The Largest Marketplace in NYC – 2014 International Trade Show Recap


On the last day of the 2014 Youth Business Summit, new life was injected into the historical 69th Regiment Armory. We witnessed the largest (virtual) marketplace in NYC and the highest volume global trading day for VEI. From the starting horn to the final nanosecond, over 4,000 attendees gathered together for a day full of business exchange, innovative booth displays from 160 VE firms from around the world, and enthusiastic salesmanship.

Virtual Enterprises International holds it International Trade Show in New York.

Frank Boccio, Executive Vice President of New York Life, cuts the ribbon to open a day of trading at NYC’s biggest (virtual) market


Bird’s eye view of the trading floor


2014 Trade Show Competition Results

Use the links below to the find the top VEI firms for each competition.

2014 Booth Competition
2014 Catalog Competition
2014 Sales Competition
2014 Website-Basic Competition
2014 Website-Advanced Competition

2014 Booth Competition Results

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2014 Catalog Competition Results

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2014 Sales Competition Results

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2014 Website-Basic Competition Results

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2014 Website-Advanced Competition Results

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2014 Trade Show Photos


2014 Global Business Challenge Results
2014 National Business Plan Competition Results
2014 Youth Business Summit Photo Gallery

The Ultimate #2014YouthBusinessSummit Guide

If you’re on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, chances are you’ve seen those #clickable #words #everywhere. These short links are known as hashtags, and they allow groups of people to publicly share and communicate information regarding a topic, event, or interest in a quick, real-time manner. See below for a full explanation so you can start using #2014YouthBusinessSummit to its fullest potential.

What is #2014YouthBusinessSummit?

The Youth Business Summit is VEI’s signature event, bringing together VEI students from around the world for a series of opportunities to showcase the wide variety of skills they’ve learned throughout the school year. The event includes three major activities, the Global Business Challenge, National Business Plan Competition, and the International Trade Show.

If you’re unfamiliar with the events, visit the Youth Business Summit page to find out details and then return to this article.

To capture and share this excitement in real-time, we’ve chosen #2014YouthBusinessSummit as the hashtag for this extraordinary three-day event. Since it takes up a large number of precious characters, you can also use #2014YBS, #VEI, #VEInternational, or tag our Twitter name @VEInternational, but the preferred tag is #2014YouthBusinessSummit.

We’ve even set-up a webpage that highlights tweets with this tag so you can follow along with what’s happening if you can’t make it to New York City.


Why use #2014YouthBusinessSummit?

  • Share your experiences of the different events with the world
  • Provide insight to a three-day event that people may not be aware of
  • Interact with others at the event
  • Find out any special deals and promotions during the International Trade Show
  • Keep up with the who makes the final rounds of the Global Business Challenge and National Business Plan Competition


Who can use #2014YouthBusinessSummit?

Anyone on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook. This includes:

  • VEI firms looking to market and promote their business
  • VEI students having a great experience at the events
  • VEI coordinators, school administrators, and parents who are proud and impressed with the professionalism of their students
  • Guests who are attending for the first time and want to share their discovery with colleagues and friends
  • All attendees who want to bring attention to the Youth Business Summit


When can I use #2014YouthBusinessSummit?

  • From now until April 1, you can use the tag to share your excitement and anticipation for the event.
  • Between April 1 and 3, you can use the tag during the Global Business Challenge, during VEI’s Gala Dinner, during the National Business Plan Competition, and during the International Trade Show.
  • After April 3, you can use the tag when sharing the results of the competitions, photos and videos, and any other reactions you have while in the Summit’s aftermath.


See below for the event invitation, brief descriptions of the events, and links to additional Youth Business Summit resources.


Global Business Challenge

In the Global Business Challenge, which is sponsored by HSBC Bank USA, N.A. and the New York Life Foundation, students are assigned to a multinational team, and are given several hours to solve a global business problem. Each team will analyze company data, identify relevant information for the assigned task, and prepare a business strategy to be presented to a distinguished panel of judges. The Global Business Challenge will be held on Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

Registration is closed. Those who already registered should be on the lookout for an upcoming confirmation email.


An Evening to Benefit VEI

On Tuesday April 1, 2014, we encourage you to attend a dinner gala to benefit Virtual Enterprises International. Click here for ticket and sponsorship information.


National Business Plan Competition

In the National Business Plan Competition, finalists from statewide business plan competitions will compete in a championship round for prizes to be awarded to team members and their programs. The National Business Plan Competition will be taking place Wednesday, April 2, 2014. The top three national teams will be announced on Thursday, April 3, 2014 at the opening ceremony of the trade show.

Qualifying teams will be sending necessary business plan materials to their respective Regional Directors. Once the Regional Directors receive and approve these materials, teams can register.

Registration for visitors and observers will be coming soon.


International Trade Show

The International Trade Show is the signature activity of the Virtual Enterprises International practice firm program. It provides students with the opportunity to showcase and market the products and services of their virtual businesses as they engage in commerce with their local, national and international peers in a simulated global marketplace. Students will be able to compete in various competitions related to the event: Best Booth, Best Sales Pitch, Best Web Page and Best Catalog. The International Trade Show will be taking place Thursday, April 3, 2014 at the 69th Regiment Armory.


[California] 1,300 Students Attend the 2014 Bay Area Entrepreneurship Conference & Trade Show


Oakland, Ca, March 16-17, 2014:  Jay Speck County Superintendent of Schools of Solano County welcomed over 1,300 high school entrepreneurs as they arrived in the Bay Area this past weekend for the 10th Annual San Francisco Bay Area Entrepreneurship Conference and Trade Show. The event, hosted by the Solano County Office of Education and James Logan High School, was held Sunday and Monday, March 16-17, 2014 at the Oakland Convention Center. The young entrepreneurs were from Virtual Enterprise and Career Technical Education classes in New York, Illinois, Oregon, and California.


The sold-out event was the largest trade show ever held in the Bay Area. The redesigned format included both student and teacher workshops on Sunday along with oral competitions. Student workshops were presented by Bay Area industry leaders including WIX, Inc., a web creation and hosting site used by many Virtual Enterprises across the country; Indiegogo, a crowdfunding lab; and Aspirationtech, a social media dashboard solution among others.  Teacher workshops included HP Life-E Curriculum which is free online entrepreneurship curriculum and Junior Achievement’s free entrepreneurship marketing and entrepreneurship curriculum and a session on how to create a real business in your classroom.


Monday’s opening ceremony for the Trade Show featured Patrick Schwerdtfeger, an international speaker and author who challenged attendees to “Think Bigger About Your Life”.  The Trade Show itself highlighted companies from California, Oregon, Illinois and New York.

Click here to view competition results

Tweets from the Trade Show

Students capture beautiful California scenery on their way to San Francisco


Preparing for a busy day of interviews, competitions, and professional development


Students stay still for a moment to say cheese before kicking into high gear for the Speed Interviews competition


A student waits for the Elevator Pitch competition


An overhead shot of the bustling venue


Students at their booths, working their sales and networking skills


4th Annual Long Island Business Plan Competition and Trade Show

Eclectic Essentials

Eclectic Essentials presenting their business plan

On Tuesday January 14, 29 VEI Firms from Long Island gathered at Farmingdale State College for the 4th Annual Business Plan Competition and Regional Trade Show.

Business Plan Competition

For the Business Plan Competition, the student teams were allotted 10 minutes to present their plans to a panel of judges, followed by a brief Q&A session. The teams each presented two separate times, switching lecture halls and judge panels.

Judges commented how they focused on looking at a team’s presentation skills and professionalism, which includes students’ ability to deliver information about their business, maintain eye contact, and memorize lines.

Seven semi-finalists were selected. These teams will be moving on to the final round of Long Island’s Business Plan Competition, hosted by Long Island business partner American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc. at their offices (4250 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Suite 420E, Holbrook, NY 11741).

Good luck to the semi-finalists in pursuit of qualifying for the National Business Plan Competition. Special thanks to all participating teams for attending and to the judges and supporters who make essential events like this possible.

View Press Release of Event on

Business Plan Competition Semi-finalists

Helios at Trade Show

Helios at Trade Show

  • Baja Backyard Accessories
  • Cupcake Break
  • FlashComm
  • Future 1st Financial Services
  • Helios
  • Soltech
  • VE Connected

Business Plan Competition Participants

Bellport HS
Savor the Flavor Specialty Foods, Inc.
Tim Hogan, Principal
Sheila Smith, Facilitator
Chris Daconto, Jonathan Hopper, Alyssa Kiernan, John Kochersberger, Jack Maclellan

Bridgehampton  HS
Dr. Lois Favre, Principal
Carrie McDermott, Facilitator
Tatyana Dawson, India Hemby, Henry Kotz, Hayley Lund

Cold Spring Harbor HS
Cirst Enterprises
Jay Matuk, Principal
Patricia Connolly, Facilitator
Jaclyn Albers, Kai Galli, Alexander Goldman, Sienna Toscano, Jordan Walter, David Wicks

Connetquot HS
World Cup
Gregory Murtha, Principal
Brett Jeffares, Facilitator
Katie Baker, Matthew Buckshaw, Daniel Gatta, Kari Grunwald, Kathleen Hurley, Eddie Morris

Connetquot HS
Gregory Murtha, Principal
Brett Jeffares, Facilitator
Elizabeth Frayler, Andrew Hustick, Ryan Kopp, Charles Mayer, John Simpson, Joseph Todesco

East Hampton HS
Sea-Shirts of the Hamptons
Adam Fine, Principal
Therese Bodenstein, Facilitator
Shana Devlin, Donte Donega, Morgan Gaugler, Max Lerner, Daley Pagano

East Islip HS
VE Connected
William J. Brennen, Principal
Nancy Kiernan, Facilitator
Frank Argenti, Dominick Barbato, Dennis DaSilva, Catherina Marku, Allison Pinz, David Stringer, Thea Tsolomitis

East Meadow HS
That Loud
Richard Howard, Principal
Bill O’Connor, Facilitator
Amanda Dominguez, Dilan Kalaria, Vidya Laljie, Pari Patel, Nicholas Suchocki

G.W. Hewlett HS
Future 1st Financial Services
Theodore Fulton, Principal
Barbara McNiff, Facilitator
Mollie Falk, Tyler Kenny, Michael Kornfeld, Michael Kreisman, Benjamin Lampert, Richard Lyons

G.W. Hewlett HS
Theodore Fulton, Principal
Ron Remick, Facilitator
Matthew Bickoff, Rachel Futterman, Daniel Jacob, Daryl Last, Alex Messados, David Perkins

Smithtown HS West
John Coady, Principal
Philip Como, Facilitator
James Allen, Arman Aneja, Matthew Onoratto, Alessia Riccio, Lara Sarett, Michael Traina

W. C. Mepham HS
Business Casual Furnishings
Michael Harrington, Principal
Andrew Slattery, Facilitator
Ben Hoffman, Mark Kamelhar, Dan Marzella, Kevin Sinetar, James Virgona

W.T. Clarke HS
Justice Juice
Timothy Voels, Principal
Joseph Pavia, Facilitator
Dan Cakabrese, Maggie Cotter, Steve Hromin, Brianna Riggs

Westhampton Beach HS
Helios, Inc.
Chris Herr, Principal
Amy Demchak, Facilitator
Ashley Cunniff, Freesia Ferrantino, Justin Grieco, Tahsin Korur, Frank Leotta

West Hempstead HS
@ Your Service
Dan Rehman, Principal
Michael Silberman, Facilitator
Yeritssy Garcia, Alex Joy, Michael Mosca, Gerard Napolitano, Alexandra Schindler

William Floyd HS
Barbara Butler, Principal
Karen Poidomani, Facilitator
Lucas Gomez, Shawn Horning, Danielle Jaen, Crystal Lorenzo, Matthew Morgani, Michael Smith

William Floyd HS
Barbara Butler, Principal
Korin Cloghessy, Facilitator
Syed Ali, Kayla Heffernan, Tashanna Suomi Stephanie Torres, Brittany Trangucci, Alex Walden

William Floyd HS
Eclectic Essentials
Barbara Butler, Principal
Jacqueline Giacalone, Facilitator
Giovanna Daleo, Alicia Marie Dodenhoff, Melissa Fiore, Sydney Mackenzie, Tinamarie Rodriguez

William Floyd HS
Forever Fit
Barbara Butler, Principal
Gregory Plantier, Facilitator
Manny Brody-Marquez, Tyler Castello, Sarah Lacorte, Courtney Sulfaro

Jericho HS
aah…If I Had A Dollar
Joan Rosenberg, Principal
Doug Garfinkel, Facilitator
Jon Amodio, Vinny DePalo, David Greenbaum, Matt Jaffee, Brandon Rabinowitz

John F. Kennedy HS
Baja Backyard Accessories
Lorraine Poppe, Principal
Roseann Damato, Facilitator
James Dachille, Brett Fishman, Justin Ganca, Hallie Katz, Michaela Mazur, Samantha Tenenbaum

John F. Kennedy HS
Cupcake Break
Lorraine Poppe, Principal
Victoria Cardinale, Facilitator
Scott Azus, Ethan Beller, Nicholas Bouris, Rachel Calagna, Andrew Sheehan, Brandon Simon

Lawrence HS
A Twisted Cleaning Service
Dr. Jennifer Lagnado, Principal
Mark Albin and Mark Palladino, Facilitators
Chandanee Bansi, Joseph Capobianco, Rachel Golan, Rebecca Rothstein

Longwood HS
Dr. Maria Castro, Principal
Gina Bolen, Facilitator
Joseph Doyle, Anthony Iniquez, Lauren Kacherski, Mark Knudsen, Benjamin Sipppin, Annagh Swift

Lynbrook HS
Abeytu Apparel
Joseph Rainis, Principal
Thomas Santacapita, Facilitator
Liam Deegan, Austin Fabel, Jonathan Marcus, Amanda Santorufo

Patchogue-Medford HS
EVO Tech
Dr. Randy Rusielewicz, Principal
Rich Butzke, Facilitator
Emily Altschuler, Christian Crocker, Eric Deutsch, Paige Meyer, Maiquela Richards, Dan Zelya

Roosevelt HS
Urban Ink
Dr. Stephen Strachan
Melanie Akerberg, Facilitator
Henry Beckford, George Davis, Shaun Olden, Jefferson Peraza, Kelvin Rodriguez, Alex Tiburcio

Sanford H. Calhoun HS
Animal House
David Seinfeld, Principal
Peter Palazzo, Facilitator
Ryan Bank, Jen Chen, Tommy Holzmacher, Ryan O’Hara, Arielle Peretz, Katie Woo

Smithtown HS East
Fresh Designs
Edwin Thompson, Principal
Doreen Kelly, Facilitator
Devon Hennessy, Brian Phillips, Michael Tarquinio, Juliana Thompsen, Jake VonHolten


  • Laila Bichara, Farmingdale State College
  • Tammy Campagnola-Levinsky, LI STEM Hub
  • Kisha Chandler, Molloy College
  • Andrew Corrado, Capital One Bank
  • Vincent Cunningham, North Shore- LIJ Health System
  • Lisa DiBella, American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc
  • Rose Elefante-Link, Tsunis Gasparis Lustig Ring & Kenney LLP
  • Bill Fauth, Farmingdale State College
  • Joseph Gabriel, Joseph Gabriel AIA Architects
  • Joy Graceffo, Long Island Educational Software & Training
  • Melissa Grappone, American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc
  • Susan Gubing, CareerSmarts
  • Marsha Iverson, Hofstra University, CTE TAC of NY
  • Jonathan Jacobs, Digital Natives Group
  • Michael Kohl, Farmingdale State College
  • Frank Liselli, Farmingdale State College
  • Marie Mccallion, Stony Brook University
  • LuAnne Nappe, Mattituck-Cutchogue Union Free Schools District
  • Lauren Pearson, North Shore- LIJ Health System
  • Lisa Phillips, Dowling College
  • Nancy Rasmussen, Expert Events
  • Jennifer Riano-Goez, Molloy College
  • Carrie Rubenfeld, Ncourage College & Career Coaching
  • Michael Russo, Molloy College
  • Christopher Salute, Mercy College
  • Benjamin Sargent, Hunzinger Accounting & Financial Solutions
  • Lisa Scott, League of Women Voters of Suffolk County
  • Thomas Smyth, Farmingdale State College
  • Carolyn Spencer, Dowling College
  • Brad Szollose, Liquid Leadership
  • Craig Vandergoot, Worklife Resources
  • Hillary Waxman, Henry Schein
  • Mahmoud Wazihullah, Mercy College


Trade Show

After sitting in on a few presentations, I got the chance to walk around the Trade Show in Roosevelt Hall with a coveted set of VEI checks. Students introduced themselves and their firms, wooed me, and ultimately won me over with their salesmanship and unique offerings.

I ensured health and financial protection by buying a package from Future 1st Financial Services. I enabled my lounging habits by purchasing a recliner and projector screen from Business Casual Furnishing. I snagged a robot butler from A Twisted Cleaning Service to do my housework as I relax in my new recliner. I rented a Porsche from Vmotive for when I finally need to leave the recliner and keep up professional appearances.

I negotiated an unlisted bulk deal for Power Lines from Helios. I even bought superpowers from Justice Juice. Now that I think about it, I should’ve bought the superpowers first and used superspeed to visit more booths, then fly to a Hawaiian beach after a busy day of trading.


But I don’t know if Spider-Man would allow that kind of exploit.

By: Tyler Fugazzie

Trade Show Teams

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Trade Show Photos


Special Thanks

  • Francine Federman, Ph.D., Farmingdale State College, Assistant Dean, College/High School Programs for once again sponsoring this event and for her ongoing support and partnership in helping LI VE students succeed.
  • Farmingdale State College faculty and staff who helped to coordinate the events.
  • Gene Silverman, Executive Director, Regional Schools and Instructional Programs, Nassau BOCES, for spearheading the VEI initiative on Long Island.
  • Andrew Corrado, Senior Vice President, Capital One Bank for his continued support of the Long Island VE program.


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“Black Friday” Comes Early at Trade Show in Tennessee

The Tennessee Trade Show took place this past weekend, with over 93 VEI firms and 1200 students participating. It was a successful day all around, as firms from several Tennessee, Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, and South Carolina gathered together to showcase their products and services, strengthen business contacts, and boost their sales.

Trade Show Results:

Eden’s Confections
Best Booth
Greer High School
Greer, South Carolina
Southern Splash
Best Salesmanship
White Knoll High School
Lexington, SC

State Business Plan Competition Results:

Elysium Computer Systems takes 1st Place at VEI TN State Business Plan Competition

1st Place
Elysium Computer Systems
Bearden High School
Knoxville, TN
Au Naturale takes 2nd Place at VEI TN State Business Plan Competition
2nd Place
Au Naturale Spa & Hair 
Oakland High School
Murfreesboro, TN
Animal Kingdom Takes 3rd Place at TN State Business Plan Competition
3rd Place
The Animal Kingdom, Inc. 
Loretto High School
Loretto, TN

Top 2 teams are invited to compete in the National Business Plan Competition at the 2014 Youth Business Summit. Congratulations to Elysium Computer Systems and Au Naturale Spa & Hair and a big thanks to all the firms who competed.