Florida High School VE Students Mentor Middle School VE-JV Students

By November 29, 2017 April 28th, 2020 Blog, Florida, News, VE-JV

Ramblewood Middle School’s VE-JV students visited JP Taravella High School’s VE firm, Tea Treat Box Co. on November 17 to learn more about the VE program from their older counterparts.

“My VEI students and I LOVED having Ramblewood’s VE-JV students visit us yesterday! Our COO gave a brief presentation about what VEI is (so they’d know the difference) and then kids rotated from department to department for 5-minute explanations of what each is working on and what they do. I think my own students loved teaching…it made them realize their own importance in the organization. Our Sales department also made some initial sales of their product, TeaTreat Subscription Box.

I HIGHLY recommend that other Middle/High Schools team up to do this too! It was fun!”

– Laurie Acosta, VE Facilitator, JP Taravella High School

By Sonja Visser