VE Top 50: The Leading Firms of the 2020-21 School Year!

By June 15, 2021 News, VE Top 50

The VE Top 50 is a composite method to recognize firm engagement and achievement across the many VE activities happening throughout the year. Over the course of the 2020-21 school year, the list has changed each period with firms moving in and out of inclusion based on ongoing review by the VE regional and national offices. The VE Top 50 list represents the top performing companies in the network and reflects the hard work and dedication of the students and facilitators.

The final review of firm business activities took place as of May 30, 2021 and assessed engagement by reviewing the following criteria:

  • Submission of an Annual Report
  • Submission of the Corporate Tax Form (VE 1120)
  • Participation in the spring D4D Competition
  • Students use TurboTax to file 1040 Income Tax Form

Firms in the VE Top 50 have the opportunity to earn up to 54 points during this academic year. For the full list of VE Top 50 parameters, click here.

View the full VE Top 50 list

Congratulations to the Top 50 companies for their ranking as one of the top leading companies within a network of over 500 firms!

VE Top 50 firms were sent a digital badge to share on social media and/or post on their firm website. A VE Top 50 banner will also be sent to the school of each firm on the VE Top 50 list.