Buffalo Rising: Mount St. Mary Academy Scholars: Creating the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

By January 6, 2022 News

“One of those businesses is an online virtual enterprise called Fly By Fashion, which is made up of twenty-one MSM students. The group has a Fashion Show highlighting different items from local boutiques in Buffalo on January 22, with News4’s Gabrielle Mediak as the evening’s emcee. The fashion show is completely student run and will include eleven boutiques participating. Their theme this year is ‘Cozy Couture.’”

“Sheila Strott is a senior at MSM, and one of the Fashion Designers for the company.”

“’Academy Scholars, and Fly By Fashion has allowed me to step into leadership roles, as I am the co- executive of operations. In this role I can fully showcase all of my organizational skills and become a stronger leader,’ she says. ‘Fly By Fashion has actually led me to want to study business management in college next year!’”

“Strott goes on to say, ‘I have also been able to contribute skills in marketing, sales, management, and networking. This upcoming fashion show will be a way to showcase all of our team’s hard work and dedication.’”

“Fly By Fashion determines consumers’ fashion favorites through an online quiz on their website. The results will be used to determine fashion trends fit for the user. A virtual stylist selects clothing, footwear and accessories. Fly By Fashion’s products are delivered to you three times per year. Customers can invest in three different packages Gold, Diamond, and Platinum, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 a year. In order for clothing to be delivered in an eco-friendly manner, the firm utilizes drone delivery.”

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