2016 California Trade Show and Business Plan Competition Recap

Photo credit: Sockscribe

Photo credit: Sockscribe

On January 14-15, 2016, 1,500 of students representing 100 schools from around California attended the Rabobank Convention Center and Marriott Hotel for the Bakersfield Trade Show and State Business Plan Competition.

During the Trade Show, students tested their salesmanship and marketing skills against those of other companies and competed in 20 Trade Show competitions. Products featured at the Trade Show included hats, pastries, organic fruits and vegetables, cell phones, clothing, fitness products, travel destinations, and “green” products. Visitors attending the Trade Show were given $10,000 in “virtual dollars” to spend on products and services as they toured 81 booths.

This year, there were a total of 71 VE companies from around California involved in the State Business Plan Competition; with the top 6 companies in the finals selected to represent California in the National Business Plan Competition taking place in New York City on April 17, 2016.

“Virtual Enterprise programs have grown in popularity worldwide and we were excited to welcome a significant number of programs to Bakersfield for the competitions that highlighted their products and business skills,” said Nancy Phillips, event organizer of the 2016 California State Trade Show and Business Plan Competition and former Western Regional Director for VEI. The Trade Show was sponsored by Kern High School District and KHSD’s Regional Occupational Center.

CompetitionPlaceVE FirmSchool
Marketing Plan Presentation1stINKSouth Pasadena HS
Marketing Plan Presentation2ndSuperior SportsCarpinteria HS
Marketing Plan Presentation3rdHighlander HutHelix Charter HS
Marketing Plan Presentation4thPro-tectCosta Mesa HS
Marketing Plan Presentation5thSproutSouth Pasadena HS
Marketing Plan Presentation6thFlintletThousand Oaks HS
Marketing Plan Presentation7thKarunaBakersfield HS
Marketing Plan Presentation8thVend-Inc.Century HS
Marketing Plan Presentation9thDons Net CaféSanta Barbara HS
Marketing Plan Presentation10thSockscribeCentennial HS
Marketing Plan PresentationHonorable MentionAthenaLa Mirada HS
Marketing Plan PresentationHonorable MentionGolden SolesJames Logan HS
Marketing Plan PresentationHonorable MentionLifedroneUniversity HS
Marketing Plan PresentationHonorable MentionNocogoMurrieta Valley HS
Marketing Plan PresentationHonorable MentionTrifectaMurrieta Valley HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation1stNocogoMurrieta Valley HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation2ndLifedroneUniversity HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation3rdTrifectaMurrieta Valley HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation4thINKSouth Pasadena HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation5thKarunaBakersfield HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation6thSuperior SportsCarpinteria HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation7thAdventure Outdoors CompanyAcademy of the Canyons
Human Resources Scenario Presentation8thSockscribeCentennial HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation9th   Perfect PlatesMoreno Valley HS
Human Resources Scenario Presentation10thHighlander HutHelix Charter HS
Human Resources Scenario PresentationHonorable MentionAthenaLa Mirada HS
Human Resources Scenario PresentationHonorable MentionPro-tectCosta Mesa HS
Human Resources Scenario PresentationHonorable MentionSnack Foods Inc.Marina HS
Human Resources Scenario PresentationHonorable MentionSolar-TekCentury HS
Human Resources Scenario PresentationHonorable MentionWired KoffeePalms Springs HS
Company Sales Presentation1stSockscribeCentennial HS
Company Sales Presentation2ndKarunaBakersfield HS
Company Sales Presentation3rdINKSouth Pasadena HS
Company Sales Presentation4thAdventure Outdoors CompanyAcademy of the Canyons
Company Sales Presentation5thNocogoMurrieta Valley HS
Company Sales Presentation6thTrifectaMurrieta Valley HS
Company Sales Presentation7thAqua PuraCentury HS
Company Sales Presentation8thSproutSouth Pasadena HS
Company Sales Presentation9thBlock PartyOxford Academy
Company Sales Presentation10thApple UpCanyon Springs HS
Company Sales PresentationHonorable MentionBamboo BallyhooCentennial HS HS
Company Sales PresentationHonorable MentionCamp SpartaRedlands HS
Company Sales PresentationHonorable MentionFlintletThousand Oaks HS
Company Sales PresentationHonorable MentionMcMarketingFountain Valley HS
Company Sales PresentationHonorable MentionSecond StitchMission Viejo HS
Website Design: Basic Division1stSockscribeCentennial HS
Website Design: Basic Division2ndSecond StitchMission Viejo HS
Website Design: Basic Division3rdEmperor IncorporatedNewport Harbor HS
Website Design: Basic Division4thLifedroneUniversity HS
Website Design: Basic Division5thKarunaBakersfield HS
Website Design: Basic Division6thGolden SolesJames Logan HS
Website Design: Basic Division7thAdventure Outdoors CompanyAcademy of the Canyons
Website Design: Basic Division8thPro-tectCosta Mesa HS
Website Design: Basic Division9thiScreamDos Palos HS
Website Design: Basic Division10thTrifectaMurrieta Valley HS
Website Design: Basic DivisionHonorable MentionHoloEntertainmentMoorpark HS
Website Design: Basic DivisionHonorable MentionLa Casita MexicanaBloomington HS
Website Design: Basic DivisionHonorable MentionN.E.R.D.S. TechnologyArvin HS
Website Design: Basic DivisionHonorable MentionSafe Haven Travel CompanyLa Serna HS
Website Design: Basic DivisionHonorable MentionUbox, Inc.Estancia HS
Website Design: Advanced Division1stINKSouth Pasadena HS
Website Design: Advanced Division2ndNocogoMurrieta Valley HS
Website Design: Advanced Division3rdBlock PartyOxford Academy
Website Design: Advanced Division4thAthenaLa Mirada HS
Website Design: Advanced Division5thAqua PuraCentury HS
Website Design: Advanced Division6thSproutSouth Pasadena HS
Website Design: Advanced Division7thDons Net CaféSanta Barbara HS
Website Design: Advanced Division8thCoast 2 Coast EventsSan Marcos HS
Website Design: Advanced Division9thReflexDos Pueblos HS
The Perfect Pitch1stN.E.R.D.S. TechnologyArvin HS
The Perfect Pitch2ndHoloEntertainmentMoorpark HS
The Perfect Pitch3rdSockscribeCentennial HS
The Perfect Pitch4thINKSouth Pasadena HS
The Perfect Pitch5thJust in CaseKennedy HS
The Perfect Pitch6thNocogoMurrieta Valley HS
The Perfect Pitch7thLifedroneUniversity HS
The Perfect Pitch8thAdventure Outdoors CompanyAcademy of the Canyons
The Perfect Pitch9thPacific SleeveThousand Oaks HS
The Perfect Pitch10thBlock PartyOxford Academy
The Perfect PitchHonorable MentionAthenaLa Mirada HS
The Perfect PitchHonorable MentionDare Devil ObstaclesLa Mirada HS
The Perfect PitchHonorable MentionIllumilightRio Linda HS
The Perfect PitchHonorable MentionInternational Sugar RushBloomington HS
The Perfect PitchHonorable MentionPerfect PlatesMoreno Valley HS
Job Interview PresentationMarketing: Production SpecialistIvan VargasCrème Bags/Vallejo HS
Job Interview PresentationSales: New Products DeveloperRyan ZengBlock Party/Oxford Academy
Job Interview PresentationAccounting: Branch Banker/Personal BankingIvy KoeppiScream/Dos Palos HS
Job Interview PresentationHuman Resources: Public Relations OfficerSavannah KanINK/South Pasadena HS
Job Interview PresentationMarketing: Commercial ArtistAllyanna DemafelizSockscribe/Centennial HS
Company Business Card1stEvery Drop CountsRoosevelt HS
Company Business Card2ndSockscribeCentennial HS
Company Business Card3rdGrill Billy’s BBQBanning HS
Company Business Card4thEmpire PromotionsCentury HS
Company Business Card5thSproutSouth Pasadena HS
Company Business Card6thAtlantis AquaponicsVallejo HS
Company Business Card7thSave Haven Travel CompanyLa Serna HS
Company Business Card8thAdventure Outdoors CompanyAcademy of the Canyons
Company Business Card9thInternational Sugar RushBloomington HS
Company Business Card10thINKSouth Pasadena HS
Company Business CardHonorable MentionHikeoutGolden West HS
Company Business CardHonorable MentionN.E.R.D.S. TechnologyArvin HS
Company Business CardHonorable MentionPro-tectCosta Mesa HS
Company Business CardHonorable MentionSolar-TekCentury HS
Company Business CardHonorable MentionTanks A LotElizabeth Learning Center
Company Catalog1stApple UpCanyon Springs HS
Company Catalog2ndEmpire PromotionsCentury HS
Company Catalog3rdKaruna HSBakersfield HS
Company Catalog4thINKSouth Pasadena HS
Company Catalog5thMicro MansionsAntelope Valley HS
Company Catalog6thNext Level AthleticsArmijo HS
Company Catalog7thMcMarketingFountain Valley HS
Company Catalog8thNocogoMurrieta Valley HS
Company Catalog9thIllumilightRio Linda HS
Company Catalog10thBlock PartyOxford Academy
Company Catalog10thAtlantis AquaponicsVallejo HS
Company CatalogHonorable MentionHoloEntertainmentMoorpark HS
Company CatalogHonorable MentionInternational Sugar RushBloomington HS
Company CatalogHonorable MentionJust in CaseKennedy HS
Company CatalogHonorable MentionLa Casita MexicanaBloomington HS
Company CatalogHonorable MentionMaikalani SmoothiesLa Sierra HS
Company CatalogHonorable MentionN.E.R.D.S. TechnologyArvin HS
Employee Newsletter1stINKSouth Pasadena HS
Employee Newsletter2ndIllumilightRio Linda HS
Employee Newsletter3rdSockscribeCentennial HS
Employee Newsletter4thMcMarketingFountain Valley HS
Employee Newsletter5thTrifectaMurrieta Valley HS
Employee Newsletter6thKarunaBakersfield HS
Employee Newsletter7thNocogoMurrieta Valley HS
Employee Newsletter8thJust in CaseKennedy HS
Employee Newsletter9thSecond StitchMission Viejo HS
Employee Newsletter10thBlock PartyOxford Academy
Employee NewsletterHonorable MentionAqua PuraCentury HS
Employee NewsletterHonorable MentionAtlantis AquaponicsVallejo HS
Employee NewsletterHonorable MentioniScreamDos Palos HS
Employee NewsletterHonorable MentionSolar-TekCentury HS
Employee NewsletterHonorable MentionVend-Inc.Century HS
Video Commercial1st  Icy BlastFresno HS
Video Commercial2ndSproutSouth Pasadena HS
Video Commercial3rdEvery Drop CountsRoosevelt HS
Video Commercial4thCurb AppealOrtega HS
Video Commercial5thEmpire PromotionsCentury HS
Video Commercial6thINKSouth Pasadena HS
Video Commercial7thCali TwistCanyon Springs HS
Video Commercial8thKarunaBakersfield HS
Video Commercial9thAdventure Outdoors CompanyAcademy of the Canyons
Video Commercial10thBlock PartyOxford Academy
Video CommercialHonorable MentionCamp SpartaRedlands HS
Video CommercialHonorable MentionInternational Sugar RushBloomington HS
Video CommercialHonorable MentionJust in CaseKennedy HS
Video CommercialHonorable MentionTOP FORMJames Logan HS
Video CommercialHonorable MentionTrifectaMurrieta Valley HS
Impact Marketing1stCamp SpartaRedlands HS
Impact Marketing2ndTrifectaMurrieta Valley HS
Impact Marketing3rdINKSouth Pasadena HS
Impact Marketing4thIllumilightRio Linda HS
Impact Marketing5thEvery Drop CountsRoosevelt HS
Impact Marketing6thBlock PartyOxford Academy
Impact Marketing7thPerfect PlatesMoreno Valley HS
Impact Marketing8thSproutSouth Pasadena HS
Impact Marketing9thCoast 2 Coast EventsSan Marcos HS
Impact Marketing10thHoloEntertainmentMoorpark HS
Impact MarketingHonorable MentionEmpire PromotionsCentury HS
Impact MarketingHonorable MentionFino BoardsCarlsbad HS
Impact MarketingHonorable MentionFlintletThousand Oaks HS
Impact MarketingHonorable MentionSecond StitchMission Viejo HS
Impact MarketingHonorable MentionSockscribeCentennial HS
Most Creative Booth1stIllumilightRio Linda HS
Most Creative Booth2ndHighlander HutHelix Charter HS
Most Creative Booth3rdInternational Sugar RushBloomington HS
Most Creative Booth4thINKSouth Pasadena HS
Most Creative Booth5thFlintletThousand Oaks HS
Most Creative Booth6thKarunaBakersfield HS
Most Creative Booth7thSpartan GymHelix Charter HS
Most Creative Booth8thiScreamDos Palos HS
Most Creative Booth9thApple UpCanyon Springs HS
Most Creative Booth10thHikeoutGolden West HS
Most Creative BoothHonorable MentionCoast 2 Coast EventsSan Marcos HS
Most Creative BoothHonorable MentionGolden SolesJames Logan HS
Most Creative BoothHonorable MentionLa Casita MexicanaBloomington HS
Most Creative BoothHonorable MentionPacific SleeveThousand Oaks HS
Most Creative BoothHonorable MentionWired KoffeePalm Springs HS
Most Professional Booth1stTanks A LotElizabeth Learning Center
Most Professional Booth2ndSockscribeCentennial HS
Most Professional Booth3rdEvery Drop CountsRoosevelt HS
Most Professional Booth4thAqua PuraCentury HS
Most Professional Booth5thCarlsbagsCarlsbad HS
Most Professional Booth6thEmpire PromotionsCentury HS
Most Professional Booth7thSolar-TekCentury HS
Most Professional Booth8thGrill Billy’s BBQBanning HS
Most Professional Booth9thTrifectaMurrieta Valley HS
Most Professional Booth10thVend-Inc.Century HS
Most Professional BoothHonorable MentionDare Devil ObstaclesLa Mirada HS
Most Professional BoothHonorable MentionMicro MansionsAntelope Valley HS
Most Professional BoothHonorable MentionNocogoMurrieta Valley HS
Most Professional BoothHonorable MentionRoad to SuccessCarson HS
Most Professional BoothHonorable MentionTimeless FashionsElizabeth Learning Center
Best Novice Booth1stPackBackUniversity HS
Best Novice Booth2ndEmperor IncorporatedNewport Harbor HS
Best Novice Booth3rdMobile EnterprisesLemoore HS
Best Novice Booth4thAtlantis AquaponicsVallejo HS
Best Novice Booth5thThe CourierLiberty HS
Best Novice Booth6thN.E.R.D.S. TechnologyArvin HS
Best Novice Booth7thSpeed DealersNewport Harbor HS
Best Novice Booth8thXpressionMt. Miguel HS
Best Novice Booth9thCrème BagsVallejo HS
Best Novice Booth10thEclipse CinemasMt. Miguel HS
Best Novice BoothHonorable MentionKey “N” OneAtwater HS
Best Novice BoothHonorable MentionPro-tectCosta Mesa HS
Best Salesmanship1stAthenaLa Mirada HS
Best Salesmanship2ndKarunaBakersfield HS
Best Salesmanship3rdAnderson and AssociatesEast Bakersfield HS
Best Salesmanship4thCurb AppealOrtega HS
Best Salesmanship5thSockscribeCentennial HS
Best Salesmanship6thSproutSouth Pasadena HS
Best Salesmanship7thDons Net CaféSanta Barbara HS
Best Salesmanship8thMicro MansionsAntelope Valley HS
Best Salesmanship9thSuperior SportsCarpinteria HS
Best Salesmanship10thReflexDos Pueblos HS
Best SalesmanshipHonorable MentionDare Devil ObstaclesLa Mirada HS
Best SalesmanshipHonorable MentionDarrelMiguel Contreras Learning Complex
Best SalesmanshipHonorable MentionSafe Haven Travel CompanyLa Serna HS
Best SalesmanshipHonorable MentionSolar-TekCentury HS
Best SalesmanshipHonorable MentionUbox, Inc.Estancia HS
Best Novice Salesmanship1stXpressionMt. Miguel HS
Best Novice Salesmanship2ndCrème BagsVallejo HS
Best Novice Salesmanship3rdEmperor IncorporatedNewport Harbor HS
Best Novice Salesmanship4thPro-tectCosta Mesa HS
Best Novice Salesmanship5thN.E.R.D.S. TechnologyArvin HS
Best Novice Salesmanship6thPackBackUniversity HS
Best Novice Salesmanship7thEclipse CinemasMt. Miguel HS
Best Novice Salesmanship8thSpeed DealersNewport Harbor HS
Best Novice Salesmanship9thAtlantis AquaponicsVallejo HS
Best Novice Salesmanship10thMobile EnterprisesLemoore HS
Best Novice SalesmanshipHonorable MentionThe CourierLiberty HS
Best Novice SalesmanshipHonorable MentionKey “N” OneAtwater HS

[California] 1,300 Students Attend the 2014 Bay Area Entrepreneurship Conference & Trade Show


Oakland, Ca, March 16-17, 2014:  Jay Speck County Superintendent of Schools of Solano County welcomed over 1,300 high school entrepreneurs as they arrived in the Bay Area this past weekend for the 10th Annual San Francisco Bay Area Entrepreneurship Conference and Trade Show. The event, hosted by the Solano County Office of Education and James Logan High School, was held Sunday and Monday, March 16-17, 2014 at the Oakland Convention Center. The young entrepreneurs were from Virtual Enterprise and Career Technical Education classes in New York, Illinois, Oregon, and California.


The sold-out event was the largest trade show ever held in the Bay Area. The redesigned format included both student and teacher workshops on Sunday along with oral competitions. Student workshops were presented by Bay Area industry leaders including WIX, Inc., a web creation and hosting site used by many Virtual Enterprises across the country; Indiegogo, a crowdfunding lab; and Aspirationtech, a social media dashboard solution among others.  Teacher workshops included HP Life-E Curriculum which is free online entrepreneurship curriculum and Junior Achievement’s free entrepreneurship marketing and entrepreneurship curriculum and a session on how to create a real business in your classroom.


Monday’s opening ceremony for the Trade Show featured Patrick Schwerdtfeger, an international speaker and author who challenged attendees to “Think Bigger About Your Life”.  The Trade Show itself highlighted companies from California, Oregon, Illinois and New York.

Click here to view competition results

Tweets from the Trade Show

Students capture beautiful California scenery on their way to San Francisco


Preparing for a busy day of interviews, competitions, and professional development


Students stay still for a moment to say cheese before kicking into high gear for the Speed Interviews competition


A student waits for the Elevator Pitch competition


An overhead shot of the bustling venue


Students at their booths, working their sales and networking skills


15th Annual CA International Trade Show

On Dec. 3-4, Virtual Enterprise firms from California and across the country showcased their virtual products and services at the Rabobank Convention Center in Bakersfield, California. This event is the largest in California & the Western Region attracted 100 firms. Students in these enterprises demonstrated their competencies in a wide range of areas: business planning, marketing, selling, self-management, financial planning, public relations, interviewing, e-commerce and communications. This event provided an opportunity for healthy competition, self-assessment and benchmarking!

The opportunity to participate in the California Trade Show events provides a unique advantage to see Virtual Enterprise entrepreneurial skills development.


15th Annual CA International Trade Show

Students at the 2012 VEI California Trade Show

December 3-4, 2013

Rabobank Convention Center

1001 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield, CA

International Virtual Enterprises are especially welcome to attend and participate in this exciting event. This will also be a celebration of the 15th Anniversary of Trade Show events held in California and the 16th Anniversary of Virtual Enterprises International in the Western Region of the United States.

Virtual Enterprise firms from California and across the country will be showcasing their virtual products and services. This event is the largest in California & the Western Region attracting over 100 firms last year. Students in these enterprises will be demonstrating their competencies in a wide range of areas: business planning, marketing, selling, self-management, financial planning, public relations, interviewing, e-commerce and communications. This event provides an opportunity for healthy competition, self-assessment and benchmarking!

The opportunity to participate in the California Trade Show events provides a unique advantage to see Virtual Enterprise entrepreneurial skills development. A series of business education competitions will be held for enterprises. The public will be provided with virtual checks to enable them to take part as customers in the Trade Show.


Trade Show Schedule of Events

The Trade Show encompasses two days of activities. Day 1 focuses on student competitions showcasing company projects, setting up Trade Show booths, and meeting colleagues while getting to know the layout of the venue. Multiple oral competitions will also take place. A social event with activities is also planned for the evening.

The VE State Business Plan Competition will also be held on Day 1; winning teams will represent California in the spring of 2014 at the National Business Plan Competition on April 2, 2014, in New York City.

Day 2 focuses on the Trade Show event and will celebrate the CA Network’s 15th Anniversary of state Trade Shows and 16th year of Virtual Enterprise in California. A major focus of Day 2 is promoting Virtual Enterprises International to the public, which includes business leaders, parents, teachers, students and administrators from across California. Business trading will occur throughout the day, with a special awards ceremony ending the event. The fourth and Final Round of CA VE State Business Plan Presentation Competition will be completed on this day also.

Click on the buttons below to find the full timetable of the scheduled events.

DAY 1: Tuesday, December 3 (Student Competition Day: State Trade Show and State Business Plan)

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DAY 2: Wednesday, December 4 (Opening Ceremony, Final Round of Business Plan Competition, Impact Marketing Competition, Public Trading and Closing Ceremony)

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Other Materials

Registration Form (Print Version)
2013 Trade Show Registration Form (Online Version)

Formal Invitation Letter
2013 Trade Show Information Packet
2013 Trade Show Competition Rubrics