Facilitator Hub Dashboard

After accepting the VE Hub User Agreement and/or completing account setup, facilitators will see their dashboard, which includes the following icons:

National Teachers’ Conference

Access resources from the teacher conference in July, including presentations and resources.

Competitions Manager

View competition descriptions and upload files to submit for competitions. A tool for students and teachers to submit work deliverables such as company newsletters and video commercials to get star-ratings and feedback from volunteer business professionals and leaders.


Access course curriculum and resources. The Curriculum is also known as the VE-LMS. Please note that upon setup, it may take up to 24 hours for the curriculum to become available.

Circles of Excellence

Learn more about achieving Bronze, Silver, or Gold in the Circles of Excellence.

Marketplace Tools

Access various e-commerce tools for doing business in the VE Marketplace.

Program Registration

Edit or send updates on school information through the Program Registration form.

Teacher Admin

Facilitators will be able to manage firm/course details, add new sections, and add students.

Teachers’ Lounge

Access resources to support program implementation throughout the school year.

Market Insights

Refer to the specific market observations and information gathered within the VE economy. It allows you to see what’s trending, what industries have a high number of transactions, the average sale price, etc. You can use this as a tool to help determine what VE businesses your students may want to run.

Trade Shows

Register for online and live trade shows.

VE Hub Tutorials

Creating Class Sections

Returning and New Teachers

Archiving & Renewing Firm Sections

Returning Teachers

Option 1: Adding Students Manually

Returning and New Teachers

Option 2: Bulk uploading students using a CSV

Returning and New Teachers

Resetting Student Password

Returning and New Teachers

Deleting a Student from a Class

Returning and New Teachers

For detailed instructions on using the VE Hub (adding sections, adding students, icon descriptions, and more), access the Hub User Guide below:

If you would like to receive VE Hub Help or have any additional questions, you can schedule a meeting time using the calendar link here.