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Message from the Director

Welcome to the South Carolina and Southern Region sub site of Virtual Enterprises International. We are looking at an exciting year in our region as new states and schools join our network. We also have the pleasure of serving Jakarta, Indonesia.

We welcome Homestead Senior High School to the Southern Region as the first VEI school from the State of Florida. Under the guidance of their coordinator, Mr. Culham Amengor, Homestead students are busy setting up their VEI laboratory and preparing themselves to begin our program. We also welcome Sekolah High Scope, Jakarta, Indonesia, to our Southern Region. Two VEI programs, NVCO and Kudeta, have been established under the school’s coordinator, Mr. Brendan Brosnan. Please watch the South Carolina Marketplace off the Student Page on this site for information about these new firms.

Special forms and procedures that deal with firm operations specifically in the Southern Region will appear on this site in the Coordinator Resources off the Educator’s Page. Information that deals with firm operations with respect to student tasks will appear in the South Carolina Student Reference Files off the Student’s Page. While I will email new information to coordinators, please check these pages regularly.

I look forward to working with each of you around our region this year as you continue to build your programs. Please let me know how I can help.

Christine Haff
Southern Region Program Director

Dates to Remember


SC VEI and SC SCORE Formalize Partnership

Bob Checkaneck, Assistant District Manager of South Carolina’s SCORE program and Dr. Christine Haff, SC Program Director for Virtual Enterprises International™ have announced a formalized partnership between the two non-profit organizations.  The Midlands Chapter of SCORE has been providing judges for the South Carolina Business

Virtual Enterprise Yields Life Changing Opportunities for Students

Richard Handler is a senior at Greer High School and, like most of his peers, he has his sights set toward graduation in June.  Although graduation is now just a semester away and his peers are eagerly anticipating the end, he is not in a hurry to wish away the rest of his senior year.  He has some unfinished business keeping his m