The Largest Marketplace in NYC – 2014 International Trade Show Recap


On the last day of the 2014 Youth Business Summit, new life was injected into the historical 69th Regiment Armory. We witnessed the largest (virtual) marketplace in NYC and the highest volume global trading day for VEI. From the starting horn to the final nanosecond, over 4,000 attendees gathered together for a day full of business exchange, innovative booth displays from 160 VE firms from around the world, and enthusiastic salesmanship.

Virtual Enterprises International holds it International Trade Show in New York.

Frank Boccio, Executive Vice President of New York Life, cuts the ribbon to open a day of trading at NYC’s biggest (virtual) market


Bird’s eye view of the trading floor


2014 Trade Show Competition Results

Use the links below to the find the top VEI firms for each competition.

2014 Booth Competition
2014 Catalog Competition
2014 Sales Competition
2014 Website-Basic Competition
2014 Website-Advanced Competition

2014 Booth Competition Results

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2014 Catalog Competition Results

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2014 Sales Competition Results

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2014 Website-Basic Competition Results

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2014 Website-Advanced Competition Results

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2014 Trade Show Photos


2014 Global Business Challenge Results
2014 National Business Plan Competition Results
2014 Youth Business Summit Photo Gallery

[North Carolina] VEI Students to Attend China for Global Student Leaders Summit

Granville County Schools’ Virtual Enterprises program announced a group of students, and teachers will travel to China in March to attend the EF Global Student Leaders Summit.

“We are very excited to attend this year’s Summit,” said Geni Slaughter, JFW VEI Teacher.  “The Summit provides an amazing opportunity for our students to experience China’s rich history and culture, while studying critical issues related to social business and the evolving global economy.  We are particularly excited about the Summit’s project-based learning challenge, which will allow the students to strengthen their skills of creativity, leadership, innovation, and adaptability by working with peers from a totally different cultural background.”

During this year’s Summit, students will travel to Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai on a ten-day immersive, educational tour to explore China and learn about its remarkable economic growth in recent years. The trip culminates in a two-day leadership conference where students from the U.S. and China will work in collaborative teams on a challenge to create socially responsible businesses using the design thinking process.  They will also hear keynote speeches from former U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman Jr. and Adam Davidson and Alex Blumberg, hosts of National Public Radio’s Planet Money. Undergraduate students from Harvard and Yale and employees of Google China will mentor Summit participants as they work on their challenge project.

Find out information about this trip and the full press release on the North Carolina state page.

Faller (Germany)

VEI January 2014 Featured Firm of the Month: Faller - German firm sells cardboard boxes and furniture

Available on Mondays and Tuesdays

About the Firm

Faller sells cardboard boxes and furniture, which makes it a go-to firm for the moving and furnishing needs of individuals and businesses. This practice firm is certified by the State Ministry of Education in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and operates out of a vocational college located in Waldkirch, Germany. The firm employs thirty people, who are organized into Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, Personal Management, and Accounting Departments (see list of team members below).

Faller partners with a real business, Faller KG (LP), which mainly produces packages for medicine. Faller KG offers the virtual Faller factory tours, skills training, and products and financial support for Trade Shows. Some VEI coordinators in the U.S. Network may recognize the firm, since they make annual visits to the International Trade Show in New York.

Faller is interested in building and strengthening their business relations with VEI firms in the U.S. Network.

Get in touch with Faller via the contact information at the top of this page.

Faller at 2013’s International Trade Show in NYC.

Team Members


Volker Schuck, Stefan Brock

Purchase Department:

Julia Kern, Heike Schlenker, Hans Burger, Huong Nyguen, Nadine Nothstein, Lisa Hess, Kathrin Jarolin, Jakob Kienzle

Sales Department:

Mateusz Kaminski, Nick Ohnemus, Sascha Friebe, Moritz Herbstritt, Lena Bayer

Faller at their office


Ronja Ruf, Jule Lach, Manuel Dick, Elias Kunz, Daniele Fiorentino, Benedikt Schwendemann, Eva-Maria Schneider, Nicolas Spengler, Daniel Tscherwen

Personal Management:

Marius König, Lucas Wernet, Angelika Makelko, Nadine Makelko, Lisa Wagner


Lukas Winterhalter, Max Reiner, Lisa Linse, Lena Bayer, Sergej Werz, Lisa Wagner

Faller at International Trade Fair in Ulm, Germany

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