2015 National Website Competition Results

By October 30, 2015 News


Put your keyboards down; the results for the 2015 National Website Competition are in! Throughout the months of January and February, active websites made and managed by VEI firms received ratings and constructive feedback from a pool of judges comprised of internal and external program participants such as business mentors, educational administrators, and student alumni.

Judges for the event, known as Mystery Shoppers, were free to easily sign up and join the event at any point during the two month competition window. Each judge received a randomly generated list of active websites and evaluated websites from a user and consumer perspective, focusing on the shopping experience and adherence to professional business standards. Over 250 Mystery Shoppers submitted more than 1900 ratings for 347 firm websites during the course of this competition.

The following firms have been selected as the top-rated websites in the country (based on 5-star ratings in the following areas: [1] first impressions, [2] ease of making a purchase, and [3] overall rating of the website).

Top Firm Websites for 2014-15

Listed alphabetically

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Ratings for each firm are included in our U.S. Firm Directory and will be used for instructional and promotional purposes within VEI’s simulation. This competition was a major success and VEI hopes to run future competitions on a national scale for other business deliverables created by students such as company catalogs, business cards, and employee manuals.