2016 California Trade Show and Business Plan Competition Recap

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Photo credit: Sockscribe

Photo credit: Sockscribe

On January 14-15, 2016, 1,500 of students representing 100 schools from around California attended the Rabobank Convention Center and Marriott Hotel for the Bakersfield Trade Show and State Business Plan Competition.

During the Trade Show, students tested their salesmanship and marketing skills against those of other companies and competed in 20 Trade Show competitions. Products featured at the Trade Show included hats, pastries, organic fruits and vegetables, cell phones, clothing, fitness products, travel destinations, and “green” products. Visitors attending the Trade Show were given $10,000 in “virtual dollars” to spend on products and services as they toured 81 booths.

This year, there were a total of 71 VE companies from around California involved in the State Business Plan Competition; with the top 6 companies in the finals selected to represent California in the National Business Plan Competition taking place in New York City on April 17, 2016.

“Virtual Enterprise programs have grown in popularity worldwide and we were excited to welcome a significant number of programs to Bakersfield for the competitions that highlighted their products and business skills,” said Nancy Phillips, event organizer of the 2016 California State Trade Show and Business Plan Competition and former Western Regional Director for VEI. The Trade Show was sponsored by Kern High School District and KHSD’s Regional Occupational Center.

Branding1stTasty CreationsArmijo HSArmijoCA
Branding2ndVibes n' VinylSamueli Academy HSSanta AnaCA
Branding3rdEl BigoteSamueli Academy HSSanta AnaCA
BrandingGoldEndless POPsibilitiesMarina HSHuntington
BrandingGoldLux DesignsFrancis Lewis HSNYCNY
BrandingSilverSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
BrandingSilverMonde de ChocolatNational Trade HSSofiaBulgaria
BrandingSilverAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
BrandingSilverXtreme SportsLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
BrandingSilverPhoenix WoodStockdale HSBakersfieldCA
BrandingBronzeCurrent ThreadsBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
BrandingBronzeNuAppsFrancis Lewis HSNYCNY
BrandingBronzeFreshChoice VELemoore HSLemooreCA
BrandingBronzeHeadlinerzWaubonsie Valley HSAuroraIL
BrandingBronzeNever EndingMetea Valley HSAuroraIL
Elevator Pitch1stFresh Choice VELemoore HSLemooreCA
Elevator Pitch2ndXtreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
Elevator Pitch3rdSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Elevator PitchGoldCurrent ThreadsBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Elevator PitchGoldAromabaiGolden West HSVisaliaCA
Elevator PitchSilverNutureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Elevator PitchSilverCycle BuddyJames Logan HSUnion CityCA
Elevator PitchSilverHorizonsSt. Charles North HSSt. CharlesIL
Elevator PitchSilverPure BoxPalisades Charter HSPacific
Elevator PitchSilverAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Elevator PitchBronzeBack Pack+Deer Valley HSAntiochCA
Elevator PitchBronzeClever ContraptionsSt. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
Elevator PitchBronzeEl BigoteSamueli Academy HSSanta AnaCA
Elevator PitchBronzeElectric AvenueSt. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
Elevator PitchBronzePop-T., Inc.Homestead HSCupertinoCA
Employee Handbook1stVibes n' VinylSamueli Academy HSSanta AnaCA
Employee Handbook2ndPop-T., Inc.Homestead HSCupertinoCA
Employee Handbook3rdiKomoSouth Pasadena HSSouth
Employee HandbookGoldNurtureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Employee HandbookGoldXtreme SportsLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Employee HandbookSilverCurrent ThreadsBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Employee HandbookSilverEndless POPsibilitiesMarina HSHuntington
Employee HandbookSilverFun TimesSamueli Academy HSSanta AnaCA
Employee HandbookSilverAromabaiGolden West HSVisaliaCA
Employee HandbookSilverPhoenix WoodStockdale HSBakersfieldCA
Employee HandbookBronzeAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Employee HandbookBronzeWear the FruitAtwater HSAtwaterCA
Employee HandbookBronzeAloehaRoosevelt HSFresnoCA
Employee HandbookBronzeNava, Inc.Academy of Finance
and Enterprise HS
Employee HandbookBronzeReadINJames Logan HSUnion CityCA
Finance1stBrillareSt. Charles North HSSt. CharlesIL
Finance2ndNurtureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Finance3rdiKomoSouth Pasadena HSSouth
FinanceGoldCurrent ThreadsBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
FinanceGoldAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
FinanceSilverHopeAcademy of Finance
and Enterprise HS
FinanceSilverSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
FinanceSilverAromabaiGolden West HSVisaliaCA
FinanceSilverVibes n' VinylSamueli Academy HSSanta AnaCA
FinanceSilverNuAppsFrancis Lewis HSNYCNY
FinanceBronzeClever ContraptionsSt. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
FinanceBronzePop-T., Inc.Homestead HSCupertinoCA
FinanceBronzeGoodieBoxWaubonsie Valley HSAuroraIL
FinanceBronzeXtreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
FinanceBronzeCycle BuddyJames Logan HSUnion CityCA
Human Resources1stWear the FruitAtwater HSAtwaterCA
Human Resources2ndiKomoSouth Pasadena HSSouth
Human Resources3rdMatchwearFrancis Lewis HSNYCNY
Human ResourcesGoldSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Human ResourcesGoldCurrent ThreadsBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Human ResourcesSilverNutureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Human ResourcesSilverMonde de ChocolatNational Trade HSSofiaBulgaria
Human ResourcesSilverXtreme SportsLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Human ResourcesSilverAromabaiGolden West HSVisaliaCA
Human ResourcesSilverPF "Alpha MED" LTDNational Trade HSSofiaBulgaria
Human ResourcesBronzeElectric AvenueSt. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
Human ResourcesBronzeAlpha ThreadsPhoenix HSPhoenixOR
Human ResourcesBronzeFun TimesSamueli Academy HSSanta AnaCA
Human ResourcesBronzePop-T., Inc.Homestead HSCupertinoCA
Human ResourcesBronzeGoodieBoxWaubonsie Valley HSAuroraIL
Marketing1stSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Marketing2ndLux DesignsFrancis Lewis HSNYCNY
Marketing3rdStyle BoxPalisades Charter HSPacific
MarketingGoldiKomoSouth Pasadena HSSouth
MarketingGoldMonde de ChocolatNational Trade HSSofiaBulgaria
MarketingSilverHeadlinerzWaubonsie Valley HSAuroraIL
MarketingSilverAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
MarketingSilverCurrent ThreadsBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
MarketingSilverXtreme SportsLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
MarketingSilverAtlasLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
MarketingBronzeHorizonsSt. Charles North HSSt. CharlesCA
MarketingBronzeSimply SafeMillikin HSLong BeachCA
MarketingBronzePF "Alpha MED" LTDNational Trade HSSofiaBulgaria
MarketingBronzeElectric AvenueSt. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
MarketingBronzeGoodie BoxWaubonsie Valley HSAuroraIL
Micro Capital1stNuAppsFrancis Lewis HSNYCNY
Micro Capital2ndLux DesignsFrancis Lewis HSNYCNY
Micro Capital3rdFun TimesSamueli Academy HSSanta AnaCA
Micro CapitalGoldiKomoSouth Pasadena HSSouth
Micro CapitalGoldReadINJames Logan HSUnion CityCA
Micro CapitalSilverXtreme Comfort, Inc.St. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
Micro CapitalSilverSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Micro CapitalSilverWest Coast SoapMoorparkMoorparkCA
Micro CapitalSilverEl BigoteSamueli Academy HSSanta AnaCA
Micro CapitalSilverAromabaiGolden West HSVisaliaCA
Video Commercial1stTailored TronicsWaubonsie Valley HSAuroraIL
Video Commercial2ndADropPalm Springs HSPalm SpringsCA
Video Commercial3rdCurrent ThreadsBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Video CommercialGoldNutureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Video CommercialGoldAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Video CommercialSilveriKomoSouth Pasadena HSSouth
Video CommercialSilverXtreme SportsLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Video CommercialSilverEndless POPsibilitiesMarina HSHuntington
Video CommercialSilverNAVA, Inc.Academy of Finance
and Enterprise HS
Video CommercialSilverSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Video CommercialBronzeFabricatedThousand Oaks HSThousand
Video CommercialBronzeStyle BoxPalisades Charter HSPacific
Video CommercialBronzeAloehaRoosevelt HSFresnoCA
Video CommercialBronzeClever ContraptionsSt. Charles East HSSt. CharlesIL
Video CommercialBronzeEl BigoteSamueli Academy HSSanta AnaCA
Video CommercialBronzePure BoxPalisades Charter HSPacific
Video CommercialBronzeNuAppsFrancis Lewis HSNYCNY
Video CommercialBronzeReadINJames Logan HSUnion CityCA