[South Carolina] VEI and SC SCORE Formalize Partnership

By February 23, 2013 News, South

Bob Checkaneck, Assistant District Manager of South Carolina’s SCORE program and Dr. Christine Haff, SC Program Director for Virtual Enterprises International™ have announced a formalized partnership between the two non-profit organizations.  The Midlands Chapter of SCORE has been providing judges for the South Carolina Business Plan Competitions for the past five years.  Now, across the state, SCORE volunteers will be mentoring our VEI students by providing business information in support of the creation of their VEI business.  VEI Coordinators will be receiving SCORE newsletters that contain valuable information with respect to business creation, operations and management as well as instructional webinars that can be integrated into the classroom.

SCORE members are business executives who work in conjunction with the Small Business Administration to provide counseling and training to prospective business owners.  Virtual Enterprises International™ is a task-based, international business program that is taught in many high schools in South Carolina and 24 in other states.