Syosset Advance: Syosset HS students win “Design for Delight” business competition

By December 3, 2021 News

“Snack ‘N Board, a virtual business created by students of the Virtual Enterprises (VE) program at Syosset High School, was selected as the winner of the national Design for Delight competition, VE announced today. Design for Delight (D4D) Competition is a bi-annual competition held in conjunction with Intuit in which VE students utilize D4D’s core principles of deep customer empathy, creativity and collaboration, and rapid experimentation in business problem-solving. Over 98 VE businesses competed in the event.

For the past two months, Syosset High School students created and have been operating Snack ‘N Board, a virtual company specializing in candy charcuterie. The students developed Snack ‘N Board as part of the year-long VE program, which teaches students how to start and run a virtual business together as a class.

The D4D competition required students to conduct an oral presentation and provide supporting materials to judges addressing the company’s design thinking process. Judges then graded them on their leadership skills, demonstration of entrepreneurship, collaboration efforts, creative problem solving, research and analysis, use of technology and more.”

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