2017 North Carolina Trade Show Recap

By April 11, 2017 April 28th, 2020 Midwest, Midwest, News, North Carolina, Trade Shows


On March 17th, 200 VE students came together to participate in the North Carolina Trade Show at Granville Central High School in Stem, NC

Key Stats

  • 400 total attendees
  • 6 Schools
  • 11 Firms
  • 200 Students
  • 10 Volunteers
  • 2 Trade show competitions

Special thanks to: Dr. Dorwin Howard, Granville County Schools Superintendent; Dr. Michael Myrick, Granville County Schools Asst. Superintendent; Dr. Stan Winborne, Granville County Schools CTE Director; Dr Beth Day Granville County Schools, Finance Director


Results for top teams in the Best Booth and Best Salesmanship can be found at the Competitions Results page.

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