Timothy Christian High School and Park Place of Elmhurst Enter Third Year of Partnership, Enabling Retired Business Leaders to Mentor Illinois VE Students

By October 16, 2018 Midwest, News

The 2018-19 school year marks the third year of a unique partnership between Timothy Christian High School’s VE program Core, Inc. and Park Place of Elmhurst, a continuing care retirement community in the western Chicago suburbs.

Retired business professionals and leaders living at Park Place of Elmhurst play a crucial role at the beginning of the school year by helping to interview students vying for key departmental roles and assisting Kendra Lee, VE facilitator at Timothy Christian High School, in selecting students for leadership positions. In addition to helping students through their first-ever professional interviews, these mentors share their experiences and advice with students throughout the year, provide feedback on Core, Inc.’s business plan presentation, and share business meal etiquette during an annual business breakfast.

“The partnership with Park Place allows students to gain insight and wisdom about the workplace and life from individuals who have a wealth of experience,” said Kendra Lee. “The students and Park Place residents both learn and benefit from this relationship. Students often mention what they learn from these mentors, using their stories and advice as guidance for various projects, challenges, and key moments throughout the year.”

Demarion Williams, a VE student from Timothy Christian High School, during the interview process

“My Interview with Mr. Jack Cashman was an eye-opening one,” said Demarion Williams, a VE student from Timothy Christian High School. “He taught me a very important lesson about not always having to be the top guy but being a part of a team and contributing to the overall success to a company. I appreciate the time and effort that Mr. Cashman gave to Core Inc.”

Park Place residents who conducted job interviews for all Core, Inc. Chiefs and VPs include Michael Harrington, Founder and Board of Directors Chair, First Enterprise Financial Group (ret.); Jack Cashman, National Manager of Government Affairs, Sears (ret.); Carolyn Vallort, Vice President, Ron Vallort and Associates, Ltd. (ret.), Ron Vallort, Executive Vice President of Engineering and Architecture, The Haskell Company (ret.), a $600 million design build contracting firm, Bob Parker, VP of Purchasing, Transportation & Facilities, International Harvester Co. (ret.).

(Pictured left-to-right) Jack Cashman; Michael Harrington; Bob Parker; Kendra Lee; Lisa Stoik, Life Enrichment Director, Park Place at Elmhurst; Ron Vallort; Carolyn Vallort

“I am honored to work with VE students and impressed at the practical, day-to-day experiences that they gain through the program,” said Ron Vallort, a Park Place resident and VE mentor. “I enjoyed the enthusiasm and candor of the VEI students during their “job interviews,” said Carolyn Vallort. ”It’s a blessing to be able to interact with these students,” said Jack Cashman.

For VE schools interested in learning more about this partnership, reach out to Kendra Lee at klee@veinternational.org.