbleBakersfield HS
Marketing Plan Presentation AwardsHMGG JewelersElizabeth Learning Center
Marketing Plan Presentation AwardsHMSolMissionMission Viejo HS
Marketing Plan Presentation AwardsHMPureasolJohn F. Kennedy HS
Marketing Plan Presentation AwardsHMHydrusDos Palos HS
Marketing Plan Presentation AwardsHMPulseOxford Academy
Most Creative Booth Awards1stPinya LinyaMurrieta Valley HS
Most Creative Booth Awards2ndYüth CosmeticsThousand Oaks HS
Most Creative Booth Awards3rdRuby CasesThousand Oaks HS
Most Creative Booth Awards4thOz WaxThousand Oaks HS
Most Creative Booth Awards5thThe ExperienceLemoore HS
Most Creative Booth Awards6thTaste of the WorldCentury HS
Most Creative Booth Awards7thPAKLa Serna HS
Most Creative Booth Awards8thBumbleBakersfield HS
Most Creative Booth Awards9thManGo KineticsMurrieta Valley HS
Most Creative Booth Awards10thReApparelArvin HS
Most Creative Booth AwardsHMRelâcher Day SpaCanyon Springs HS
Most Creative Booth AwardsHMSwaySouth Pasadena HS
Most Creative Booth AwardsHMWorldTasteJames Logan HS
Most Creative Booth AwardsHMRush N’ JavaBloomington HS
Most Creative Booth AwardsHMSpokesJames Logan HS
Most Professional Booth Awards1stHydrusDos Palos HS
Most Professional Booth Awards2ndPerfect PlatesMoreno Valley HS
Most Professional Booth Awards3rdResc-UAVThousand Oaks HS
Most Professional Booth Awards4thVenueGoMarina HS
Most Professional Booth Awards5thGG JewelersElizabeth Learning Center
Most Professional Booth Awards6thVend-Inc.Century HS
Most Professional Booth Awards7thOff the GridFountain Valley HS
Most Professional Booth Awards8thSpirit 1st7thRoosevelt HS
Most Professional Booth Awards9thEcho CommunicationsBloomington HS
Most Professional Booth Awards10thSolMissionMission Viejo HS
Most Professional Booth AwardsHMHonua ApparelElizabeth Learning Center
Most Professional Booth AwardsHMPureasolJohn F. Kennedy HS
Most Professional Booth AwardsHMBlokCarlsbad HS
Most Professional Booth AwardsHMMalibu BoxEast Bakersfield HS
Most Professional Booth AwardsHMSignumCentury HS
The Perfect Business Pitch1stRelâcher Day SpaCanyon Springs HS
The Perfect Business Pitch2ndSpokesJames Logan HS
The Perfect Business Pitch3rdThe PyramidCentennial HS
The Perfect Business Pitch4thNomadSouth Pasadena HS
The Perfect Business Pitch5thPureasolJohn F. Kennedy HS
The Perfect Business Pitch6thBumbleBakersfield HS
The Perfect Business Pitch7thSpirit 1st7thRoosevelt HS
The Perfect Business Pitch8thSignumCentury HS
Video Commercial Awards1stSignumCentury HS
Video Commercial Awards2ndSpokesJames Logan HS
Video Commercial Awards3rdVE RadioMt. Miguel HS
Video Commercial Awards4thViewsSouth Pasadena HS
Video Commercial Awards5thRuby CasesThousand Oaks HS
Video Commercial Awards6thAkenoNewport Harbor HS
Video Commercial Awards7thBumbleBakersfield HS
Video Commercial Awards8thBlokCarlsbad HS
Video Commercial Awards9thComplete LookMillikan HS`
Video Commercial Awards10thTaste of the WorldCentury HS
Video Commercial AwardsHMGreen-E-ApparelAtwater HS
Video Commercial AwardsHMWuphf GraphicsRidgeview HS
Video Commercial AwardsHMDreamScape Inc.Golden West HS
Video Commercial AwardsHMSolSandCarlsbad HS
Video Commercial AwardsHMSide Top Co.Golden West HS
Web Site Design Awards1stBumbleBakersfield HS
Web Site Design Awards2ndMine.Samueli Academy
Web Site Design Awards3rdSpokesJames Logan HS
Web Site Design Awards4thThe PyramidCentennial HS
Web Site Design Awards5thVE RadioMt. Miguel HS
Web Site Design Awards5thPulseOxford Academy
Web Site Design Awards6thHydrusDos Palos HS
Web Site Design Awards7thOSMA TechnologyCabrillo HS
Web Site Design Awards8thOf the GridFountain Valley HS
Web Site Design Awards9thRuby CasesThousand Oaks HS
Web Site Design Awards10thPinya LinyaMurrieta Valley HS
Web Site Design AwardsHMSide Top Co.Golden West HS
Web Site Design AwardsHMNomadSouth Pasadena HS
Web Site Design AwardsHMManGo KineticsMurrieta Valley HS
Web Site Design AwardsHMSolSandCarlsbad HS
Web Site Design AwardsHMSignumCentury HS

2017 Great Lakes Trade Show

Elevator Pitch1stJanelle FinchCatalystNeuqua ValleyIL
Elevator Pitch2ndDawson Marshall1st Class ClothingSt. Charles NorthIL
Elevator Pitch3rdNic GlazerMavco, Inc.MilfordMI
Elevator Pitch4thEvan SchafferMavco, Inc.MilfordMI
Elevator Pitch5thKevin McGrathCatalystNeuqua ValleyIL
Elevator Pitch6thZaria KochMavco, Inc.MilfordMI
Elevator Pitch6thChris WintersEnvision NorthBelvidere NorthIL
Elevator Pitch8thMatt SweetArea 304GenevaIL
Elevator Pitch9thAlexis KellyAutocorrectCrystal Lake SouthIL
Elevator Pitch10thFrank StoccoLimitlessElmwood ParkIL
Elevator Pitch10thSidney VossM.A.S.H. RealtyOwossoMI
Speed Interview1stAlexandra Kyle1st Class ClothingSt. Charles NorthIL
Speed Interview2ndNisha KocharAffinityNeuqua ValleyIL
Speed Interview3rdNelleke LangdonM.A.S.H. RealtyOwossoMI
Speed Interview4thAndrew StrippUnderwrapzCrystal Lake SouthIL
Speed Interview5thAnalise HernandezLimitlessElmwood ParkIL
Speed Interview5thKate WeberStar City SportsSt. Charles NorthIL
Speed Interview7thNathan Van HuisA+ OpportunityCareerline Tech CenterMI
Speed Interview7thNoel TyrrellThumbs Up, Inc.Huron Area Tech CenterMI
Speed Interview7thDiamond LopezLimitlessElmwood ParkIL
Speed Interview10thAlexia Ten BrinkCo-ExistCareerline TechMI
Speed Interview10thTyler BoomsThumbs Up, IncHuron Area Tech CenterMI
Speed Interview10thAlec AvitiaArea 304GenevaIL
Marketing Plan1stAuggiesCary-GroveIL
Marketing Plan2ndAffinityNeuqua ValleyIL
Marketing Plan3rdAutocorrectCrystal Lake SouthIL
Marketing Plan4thCatalystNeuqua ValleyIL
Marketing Plan5th1st Class ClothingSt. Charles NorthIL
Marketing Plan5thLimitlessElmwood ParkIL
Marketing Plan7thSkyline EntertainmentSt. Charles NorthIL
Marketing Plan8thLuxeWaubonsie ValleyIL
Marketing Plan8thSpectrumNeuqua ValleyIL
Marketing Plan10thLegacyNeuqua ValleyIL
Impact Marketing1stRoastedTrentonMI
Impact Marketing2nd1st Class ClothingSt. Charles NorthIL
Impact Marketing3rdApolloMetea ValleyIL
Impact Marketing4thMarauder EnterprisesOscar A. CarlsonMI
Impact Marketing5thPrime OmixMaine EastIL
Impact Marketing6thStar City SportsSt. Charles NorthIL
Impact Marketing7thCore, Inc.Timothy ChristianIL
Impact Marketing7thElectric AvenueSt. Charles EastIL
Impact Marketing7thSkyline EntertainmentSt. Charles NorthIL
Impact Marketing10thArea 304GenevaIL
Best Booth1stCore, IncTimothy ChristianIL
Best Booth2ndArea 304GenevaIL
Best Booth3rd1st Class ClothingSt. Charles NorthIL
Best Booth4thClever ContraptionsSt. Charles EastIL
Best Booth5thDexacorpLakelandMI
Best Booth6thCatalystNeuqua ValleyIL
Sales Presentation1stLimitlessElmwood ParkIL
Sales Presentation2ndRoastedTrentonMI
Sales Presentation3rdElectric AvenueSt. Charles EastIL
Brochure Competition1stClever ContraptionsSt. Charles EastIL
Brochure Competition2ndCatalystNeuqua ValleyIL
Brochure Competition3rdArea 304GenevaIL
Brochure Competition4thCo-ExistCareerline Tech CenterMI
Brochure Competition4thPrimeMaine EastIL
Brochure Competition6thInnovatioSarah E Goode STEM AcademyIL
Brochure Competition7thAuggiesCary GroveIL
Brochure Competition7thAwakenSt. Charles NorthIL
Brochure Competition7thLegacyNeuqua ValleyIL
Brochure Competition7thRoastedTrentonMI
Business Card Competition1stAuto CorrectCrystal Lake SouthIL
Business Card Competition2ndUnderwrapzCrystal Lake SouthIL
Business Card Competition3rdXtreme ComfortSt. Charles EastIL
Business Card Competition4thAlpha CoFruitportMI
Business Card Competition5thAuggiesCary-GroveIL
Business Card Competition5thCore, Inc.Timothy ChristianIL
Business Card Competition7thDexacorpLakelandMI
Business Card Competition7thElectric AvenueSt. Charles EastIL
Business Card Competition7thLegacyNeuqua ValleyIL
Business Card Competition7thMel, Co.MelvindaleMI
Business Card Competition7thPrime-OmixMaine EastIL
Catalog Competition1stPrime-OmixMaine EastIL
Catalog Competition2ndLimitlessElmwood ParkIL
Catalog Competition3rdElectric AvenueSt. Charles EastIL
Catalog Competition4thAuggiesCary-GroveIL
Catalog Competition5thAwakenSt. Charles NorthIL
Catalog Competition6thArea 304GenevaIL
Catalog Competition7thRoastedTrentonMI
Catalog Competition8thBucket ListWaubonsie ValleyIL
Catalog Competition8thCatalystNeuqua ValleyIL
Catalog Competition8thEnvision NorthBelvidere NorthIL
Catalog Competition8thInnovatioSarah E. Goode STEM AcademyIL
Catalog Competition8thOptimizeBataviaIL
Catalog Competition8thThe Block BakeryCousinoMI
Commercial Competition1stAffinityNeuqua ValleyIL
Commercial Competition2ndClever ContraptionsSt. Charles EastIL
Commercial Competition3rdAuggiesCary-GroveIL
Commercial Competition4thSpectrumNeuqua ValleyIL
Commercial Competition5th1st Class ClothingSt. Charles NorthIL
Commercial Competition5thAutocorrectCrystal Lake SouthIL
Commercial Competition5thAwakenSt. Charles NorthIL
Commercial Competition5thElectric AvenueSt. Charles EastIL
Commercial Competition5thUnderwrapzCrystal Lake SouthIL
Commercial Competition10thThumbs Up, Inc.Huron Area Tech CenterMI
Newsletter Competition1stAuggie’sCary-GroveIL
Newsletter Competition2ndClever ContraptionsSt. Charles EastIL
Newsletter Competition3rdElectric AvenueSt. Charles EastIL
Newsletter Competition4thLegacyNeuqua ValleyIL
Newsletter Competition5thCatalystNeuqua ValleyIL
Newsletter Competition6thMavco, Inc.MilfordMI
Newsletter Competition7th1st Class ClothingSt. Charles NorthIL
Newsletter Competition7thArea 304GenevaIL
Newsletter Competition7thLimitlessElmwood ParkIL
Newsletter Competition10thAffinityNeuqua ValleyIL
Newsletter Competition10thPrimeMaine EastIL
Newsletter Competition10thStar City SportsSt. Charles NorthIL
Print Ad Competition1stLimitlessElmwood ParkIL
Print Ad Competition2ndPrime-OmixMaine EastIL
Print Ad Competition3rdAuggie’sCary-GroveIL
Print Ad Competition4thInnovatioSarah E. Goode STEM AcademyIL
Print Ad Competition5thRoastedTrentonMI
Print Ad Competition6thElectric AvenueSt. Charles EastIL
Print Ad Competition7thA to Z ApparelCrystal Lake CentralIL
Print Ad Competition7thAlpha Co.FruitportMI
Print Ad Competition7thCatalystNeuqua ValleyIL
Print Ad Competition7thUnderwrapzCrystal Lake SouthIL
Website - Basic Competition1stAffinityNeuqua ValleyIL
Website - Basic Competition2ndLegacyNeuqua ValleyIL
Website - Basic Competition3rd1st Class ClothingSt. Charles NorthIL
Website - Basic Competition4thAuggie’sCary-GroveIL
Website - Basic Competition5thArea 304GenevaIL
Website - Basic Competition5thEagle ImpulseByronMI
Website - Basic Competition7thA+ OpportunityCareerline Tech CenterIL
Website - Basic Competition7thAutocorrectCrystal Lake SouthIL
Website - Basic Competition7thEnvision NorthBelvidere NorthIL
Website - Basic Competition7thLuxeWaubonsie ValleyIL
Website - Basic Competition7thSpectrumNeuqua ValleyIL
Website-Advanced Competition1stPrime-OmixMaine EastIL
Website-Advanced Competition2nd1finityGrand BlancMI
Website-Advanced Competition3rdUnderwrapzCrystal Lake SouthIL
Website-Advanced Competition4thCatalystNeuqua ValleyIL
Website-Advanced Competition5thMavco, Inc.MilfordMI

2017 Los Angeles Trade Show

CompetitionPlaceVE FirmSchoolCityState
Video Commerical1stNomadSouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Video Commerical2ndKeyboard CleanseCarson HSCarsonCA
Video Commerical3rdStormfitUniversity HSIrvineCA
Video CommericalGoldMantraSummit High School HSFontanaCA
Video CommericalGoldHonua ApparelElizabeth Learning CenterLos AngelesCA
Video CommericalSilverSignumCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Video CommericalSilverOff the GridFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
Video CommericalSilverSolar CellRedlands HSRedlandsCA
Video CommericalSilverThe PryamidCentenntial HSBakersfieldCA
Video CommericalSilverPinya LinyaMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta ValleyCA
Video CommericalBronzeBumbleBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Video CommericalBronzePureasolJohn F Kennedy HSLa PalmaCA
Video CommericalBronzeSmarty y PantsSanta Monica HSSanta MonicaCA
Video CommericalBronzeTaste of the WorldCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Video CommericalBronzeLuminous Lava LampsSouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Website Design1stMade GardensUniversity HSIrvineCA
Website Design2ndIn-SiteClaremontClaremontCA
Website Design3rdBumbleBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Website DesignGoldEcho CommunicationBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Website DesignGoldDrone VisionLa MiradaLa MiradaCA
Website DesignSilverImagination Inc.HS for the Arts, Imagination, & InquiryNew YorkNY
Website DesignSilverLimitless Performance ProductsClaremont HSClaremontCA
Website DesignSilverLuminous Lava LampsSouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Website DesignSilverMantraSummit HSFonanaCA
Website DesignSilverBT EnterprisesBus & Tourism, Miguel ContrerasLos AngelesCA
Website DesignBronzeThe PyramidCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Website DesignBronzeViewsSouth PasadenaSo PasadenaCA
Website DesignBronzeOff the GridFountain ValleyFountain ValleyCA
Website DesignBronzePower UpSanta BarbaraSanta BarbaraCA
Website DesignBronzeSolar CellRedlands HSRedlandsCA
Financial Statements1stBumbleBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Financial Statements2ndPureasolJohn F Kennedy HSLa PalmaCA
Financial Statements3rdPinya LinyaMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta ValleyCA
Financial StatementsGoldSignumCenturySanta AnaCA
Financial StatementsGoldEmpireCenturySanta AnaCA
Financial StatementsSilverVend-IndCenturySanta AnaCA
Financial StatementsSilverRelacher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
Financial StatementsSilverTaste of the WorldCenturySanta AnaCA
Financial StatementsSilverThe PyramidCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Financial StatementsSilverBT EnterprisesBus & Tourism, Miguel ContrerasLos AngelesCA
Financial StatementsSilverOff the GridFountain ValleyFountain ValleyCA
Financial StatementsBronzeManGoMurrieta ValleyMurrieta ValleyCA
Financial StatementsBronzeReApparelArvin HSBakersfieldCA
Financial StatementsBronzeAthenaLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Financial StatementsBronzePerfect PlatesMoreno Valley HSMoreno ValleyCA
Company Catalog1stCav CratesMonclair HSMonclairCA
Company Catalog2ndCompelte LookMillikanLong BeachCA
Company Catalog3rdSwaySouth PasadenaSo PasadenaCA
Company CatalogGoldVend-IncCenturySanta AnaCA
Company CatalogGoldViewsSo Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Company CatalogSilverCoastel Crew ClothingSan MarcosSan MarcosCA
Company CatalogSilverInfinipackClaremontClaremontCA
Company CatalogSilverBumbleBakersfieldBakersfieldCA
Company CatalogSilverImginationHS for the Arts, Imagination & InquiryNew YorkNY
Company CatalogSilverAcoutstic Cakes & ApparelHart HS Dist.Santa ClaritaCA
Company CatalogSilverVenue GOMarina HSHuntington BeachCA
Company CatalogBronzeDrone VisionLa MiradaLa MiradaCA
Company CatalogBronzeLuminous Lava LampsSouth PasadenaSo PasadenaCA
Company CatalogBronzeKeyboard CleanseCarsonCarsonCA
Company CatalogBronzeOff the GridFountain ValleyFountain ValleyCA
Company CatalogBronzeSamrty Y PantsSanta Monica HSSanta Monica, CACA
Brochure1stGG JewelersElizabeth Learning CenterLos AngelesCA
Brochure2ndMantraSummit HSFontanaCA
Brochure3rdCozy CasasAntelope Valley HSLancasterCA
BrochureGoldKeyBoard CleanseCarson HSCarsonCA
BrochureGoldInfinipackClaremont HSClaremontCA
BrochureSilverImaginationHS for the Arts, Imagination & InquiryNew YorkNY
BrochureSilverSolar CellRedlands HSRedlandsCA
BrochureSilverStorm FitUniversity HSIrvineCA
BrochureSilverIn-SiteClaremont HSClaremontCA
BrochureSilverHead Start AdvisorsAcademy of Finance & EnterpriseLong IslandNY
BrochureBronzeHonua ApparelElizabeth Learning CenterLos AngelesCA
BrochureBronzeMade GardensUniversity HSIrvineCA
BrochureBronzeRelacher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
BrochureBronzeSole JuceCarsonCarsonCA
BrochureBronzeSwaySouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Human Resource Manual1stSmarty y PantsSanta Monica High SchoolSanta MonicaCA
Human Resource Manual2ndViewsSo Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Human Resource Manual3rdStorm FitUniversity HSIrvineCA
Human Resource ManualGoldPureasolJohn F. Kennedy HSLa PalmaCA
Human Resource ManualGoldLuminous Lava LampsSo Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Human Resource ManualSilverBT EnterprisesBus & Tourism: Miguel ContrerasLos AngelesCA
Human Resource ManualSilverHead Start AdvisorsAcademy of Business & FinanceNew YorkNY
Human Resource ManualSilverGG JewelersElizabeth Learning CenterLos AngelesCA
Human Resource ManualSilverManGoMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta ValleyCA
Human Resource ManualSilverSwaySo Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Human Resource ManualBronzeAcoutstic Cakes & ApparelHart HS Dist.Santa ClaritaCA
Human Resource ManualBronzeEmpireCenturySanta AnaCA
Human Resource ManualBronzeComplete LookMillikanLong BeachCA
Human Resource ManualBronzeInfinipackClaremont HSClaremontCA
Human Resource ManualBronzeMade GardensUniversity HSIrvineCA
Employee Newsletter1stBumbleBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Employee Newsletter2ndInfinipackClarmeontClaremontCA
Employee Newsletter3rdNomadSouth PasadenaSo PasadenaCA
Employee NewsletterGoldCandy CoordinationsMillikan HSLong BeachCA
Employee NewsletterGoldAcoustic Cakes & ApparelHart HS Dist.Santa ClaritaCA
Employee NewsletterSilverComplete LookMillikan HSLong BeachCA
Employee NewsletterSilverSignumCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Employee NewsletterSilverEcho CommunicationBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Employee NewsletterSilverSwaySouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Employee NewsletterSilverEmpireCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Employee NewsletterBronzeMillennial Money Mgt.Academy of Finance & EnterpriseNew YorkNY
Employee NewsletterBronzeVenueGoMarina HSHuntington BeachCA
Employee NewsletterBronzeManGoMurrieta ValleyMurrieta ValleyCA
Employee NewsletterBronzeViewsSouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Employee NewsletterBronzeOff the GridFountain ValleyFountain ValleyCA
Employee NewsletterBronzeThe PyramidCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Best Booth1stVenue GoMarina HSHuntington BeachCA
Best Booth2ndHonua ApparelElizabeth Learning CenterLos AngelesCA
Best Booth3rdCandy CoordinationsMillikan HSLong BeachCA
Best BoothGoldComplete LookMillikan HSLonge BeachCA
Best BoothGoldTaste of the WorldCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Best BoothSilverBumbleBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Best BoothSilverRelacher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
Best BoothSilverSole JuceCarson HSCarsonCA
Best BoothSilverHotshot FlipbooksChannel Islands HSOxnardCA
Best BoothSilverKeyBoard CleanseCarson HSCarsonCA
Best BoothBronzeNomadSouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Best BoothBronzeThe PyramidCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Best BoothBronzeMantraSummit HSFontanaCA
Best BoothBronzeManGoMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta ValeyCA
Best BoothBronzePerfect PlatesMoreno Valley HSMoreno ValleyCA
Best Salesmanship1stThe PyramidCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Best Salesmanship2ndHonua ApparelElizabeth Learning CenterLos AngelesCA
Best Salesmanship3rdRush N JavaBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Best SalesmanshipGoldMantraSummit HSFontanaCA
Best SalesmanshipGoldBack 2 BackSamueli AcademySanta AnaCA
Best SalesmanshipSilverManGoMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta ValleyCA
Best SalesmanshipSilverRising SouthAugustus Hawkins High SchoolLos AngelesCA
Best SalesmanshipSilverPinya LinyaMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta ValleyCA
Best SalesmanshipSilverStorm FitUniversity HSIrvineCA
Best SalesmanshipSilverBumbleBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Best SalesmanshipSilverComplete LookMillikan HSLong BeachCA
Best SalesmanshipBronzeThe JunkyardAugustus Hawkins High SchoolLos AngelesCA
Best SalesmanshipBronzeSignumCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Best SalesmanshipBronzeSolar CellRedlands HSRedlandsCA
Best SalesmanshipBronzeSwaySouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Best SalesmanshipBronze2 Big IncCabrilloLong BeachCA
Best SalesmanshipBronzeReApparelArvin HSBakersfieldCA
Impact Marketing1stSignumCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Impact Marketing2ndCoastal Crew ClothingSan MarcosSan MarcosCA
Impact Marketing3rdInfinipackCalremont HSClaremontCA
Impact MarketingGoldCOREOrtega HSLake ElsinoreCA
Impact MarketingGoldPerfect PlatesMoreno Valley HSMoreno ValleyCA
Impact MarketingSilverGG JewelersElizabeth Learning CenterLos AngelesCA
Impact MarketingSilverTaste fo the WorldCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Impact MarketingSilverAcoustic Cakes & ApparelHart HS Dist.Santa ClaritaCA
Impact MarketingSilverOff the GridFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
Impact MarketingSilverCav CratesMonclair HSMontclairCA
Impact MarketingBronzeHonua ApparelElizabeth Learning CenterLos AngelesCA
Impact MarketingBronzeLuminous Lava LampsSouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Impact MarketingBronzeLimitless Performance ProductsClaremont HSClaremontCA
Impact MarketingBronzeEcho CommunicationsBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Impact MarketingBronzeMantraSummit HSFontanaCA
Elevator Pitch1stRelacher Day SpaCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
Elevator Pitch2ndRush N JavaBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Elevator Pitch3rdReApparelArvin HSBakersfieldCA
Elevator PitchGoldPureasolJohn F. Kennedy HSLa PalmaCA
Elevator PitchGoldAthenaLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Elevator PitchSilverEcho CommunicationsBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Elevator PitchSilverInfinipackClaremont HSClaremontCA
Elevator PitchSilverThe PyramidCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Elevator PitchSilver9021 DoughBeverly Hills HSBeverly HillsCA
Elevator PitchSilverDrone VisionLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Elevator PitchSilverLimitless Performance ProductsClaremont HSClaremontCA
Elevator PitchBronzeBaby SeaterCosta Mesa HSCosta MesaCA
Elevator PitchBronzeNomadSouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Elevator PitchBronzeComplete LookMillikan HSLong BeachCA
Elevator PitchBronzeGame DayPacific PalisadesPacific PalisadesCA
Elevator PitchBronzeSunPacMillikan HSLong BeachCA
Marketing Plan1stViewsSouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Marketing Plan2ndLuminous Lava LampsSouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Marketing Plan3rdThe PyramidCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Marketing PlanGoldManGoMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta ValleyCA
Marketing PlanGoldSwaySouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Marketing PlanSilverTaste of the WorldCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Marketing PlanSilverDrone VisionLa Mirada HSIrvineCA
Marketing PlanSilverOff the GridFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
Marketing PlanSilverBumbleBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Marketing PlanSilverNomadSouth Pasadena HSSo PasadenaCA
Marketing PlanBronzeMade GardensUniversity HSIrvineCA
Marketing PlanBronzePinya LinyaMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta ValleyCA
Marketing PlanBronzePower UpSanta Barbara HSSanta BarbaraCA
Marketing PlanBronzeInfinipackClaremont HSClaremontCA
Marketing PlanBronzePalm ShadesPalm Springs HSPalm SpringsCA

2017 Mid-Atlantic Trade Show

CompetitionPlaceVE FirmSchoolCityState
Business Plan Defense1stGlobalyze Web & DesignAdvanced Technology CenterVirginia BeachVirginia
Business Plan Defense2ndShowerPowerFirst Colonial High SchoolVirginia BeachVirginia
Business Plan Defense3rdFashion FlicksSalem High SchoolVirginia BeachVirginia
Company Apparel1stGlobalyze Web & DesignAdvanced Technology CenterVirginia BeachVirginia
Company Apparel2ndEvergreen LodgeWallenpaupack High SchoolHawleyPennsylvania
Company Apparel3rdMirFashionGeorge Washington High SchoolDanvilleVirginia
Company Business Card Design1stGlobalyze Web & DesignAdvanced Technology CenterVirginia BeachVirginia
Company Business Card Design2ndSouthern PrestigeSpartanburg High SchoolSpartanburgSouth Carolina
Company Business Card Design3rdA Helping HandWest Hempstead High SchoolWest HempsteadNew York
Print Ad1stGlobalyze Web & DesignAdvanced Technology CenterVirginia BeachVirginia
Print Ad2ndEvergreen LodgeWallenpaupack High SchoolHawleyPennsylvania
Print Ad3rdA Helping HandWest Hempstead High SchoolWest HempsteadNew York
Employee’s Choice for Best Booth1stTelemoodGeorge Washington High SchoolDanvilleVirginia
Human Resources Newsletter1stEveryday NaturalFloyd E. Kellam High SchoolVirginia BeachVirginia
Human Resources Newsletter2ndEvergreen LodgeWallenpaupack High SchoolHawleyPennsylvania
Human Resources Newsletter3rdSouthern PrestigeSpartanburg High SchoolSpartanburgSouth Carolina
Impact Marketing1stGlobalyze Web & DesignAdvanced Technology CenterVirginia BeachVirginia
Impact Marketing2ndA Helping HandWest Hempstead High SchoolWest HempsteadNew York
Impact Marketing3rdBundimals by IgniteCedar Ridge High SchoolHillsboroughNorth Carolina
Marketing Case Study1stA Helping HandWest Hempstead High SchoolWest HempsteadNew York
Marketing Case Study2ndAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead High SchoolWest HempsteadNew York
Marketing Case Study3rdEvergreen LodgeWallenpaupack High SchoolHawleyPennsylvania
Salesmanship1stFashion FlicksSalem High SchoolVirginia BeachVirginia
Salesmanship2ndAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead High SchoolWest HempsteadNew York
Salesmanship3rdSouthern PrestigeSpartanburg High SchoolSpartanburgSouth Carolina
Best Trade Show Exhibit1stMirFashionGeorge Washington High SchoolDanvilleVirginia
Best Trade Show Exhibit2ndA Helping HandWest Hempstead High SchoolWest HempsteadNew York
Best Trade Show Exhibit3rdAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead High SchoolWest HempsteadNew York
Video Commercial1stA Helping HandWest Hempstead High SchoolWest HempsteadNew York
Video Commercial2ndCHRONOSLandstown High School & Governor’s STEM AcademyVirginia BeachVirginia
Video Commercial3rdBundimals by IgniteCedar Ridge High SchoolHillsboroughNorth Carolina
Website Design1stGlobalyze Web & DesignAdvanced Technology CenterVirginia BeachVirginia
Website Design2ndEvergreen LodgeWallenpaupack High SchoolHawleyPennsylvania
Website Design3rdA Helping HandWest Hempstead High SchoolWest HempsteadNew York

2017 North Carolina Trade Show

Best Booth1stThe EdgeGranville Central High SchoolNC
Best Booth1stLumiGranville Central High SchoolNC
Best Salesmanship1stThe EdgeGranville Central High SchoolNC

2017 Bay Area Trade Show

CompetitionPlaceVE FirmSchoolCityState
Company Branding1stNomadSouth PasadenaSouth PasadenaCA
Company Branding2ndWorldTasteJames LoganUnion CityCA
Company Branding3rdSolmissionMission ViejoMission ViejoCa
Company BrandingGoldThe ExperienceLemooreLemooreCA
Company BrandingGoldMatchWearFrancis LewisFresh MeadowsNY
Company BrandingSilverComplete LookMillikanLong BeachCA
Company BrandingSilverPolaris IncHomesteadCupertinoCA
Company BrandingSilverMine.Samueli AcademySanta AnaCA
Company BrandingSilverPulseOxford AcademyCypressCA
Company BrandingSilverEcho CommunicationsBloomingtonBloomingtonCA
Company BrandingBronzeRuby CasesThousand OaksThousand OaksCA
Company BrandingBronzeSwaySouth PasadenaSouth PasadenaCA
Company BrandingBronzeBundleBoxLibertyBrentwoodCA
Company BrandingBronzeSunrise CrateSamueli AcademySanta AnaCA
Company BrandingBronzeAvant-guarde FurnishingsFt. HamiltonBrooklynNY
Elevator Pitch1stPureasolJohn F KennedyLa PalmaCA
Elevator Pitch2ndRelacher Day SpaCanyon SpringsMoreno ValleyCA
Elevator Pitch3rdAthenaLa MiradaLa MiradaCA
Elevator PitchGoldNomadSouth PasadenaSouth PasadenaCA
Elevator PitchGoldSpokesJames LoganUnion CityCA
Elevator PitchSilverDrone VisionLa MiradaLa MiradaCA
Elevator PitchSilverSunrise CrateSamueli AcademySanta AnaCA
Elevator PitchSilverPinya LinyaMurrieta ValleyMurrieta ValleyCA
Elevator PitchSilverBumbleBakersfieldBakersfieldCA
Elevator PitchSilverT Squared MedEAJacqueline Kenney OnassisNew YorkNY
Elevator PitchBronzeEcho CommunicationsBloomingtonBloomingtonCA
Elevator PitchBronzeMine.Samueli AcademySanta AnaCA
Elevator PitchBronzeImagination Inc.HS For Arts, Imagination & InquryNew YorkNY
Elevator PitchBronzeStorm FitUniversityIrvineCA
Elevator PitchBronzeFly Fashion NYHS of Fashion IndustriesNew YorkNY
Financial Statements Challenge1stSwaySouth PasadenaSouth PasadenaCA
Financial Statements Challenge2ndDreamScapeGolden WestVisaliaCA
Financial Statements Challenge3rdCandy CoordinationsMillikanLong BeachCA
Financial Statements ChallengeGoldBumbleBakersfieldBakersfieldCA
Financial Statements ChallengeGoldPinya LinyaMurrieta ValleyMurrieta ValleyCA
Financial Statements ChallengeSilverNomadSouth PasadenaSouth PasadenaCA
Financial Statements ChallengeSilverSpokesJames LoganUnion CityCA
Financial Statements ChallengeSilverPureasolJohn F KennedyLa PalmaCA
Financial Statements ChallengeSilverRelacher Day SpaCanyon SpringsMoreno ValleyCA
Financial Statements ChallengeSilverSpirit 17RooseveltFresnoCA
Financial Statements ChallengeBronzeThe ExperienceLemooreLemooreCA
Financial Statements ChallengeBronzeMine.Samueli AcademySanta AnaCA
Financial Statements ChallengeBronzeMillennial Money MgmtAcad of Finance & EnterpLong Island CityNY
Financial Statements ChallengeBronzeSolmissionMission ViejoMission ViejoCA
Financial Statements ChallengeBronzeSide Top CoGolden WestVisaliaCA
Human Resource Scenarios1stNomadSouth PasadenaSouth PasadenaCA
Human Resource Scenarios2ndBumbleBakersfieldBakersfieldCA
Human Resource Scenarios3rdPinya LinyaMurrieta ValleyMurrieta ValleyCA
Human Resource ScenariosGoldSwaySouth PasadenaSouth PasadenaCA
Human Resource ScenariosGoldSolSandCarlsbadCarlsbadCA
Human Resource ScenariosSilverManGoMurrieta ValleyMurrieta ValleyCA
Human Resource ScenariosSilverAthenaLa MiradaLa MiradaCA
Human Resource ScenariosSilverRelacher Day SpaCanyon SpringsMoreno ValleyCA
Human Resource ScenariosSilverThe ExperienceLemooreLemooreCA
Human Resource ScenariosSilverMade GardensUniversityIrvineCA
Human Resource ScenariosBronzeVE RadioMt. MiguelSpring ValleyCA
Human Resource ScenariosBronzeMalibu BoxEast BakersfieldBakersfieldCA
Human Resource ScenariosBronzeSpirit 17RooseveltFresnoCA
Human Resource ScenariosBronzePalm ShadesPalm SpringsPalm SpringsCA
Human Resource ScenariosBronzeCandy CoordinationsMillikanLong BeachCA
Marketing Plan1stSwaySouth PasadenaSouth PasadenaCA
Marketing Plan2ndNomadSouth PasadenaSouth PasadenaCA
Marketing Plan3rdPinya LinyaMurrieta ValleyMurrieta ValleyCA
Marketing PlanGoldEcho CommunicationsBloomingtonBloomingtonCA
Marketing PlanGoldBumbleBakersfieldBakersfieldCA
Marketing PlanSilverImagination Inc.HS For Arts, Imagination & InquryNew YorkNY
Marketing PlanSilverAthenaLa MiradaLa MiradaCA
Marketing PlanSilverRelacher Day SpaCanyon SpringsMoreno ValleyCA
Marketing PlanSilverDrone VisionLa MiradaLa MiradaCA
Marketing PlanSilverBlokCarlsbadCarlsbadCA
Marketing PlanBronzeSunrise CrateSamueli AcademySanta AnaCA
Marketing PlanBronzeMine.Samueli AcademySanta AnaCA
Marketing PlanBronzeDreamscapeGolden WestVisaliaCA
Marketing PlanBronzeSpirit 17RooseveltFresnoCA
Marketing PlanBronzeMade GardensUniversityIrvineCA
Sustainable Revenue Business Plan1stNomadSouth PasadenaSouth PasadenaCA
Sustainable Revenue Business Plan2ndNuAppsFrancis LewisForest MeadowsNY
Sustainable Revenue Business Plan3dSpokesJames LoganUnion CityCA
Sustainable Revenue Business PlanGoldSpirit 17RooseveltFresnoCA
Sustainable Revenue Business PlanGoldSide Top Co.Golden WestVisaliaCA
Sustainable Revenue Business PlanSilverRuby CasesThousand OaksThousand OaksCA
Sustainable Revenue Business PlanSilverWorldTasteJames LoganUnion CityCA
Sustainable Revenue Business PlanSilverReApparelArvinArvinCA
Sustainable Revenue Business PlanSilverVintage AutomotiveVintageNapaCA
Sustainable Revenue Business PlanSilverReImagin 3DFrancis LewisForest MeadowsNY
Sustainable Revenue Business PlanSilverBundleboxLibretyBrentwoodCA
Sustainable Revenue Business PlanBronzeDrone VisionLa MiradaLa MiradaCA
Sustainable Revenue Business PlanBronzeSOLSandCarlsbadCarlsbadCA
Sustainable Revenue Business PlanBronzeSolmissionMission ViejoMission ViejoCA
Sustainable Revenue Business PlanBronzeDreamscapeGolden WestVisaliaCA
Sustainable Revenue Business PlanBronzeRetro SurfMoorparkMoorparkCA
Video Commercial1stNomadSouth PasadenaSouth PasadenaCA
Video Commercial2ndMine.Samueli AcademySanta AnaCA
Video Commercial3rdSpirit 17RooseveltFresnoCA
Video CommercialGoldPulseOxford AcademyCypressCA
Video CommercialGoldSpokesJames LoganUnion CityCA
Video CommercialSilverRuby CasesThousand OaksThousand OaksCA
Video CommercialSilverBundleBoxLibertyBrentwoodCA
Video CommercialSilverBunmbleBakersfieldBakersfieldCA
Video CommercialSilverComplete LookMillikanLong BeachCA
Video CommercialSilverMillennial Money MgmtAcad of Finance & EnterpLong Island CityNY
Video CommercialBronzeVikeInksLynbrookSan JoseCA
Video CommercialBronzeVE RadioMt. MiguelSpring ValleyCA
Video CommercialBronzeEcho CommunicationsBloomingtonBloomingtonCA
Video CommercialBronzeBlokCarlsbadCarlsbadCA
Video CommercialBronzeManGoMurrieta ValleyMurrieta ValleyCA
WOW Factor1stPinya LinyaMurrieta ValleyMurrieta ValleyCA
WOW Factor2ndCozy CasaAntelope Valley High SchoolLancasterCA
WOW Factor3rdRetro SurfMoorparkMoorparkCA
WOW FactorGoldNomadSouth PasadenaSouth PasadenaCA
WOW FactorGoldVintage AutomotiveVintageNapaCA
WOW FactorSilverBundleBoxLibertyBrentwoodCA
WOW FactorSilverThe ExperienceLemooreLemooreCA
WOW FactorSilverSolmissionMission ViejoMission ViejoCA
WOW FactorSilverSwaySouth PasadenaSouth PasadenaCA
WOW FactorSilverRelacher Day SpaCanyon SpringsMoreno ValleyCA
WOW FactorBronzeMade GardensUniversityIrvineCA
WOW FactorBronzeManGoMurrieta ValleyMurrieta ValleyCA
WOW FactorBronzeSpirit 17RooseveltFresnoCA
WOW FactorBronzeWorldTasteJames LoganUnion CityCA
WOW FactorBronzeSunPacMillikanLong BeachCA

2015-16 National Online Competitions

15-16 Elevator Pitch15-16 Website15-16 Video Commercial

Watch Top 10% Pitches from the 2015 National Elevator Pitch Competition

2015 National Elevator Pitch Competition Results

PlaceStudent NameFirm
Top 10%Hagir ElzinBrooklyn’s Sweet ‘N Savory Catering
Top 10%Jordan ButtsEclipse Cinemas
Top 10%Aran ArabElysium
Top 10%Katherine McClendonEvery Drop Counts
Top 10%Rachel WierzbowskiFITspiration
Top 10%James Brutchin-RooseFlintlet
Top 10%Austin CrissJust in Case
Top 10%Brittany MuellerLegacy
Top 10%Ryan EshaghiLifedrone
Top 10%Trent HillNocogo
Top 10%Catherine PimentelPro-Tect
Top 10%Arnold YauReimagin3d
Top 10%Nichole Ann TorresREIMAGIN3D
Top 10%Sabrina RendonReImagin3D
Top 10%Heather HeldSprout
Top 10%Michael HumphreyUnderWrapz
Top 10%Jared SniderWired Koffee
Top 25%Alexandra ShertzerAmplife
Top 25%Jackie DaveyAP Athletics
Top 25%Reid RubioAquaTerra
Top 25%Moses Mcintyre and Gustavo RosalesASAP
Top 25%Vanessa AlvarezAtlantis Aquaponics
Top 25%Alex AflakAVibez
Top 25%Benjamin HerbertBody Kinetics
Top 25%Joshua KurthCamp Sparta
Top 25%Lucas YanezDeja Vu Enterprises
Top 25%Marissa SaberEnviroscentals
Top 25%Alyssa BergmanEvoTech
Top 25%Rachelle SerranoFocal Point Inc.
Top 25%Luis LopezFruit Oasis
Top 25%Humayra HayderInfinite Investment Solutions
Top 25%Joshua RamnihoreInfinite Investment Solutions
Top 25%Magaly PerezInfinite Investment Solutions
Top 25%Charlotte EmersonINK
Top 25%Sean BowlerMavCo Inc.
Top 25%Albaro RivasPiece Of Cake
Top 25%Anastasia AmanatidisReimagin3D
Top 25%Tianhao ZhangReimagin3D
Top 25%Hunter RobertsonSalubre
Top 25%Jasmin FashamiSecond Stitch
Top 25%Star YanceyThe Edge
Top 25%Aaron BoulayWayBound Inc
Honorable MentionApril Rempfer3D Interior Design
Honorable MentionNadeem SbaitiApex Water by Capital Enterprise
Honorable MentionChristain MaciasApple Up
Honorable MentionJaylene AnayaAqua Pura
Honorable MentionAmy SaldivarAuggies
Honorable MentionJustin MansholtBucket List
Honorable MentionJack BressettCelebration Center
Honorable MentionDaisy AntolinEmpire
Honorable MentionStephen LiuFlushing High School
Honorable MentionSydney CrawfordHelios, Inc.
Honorable MentionHelena SladeHikeout
Honorable MentionEcho DassingerHoloBeats Entertainment
Honorable MentionMackenzie ByrneHOVBoards
Honorable MentionJovana NedeljkovicInfinite Investment Solutions
Honorable MentionMashaba ChoudhuryInfinite Investment Solutions
Honorable MentionDylan DonahueiScream
Honorable MentionKevin MerkleMcMarketing
Honorable MentionEdgar MorenoN.E.R.D.S. Technology
Honorable MentionHilda CardenasN.E.R.D.S. Technology
Honorable MentionCameron CakusNext Level Athletics
Honorable MentionJody LinNuapps
Honorable MentionLauren ZarbisNuapps
Honorable MentionKassandra RiveraOlympic Insurance
Honorable MentionKelly ChehadahPacific Sleeve
Honorable MentionBlake EvansPandora’s Box
Honorable MentionDillon NissanPowered
Honorable MentionAemun AhmarReimagin3D
Honorable MentionBrandon LamReimagin3D
Honorable MentionXavier DiazReimagin3D
Honorable MentionSteven GitsinROC Security
Honorable MentionEmi WeissSecret Soles
Honorable MentionKarina GonzalezSolar-Tek
Honorable MentionDylan DeosinghSolPower
Honorable MentionJordyn WhittedThe Blend Travels
Honorable MentionMarcelo SanchezThe Edge
Honorable MentionMichael MeadorsTrifecta
Honorable MentionMelissa MarraVE Connected

2015 National Website Competition Results

Top 10%0val Insurance
Top 10%Bink Co.
Top 10%Brooklyn ' s Sweet N Savory Catering
Top 10%Chekawe
Top 10%Donut Land
Top 10%East Docks
Top 10%FLY
Top 10%Get Lost
Top 10%MatchWear
Top 10%Mission: Adventure
Top 10%NYCycles
Top 10%The Animal Kingdom, Inc.
Top 10%24/7 Meals
Top 10%AceIT
Top 10%Apple Up
Top 10%Auggies
Top 10%Avant-garde Furnishings, Inc.
Top 10%Block Party
Top 10%Bluetip
Top 10%Doughflow
Top 10%Food 2 U
Top 10%Gotham Enterprises
Top 10%LitFit
Top 10%Luxury Resort Management
Top 10%Majestique Clothing
Top 10%Marauder Enterprises
Top 10%MEOW
Top 10%Millennium
Top 10%Next Level Athletics
Top 10%Ohana Surfboard Company
Top 10%Pacific Sleeve
Top 10%Piece Of Cake
Top 10%Play Blu
Top 10%PULSE
Top 10%ReImagin3D
Top 10%Rock Solid
Top 10%Southern Style Smoothies
Top 10%Super Bouncy Bouncy
Top 10%SweetTooth
Top 10%Vivacity
Top 25%3D Interior Design
Top 25%A-1 Enterprises
Top 25%a6teen
Top 25%Acoustic Cakes And Apparel
Top 25%Adventure Outdoors Company
Top 25%Alpha Graphics
Top 25%ApparelU
Top 25%At Your Service
Top 25%Backstage
Top 25%Berry Unlimited
Top 25%Bigfoot LLC
Top 25%Bits & Bites
Top 25%Body Kinetics
Top 25%Bright Innovations Inc.
Top 25%Bucsmart
Top 25%Cavalier Duct Tape Creations
Top 25%Cavalier Enterprises
Top 25%Culturally Creative Cupcakes, Inc.
Top 25%Cyber Shock
Top 25%Deja Vu
Top 25%Down To Earth, Inc.
Top 25%Eclectic Essentials
Top 25%Eclipse
Top 25%Eco-Living
Top 25%ECOplex
Top 25%F5d.b.a. iSports
Top 25%Fruit Oasis
Top 25%Global Gate
Top 25%Golden Soles
Top 25%Hikeout
Top 25%Home Sweet Home
Top 25%Indonesian Food Company
Top 25%INK
Top 25%Innovations
Top 25%iScream
Top 25%Metaphor, Inc.
Top 25%Nuapps
Top 25%Olympian, Inc
Top 25%On The Move
Top 25%One Stop App Shop
Top 25%Perfect Plates
Top 25%Powered
Top 25%Red Hawk Apparel
Top 25%Ride Redo
Top 25%Salubre
Top 25%Snack Foods Inc.
Top 25%SNAP
Top 25%Sockscribe
Top 25%Solar Cell
Top 25%Stylize Me
Top 25%Topthrill
Top 25%T-Squared
Top 25%Underground Mall
Top 25%Unperplexed Solutions
Top 25%VE Connected
Top 25%Velocity International
Top 25%Violetta St-Jacques
Top 25%Wired Koffee
Top 25%Xpressions Inc.
Honorable Mention#1 Teen Jewelry
Honorable Mention0n Demand Food Delivery
Honorable MentionA+ Opportunity
Honorable MentionAdrenaline Rush
Honorable MentionAdventure Time
Honorable MentionAffinity One
Honorable MentionAlpha & Omega
Honorable MentionApollo
Honorable MentionAquaTerra
Honorable MentionArctic Coast Apparel
Honorable MentionArea304
Honorable MentionAtlantis Aquaponics
Honorable MentionBatt-Belt LLC
Honorable MentionBusiness Casual Furnishing
Honorable MentionCapital Enterprise, Inc
Honorable MentionCarolina Wrentals
Honorable MentionCelebration Center
Honorable MentionCelestial Jewelers
Honorable MentionCloud IX
Honorable MentionCoastal Express
Honorable MentionCommandrones
Honorable MentionConcierge
Honorable MentionDare Devil Obstacles
Honorable MentionDarrel
Honorable MentionDiverse City Wear
Honorable MentionDonatii
Honorable MentionDream Canteen
Honorable MentionECO-TECH
Honorable MentionEndless Destinations
Honorable MentionEnviroscentals
Honorable MentionEVO Tech
Honorable MentionEVolve Gaming
Honorable MentioneXtra
Honorable MentionExtreme Adventures
Honorable MentionFit+
Honorable MentionFitspiration
Honorable MentionForever Fit By Floyd!3.5
Honorable MentionGolden Ram Enterprises, Inc.
Honorable MentionGreen Grocery
Honorable MentionHigh Tech
Honorable MentionHolo Entertainment
Honorable MentionHybri-drive
Honorable MentionIllumilight
Honorable MentionImagineers
Honorable MentionInfinite Investment Solutions
Honorable MentionInnovative Technology
Honorable MentionKaruna
Honorable MentionKismat
Honorable MentionLifedrone
Honorable MentionMajestic Magical Creatures
Honorable MentionMeta Music
Honorable MentionModern Nook Design
Honorable MentionMojo Customs
Honorable MentionMountain Escape
Honorable MentionMr. Hoagel's
Honorable MentionN.E.R.D.S. Technology
Honorable MentionNever Ending
Honorable MentionNew Heights
Honorable MentionParadise Bay
Honorable MentionPrint-A-Bull Inc
Honorable MentionRoad to Success
Honorable MentionSalt Story
Honorable MentionSecond Stitch
Honorable MentionSmooth Move
Honorable MentionSolaris Imperium
Honorable MentionSpecial Thanks and Recognition
Honorable MentionSpeed Dealers
Honorable MentionStarsuerte
Honorable MentionSwitch Back Give Back
Honorable MentionT Corporation
Honorable MentionThe Blend
Honorable MentionThe Mason Jar
Honorable MentionThrive
Honorable MentionTimeless Fashions
Honorable MentionTrojan Wall
Honorable MentionTurismo Resorts
Honorable MentionWidget Wonderland
Honorable MentionWildWear
Honorable Mention1nfinity, Inc.
Honorable MentionAdvanced Performance Athletics
Honorable MentionBanana Bowls
Honorable MentionBatavia Creativity Company
Honorable MentionClick-n-Shop Groceries
Honorable MentionEnvision North
Honorable MentionEvery Drop Counts
Honorable MentionLimitless
Honorable MentionMedia One
Honorable MentionNYidea
Honorable MentionPalmetto Parcels
Honorable MentionPandora's Box
Honorable MentionPort Richmond Catering
Honorable MentionRise Enterprise
Honorable MentionSkyline 360
Honorable MentionSpectrum
Honorable MentionWebFoo Technologies

2015 National Video Commercial Results

ResultFirmStar Rating
Top 10%AP Athletics5.0
Top 10%AquaTerra5.0
Top 10%Golden Soles5.0
Top 10%Limitless5.0
Top 10%Alpha and Omega4.5
Top 10%Apple Up4.5
Top 10%Cavalier Duct Tape Creations4.5
Top 10%Clever Contraptions4.5
Top 10%EvoTech4.5
Top 10%Forever Fit4.5
Top 10%Helios4.5
Top 10%Next Level Athletics4.5
Top 10%The Animal Kingdom, Inc.4.5
Top 10%UnderWrapz4.5
Top 25%A to Z4.0
Top 25%Assurance Services for Advanced Progress4.0
Top 25%Avant-garde Furnishings, Inc.4.0
Top 25%Batt-Belt LLC4.0
Top 25%Click-n-Shop Groceries4.0
Top 25%FITspiration4.0
Top 25%HoloEntertainment4.0
Top 25%Ink4.0
Top 25%Kinectricity4.0
Top 25%Magic Moment4.0
Top 25%Sprout4.0
Top 25%Top Form4.0
Top 25%Trifecta4.0
Top 25%uDesign4.0
Top 25%Xtreme Comfort4.0
Top 25%ROC Security3.5
Top 25%Intelligems3.5
Top 25%Tanks A Lot3.5
Top 25%MetaNova3.5
Honorable MentionAdventure Outdoors Company3.5
Honorable MentionApollo3.5
Honorable MentionArrow Designs3.5
Honorable MentionBanana Bowls3.5
Honorable MentionCali Twist3.5
Honorable MentionCurb Appeal3.5
Honorable MentionEndure, Inc.3.5
Honorable MentionHybridrive3.5
Honorable MentionKUDETA3.5
Honorable MentionLumiere3.5
Honorable MentionSavor the Flavor3.5
Honorable MentionSockscribe3.5
Honorable MentionUnderground Mall3.5
Honorable MentionAqua Pura3.0
Honorable MentionBrooklyn's Sweet 'N Savory Catering3.0
Honorable MentionDons Net Cafe3.0
Honorable MentionDonutland3.0
Honorable MentionEnviroscentals3.0
Honorable MentionEnvision North3.0
Honorable MentionEvery Drop Counts3.0
Honorable MentionExorbia Advertising3.0
Honorable MentionFuture Inc3.0
Honorable Mentionillumilight3.0
Honorable MentionKutt~Loose3.0
Honorable MentionMonde de Chocolat National Trade and Banking High School3.0
Honorable MentionNuApps3.0
Honorable MentionPlatinum Soles3.0
Honorable MentionSmooth Move3.0
Honorable MentionSnack Foods Inc3.0
Honorable MentionStyle Snapp3.0
Honorable MentionSuper Bouncy Bouncy3.0
Honorable MentionTitan Enterprises3.0
Honorable MentionVIE Incorporated3.0

2016 Youth Business Summit

2016 National Business Plan Competition – Top 6 Team Presentations

2016 National Business Plan Competition Recap

2016 National Human Resources Competition Recap