2017 California Trade Show Recap

By April 11, 2017 April 28th, 2020 California, News, Trade Shows, West

On January 18th and 19th, a total of 52 schools participated in the California Trade Show in Bakersfield, California.

Key Stats

  • 1,650 total attendees
  • 52 Schools
  • 75 Firms
  • 1,400 Students
  • 250 Volunteers
  • 19 Trade show competitions


Results for top teams in the Best Novice Booth, Best Novice Salesmanship, Company Business Card, Company Catalog, Company Sales Presentation, Employee Newsletter, Human Resources Manual, Human Resources Scenario Presentation, Impact Marketing Awards, Job Interview, Marketing Plan Presentation, Most Creative Booth, Most Professional Booth, The Perfect Business Pitch, Video Commercial, Web Site Design can be found at the Competitions Results page.

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