Getting Smart: “Preparing Students for Career Success”

By July 18, 2018 April 28th, 2020 Media Coverage, News

Learn about the career readiness competencies VE implements in their curriculum and how students develop and demonstrate them throughout the VE experience by reading the Getting Smart article, “Preparing Students for Career Success.” The VE Career Readiness Framework is split into four categories: Leadership, Professional, Functional, and Core Technology Skills. Tyler Fugazzie, Director of Communications for VEI, breaks down each category’s dimensions in the article.

Here are some questions that VE uses as a guide in preparing students for career success:

  1. What career readiness competencies do we currently teach?
  2. How can we teach students about the different career readiness competencies?
  3. What are projects students can work on to develop career readiness competencies?
  4. How can we track the development of career readiness competencies?
  5. How are we empowering students to explore possible career pathways?
  6. How do we connect what students learn to the real world of work?
  7. What activities and approaches can we take to encourage student collaboration?
  8. How can we offer environments in the school that resemble a workplace?
  9. How can we connect students with business leaders and industry professionals?
  10. How are we giving students ways to test possible careers?

Read more here: “Preparing Students for Career Success”