ABC Action News: Jefferson High students using footsteps to create renewable energy

By March 2, 2022 News

“Their plan is to use special floor tiles to harness and store renewable, kinetic, energy every time someone steps on them. They are optimistic these tiles could collect enough energy to power high trafficked buildings like malls, airports and schools.”

“’Every person is producing 10 watts of energy so you can imagine a little strip of International Mall with energy tiles, hundreds of thousands of people walking through every day,’ said Montada.”

“The team’s ambition has already landed them first place for the VE Central Florida State Business Plan Competition.”

“They hope to be an inspiration to high school students everywhere.”

“’We are trying to show that even here at a high school level we’ve been able to come up with something using our resources, the Internet, all these things that we can research, and find out what the world needs to make an impact and make a change,’ said Navarro.”

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