2016 Great Lakes Trade Show Recap

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On February 5th, 2016, over 450 students, staff, judges, and guests from Michigan and Illinois attended the second annual Great Lakes Trade Show at the Double Tree by Hilton in Holland, Michigan.  Student employees from 48 firms gathered to promote and sell their virtual products and services, network with students from other firms, and compete in up to 13 competitions including Best Booth, Best Video Commercial, and Outstanding Salesmanship.

Launched last year in response to the growth of VE programs in Illinois and Michigan, the Great Lakes Trade Show provides students with an additional opportunity for trade show and event participation.  “As always, the VE experience is so impressive to all involved,” remarked Michigan State Coordinator Wendy Schmitt. “Trade Shows complement the VE curriculum and truly help bring the world of business to life for our students. The professionalism of the Great Lakes Trade Show rivals many professional trade shows I’ve attended!”

Congratulations to all firms in attendance; see below for competition results and other event coverage.  

Competition Results

Best Booth Competition Results

Top 10%0val Insurancehttp://oval-insurance.wix.com/insurance-agency5
Top 10%Bink Co.http://binkco.wix.com/binkcovei5
Top 10%Brooklyn ' s Sweet N Savory Cateringhttp://bsscvei.wix.com/bsscvei5
Top 10%Chekawehttp://chekawe.wix.com/chekawe5
Top 10%Donut Landhttp://donut711land.wix.com/donutland5
Top 10%East Dockshttp://www.eadocks.wix.com/east-docks5
Top 10%FLYhttp://www.fashionflyny.com/5
Top 10%Get Losthttp://naturallync.wix.com/getlost5
Top 10%MatchWearhttp://matchwear.weebly.com/5
Top 10%Mission: Adventurehttp://www.missionadventure.wix.com/mission-adventure5
Top 10%NYCycleshttp://nycycles.wix.com/nycycles5
Top 10%The Animal Kingdom, Inc.http://theanimalkingdomin.wix.com/taki5
Top 10%24/7 Mealshttp://247meals.wix.com/sayvillevei4.5
Top 10%AceIThttp://aceitnc3200.wix.com/justaceit4.5
Top 10%Apple Uphttp://baappleup.wix.com/appleup4.5
Top 10%Auggieshttp://auggiesfurniture.weebly.com/4.5
Top 10%Avant-garde Furnishings, Inc.http://afurnishingsinc.wix.com/avant-garde4.5
Top 10%Block Partyhttp://veblockparty.com/4.5
Top 10%Bluetiphttp://bluetipinc.wix.com/bluetipinc4.5
Top 10%Doughflowhttp://www.doughflowbakery.wix.com/sweetdelights4.5
Top 10%Food 2 Uhttp://muizzjivani.wix.com/food2u4.5
Top 10%Gotham Enterpriseshttp://gothamny.wix.com/home4.5
Top 10%LitFithttp://litfitapparel.wix.com/litfitapparel4.5
Top 10%Luxury Resort Managementhttp://luxuryresortmanagement.weebly.com/4.5
Top 10%Majestique Clothinghttp://www.majestiqueny.wix.com/clothing154.5
Top 10%Marauder Enterpriseshttp://www.marauderenterprises.wix.com/apparel4.5
Top 10%MEOWhttp://meowny.wix.com/meow4.5
Top 10%Millenniumhttp://www.millenniumve.tk/4.5
Top 10%Next Level Athleticshttp://elijahbuffa98.wix.com/nextlevelathletics4.5
Top 10%Ohana Surfboard Companyhttp://ohanasurfboardcomp.wix.com/home4.5
Top 10%Pacific Sleevehttp://www.pacificsleeveco.com/4.5
Top 10%Piece Of Cakehttp://www.pieceofcakeewing.wix.com/piece-of-cake-inc4.5
Top 10%Play Bluhttp://playbluexplore.wix.com/2015-20164.5
Top 10%PULSEhttp://pulsesports.wix.com/pulse4.5
Top 10%ReImagin3Dhttp://www.reimagin3d.com/4.5
Top 10%Rock Solidhttp://rocksolidve.wix.com/rocso4.5
Top 10%Southern Style Smoothieshttps://southernstylesmoot.wix.com/ssst4.5
Top 10%Super Bouncy Bouncyhttp://www.superbb-ve.com/4.5
Top 10%SweetToothhttp://sweettoothve.wix.com/home4.5
Top 10%Vivacityhttp://virtualenterprise5.wix.com/vivacity4.5
Top 25%3D Interior Designhttp://3dinteriordesignsc.wix.com/3dinteriordesign4
Top 25%A-1 Enterpriseshttp://www.veia1enterprises.com/4
Top 25%a6teenhttp://a6teen.weebly.com/4
Top 25%Acoustic Cakes And Apparelhttp://www.acousticcakesandapparel.com/4
Top 25%Adventure Outdoors Companyhttp://www.adventureoutdoorscompany.com/4
Top 25%Alpha Graphicshttp://ridgeviewhs.wix.com/alphagraphics4
Top 25%ApparelUhttp://apparelu.wix.com/apparelu4
Top 25%At Your Servicehttp://atyourserviceny.wix.com/atyourservice24
Top 25%Backstagehttp://backstagebpf.wix.com/backstage4
Top 25%Berry Unlimitedhttp://berryunltdpa.weebly.com/4
Top 25%Bigfoot LLChttp://secondchancebyhs.wix.com/bigfootllc4
Top 25%Bits & Biteshttp://bitsbites.wix.com/bandb4
Top 25%Body Kineticshttp://www.bodykineticsny.com/4
Top 25%Bright Innovations Inc.http://www.brightinnovationsi.wix.com/marketing-strategy-r4
Top 25%Bucsmarthttp://www.bucsmart.weebly.com/4
Top 25%Cavalier Duct Tape Creationshttp://cavalierducttape.wix.com/cavalierducttape4
Top 25%Cavalier Enterpriseshttp://cahsvei.wix.com/cavalierenterprises4
Top 25%Culturally Creative Cupcakes, Inc.http://culturallycreative3.wix.com/cupcakes4
Top 25%Cyber Shockhttp://cybershocknc.wix.com/cybershock4
Top 25%Deja Vuhttp://dejavu-rethinkyou.com/4
Top 25%Down To Earth, Inc.http://www.downtoearthhchsve.com/4
Top 25%Eclectic Essentialshttp://www.eefloyd.com/4
Top 25%Eclipsehttp://eclipsemmhsve.wix.com/ecve4
Top 25%Eco-Livinghttp://eco-living.wix.com/eco-life4
Top 25%ECOplexhttp://ecoplexincorporate.wix.com/ecoplex4
Top 25%F5d.b.a. iSportshttp://isports2014.wix.com/isports-20154
Top 25%Fruit Oasishttp://fruitoasisvhs.wix.com/fruitoasis4
Top 25%GATEWAY ADVENTUREhttp://gatewayadventure2.wix.com/mainpage4
Top 25%Global Gatehttp://globalgatemi.wix.com/prototype4
Top 25%Golden Soleshttp://goldensoles.wix.com/jlhs4
Top 25%Hikeouthttp://Hikeoutve.wix.com/Hikeout4
Top 25%Home Sweet Homehttp://homesweethomesma.wix.com/main4
Top 25%Indonesian Food Companyhttp://indonesiafoodcompa.wix.com/foodcorporation4
Top 25%INKhttp://vei-ink.com/4
Top 25%Innovationshttp://innovationsmi.wix.com/innovations4
Top 25%iScreamhttp://www.iscreamve.com/4
Top 25%Metaphor, Inc.http://metaphorinc.wix.com/metaphorinc4
Top 25%Nuappshttp://nuappsny.wix.com/nuapps4
Top 25%Olympian, Inchttp://olympianinctn.wix.com/olympian-inc4
Top 25%On The Movehttp://onthemoveny.wix.com/onthemove4
Top 25%One Stop App Shophttp://onestopappshopnc.wix.com/onestopinsurance4
Top 25%Perfect Plateshttp://perfectplates.wix.com/healthyfoods4
Top 25%Poweredhttp://poweredcorp.wix.com/powered4
Top 25%Red Hawk Apparelhttp://www.redhawkapparel.weebly.com/4
Top 25%Ride Redohttp://rideredo14.wix.com/rideredo154
Top 25%Salubrehttp://www.ve-salubre.com/4
Top 25%Snack Foods Inc.http://www.snackfoodsinc.com/4
Top 25%SNAPhttp://www.ohsnap.nyc/4
Top 25%Sockscribehttp://www.ve-sockscribe.com/4
Top 25%Solar Cellhttp://rhssolarcell.wix.com/solarcell4
Top 25%Stylize Mehttp://StylizeMe19.Wix.com/Stylize-Me4
Top 25%Topthrillhttp://www.topthrill.org/4
Top 25%T-Squaredhttp://tsquared411.wix.com/tsquared4
Top 25%Underground Mallhttp://www.umall-wv.com/4
Top 25%Unperplexed Solutionshttp://www.unperplexedsolutions.com/4
Top 25%VE Connectedhttp://veconnected.com/4
Top 25%Velocity Internationalhttp://www.vinyc.net/4
Top 25%Violetta St-Jacqueshttp://vsjstyle.wix.com/vsjstyle4
Top 25%Wired Koffeehttp://www.wiredkoffeeve.com/4
Top 25%Xpressions Inc.http://xpressionsinc.wix.com/xpressionsinc4
Honorable Mention#1 Teen Jewelryhttp://1TeenJewelryInc.com/3.5
Honorable Mention0n Demand Food Deliveryhttp://ondemandfooddelivery.squarespace.com/bundles/3.5
Honorable MentionA+ Opportunityhttp://www.aplusopportunityvei.com/3.5
Honorable MentionAdrenaline Rushhttp://www.candyboulevard.tk/3.5
Honorable MentionAdventure Timehttp://www.adventuretime.us/3.5
Honorable MentionAffinity Onehttp://affinityoneapartments.myfreesites.net/3.5
Honorable MentionAlpha & Omegahttp://alphaomegalchs.wix.com/virtual3.5
Honorable MentionApollohttp://www.apollovei.com/3.5
Honorable MentionAquaTerrahttp://www.aquaterravei.com/3.5
Honorable MentionArctic Coast Apparelhttp://www.arcticcoastapparel.com/3.5
Honorable MentionArea304http://geneva304.wix.com/area-3043.5
Honorable MentionAtlantis Aquaponicshttp://atlantisaquaponics.wix.com/atlantisaquaponics3.5
Honorable MentionBatt-Belt LLChttp://www.vevirginiabeach.org/salem-ve01/index.html3.5
Honorable MentionBusiness Casual Furnishinghttp://businesscasualfurnishing.com/3.5
Honorable MentionCapital Enterprise, Inchttp://ceivei.wix.com/apexwater3.5
Honorable MentionCarolina Wrentalshttp://www.carolinawrentals.wix.com/carolinawrentals3.5
Honorable MentionCelebration Centerhttp://ccvei.weebly.com/3.5
Honorable MentionCelestial Jewelershttp://celestialjewlers.wix.com/home3.5
Honorable MentionCloud IXhttp://cloudixva.wix.com/cloudix3.5
Honorable MentionCoastal Expresshttp://coastalexpress16.wix.com/coastal3.5
Honorable MentionCommandroneshttps://commandronesit.wix.com/commandrones3.5
Honorable MentionConciergehttp://conciergetickets.weebly.com/3.5
Honorable MentionDare Devil Obstacleshttp://ddobstacles.wix.com/home3.5
Honorable MentionDarrelhttp://darrelvei.wix.com/virtualenterprise3.5
Honorable MentionDiverse City Wearhttp://www.diversecitywear.weebly.com/3.5
Honorable MentionDonatiihttp://donatiivei.weebly.com/3.5
Honorable MentionDream Canteenhttp://www.leifamundsen.wix.com/dreamcanteen3.5
Honorable MentionECO-TECHhttp://ecotechbcc.wix.com/eco-tech013.5
Honorable MentionEndless Destinationshttp://endlessdestinations.wix.com/endless-destinations3.5
Honorable MentionEnviroscentalshttp://enviroscentals.wix.com/enviroscentals3.5
Honorable MentionEVO Techhttp://evotechny.com/3.5
Honorable MentionEVolve Gaminghttp://www.evolveg.weebly.com/3.5
Honorable MentioneXtrahttp://extravei.wix.com/extra3.5
Honorable MentionExtreme Adventureshttp://extremeadventuresve.tk/3.5
Honorable MentionFit+http://fitplusnj.wix.com/fitplus3.5
Honorable MentionFitspirationhttp://fitspirationvei.wix.com/20153.5
Honorable MentionForever Fit By Floydhttp://www.foreverfitbyfloyd.com/#!3.5
Honorable MentionGolden Ram Enterprises, Inc.http://goldenramenterpris.wix.com/marketing-firm3.5
Honorable MentionGreen Groceryhttp://greengroceryca.wix.com/greengrocery3.5
Honorable MentionHIGH SPEED ACCESSORIEShttp://highspeedaccessori.wix.com/highspeedaccess3.5
Honorable MentionHigh Techhttp://andymaynee.wix.com/marketing-firm3.5
Honorable MentionHolo Entertainmenthttp://tinyurl.com/HoloEntertainment3.5
Honorable MentionHybri-drivehttp://www.hybridrivecsh.weebly.com/3.5
Honorable MentionIllumilighthttp://www.illumilight.biz/3.5
Honorable MentionImagineershttp://www.imagineers-mi.com/3.5
Honorable MentionInfinite Investment Solutionshttp://iisvei.wix.com/iisvei3.5
Honorable MentionInnovative Technologyhttp://innovativetech.tk/3.5
Honorable MentionKarunahttp://www.karunastudios.biz/3.5
Honorable MentionKismathttp://kismatnj.weebly.com/3.5
Honorable MentionLifedronehttp://www.lifedrone.squarespace.com/3.5
Honorable MentionMajestic Magical Creatureshttp://mmcreatures.weebly.com/3.5
Honorable MentionMeta Musichttp://www.metamusic.weebly.com/3.5
Honorable MentionModern Nook Designhttp://www.modernnook.com/3.5
Honorable MentionMojo Customshttp://customsmojo.wix.com/mojocustom3.5
Honorable MentionMountain Escapehttp://mountainescape08.wix.com/mountainescape3.5
Honorable MentionMr. Hoagel'shttp://mrhoagels.wix.com/deli3.5
Honorable MentionN.E.R.D.S. Technologyhttp://nerdstechnologyca.wix.com/nerds-technology3.5
Honorable MentionNever Endinghttp://www.neverendingvei.com/3.5
Honorable MentionNew Heightshttp://newheightsve.wix.com/newheights3.5
Honorable MentionParadise Bayhttps://brittany100397.wix.com/paradise-bay-website3.5
Honorable MentionPrint-A-Bull Inchttp://printabull.wix.com/print-a-bull3.5
Honorable MentionRoad to Successhttp://fairstoraiseawareness.webs.com/3.5
Honorable MentionSalt Storyhttp://noae123.wix.com/the-salt-story3.5
Honorable MentionSecond Stitchhttp://www.secondstitchco.com/3.5
Honorable MentionSmooth Movehttp://smoothmovesc.wix.com/smoothmove3.5
Honorable MentionSolaris Imperiumhttp://solarisimperiumve.wix.com/web-design-studio3.5
Honorable MentionSpecial Thanks and Recognitionhttp://vestarny.weebly.com/3.5
Honorable MentionSpeed Dealershttp://sailorventures.com/3.5
Honorable MentionStarsuertehttp://starsuerte.wix.com/starsuerte-company3.5
Honorable MentionSwitch Back Give Backhttp://switchbackgiveback.wix.com/switchbackgiveback3.5
Honorable MentionT Corporationhttp://joeyberkovitz.wix.com/tcorp3.5
Honorable MentionThe Blendhttp://theblendtravels.wix.com/home-rentals3.5
Honorable MentionThe Mason Jarhttp://themasonjar1.wix.com/mason-jar3.5
Honorable MentionThrivehttp://www.thriveinc.net/3.5
Honorable MentionTimeless Fashionshttp://www.elcvb.com/TimelessFashions/3.5
Honorable MentionTrojan Wallhttp://trojanwall.wix.com/trojanwallweb3.5
Honorable MentionTurismo Resortshttp://amandathompson9.wix.com/turismoresorts3.5
Honorable MentionWidget Wonderlandhttp://widgetwonderlandnj.wix.com/bethenew3.5
Honorable MentionWildWearhttp://wildwearny.wix.com/wildwear3.5
Honorable Mention1nfinity, Inc.http://1nfinityinc.ml/3
Honorable MentionAdvanced Performance Athleticshttp://www.apathleticsvei.com/3
Honorable MentionBanana Bowlshttp://www.bananabowls.weebly.com/3
Honorable MentionBatavia Creativity Companyhttp://bataviaccom.wix.com/bagtik3
Honorable MentionClick-n-Shop Grocerieshttp://csgmarket.wix.com/csgmarket3
Honorable MentionEnvision Northhttp://www.envisionnorth.weebly.com/3
Honorable MentionEvery Drop Countshttp://www.everydropcountsve.com/3
Honorable MentionLimitlesshttp://www.limitless401ve.com/3
Honorable MentionMedia Onehttp://www.mediaonemmrhs.com/3
Honorable MentionNYideahttp://nyidea.wix.com/nyidea3
Honorable MentionPalmetto Parcelshttp://cfvei2k.wix.com/palmettoparcels3
Honorable MentionPandora's Boxhttp://pandorasboxtn.org/3
Honorable MentionPort Richmond Cateringhttp://www.prcateringny.wix.com/prcatering3
Honorable MentionRise Enterprisehttp://riseenterpriseins.weebly.com/3
Honorable MentionSkyline 360http://www.bencblalock.wix.com/skyline-3603
Honorable MentionSpectrumhttp://www.nvspectrum.com/3
Honorable MentionWebFoo Technologieshttp://www.vevirginiabeach.org/atc-ve013

Best Booth Honorable Mention (in alphabetical order)

ResultFirmStar Rating
Top 10%AP Athletics5.0
Top 10%AquaTerra5.0
Top 10%Golden Soles5.0
Top 10%Limitless5.0
Top 10%Alpha and Omega4.5
Top 10%Apple Up4.5
Top 10%Cavalier Duct Tape Creations4.5
Top 10%Clever Contraptions4.5
Top 10%EvoTech4.5
Top 10%Forever Fit4.5
Top 10%Helios4.5
Top 10%Next Level Athletics4.5
Top 10%The Animal Kingdom, Inc.4.5
Top 10%UnderWrapz4.5
Top 25%A to Z4.0
Top 25%Assurance Services for Advanced Progress4.0
Top 25%Avant-garde Furnishings, Inc.4.0
Top 25%Batt-Belt LLC4.0
Top 25%Click-n-Shop Groceries4.0
Top 25%FITspiration4.0
Top 25%HoloEntertainment4.0
Top 25%Ink4.0
Top 25%Kinectricity4.0
Top 25%Magic Moment4.0
Top 25%Sprout4.0
Top 25%Top Form4.0
Top 25%Trifecta4.0
Top 25%uDesign4.0
Top 25%Xtreme Comfort4.0
Top 25%ROC Security3.5
Top 25%Intelligems3.5
Top 25%Tanks A Lot3.5
Top 25%MetaNova3.5
Honorable MentionAdventure Outdoors Company3.5
Honorable MentionApollo3.5
Honorable MentionArrow Designs3.5
Honorable MentionBanana Bowls3.5
Honorable MentionCali Twist3.5
Honorable MentionCurb Appeal3.5
Honorable MentionEndure, Inc.3.5
Honorable MentionHybridrive3.5
Honorable MentionKUDETA3.5
Honorable MentionLumiere3.5
Honorable MentionSavor the Flavor3.5
Honorable MentionSockscribe3.5
Honorable MentionUnderground Mall3.5
Honorable MentionAqua Pura3.0
Honorable MentionBrooklyn's Sweet 'N Savory Catering3.0
Honorable MentionDons Net Cafe3.0
Honorable MentionDonutland3.0
Honorable MentionEnviroscentals3.0
Honorable MentionEnvision North3.0
Honorable MentionEvery Drop Counts3.0
Honorable MentionExorbia Advertising3.0
Honorable MentionFuture Inc3.0
Honorable Mentionillumilight3.0
Honorable MentionKutt~Loose3.0
Honorable MentionMonde de Chocolat National Trade and Banking High School3.0
Honorable MentionNuApps3.0
Honorable MentionPlatinum Soles3.0
Honorable MentionSmooth Move3.0
Honorable MentionSnack Foods Inc3.0
Honorable MentionStyle Snapp3.0
Honorable MentionSuper Bouncy Bouncy3.0
Honorable MentionTitan Enterprises3.0
Honorable MentionVIE Incorporated3.0

Salesmanship Competition Results

1iKOMOSouth Pasadena High SchoolCA
2Current ThreadsBakersfield High SchoolCA
3AstroDoughSyosset High SchoolNY
4Ancora SafetyCentennial High SchoolCA
5Bloom TechnologiesGermantown Friends SchoolPA
6VEKOEdward R. Murrow High SchoolNYC
7Phoenix WoodStockdale High SchoolCA
8Global WarmingBearden High SchoolTN
93D Premier PropertiesSt. James High SchoolSC
10Safe N' SoundMurrieta Valley High SchoolCA
11Area304Geneva High SchoolIL
12Sunny SnacksCooper City High SchoolFL
13PoppyHuntington High SchoolNY
14FLY NYHigh School of Fashion IndustriesNYC
15InVEstSan Juan Hills High SchoolCA
16Monk MadeCooper City High SchoolFL
17-33 (alpha order)AdastraStoney Creek High SchoolMI
17-33 (alpha order)Adrenaline RushSouth Granville High SchoolNC
17-33 (alpha order)AmplitideV.R. Eaton High SchoolTX
17-33 (alpha order)BlutivityYonkers High SchoolNY
17-33 (alpha order)Brew CrewCareerline Technical CenterMI
17-33 (alpha order)CampUSCary-Grove High SchoolIL
17-33 (alpha order)ClarityGreer High SchoolSC
17-33 (alpha order)Comforting CaninesHewlett High SchoolNY
17-33 (alpha order)Deja BrewMorris Knolls High SchoolNJ
17-33 (alpha order)Leisure in the TriangleThe Berkeley InstituteBermuda
17-33 (alpha order)LuxDesignsFrancis Lewis High SchoolNYC
17-33 (alpha order)Luxury Resort ManagementEast Hamilton High SchoolTN
17-33 (alpha order)NovaPatchogue-Medford High SchoolNY
17-33 (alpha order)NurtureMurrieta Valley High SchoolCA
17-33 (alpha order)That's the Last StrawSweet Home High SchoolNY
17-33 (alpha order)UnwindCrystal Lake South High SchoolIL
17-33 (alpha order)VIVID+Parkway West High SchoolMO

Catalog Competition Results

1VekoEdward R. Murrow High SchoolNY
2Ancora SafetyCentennial High SchoolCA
3InTouch Inc.New Dorp High SchoolNY
Top 10Bloom TechnologiesGermantown Friends SchoolPA
Top 10Cowboy CrateV.R. Eaton High SchoolTX
Top 10EvergreenGermantown Friends SchoolPA
Top 10Genuine GreensSyosset High SchoolNY
Top 10MatchWearFrancis Lewis High SchoolNY
Top 10Phoenix WoodStockdale High SchoolCA
Top 10Sunny SnacksCooper City High SchoolFL

Company Brochure Competition Results 

1No Coast SoapBellevue East Sr. High ShcoolNE
2Safe N' SoundMurrieta Valley High SchoolCA
3LuxDesignsFrancis Lewis High SchoolNY
Top 10AmplitideV.R. Eaton High SchoolTX
Top 10Ancora SafetyCentennial High SchoolCA
Top 10Bloom TechnologiesGermantown Friends SchoolPA
Top 10ConnexusCentury High SchoolCA
Top 10Current ThreadsBakersfield High SchoolCA
Top 10Global WarmingBearden High SchoolTN
Top 10Pink Sand Travel PacksCedarBridge AcademyBermuda

Company Business Card Design Competition Results  

1InTouch Inc.New Dorp High SchoolNY
2inVEstSan Juan Hills High SchoolCA
3Utter GoodnessSyosset High SchoolNY
Top 103D Premier PropertiesSt. James High SchoolSC
Top 10Current ThreadsBakersfield High SchoolCA
Top 10Deja BrewMorris Knolls High SchoolNJ
Top 10Evergreen Technologies, IncGermantown Friends SchoolPA
Top 10HomeProsPlainview-Old Bethpage JFK High SchoolNY
Top 10Leisure in The TriangleThe Berkeley InstituteBermuda
Top 10Safe N' SoundMurrieta Valley High SchoolCA

Cover Letter/Resume/Speed Interview Competition Results

Gold3D Premier PropertiesSt. James High SchoolSC
GoldADropPalm Springs High SchoolCA
GoldAncora SafetyCentennial High SchoolCA
GoldBake-ologySusan E. Wagner High SchoolNYC
GoldCowboy CrateV.R. Eaton High SchoolTX
GoldDéjà BrewMorris Knolls High SchoolNJ
GoldDelta DormsJericho High SchoolNJ
GoldEl BigoteSamueli AcademyCA
GoldFE Bespoke Events Bucharest SAVIRGIL MADGEARU" ECONOMIC HSRomania
GoldFE Traveling Around the World SRLVIRGIL MADGEARU" ECONOMIC HSRomania
GoldFly By FashionMount St. MaryNY
GoldiKOMOSouth Pasadena High SchoolCA
GoldImagination, Inc.The Maxine Greene High School for Imaginative InquiryNYC
GoldInVEstSan Juan Hills High SchoolCA
GoldNo Coast SoapBellevue East High SchoolNE
GoldNovaPatchogue-Medford High SchoolNY
GoldSuppLIBaldwin High SchoolNY
GoldSweet ObsessionElmont Memorial High SchoolNY
GoldThe Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto High SchoolTN
GoldTRUBLU TechnologiesSmithtown High School WestNY
Silver99 @dventuresBerks Career and TechnologyNJ
SilverAmadeus Cookingibc HetzendorfAustria
SilverAmplitideV.R. Eaton High SchoolTX
SilverBrew CrewCareerline Tech CenterMI
SilverCaffeine Dreamin'Lindenhurst High SchoolNY
SilverClearTechSachem North High SchoolNY
SilverEntertainment ExpressIslip High SchoolNY
SilverFace it!Floral Park Memorial High SchoolNY
SilverFE World of Pets SRLThe Superior School of Commerce Nicolae KretzulescuRomania
SilverFITSHigh School for Arts & BusinessNYC
SilverGenuine GreensSyosset High SchoolNY
SilverHelio TechCentury High SchoolCA
SilverNAPRHewlett High SchoolNY
SilverNuappsFrancis Lewis High SchoolNYC
SilverPolar Ice Inc.New Dorp High SchoolNYC
SilverStillaJefferson High SchoolFL
SilverSunny SnacksCooper City High SchoolFL
SilverVavel EventuresPlainedge High SchoolNY
SilverVIVID+Parkway West High SchoolMO

Impact Marketing Competition Results

GoldAmadeus Cookingibc HetzendorfAustria
GoldAncora SafetyCentennial High SchoolCA
GoldClearTechSachem North High SchoolNY
GoldCowboy CrateV.R. Eaton High SchoolTX
GoldDéjà BrewMorris Knolls High SchoolNJ
GoldDelta DormsJericho High SchoolNY
GoldEndure, Inc.Summertown High SchoolTN
GoldEVOLVERalph McKee High SchoolNYC
GoldFly By FashionMount St. MaryNY
GoldImagination, Inc.The Maxine Greene High School for Imaginative InquiryNYC
GoldInVEstSan Juan Hills High SchoolCA
GoldMalascoBrooklyn Academy of Global FinanceNYC
GoldNo Coast SoapBellevue East High SchoolNE
GoldPort ClothingNorthport High SchoolNY
GoldPowerCloudCentury High SchoolCA
GoldThe Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto High SchoolTN
GoldTota VitaSyosset High SchoolNY
GoldUtter GoodnessSyosset High SchoolNY
GoldVavel EventuresPlainedge High SchoolNY
GoldVIVID+Parkway West High SchoolMO
Silver3D Premier PropertiesSt. James High SchoolSC
SilverADropPalm Springs High SchoolCA
SilverAgex Trading CompanyEFG SEBRAEBHBrazil
SilverAmplitideV.R. Eaton High SchoolTX
SilverConnexusCentury High SchoolCA
SilverFE Bespoke Events Bucharest SAVIRGIL MADGEARU" ECONOMIC HSRomania
SilverFE World of Pets SRLThe Superior School of Commerce Nicolae KretzulescuRomania
SilverFLY NYThe High School of Fashion IndustriesNYC
SilverHooplaCentury High SchoolCA
SilverHOPEAcademy of Finance and EnterpriseNYC
SilveriKOMOSouth Pasadena High SchoolCA
SilverKudetaSekolah HighScope IndonesiaIndonesia
SilverLively Designs by The BlendOrange High SchoolNC
SilverLuxDesignsFrancis Lewis High SchoolNYC
SilverNVCOSekolah HighScope IndonesiaIndonesia
SilverStillaJefferson High SchoolFL
SilverSuppLIBaldwin High SchoolNY
SilverSweet ObsessionElmont Memorial High SchoolNY
SilverUnwrappSekolah HighScope IndonesiaIndonesia
SilverVE CateringPort Richmond High SchoolNYC

Marketing Plan Presentation Competition Results

GoldHooplaCentury High SchoolCA
GoldLuxury Resort ManagementEast Hamilton High SchoolTN
GoldEntertainment ExpressIslip High SchoolNY
GoldNVCOHigh Scope IndonesiaIndonesia
GoldUNWRAPPHigh Scope IndonesiaIndonesia
GoldSunny SnacksCooper City High SchoolFL
GoldWorldwide Entertainment CorporationIslip High SchoolNY
GoldPhoenix WoodStockdale High SchoolCA
Gold99 @dventuresBerks Career And TechnologyPA
GoldClear NationWilliam McKinley JHSNY
SilverOutlast OuterwearCarle Place High SchoolNY
SilverPersonianPerson High SchoolNC
SilverHAEGEAHigh Scope IndonesiaIndonesia
SilverTraveling Around the WorldVirgil Madgearu Economic High SchoolRomania
SilverBespoke Events BucharestVirgil Madgearu Economic High SchoolRomania
SilverThe Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto High SchoolTN
SilverNAVA, Inc.Academy of Finance and EnterpriseNY
SilverSuppLIBaldwin High SchoolNY
SilverNo Coast SoapBellevue East High SchoolNE
SilverForever Fit By FloydWilliam Floyd High SchoolNY

Newsletter Competition Results

DateAirportTerminalFlightsShuttle TimeShuttle TimeShuttle TimeShuttle Time
July 7
JFKTerminal 4Arrivals9:00 AM12:00 PM3:00 PM6:00 PM
July 7
LGATerminal CArrivals10:00 AM12:00 PM3:00 PM6:00 PM
July 11
JFKTerminal 4DeparturesTBDTBD
July 11
LGATerminal CDeparturesTBDTBD
July 12
JFKTerminal 4DeparturesTBDTBDTBD
July 12
LGATerminal CDeparturesTBDTBDTBD

Trade Show Flyer Competition Results

HOPEAcademy of Finance and EnterpriseNYCTop 50
Phoenix WoodStockdale High SchoolCaliforniaTop 50
AmplitideV.R. Eaton High SchoolSouthernTop 50
Comforting CaninesHewlett High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
Ancora SafetyCentennial High SchoolCaliforniaTop 50
CatalystNeuqua Valley High SchoolGreat LakesTop 50
A Helping HandWest Hempstead High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
Cloud 9 ComfortPittsford SutherlandNETop 50
NurtureMurrieta Valley High SchoolCaliforniaTop 50
NAPRHewlett High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
Infinity BarsHerricks High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
NAVA Inc.Academy of Finance and EnterpriseNYCTop 50
At Your ServiceWest Hempstead High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
A Lil TwistCarle Place High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
VekoEdward R. Murrow High SchoolNYCTop 50
Simply SafeMillikan High SchoolCaliforniaTop 50
Bloom TechnologiesGermantown Friends SchoolNY MetroTop 50
SummaV.R. Eaton High SchoolSouthernTop 50
MatchWearFrancis Lewis High SchoolNYCTop 50
Doorstep SportsPittsford Sutherland High SchoolNETop 50
SendITPittsford Sutherland High SchoolNETop 50
SwayWesthampton Beach High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
ConnexusCentury High SchoolCaliforniaTop 50
Helio TechCentury High SchoolCaliforniaTop 50
Area304Geneva Community High SchoolGreat LakesTop 50
Sunny SnacksCooper City High SchoolSouthernTop 50
NovaPatchogue-Medford High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
LegacyNeuqua Valley High SchoolGreat LakesTop 50
Never EndingMetea Valley High SchoolGreat LakesTop 50
L.I.F.EHigh School of Economics and FinanceNYCTop 50
LimitlessElmwood Park High SchoolGreat LakesTop 50
LuxDesignsFrancis Lewis High SchoolNYCTop 50
NuappsFrancis Lewis High SchoolNYCTop 50
Current ThreadsBakersfield High SchoolCaliforniaTop 50
iKOMOSouth Pasadena High SchoolCaliforniaTop 50
Safe N SoundMurrieta Valley High SchoolCaliforniaTop 50
ABODEHuntington High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
HomeProsPlainview-Old Bethpage JFK HSLong IslandTop 50
ImperiumKennedy High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
Tornado FitLawrence High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
The Animal Kingdom, IncLoretto High SchoolSouthernTop 50
Cowboy CrateV.R. Eaton High SchoolSouthernTop 50
EcocentricFountain Valley High SchoolCaliforniaTop 50
InVEstSan Juan Hills High SchoolCaliforniaTop 50
Cypher Corp.Lapeer County Ed-Tech CenterGreat LakesTop 50
EliaLife Inc.West Orange High SchoolNY MetroTop 50
versaTIEThe Academy for Math, Science & Engineering (Morris Hills District)NY MetroTop 50
Vivid+Parkway West High SchoolSouthernTop 50
99 @dventuresBerks Career & Technology CenterNY MetroTop 50
AffinityNeuqua Valley High SchoolGreat LakesTop 50
Portside SweetsBellport High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
Summit CorporationNeuqua Valley High SchoolGreat LakesTop 50
Fit PetLynbrook High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
Core IncTimothy Christian High SchoolGreat LakesTop 50
SkySourceKennedy High SchoolLong IslandTop 50
Tasty CreationsArmijo High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
Outlast OuterwearCarle Place High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
Pop-THomestead High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
Apex EntertainmentNeuqua Valley High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
AstroDoughSyosset High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
TinkerOxford AcademyCaliforniaTop 150
Pink Sand Travel PacksCedarBridge AcademyLong IslandTop 150
EvergreenGermantown Friends SchoolNY MetroTop 150
N'VelopSussex County Technical SchoolNY MetroTop 150
Endure, Inc.Summertown High SchoolSouthernTop 150
Monk Made Beverage CompanyCooper City High SchoolSouthernTop 150
ImagineersLapeer County Ed-Tech CenterGreat LakesTop 150
Your Name Here Inc.Fort Hamilton High SchoolNYCTop 150
OrionDeKalb County High SchoolSouthernTop 150
BlutivityYonkers High SchoolYonkersTop 150
CanopyRochester Adams High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
PoppyHuntington High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
UnwindCrystal Lake South High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
Snap ShackMiller Place High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
Worldwide Entertainment CorpIslip High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
Imagination, Inc.Maxine Greene High School of Imaginative InquiryNYCTop 150
The Whole PackageCalhoun High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
Sol EnergyMount Sinai High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
PowerCloudCentury High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
TruView VRMepham High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
No Coast SoapBellevue East High SchoolSouthernTop 150
GuardianOxford AcademyCaliforniaTop 150
HooplaCentury High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
ApolloMetea Valley High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
CampUSCary-Grove High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
Clever ContraptionsSt Charles East High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
The Party ProjectHerricks High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
ClarityGreer High SchoolSouthernTop 150
Confidence CafeCarolina Forest High SchoolSouthernTop 150
Skyline 360Blackman High SchoolSouthernTop 150
AromabaiGolden West High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
BrewCrewCareerline Tech CenterGreat LakesTop 150
Deja BrewMorris Knolls High SchoolNY MetroTop 150
New Vision BraceletsWest Essex High SchoolNY MetroTop 150
SnakPaxParsippany Hills High SchoolNY MetroTop 150
Luxury Resort ManagementEast Hamilton High SchoolSouthernTop 150
Amplify AudioMiller Place High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
AdastraStoney Creek High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
DronEatsSouthold Jr. Sr. High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
FITSHigh School for Arts and BusinessNYCTop 150
Visual DiversityRichmond Hill High SchoolNYCTop 150
ArboSachem East High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
Brama ChocolatesOceanside High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
Coffee CubedWantagh High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
EssentialsSamueli AcademyCaliforniaTop 150
Xtreme ComfortSt Charles East High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
GenesisPatchogue-Medford High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
MalascoBrooklyn Academy of Global FinanceNYCTop 150
ForMi FurnitureJefferson High SchoolSouthernTop 150
Alpha ThreadsPhoenix High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
DefenseLineCalhoun High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
OnwardWalt Whitman High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
TecRaidCanastota High SchoolNETop 150
That's the Last StrawSweet Home High SchoolNETop 150
Bubbles Up!Livingston High SchoolNY MetroTop 150
Pet PointRobbinsville High SchoolNY MetroTop 150
Planet XpressPequannock High SchoolNY MetroTop 150
Zoo To UPequannock High SchoolNY MetroTop 150
VE CateringPort Richmond High SchoolNYCTop 150
Adrenaline RushSouth Granville High SchoolSouthernTop 150
Arc IndustriesFranklinton High SchoolSouthernTop 150
ADropPalm Springs High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
Fun timesSamueli AcademyCaliforniaTop 150
MOBOWestminster High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
VE RadioMount Miguel High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
SlurpCareerline Tech CenterGreat LakesTop 150
Caffeine Dreamin'Lindenhurst High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
WorldWide WaterLongwood High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
1sland Ho!Brighton High SchoolNETop 150
MerchMeMorris County School of TechnologyNY MetroTop 150
Electro EnterpriseWilliam C. Bryant High SchoolNYCTop 150
Culture Crave Lawrence County High SchoolSouthernTop 150
The PulseEagleville High SchoolSouthernTop 150
All Natural NYCQueens Technical High SchoolNYCTop 150
AlsetHolly High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
1 Click TicketsSayville High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
Leisure in the TriangleThe Berkeley InstituteLong IslandTop 150
Sweet ObsessionElmont Memorial High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
A-1 EnterprisesFenton High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
Rapid BrewCentereach High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
Bake-ologySusan E. Wagner High SchoolNYCTop 150
AlpackaHemet High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
High Flyers IncConnetquot High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
BrillareSt. Charles North High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
HorizonsSt. Charles North High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
RamPride, Inc.Montrose Hill McCloy High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
Apollo CorpWalt Whitman High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
O2HLong Beach High School – NIKE CenterLong IslandTop 150
SuppLIBaldwin High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
Adirondack Trading PostWells Central High SchoolNETop 150
Hi-Tech Co.Clayton A. Bouton High SchoolNETop 150
Twirl n' SwirlPittsford Mendon High SchoolNETop 150
Appy HourLakeland Regional High SchoolNY MetroTop 150
Piece of CakeEwing High SchoolNY MetroTop 150
MetaphorBlackman High SchoolSouthernTop 150
PersonianPerson High SchoolSouthernTop 150
AtlasLa Mirada High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
Back Pack+Deer Valley High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
FreshChoice VELemoore High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
PilunaThousand Oaks High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
Suite 81 JewelsMontclair High SchoolCaliforniaTop 150
GoodieBoxWaubonsie Valley High SchoolGreat LakesTop 150
Day AwayWilliam Floyd High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
Glow GamesMattituck High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
Wave WorksBablyon High SchoolLong IslandTop 150
Ocean RippersMorris Hills High SchoolNY MetroTop 150
iSupplyManhattan Business AcademyNYCTop 150
Capital EnterpriseNorthwood High SchoolSouthernTop 150
Global WarmingBearden High SchoolSouthernTop 150

Video Commercial Competition Results

FirmSchoolStateRatingResultView Newsletter
Safe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSCA5Top 10%View Newsletter
SuppLIBaldwin HSNY5Top 10%View Newsletter
Amplify AudioMiller Place HSNY4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
Area304Geneva CUSD #304IL4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
AstroDoughSyosset HSNY4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
Bubbles Up!Livingston HSNJ4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
Cop & DropLa Serna HSCA4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
Down To Earth, Inc.Hardin County HSTN4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
EcocentricFountain Valley HSCA4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
Fit4YouPittsford Sutherland HSNY4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
Helio TechCentury HSCA4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
HooplaCentury HSCA4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
Imagination, Inc.The Maxine Greene HS for Imaginative InquiryNY4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
Metaphor, Inc.Blackman HSTN4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
Monk Made Beverage CompanyCooper City HSFL4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
NuappsFrancis Lewis HSNY4.5Top 10%View Newsletter
NurtureMurrieta Valley HSCA4.5Top 25%View Newsletter
OnwardWalt Whitman HSNY4.5Top 25%View Newsletter
Peel OffJohn F. Kennedy HSCA4.5Top 25%View Newsletter
Pro-Tech(t)Oyster Bay HSNY4.5Top 25%View Newsletter
Sunny SnacksCooper City HSFL4.5Top 25%View Newsletter
Sweet AbyssDos Palos HSCA4.5Top 25%View Newsletter
EvergreenGermantown Friends SchoolNY4.5Top 25%View Newsletter
VE RadioMt. Miguel HSCA4.5Top 25%View Newsletter
versaTIEThe Academy of Mathematics, Science & EngineeringNJ4.5Top 25%View Newsletter
99 @dventuresBerks Career and TechnologyPA4Top 25%View Newsletter
A1 Drive InternationalMagen David YeshivaNY4Top 25%View Newsletter
Ancora SafetyCentennial HSCA4Top 25%View Newsletter
ApexNeuqua Valley HSIL4Top 25%View Newsletter
Back Pack+Deer Valley HSCA4Top 25%View Newsletter
BEE...at easeBridgehampton HSNY4Top 25%View Newsletter
Brama ChocolatesOceanside HSNY4Top 25%View Newsletter
CanopyRochester Adams HSMI4Top 25%View Newsletter
Clever ContraptionsSt. Charles East HSIL4Top 25%View Newsletter
Core IncTimothy Christian HSIL4Top 25%View Newsletter
Cowboy CrateV.R. Eaton HSTX4Top 25%View Newsletter
Culture CraveLawrence County HSTN4Top 25%View Newsletter
Current ThreadsBakersfield HSCA4Top 25%View Newsletter
Delta DormsJericho HSNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Electric AvenueSt. Charles East HSIL4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Envelop LLCSussex County Technical SchoolNJ4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Fit PetLynbrook HSNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
FreshChoice VELemoore HSCA4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Bloom TechnologiesGermantown Friends SchoolPA4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
HOPEAcademy of Finance and EnterpriseNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
MatchWearFrancis Lewis HSNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Skyline 360Blackman HSTN4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
NAVA, Inc.Academy of Finance and EnterpriseNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
No Coast SoapBellevue East HSNE4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
OneSource EnergyRoy C. Ketcham HSNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Phoenix WoodStockdale HSCA4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
PoppyHuntington HSNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Midtown CustomsBusiness of Sports SchoolNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
SendITPittsford SutherlandNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Snap ShackMiller Place HSNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Sol EnergyMount Sinai HSNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Suite 81 JewelsMontclair HSCA4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Summit CorporationNeuqua Valley HSIL4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Sweet ObssessionElmont HSNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Tasty CreationsArmijo HSCA4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
The Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto HSTN4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Timber TonesCivic Memorial HSIL4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
TinkerOxford AcademyCA4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Tota VitaSyosset HSNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
TravelisticYonkers Montessori Academy- YonkersNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Triple TMLK HS for Arts & TechnologyNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Utter GoodnessSyosset HSNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
MOBOWestminster HSCA4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Xtreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles East HSIL4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
ComfordableYonkers Montessori AcademyNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
Your Name HereFt. Hamilton HSNY4Honorable MentionView Newsletter
A1 BoardsGranville Central HSNC3.5Honorable MentionView Newsletter
AdastraStoney Creek HSMI3.5Honorable MentionView Newsletter
ADropPalm Springs HSCA3.5Honorable MentionView Newsletter
A Lil TwistCarle Place HSNY3.5Honorable MentionView Newsletter
AromabaiGolden West HSCA3.5Honorable MentionView Newsletter
EliaLife, Inc.West Orange HSNJ3.5Honorable MentionView Newsletter
World EatsPalmetto Scholars AcademySC3.5Honorable Mention

Advanced Website Competition Results

FirmSchoolStateRatingResultVideo Link
A Helping HandWest Hempstead HSNY5Top 10%Watch Commercial
A Lil TwistCarle Place HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Commercial
Ancora SafetyCentennial HSCA4.5Top 10%Watch Commercial
Current ThreadsBakersfield HSCA4.5Top 10%Watch Commercial
Lively Designs by The BlendOrange HSNC4.5Top 10%Watch Commercial
Phoenix WoodStockdale HSCA4.5Top 10%Watch Commercial
The Party ProjectHerricks HSNY4.5Top 10%Watch Commercial
At Your ServiceWest Hempstead HSNY4Top 10%Watch Commercial
Brama ChocolatesOceanside HSNY4Top 10%Watch Commercial
CatalystNeuqua Valley HSIL4Top 10%Watch Commercial
Comforting CaninesHewlett HSNY4Top 10%Watch Commercial
Confidence CafeCarolina Forest HSSC4Top 10%Watch Commercial
ConnexusCentury HSCA4Top 10%Watch Commercial
DronEatsSouthold HSNY4Top 10%Watch Commercial
EcocentricFountain Valley HSCA4Top 25%Watch Commercial
Endless POPsibilitiesMarina HSCA4Top 25%Watch Commercial
Forza Auto SalesSusan E Wagner HSNY4Top 25%Watch Commercial
Helio TechCentury HSCA4Top 25%Watch Commercial
Knotaullus (Pioneer)Pioneer Middle SchoolFL4Top 25%Watch Commercial
NAPRHewlett HSNY4Top 25%Watch Commercial
NAVA, Inc.Academy of Finance and EnterpriseNY4Top 25%Watch Commercial
NovaPatchogue-Medford HSNY4Top 25%Watch Commercial
Outlast OuterwearCarle Place HSNY4Top 25%Watch Commercial
Peel OffJohn F. Kennedy HSCA4Top 25%Watch Commercial
Simply SafeMillikan HSCA4Top 25%Watch Commercial
Sweet ObsessionElmont HSNY4Top 25%Watch Commercial
EvergreenGermantown Friends SchoolPA4Top 25%Watch Commercial
The Animal Kingdom, Inc.Loretto HSTN4Top 25%Watch Commercial
Unperplexed SolutionsThe Academy of Mathematics, Science & EngineeringNJ4Top 25%Watch Commercial
UnwindCrystal Lake SouthIL4Top 25%Watch Commercial
Your Name HereFt. Hamilton HSNY4Top 25%Watch Commercial
Area304Geneva CUSD #304IL3.5Top 25%Watch Commercial
CAFFusions (Pioneer)Pioneer Middle SchoolFL3.5Top 25%Watch Commercial
Cloud 9 ComfortPittsford SutherlandNY3.5Top 25%Watch Commercial
Cypher Corp.Lapeer County Ed-Tech CenterMI3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
East Hampton Eco-packsEast Hamtpon HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Eco-JuiceRedlands HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Eye To EyeJP Taravella HSFL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Fit PetLynbrook HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
GenesisPatchogue-Medford HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
HooplaCentury HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Infinity BarsHerricks HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Ink, Inc.Ortega HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Modern TechGeorge Washington HSVA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Monk Made Beverage CompanyCooper City HSFL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
No Coast SoapBellevue East HSNE3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
PersonianPerson HSNC3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
PetPointRobbinsville HSNJ3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
PowerCloudCentury HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Safe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
SendITPittsford SutherlandNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
StillaJefferson HSFL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
SummaV.R. Eaton HSTX3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Sunny SnacksCooper City HSFL3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
SuppLIBaldwin HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
The VisionRoosevelt HS- YonkersNY3.5Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
ABODEHuntington HSNY3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
AffinityNeuqua Valley HSIL3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Amplify AudioMiller Place HSNY3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
ArboSachem East HSNY3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Astrobook (Pioneer)Pioneer Middle SchoolFL3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Bloom TechnologiesGermantown Friends SchoolPA3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
CanopyRochester Adams HSMI3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
ClarityGreer HSSC3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
DASHRichmond HillNY3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Cowboy CrateV.R. Eaton HSTX3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
EclipseCivic Memorial HSIL3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Endure, Inc.Summertown HSTN3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
EyeTechGeorge Washington HSVA3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Genuine GreensSyosset HSNY3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
HOPEAcademy of Finance and EnterpriseNY3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Metaphor, Inc.Blackman HSTN3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
MillenniumC.S. Brown HS STEM ProgramNC3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
New AgeWest Aurora HSIL3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
NuappsFrancis Lewis HSNY3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Pink Sand Travel PacksCedarBridge AcademyNY3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
RamPride Inc.Montrose Hill-McCloy HSMI3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Resurgence Chargers (Pioneer)Pioneer Middle SchoolFL3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Tota VitaSyosset HSNY3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
VIVID+Parkway West HSMO3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
MOBOWestminster HSCA3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
Worldwide Entertainment CorporationIslip HSNY3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial
ComfordableYonkers Montessori AcademyNY3Honorable MentionWatch Commercial

Basic Website Competition Results

FirmSchoolStateRatingResultWebsite Link
Capital Enterprise, IncNorthwood HSNC5.00Top 10%Website Link
Culture CraveLawrence County HSTN5.00Top 10%Website Link
Lively Designs by The BlendOrange HSNC5.00Top 10%Website Link
Tornado FitLawrence HSNY5.00Top 10%Website Link
World EatsPalmetto Scholars AcademySC5.00Top 10%Website Link
32 BelowBeech HSTN4.50Top 10%Website Link
99 @dventuresBerks Career And TechnologyPA4.50Top 10%Website Link
A Helping HandWest Hempstead HSNY4.50Top 10%Website Link
Alpha ThreadsPhoenix HSOR4.50Top 10%Website Link
Amplify AudioMiller Place HSNY4.50Top 10%Website Link
Ancora SafetyCentennial HSCA4.50Top 10%Website Link
BrillareSt. Charles North HSIL4.50Top 10%Website Link
EcocentricFountain Valley HSCA4.50Top 10%Website Link
Just in Case (Egbert I.S. 2 8th 18-19)Egbert Intermediate School #2NY4.50Top 10%Website Link
EVOLVERalph McKee HSNY4.50Top 10%Website Link
Global WarmingBearden HSTN4.50Top 10%Website Link
Gotham EnterprisesNYC Central OfficeNY4.50Top 10%Website Link
HeadlinerzWaubonsie Valley HSIL4.50Top 10%Website Link
Island Ho!Brighton HSNY4.50Top 10%Website Link
LegacyNeuqua Valley HSIL4.50Top 10%Website Link
Little LivingPinckney Community HSMI4.50Top 10%Website Link
MOBOWestminster HSCA4.50Top 10%Website Link
New Wave TravelClearwater HSFL4.50Top 10%Website Link
No Coast SoapBellevue East HSNE4.50Top 10%Website Link
Outside the BoxFenton HSIL4.50Top 10%Website Link
Plenty PackageCarey HSNY4.50Top 10%Website Link
Spectrum Web DevelopmentAdvanced Technology CenterVA4.50Top 10%Website Link
The Pop ShopLoris HSSC4.50Top 10%Website Link
VIVID+Parkway West HSMO4.50Top 10%Website Link
AlpackaHemet HSCA4.25Top 10%Website Link
NurtureMurrieta Valley HSCA4.25Top 10%Website Link
Vibes 'n VinylSamueli AcademyCA4.25Top 10%Website Link
1 Click TicketsSayville HSNY4.00Top 10%Website Link
A Lil TwistCarle Place HSNY4.00Top 10%Website Link
AloehaRoosevelt HSCA4.00Top 10%Website Link
AlsetHolly HSMI4.00Top 10%Website Link
ApolloMetea Valley HSIL4.00Top 10%Website Link
AstroDoughSyosset HSNY4.00Top 10%Website Link
Bake-ologySusan E. Wagner HSNY4.00Top 10%Website Link
Berry UnlimitedWallenpaupack HSPA4.00Top 10%Website Link
BladeXMaine East HSIL4.00Top 25%Website Link
Bright Innovations Inc.Hamady HSMI4.00Top 25%Website Link
Bucket List TravelAbraham Lincoln HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
CanopyRochester Adams HSMI4.00Top 25%Website Link
Carman EnterprisesCarman Ainsworth HSMI4.00Top 25%Website Link
ClarityGreer HSSC4.00Top 25%Website Link
ClickFoodsNolensville HSTN4.00Top 25%Website Link
Coffee CubedWantagh HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
Comforting CaninesHewlett HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
CozyCoStewarts Creek HSTN4.00Top 25%Website Link
Current ThreadsBakersfield HSCA4.00Top 25%Website Link
CustopackPittsford Mendon HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
DefenseLineCalhoun HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
DexacorpLakeland HSMI4.00Top 25%Website Link
Doorstep SportsPittsford SutherlandNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
Down To Earth, Inc.Hardin County HSTN4.00Top 25%Website Link
DronEatsSouthold HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
EliaLife, Inc.West Orange HSNJ4.00Top 25%Website Link
Empire CratesBellport HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
Endure, Inc.Summertown HSTN4.00Top 25%Website Link
Entertainment ExpressIslip HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
Everything Under the SunPitman HSCA4.00Top 25%Website Link
eXtra LLCNorthwood HSNC4.00Top 25%Website Link
EyeTechGeorge Washington HSVA4.00Top 25%Website Link
Forever Fit By FloydWilliam Floyd HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
Genuine GreensSyosset HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
G Flash Music ProductionSayville HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
GoodieBoxWaubonsie Valley HSIL4.00Top 25%Website Link
GuardianOxford AcademyCA4.00Top 25%Website Link
HomeProsPlainview-Old Bethpage JFK HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
HorizonsSt. Charles North HS - ILIL4.00Top 25%Website Link
Lucid Investment Financial EnterpriseHigh School of Economics And FinanceNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
MatchWearFrancis Lewis HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
N'Velop LLCSussex County Technical SchoolNJ4.00Top 25%Website Link
NAPRHewlett HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
NAVA, Inc.Academy of Finance and EnterpriseNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
Never EndingMetea Valley HSIL4.00Top 25%Website Link
New Vision BraceletsWest Essex HSNJ4.00Top 25%Website Link
Next StepHempstead HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
O2HLong Beach HS-NIKENY4.00Top 25%Website Link
OrionDekalb County HSTN4.00Top 25%Website Link
PersonianPerson HSNC4.00Top 25%Website Link
Phoenix WoodStockdale HSCA4.00Top 25%Website Link
PoppyHuntington HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
Pop-T, Inc.Homestead HSCA4.00Top 25%Website Link
Pure BoxPacific Palisades Charter HSCA4.00Top 25%Website Link
Resurgence Chargers (Pioneer)Pioneer Middle SchoolFL4.00Top 25%Website Link
Safe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSCA4.00Top 25%Website Link
Sol EnergyMount Sinai HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
Sparkle City SpecialtiesSpartanburg HSSC4.00Top 25%Website Link
SpectrumNeuqua Valley HSIL4.00Top 25%Website Link
Sunny SnacksCooper City HSFL4.00Top 25%Website Link
SuppLIBaldwin HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
Sweet ObsessionElmont HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
TECRAIDCanastota HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
That’s the Last StrawSweet Home HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
The GrindValley View HSPA4.00Top 25%Website Link
Titan EnterprisesSouthgate Anderson HSMI4.00Top 25%Website Link
Tota VitaSyosset HSNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
TRUBLU TechnologiesSmithtown HS WestNY4.00Top 25%Website Link
Unplugged, Inc.Northampton Community CollegePA4.00Top 25%Website Link
Variety Tech Inc.Academy of Scholarship and EntrepreneurshipNY4.00Honorable MentionWebsite Link
VekoEdward R. Murrow HSNY4.00Honorable MentionWebsite Link
VENTURESt. Francis HSNY4.00Honorable MentionWebsite Link
versaTIEThe Academy of Mathematics, Science & EngineeringNJ4.00Honorable MentionWebsite Link
WorldWide WaterLongwood HSNY4.00Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Xtreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles East HS - ILIL4.00Honorable MentionWebsite Link
O-Town, Inc.Owosso HSMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
1 2 3 PetsHarpeth HSTN3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
3D Premier PropertiesSt. James HSSC3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
45NorthAlpena HSMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
A1 BoardsGranville Central HSNC3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
AceITJF Webb HSNC3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
AdastraStoney Creek HSMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Adrenaline RushSouth Granville HSNC3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
All Natural NYCQueens Vocational HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
AmplitideV.R. Eaton HSTX3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Appy Hour: A Food Subscription CompanyLakeland Regional HSNJ3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
ArboSachem East HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Arc IndustriesFranklinton HSNC3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
AtlasLa Mirada HSCA3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
At Your ServiceWest Hempstead HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
AuraSouth Granville HSNC3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
AuroraWhitehaven HSTN3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Authentic Sports ApparelSchechter School of Long IslandNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Bearables, Inc.Yonkers Montessori AcademyNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
BlutivityYonkers HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Brew CrewCareerline Tech CenterMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Bryan's KlosetWestwood Regional HSNJ3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Bubbles Up!Livingston HSNJ3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Caffeine Dreamin'Lindenhurst HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
CAFFusions (Pioneer)Pioneer MSFL3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
CatalystNeuqua Valley HSIL3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Center SalvageCenter Moriches HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
ClearTechSachem North HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Clever ContraptionsSt. Charles East HS - ILIL3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Comfort & Company FurnishingsFlushing HSMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Confidence CafeCarolina Forest HSSC3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Asylum Games (Corona Arts & Sci 8th Grade 2018-19)Corona Arts & Science AcademyNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Cynosure TelecomOak Ridge HSTN3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Cypher Corp.Lapeer County Ed-Tech CenterMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Dentistry Enriched Technologies (Ramblewood 18-19)Ramblewood MSFL3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Doughnut DynastySewanhaka HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
DurapaxWestwood Regional HSNJ3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Eagle Impulse Inc.Byron HSMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
East Coast StrongHightstown HSNJ3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
East Hampton Eco-packsEast Hampton HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Eco-JuiceRedlands High SchoolCA3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Elite Performance PackagesLakeland Regional High SchoolNJ3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Empire State PizzaRocky Point HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
EpparelFlushing High SchoolMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
EssentialsSamueli AcademyCA3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Exclusive EmporiumHollywood Hills HSFL3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
ExTravelganza Inc.Academy of Scholarship and EntrepreneurshipNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Extreme AdventuresEast Hamilton HSTN3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Eye To EyeJP Taravella High SchoolFL3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Fit PetLynbrook HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
FlexSpaceEssex County Vocational Newark TechNJ3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
ForMi FurnitureJefferson High SchoolFL3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Freedom Trail Outfitters, Inc.Cannon County High SchoolTN3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
FusionBrighton High SchoolNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
FUTUREFreeport HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Global GrubSamueli AcademyCA3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Golden Ram Health & FitnessHolt HSMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Helio TechCentury High SchoolCA3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Hi-Tech Co.Clayton A. Bouton High SchoolNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Hoover HouseCousino HSMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
HOPEAcademy of Finance and EnterpriseNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
iKOMOSouth Pasadena High SchoolCA3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
ImagineersLapeer County Ed-Tech CenterMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
inFITnetPhineas Banning High SchoolCA3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
InnovationsSouthgate Anderson HSMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Inside the BoxLoudon HSTN3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
In-Site MediaJohn Jay High SchoolNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Into The WildCampbell County HSTN3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
I.S. 51 8th Grade 2018-19Edwin Markham I.S. 51NY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Jet Enterprises - Blue ScreensAirport HSMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Just for KicksClayton A. Bouton High SchoolNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Knight & DayAuburn HSIL3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Knotaullus (Pioneer)Pioneer Middle SchoolFL3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Kutt LooseSiegel High SchoolTN3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Les Club ChiensCanyon Springs High SchoolCA3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
LimitlessElmwood Park High SchoolIL3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Meal KitRoxborough High SchoolPA3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
MerchMeMorris County School of TechnologyNJ3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
MetaNovaMetea Valley HSIL3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Metaphor, Inc.Blackman High SchoolTN3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
MillenniumC.S. Brown High School STEM ProgramNC3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
MiSportBethpage HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
ModaLoudon HSTN3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
OneSource EnergyRoy C. Ketcham High SchoolNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
OnwardWalt Whitman HSNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Pandora's BoxCookeville High SchoolTN3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Peel OffJohn F. Kennedy High SchoolCA3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
PeregrineRochester High SchoolMI3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Piece Of CakeEwing High SchoolNJ3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Pink Sand Travel PacksCedarBridge AcademyNY3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
PIXSouth Pasadena High SchoolCA3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Planet XpressPequannock High SchoolNJ3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
PlatinumRiverdale High SchoolTN3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Poppin' PetalsArvin High SchoolCA3.50Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Port ClothingNorthport HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Portside SweetsBellport HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
PowerCloudCentury HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Prototype Hobby SolutionsPacifica HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Pure LaveBloomington HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
QuickAid & Co.Diamond Bar HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Roasted CoffeeTrenton HSMI3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Royal RealtyQueens Vocational HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Simply SafeMillikan HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
SlurpCareerline Tech CenterMI3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
SmartHacksSomonauk HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Snap ShackMiller Place HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
STEALTHBethpage HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Street SimpliCityForest Hills HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Suave EatsIn-tech AcademyNY3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Summit CorporationNeuqua Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Surreal EstateClio HSMI3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Tailored TronicsWaubonsie Valley HSIL3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Tasty CreationsArmijo HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
The Party ProjectHerricks HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
The PulseEagleville HSTN3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
The Whole PackageCalhoun HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
ThriveGenesee Career InstituteMI3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
TinkerOxford AcademyCA3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
T. MerchantsNew Hyde Park Memorial HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Touch Of EleganceOakland HSTN3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
TruView VRMepham HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Twirl n’ SwirlPittsford Mendon HSNY3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
UnwindCrystal Lake SouthIL3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Urban TouchEssex County Vocational Payne TechNJ3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
VE RadioMt. Miguel HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
WayBound, Inc.Fenton HS MIMI3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link
Wear the FruitAtwater HSCA3.5Honorable MentionWebsite Link

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