Mount St. Mary Students Use Virtual Company to Promote Small Businesses in Buffalo

By January 6, 2022 Press Release

WHAT: Using a simulated business that they run each day from their classroom, students of Mount St. Mary’s Virtual Enterprises (VE) program will showcase Buffalo’s small business retailers through a fashion show highlighting their goods on Saturday, Jan. 22. The students’ simulated business, Fly By Fashion, will orchestrate the entire event and is made up of 21 MSM students in the VE program. The fashion show’s “Cozy Couture” theme will showcase clothing and accessories from 11 small clothing businesses in the Buffalo area.

WHO: MSM students of the Virtual Enterprises program, News4’s Gabrielle Mediak as the event emcee                  

WHEN: Saturday, January 22nd at 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Mount St. Mary Academy, 3756 Delaware Ave., Kenmore, NY

ABOUT VE: VE is a national nonprofit that provides students the opportunity to create a company and manage its day-to-day operations. Through the program, students not only develop business skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, they also identify career pathways that align with their interests, talents, and aspirations. Learn more about VE through its website