VEI Professional Workshop Series

By December 14, 2011 News, Uncategorized

Virtual Enterprises International provides its students with numerous learning opportunities designed to enhance and enrich their educational experience in and out of the traditional school environment.  The VEI Professional Workshop Series is an integral part of the expansive portfolio of VEI learning programs.  The series is designed to further the students’ skill sets and core business knowledge while enhancing their marketability and employability for the globally competitive business world.

 VEI Professional Workshops are held throughout the school year and lead by highly experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals.  The workshops are held on topics such as marketing, e-commerce, business plan writing, trade show preparation, job readiness and financial literacy. Moreover, during the VEI Professional Workshop Series, VEI students benefit from in valuable “hands-on” practical instruction. Students are mentored and coached by these same seasoned industry veterans on a wide range of topics including but not limited to: college application preparation, career readiness, corporate and personal tax filing, annual report preparation and presentation delivery.

One of the highlights of the series is the Career Readiness and Financial Literacy Workshops which takes place in the fall and spring semesters and which is sponsored by HSBC Bank.  This year’s event took place on October 29th at CUNY’s newly opened New Community College located just across from Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan.  The workshop provided 200 VEI students with the opportunity to network with top industry professionals and learn valuable business skills.   Also, during this event, our students experienced a dynamic and highly informative panel discussion lead by a number of the VE alums who are now attending college.  They provided insights into college life and how their VEI experience prepared them for success in their college courses and subsequent internships.

 VEI always polls its students at the end of each of its programs held throughout the year as VEI always strives to enhance and improve on the experience it affords them.  To date, ninety – five percent of VEI students or better strongly felt that their instructors did an “excellent or above average job” encouraging student participation, increasing their knowledge in the subject matter being instructed and ultimately feel that they would highly recommend the program to their peers.The Financial Women’s Association delivered the afternoon financial literacy workshops and provided a $75 gift certificate to spend at for any student who attends a subsequent session on November 19. The November 19 workshop will focus on personal financial management and planning.  VEI extends a special thank you to HSBC and the Financial Women’s Association for supporting our efforts to bring dynamic and real-world learning opportunities to our students outside of the classroom!