Inc: “Why 4,300 Teenage Entrepreneurs Are About to Descend on New York”

By April 13, 2018 April 28th, 2020 2018 Youth Business Summit, Media Coverage, News

In the next few days, New York City will be welcoming thousands of teenage entrepreneurs for the 2018 Youth Business Summit. Wanda Thibodeaux wrote about the YBS, “one of the largest business exhibitions in the United States,” in her article, “Why 4,300 Teenage Entrepreneurs Are About to Descend on New York.”

Thibodeaux asked the question, “Why start people so young?” Nick Chapman, President and National Program Director, responded:

“‘In entrepreneurship, we are encouraged to ‘fail fast’ or ‘fail forward’ so that we can figure out what we didn’t know sooner, leading to success sooner. I think the same concept applies here. We want students to have the opportunity to ‘test drive’ various jobs and career opportunities to better understand the world of work before they make important (and expensive!) decisions about where they go to college and what they decide to major in.'”

From defining career paths to learning essential entrepreneurial skills, VE students are getting an invaluable experience. Thibodeaux also talked to Chapman about the importance of having business leaders engage. Chapman stated: “‘To me, the key to getting more business leaders to support this type of engagement is in getting them to see these programs as an investment in their talent pipeline, rather than philanthropy. When leaders understand these initiatives have a direct impact on their bottom line, it makes their decision calculus a little bit different.'”

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