2014 Midwest Trade Show Recap

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Listed below are results from the Tennessee Business Plan Competition, results from Midwest Trade Show competitions such as Best Business Card, Best Brochure, and Best Commercial, tweets from the event, and news coverage.

TN Business Plan Competition Results

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Photos of Business Plan Participants

Midwest Trade Show Competitions Results

Business Card
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Web Page (Advanced)
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Inside the Event

VEI students and teachers were highly active on Twitter during the show, using the social media service to drive booth visits as well as sales to other VEI students, firms, and guests. The tweets embedded below show the progression of this productive Trade Show from the setup to the final sale.

The calm venue after firms finished setting up their booths the day before the Trade Show.


VEI students waste no time conducting business at these Trade Shows.


Students gather around a firm’s booth at the beginning of the show.


Underground Mall attracted potential student-buyers using a roulette wheel for product giveaways and Super Bouncy Bouncy setup a DJ set to demonstrate some of their firms’ entertainment services.


A student from Adrenaline Rush has her own adrenaline rush as she tallies up a flurry of new purchase orders.


Students from Get Lost Travel diligently counting up sales.


Two students pitch their products and services to a guest attendee, showing that even non-VEI professionals can join in on the productive day of business.


National Program Director Nick Chapman posing with students from The Blend, a company that focuses on marketing kitchen supplies.


News Coverage

Greer High’s virtual enterprise team grabs top awards