2021-22 Scope of Services for VE High School Program

“The VE experience was more hands-on and interactive than any of my other courses.”

VE Student from the Student Exit Survey

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What’s Included for Schools

Program fees include training and support for new teachers and all experiences listed below with the exception of exhibition costs where applicable. See below for a full breakdown of items that are included in the program fees.

Curriculum & Resources

VE Task-Based Curriculum, aligned to Common Career Technical Core Standards and State Standards, that includes:

  • units in Design Thinking, Risk Management, Information Technology, and Personal Finance and financial templates for Break-Even Analysis, Cash Flow Budget, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Loan Amortization schedule
  • access to Intuit QuickBooks Online accounting software and TurboTax tax preparation software supported by curriculum units and instructional support services
  • rubrics for all competitions aligned to the VE Career Readiness Framework
  • business plan resources: planning guide, competition guide
  • added resources: an annual activities map, teacher pacing guide, sample deliverables, templates, instructional videos and Quick Guides

Technology Applications for Business Curriculum that includes:

  • units in Design Thinking, and Personal Finance
  • sample deliverables, templates, instructional videos and Quick Guides.

Screenshot of task and resource categories on the VE LMS Home page 

Program Support

  • Participation in the National Teachers Conference, a professional development conference held each July for VE teachers from across the country (No Additional Cost)
  • Local and/or regional VE facilitator meetings providing professional development and program updates
  • On-demand support from regional staff as needed by phone, email, video chat, school visits and in-person meetings (when possible) for all support needs, including answering implementation questions, providing facilitation guidance, and technical support

Technology Tools

  • Access to the VE Hub (hub.veinternational.org), the online home for program participants to easily access all VE resources including a teacher admin dashboard, curriculum, competitions manager, and marketplace tools
  • Access to VE’s online Learning Management System (Canvas) to find tasks and activities, activity resources, implementation resources, readings, videos, rubrics, and more
  • Online Competition Manager, a tool for students and teachers to submit work deliverables such as company newsletters and video commercials to get star-ratings and feedback from volunteer business professionals and leaders
  • Access to the online global banking system with accounts for companies, student-employees, and teachers
  • E-Commerce tools including Buy Buttons and a Point-of-Sale system for trade shows
  • Inclusion in online international directories of all student-run businesses worldwide along with resources to conduct international trade with over 40 countries
  • The VE Stock Market built using blockchain technology, allowing VE firms and student-employees to make investments in other VE firms by buying and selling tokens of various VE firms in a real-time market exchange
  • QuickBooks Online certification available to all interested students
  • New for 2021-2022 Market Insights for VE teachers and students to get at-a-glance dashboards on firm performance, industry statistics, and market trends


Use the LiveChat feature at the bottom of your screen to request a demo for any of these tools!


  • Pre/Post assessment administered by VE
  • Access to the NOCTI VE National Assessment (# 8985) administered by NOCTI
    • Provides students the ability to earn college credit. Note: Passing the NOCTI exam qualifies students for three (3) college credits in Applied Business. More information on the NOCTI Exam can be found here: http://www.nocti.org/CertificateProgram-VEI.cfm
    • The fee for the NOCTI exam is $32 per student and schools must order directly from NOCTI
  • Career Readiness formative assessment and 360 evaluation tools including the PRO Feedback for Career Readiness (Perception, Reflection, Observation) tool
  • Student Portfolios associated with curriculum tasks
  • National Online Competitions, offering VE students unique opportunities to develop and demonstrate career readiness competencies in different business domains, generate business for their VE firms, garner real-world feedback from a diverse pool of judges, and evaluate performance compared to peers on a national level
  • Competitions and Awards at Regional Events
  • Revised and updated rubrics and assessments better aligned with instruction and the Career Readiness Framework

Competitions & Events for Students

  • Local and regional student leadership events for VE student-executives offered in the fall comprised of learning experiences and training sessions, competitions, presentations from industry professionals and college professors, and networking opportunities
  • Local and Regional Business Plan Competitions in which teams submit written business plans and deliver remote oral business plan presentations to be evaluated by industry professionals and business leaders. Participating teams compete to advance to the National Business Plan Competition
  • Access to Online Regional Trade Shows, fully-interactive event experiences that integrate an online trade show, professional development, and networking opportunities. These events offer students many ways to develop and apply their skills and knowledge while interacting digitally with other VE students, educational leaders, community representatives, and real-world professionals
  • Access to all National Online Competitions
    • Elevator Pitch Competition
    • Company Branding Competition
    • E-Commerce Website Competition
    • Company Newsletter Competition
    • Video Commercial Competition
  • Youth Business Summit experience includes the International Online Trade Show, National Business Plan Competition, National Human Resources Competition, National Finance Competition, National Marketing Competition, Global Innovation Challenge, and other events

Online Learning Support

Online learning support for modified program implementation as required to meet the changing needs of schools, that includes:

  • Digital Meet & Greets with students and business partners
  • ongoing professional learning video conferences
  • remote learning activities and lessons
  • assistance with converting live-events into digital experiences
  • partnerships and remote mentoring opportunities
  • Live Chat and real-time support for teachers and students

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