2020 National Elevator Pitch
Competition Results

FirmSchoolStateResultStarsWatch Pitch
ApolloHerricks HSNYTop 10%4.5View Pitch
BreAkoUtRocky Point HSNYTop 10%4.5View Pitch
ClothedInPalisades Charter HighCATop 10%4.5View Pitch
METAkeyBethpage Senior HSNYTop 10%4.5View Pitch
Not Your Grandma's PuddingSyosset HSNYTop 10%4.5View Pitch
Pro-Tech(t)Oyster Bay HSNYTop 10%4.5View Pitch
ScentifyGolden West HSCATop 10%4.5View Pitch
UV CleanSyosset HSNYTop 10%4.5View Pitch
ApricityCarle Place Middle Senior HSNYTop 10%4
AR WorldThe Academy of Mathematics, Science & EngineeringNJTop 10%4
Bag-O-MaticSewanhaka HSNYTop 10%4
Bliss WearPalm Springs HighCATop 10%4
GrowHerricks HSNYTop 10%4
HavluMurrieta Valley HighCATop 10%4
HomeTownHuntington HSNYTop 10%4
ImagineersLapeer Co Education and Technology CenterMITop 10%4
JukeboxWaubonsie Valley HSILTop 10%4
Kathy's KitsHerricks HSNYTop 10%4
MaskMiUpAtwater HighCATop 10%4
Melting PotComsewogue HSNYTop 10%4
PebblySouth Pasadena Senior HighCATop 10%4
Port & Co.Northport HSNYTop 10%4
Sole PurposeSan Juan Hills HSCATop 10%4
Summit EnergySouthold Junior-Senior HSNYTop 10%4
Sustainably FreshRidgeview HighCATop 10%4
Tech CentralPittsford Sutherland HSNYTop 10%4
TrekersBakersfield HighCATop 10%4
UnwindCrystal Lake South HSILTop 10%4
WayBound, Inc.Fenton HSMITop 10%4
AffinityNeuqua Valley HSILTop 25%4
Area304Geneva HSILTop 25%4
AwakenPioneer Middle SchoolFLTop 25%4
BagonizerWantagh Senior HSNYTop 25%4
Bee FreshBerks Career & Technology CenterPATop 25%4
Bermuda Exotic InfusionsThe Berkeley InstituteX1Top 25%4
BioVital IncorporatedGermantown Friends SchoolPATop 25%4
Botanical BeginningsHerricks HSNYTop 25%4
Crate ClosetMorris Hills HSNJTop 25%4
Custom Fitness SolutionsMurrieta Valley HighCATop 25%4
EcosGreer HSSCTop 25%4
Empire FitnessConnetquot HSNYTop 25%4
EuphoriaWestminster HSCATop 25%4
Exo Let's GoHanover Park HSNJTop 25%4
FillosophyFountain Valley HSCATop 25%4
FitBoxPittsford Sutherland HSNYTop 25%4
Fitness on DemandIslip HSNYTop 25%4
Fly By FashionMount St. Mary AcademyNYTop 25%4
Forked Food TrucksLa Mirada HSCATop 25%4
Hobby HoppersPlainview-Old Bethpage JFK HSNYTop 25%4
ImperiumJohn F Kennedy HSNYTop 25%4
MinedFountain Valley HSCATop 25%4
OneWorldBaldwin HSNYTop 25%4
Pandora's BoxCookeville HSTNTop 25%4
PET PeeveCentury HSCATop 25%4
RamPride, Inc.Montrose Hill McCloy HSMITop 25%4
RelaxologyValley Stream North HSNYTop 25%4
Second RideSan Juan Hills HSCATop 25%4
SkySourceJohn F Kennedy HSNYTop 25%4
SolEnergyMount Sinai HSNYTop 25%4
SpectrumNeuqua Valley HSILTop 25%4
Sunshine InvestmentsF. W. Buchholz HSFLTop 25%4
Tasty CratesCivic Memorial HSILTop 25%4
Treats n' SweetsPittsford-Mendon HSNYTop 25%4
TRUBLU TechnologiesSmithtown HS-WestNYTop 25%4
UniChipJames Logan HSCATop 25%4
Xtreme Comfort, Inc.St Charles East HSILTop 25%4
BaconologyFloral Park Memorial HSNYTop 25%3.5
Clever ContraptionsSt Charles East HSILTop 25%3.5
MetaNovaMetea Valley HSILTop 25%3.5
So'Flo EssentialsFort Lauderdale HSFLTop 25%3.5
SpaceWyreComsewogue HSNYTop 25%3.5
The Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto HSTNTop 25%3.5
32 BelowBeech HSTNHonorable Mention3.5
7even DeadzNathaniel Narbonne Senior HighCAHonorable Mention3.5
AbsideonCentennial HSCAHonorable Mention3.5
Aqua Therma CorporationCesar E. Chavez HSCAHonorable Mention3.5
Backpack to the FutureEast Hampton HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
Bakers BlissCenter Moriches HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
BoxologyPlainview-Old Bethpage JFK HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
Case for a CausePittsford-Mendon HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
Catalyst CareNeuqua Valley HSILHonorable Mention3.5
CoolheadzPioneer Middle SchoolFLHonorable Mention3.5
Down To Earth, Inc.Hardin County HSTNHonorable Mention3.5
East Coast EntertainmentIslip HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
EcoexperienceLindenhurst Senior HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
Electric AvenueSt Charles East HSILHonorable Mention3.5
ENGYM FitnessSyosset HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
Fem-LineJefferson HSFLHonorable Mention3.5
FetchFitGolden West HSCAHonorable Mention3.5
Fit KitLynbrook Senior HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
FlorascenceCitrus Valley HighCAHonorable Mention3.5
FNMS.Vasquez.Year2.2 20-21Florence Nightingale Middle SchoolCAHonorable Mention3.5
GameDayWalt Whitman HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
HęarthElmont Memorial HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
Heat on WheelsCanyon Springs HSCAHonorable Mention3.5
Ho'omahaVR Eaton HSTXHonorable Mention3.5
home dECO-rIrvine HSCAHonorable Mention3.5
Howl BoxSouth Hills HighCAHonorable Mention3.5
ICONEast Meadow HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
illuminiGeorge Washington HSVAHonorable Mention3.5
ImprintPiper HSFLHonorable Mention3.5
In Touch Inc.New Dorp HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
Infinite BoardzWheatley SchoolNYHonorable Mention3.5
InstaFuelSpring Hill HSSCHonorable Mention3.5
Island LockSanford H Calhoun HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
Kutt LooseSiegel HSTNHonorable Mention3.5
LegacyNeuqua Valley HSILHonorable Mention3.5
LuxDesignsFrancis Lewis HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
MatchWearFrancis Lewis HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
Mighty MasksCarlsbad HSCAHonorable Mention3.5
MonentiWesthampton Beach HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
My MealsSouth Pasadena Senior HighCAHonorable Mention3.5
NakamaBearden HSTNHonorable Mention3.5
Never EndingMetea Valley HSILHonorable Mention3.5
NovaPatchogue-Medford HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
NWP.Cortese.Year1.1 2021New World Preparatory Charter SchoolNYHonorable Mention3.5
On Guard Sports ApparelPlainedge Senior HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
P.A.V.E.Academy of Finance and EnterpriseNYHonorable Mention3.5
PanTreeHuntington HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
Phoenix CaseSweet Home HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
PoseidonHuntington HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
Positivity PillowEl Modena HighCAHonorable Mention3.5
PulseCitrus Valley HighCAHonorable Mention3.5
ReCaseBerks Career & Technology CenterPAHonorable Mention3.5
Rescue WristletBloomington HSCAHonorable Mention3.5
Retrograde AWaubonsie Valley HSILHonorable Mention3.5
Safe FightRidgeview HighCAHonorable Mention3.5
ScentimentalSouth Hills HighCAHonorable Mention3.5
Smart SheetsHanover Park HSNJHonorable Mention3.5
SolaceRobert F. KennedyCAHonorable Mention3.5
Steez SkateshopMoreno Valley HighCAHonorable Mention3.5
Summit SmirksNeuqua Valley HSILHonorable Mention3.5
TAZASouth Pasadena Senior HighCAHonorable Mention3.5
The CHATCooper City HSFLHonorable Mention3.5
The Devine DuvetArvin HSCAHonorable Mention3.5
The Vision MediaRoosevelt HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
TitanWalt Whitman HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
Tornado FitLawrence HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
TravelXJericho Senior HSNYHonorable Mention3.5
VaritechAcademy of Finance and EnterpriseNYHonorable Mention3.5
Vibe CorporationHS for Arts and BusinessNYHonorable Mention3.5
Vibe StudioWaubonsie Valley HSILHonorable Mention3.5
WiredToursWest Orange HSNJHonorable Mention3.5