2012 Youth Business Summit Videos & Competition Results

National Business Plan Competition

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Abeille from Costa Mesa High School, Costa Mesa, CA
Bon Voyage Travel from Fort Hamilton High School, Brooklyn, NY
Helios from South Pasadena High School, South Pasadena, CA
Play By Play Productions from Murietta Valley High School, Murietta Valley, CA
Solarity from New Dorp High School, Staten Island, NY
The Great Park Wildlife Center from Costa Mesa High School, Costa Mesa, CA


1st Place: Bon Voyage Travel from Fort Hamilton High School, Brooklyn, NY
Teacher: Mary Grace Alfredo
Team members: Ricardo Espinoza, Lily Kuong, Tiffany Low, Alan Oms, Selina Zhang, Benjamin Zhao

2nd Place: The Great Park Wildlife Center from Costa Mesa High School, Costa Mesa, CA
Teacher: Mike Sciacca
Team members: Meghan Clevenger,  Brooke Morrow, Cesar Chavez, Harry Do, Caitlyn Brock, Ashley Neppl

3rd Place:  Solarity from New Dorp High School, Staten Island, NY
Teacher: Paul Presti
Team members: Tony Santangelo, Breanna Ovalle, Samantha Lopez, Michelene Wilkerson, John Gonzalez, Daniel Tsygankov

Global Business Challenge

1st Place: Team # 15
Team members: Suzan Morina (Germany), Julisa Sanchez (California), Gina Abraham (New York), Rayssa Favato (Brazil) Truman Hance (California), Gabriela Larasati (Indonesia)

2nd Place: Team # 19
Team members: Dane Zarba (New York), Cae Chow (New York), Benjamin Hutto (South Carolina), Sabrina Ayana (Indonesia), Sonja Ditrich (Austria), Sander Paredis (Belgium)

3rd Place: Team # 18
Team members: Brandon Felts (North Carolina), Boedi Seftian Dwi Putra (Indonesia), Saiqa Khaskhali (New York), Kennedy McGill (South Carolina), Reyhannilo Yusuf Andi Kasim (Indonesia), Adrian-Horea Buzlea (Romania)

International Trade Show Competitions

Catalog Competition

1st Place: Velocity International from Forest Hills HS ,  Forest Hills, NY
2nd Place: Bon Voyage Travel from Fort Hamilton HS, Brooklyn, NY
3rd Place: L.I.F.E. from HS for Economics & Finance,  New York, NY
4th Place: The Animal Kingdom from Loretto HS, Loretto, TN
5th Place: Sweet Temptation Ltd. from National Trade and Banking HS , Sofia, Bulgaria

Website Competition, Basic

1st Place:  Cupcake Break from JFK HS, Bellmore, NY
2nd Place: Click-In Pets Inc. from Hawthorne High,  Hawthorne, CA
3rd Place: Simply Sweets from Pittsford Mendon HS,  Pittsford, NY

Website Competition, Advanced

1st Place: Nusantara Virtual Company from Sekolah HIghScope Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
2nd Place: Helios from South Pasadena HS,  South Pasadena, CA
3rd Place: STF “Magic Moment” Ltd. from National Trade and Banking HS,  Sofia, Bulgaria

Detailed Catalog and Website Results

Sales Pitch and Booth Competition Results


VE Student is NY1’s Scholar/Athlete of the Week

Featured on NY1.com
Report By Jon Weinstein

The latest Scholar Athlete of the Week is an outstanding student who heads his school’s online magazine and rises above disability on the track team.

See Vreal’s first issue!



[embed: src=””//youtu.be/O4R86ccfOGc” wmode=”transparent” width=”570″ height=”100%”]

Jeffrey Grinberg is more than a student at Francis Lewis High School. His teachers and classmates call him an inspiration.

Grinberg was born three months premature, and certain antibiotics he was given as a baby resulted in severe hearing loss.

“I wasn’t technically diagnosed with it until I was five and I was in kindergarten and teachers were starting say, ‘oh, this guy’s a rebel, he’s not listening to any of my directions,’” says Jeffrey.

But he’s anything but a rebel. He doesn’t use his disability as an excuse. Instead, his teachers say he just works harder than nearly anyone else. He’s an outstanding student with an A+ average.
“You don’t see disability when you look at Jeffrey. That’s the last thing that you see. You see determination, you see ability, you see goals being set, goals being met,” says Isai Serrano, Jeffrey’s Virtual Enterprise teacher.

Jeffrey’s hard work is most evident in that Virtual Enterprise class, where he’s CEO of the online magazine created with his fellow students.

Perhaps his most endearing quality is his willingness to help others at any time. Whether it’s his track teammates or a random student, his teachers say he offers academic and other kinds of advice.

“Anything the team asks him, he’ll do it. If he needs to tutor a team member, he’ll do it. If we need another leg on the relay, he’ll go ahead and do it. If another team member needs a uniform, he’s prepared to give it up for him,” says Ralph Montanaro, Jeffrey’s track coach. “He’s just exceptional.”

“You know, it just feels nice. It makes me happy, happy to see other people happy, you know, it’s a great thing, a good feeling,” says Jeffrey.

Jeffrey is setting his sights high when it comes to college. He’s applying to some of the best in the country.

He plans to study either computer engineering or business and has all the confidence in the world that he’ll be successful.

“Just because I have a disability didn’t stop me from doing what I want to do—following my dream, get where I want to get,” says Jeffrey.

For overcoming adversity and embracing the challenges along the way, Jeffrey Grinberg is the latest Health Plus/NY1 Scholar Athlete of the Week.