American Portfolios Internships

Virtual Enterprises International (VEI) is pleased to announce the AP-VEI Internship Program, an initiative designed to help transform students into young professionals while building a major talent pipeline for American Portfolios, its branches and other organizations.

The summer internship program is provided by VEI, an educational non-profit that develops skills and competencies for the workplace and business careers through its apprenticeship model encompassing 15,000 students throughout 19 states. VE students gain a year of daily work experience by developing and running companies in their classroom, engaging in trade as part of a global network of student-run businesses.

2019 Summer Internship: July 8 – August 16 up to 20 hours per week.

Why Hire a VE Student?

Students who emerge from the VE program are able to hit the ground running when they start their internship because they’ve developed the skills and competencies necessary for college and work. They are eager to bring the skills they have learned in their virtual business to the real business workplace. VE students go through a rigorous application process before being selected, and they are interviewed and selected by the potential employer. VE staff provides ongoing support to students and business partners over the course of the internship through workshops, workplace visits and supervisory assistance. Prospective candidates comprise an ethnically and culturally diverse group of high achieving, motivated students from our public schools.

“We’ve learned a lot from them and they’ve learned a lot from us” – Gregg Fisher, Founder & Chief Investment Officer, Gerstein Fisher and Internship Host

The Benefits to Your Business

By hiring one or more VE Interns, you will

  • Gain enthusiastic, well-trained, tech-savvy, full-time assistance.
  • Gain a new perspective on organizational issues.
  • Find tech-savvy students who use technology with ease.  Social media, computer programs, website development are a piece of cake for our VE students.
  • Play a proactive role in developing our City’s future workforce while identifying talent for your own business.
  • Help with projects or tasks that you’re struggling to complete.
  • Provide internal mentor and leadership opportunities to your employees who supervise and serve as role models for VE Interns.

How it Works

  • Businesses fill out and return the online Business Partner Application and outline the skills they are looking for in an intern.
  • VE staff will select candidates that meet your criteria and present you with a selection for consideration to interview and make your choice.
  • VE staff will coordinate with you and the intern to schedule an interview.
  • Student salaries will be covered or partially covered through New York City funding and support from American Portfolios.
  • VE will conduct an orientation session prior to the start of the internship period:
    • Summer: July 8 – August 16, 6 weeks, up to 20 hours per week.
  • VE staff will monitor the progress of the intern through the course of the internship through worksite visits and phone communication.

Internship Host Application

Intern Application

Internship Host Application

Intern Application