2016 New York Citywide Business Plan Competition Recap

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2016 New York Citywide Competition

On January 14th, 2016, 24 Virtual Enterprise firms, representing each of the five boroughs, braced the early morning cold fronts to attend the New York Citywide Business Plan Competition, hosted at the United Federation of Teachers. Each firm had 10 minutes to pitch their company to a panel of diverse judges for a chance to make it to the National Business Plan Competition.

The morning session of the competition was divided into two rounds, which included 10 minute presentations and the Q&A session. Each of the 24 firms presented to a panel of 6 industry professionals, alumni, and VE advisory board members, leading to eight finalist firms for the afternoon round. After an intense round of strong presentations, the top teams of the day were Brooklyn’s Sweet & Savory in first, Avant-garde Furnishings in second, and Concierge Ticket Brokers in third.

Top 3 Teams

CompetitionPlaceFirm NameSchool
Company BrandingGoldAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HS
Company BrandingGoldSuppLIBaldwin HS
Company BrandingGoldSwayWesthampton Beach HS
Company BrandingGoldA Helping HandWest Hempstead HS
Company BrandingGoldA Lil TwistCarle Place HS
Company BrandingGoldCaffeine Dreamin'Lindenhurst HS
Company BrandingGoldComforting CaninesHewlett HS
Company BrandingGoldYour Name HereFt. Hamilton HS
Company BrandingSilverT. MerchantsNew Hyde Park Memorial HS
Company BrandingSilverGlow GamesMattituck HS
Company BrandingSilverThe Party ProjectHerricks HS
Company BrandingSilverWorldWide WaterLongwood HS
Company BrandingSilverFit PetLynbrook HS
Company BrandingSilverHOPEAcademy of Finance and Enterprise
Company BrandingSilverCoffee CubedWantagh HS
Company BrandingSilverPoppyHuntington HS
Video CommercialGoldA Helping HandWest Hempstead HS
Video CommercialGoldThe Party ProjectHerricks HS
Video CommercialGoldOutlast OuterwearCarle Place HS
Video CommercialGoldAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HS
Video CommercialGoldWorldwide Entertainment CorporationIslip HS
Video CommercialSilverGlow GamesMattituck HS
Video CommercialSilverOneSource EnergyRoy C. Ketcham High School
Video CommercialSilverCoffee CubedWantagh HS
Video CommercialSilverPortside SweetsBellport HS
Sales MaterialsGoldA Helping HandWest Hempstead HS
Sales MaterialsGoldAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HS
Sales MaterialsGoldA Lil TwistCarle Place HS
Sales MaterialsGoldAmplify AudioMiller Place HS
Sales MaterialsGoldWorldwide Entertainment CorporationIslip HS
Sales MaterialsGoldEntertainment ExpressIslip HS
Sales MaterialsGoldHomeProsPlainview-Old Bethpage JFK HS
Sales MaterialsGoldMiSportBethpage HS
Sales MaterialsSilverDoughnut DynastySewanhaka HS
Sales MaterialsSilverSnap ShackMiller Place HS
Sales MaterialsSilverSTEALTHBethpage HS
Sales MaterialsSilverSuppLIBaldwin HS
Sales MaterialsSilverTechTasticMassapequa HS
Sales MaterialsSilverTRUBLU TechnologiesSmithtown HS West
Sales MaterialsSilverYour Name HereFt. Hamilton HS
Sales MaterialsSilverOutlast OuterwearCarle Place HS
Employee HandbookGoldSTEALTHBethpage HS
Employee HandbookGoldMiSportBethpage HS
Employee HandbookGoldNAVA, Inc.Academy of Finance and Enterprise
Employee HandbookGoldNovaPatchogue-Medford HS
Employee HandbookGoldSuppLIBaldwin HS
Employee HandbookGoldT. MerchantsNew Hyde Park Memorial HS
Employee HandbookGoldWorldwide Entertainment CorporationIslip HS
Employee HandbookGoldAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HS
Employee HandbookSilverA Lil TwistCarle Place HS
Employee HandbookSilverCoffee CubedWantagh HS
Employee HandbookSilverEntertainment ExpressIslip HS
Employee HandbookSilverHomeProsPlainview-Old Bethpage JFK HS
Employee HandbookSilverHOPEAcademy of Finance and Enterprise
Employee HandbookSilverYour Name HereFt. Hamilton HS
Employee HandbookSilverA Helping HandWest Hempstead HS
Employee HandbookSilverDelta DormsJericho HS
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldHomeProsPlainview-Old Bethpage JFK HS
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldPink Sand Travel PacksCedarBridge Academy
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldPlenty PackageCarey HS
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HS
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldInfinity BarsHerricks HS
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldTRUBLU TechnologiesSmithtown HS West
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldTruView VRMepham HS
E-Commerce WebsiteGoldWave WorksBabylon HS
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverA Helping HandWest Hempstead HS
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverHOPEAcademy of Finance and Enterprise
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverNAVA, Inc.Academy of Finance and Enterprise
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverNovaPatchogue-Medford HS
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverWorldWide WaterLongwood HS
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverT. MerchantsNew Hyde Park Memorial HS
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverAmplify AudioMiller Place HS
E-Commerce WebsiteSilverCoffee CubedWantagh HS
Company NewsletterGoldAmplify AudioMiller Place HS
Company NewsletterGoldSuppLIBaldwin HS
Company NewsletterGoldA Lil TwistCarle Place HS
Company NewsletterGoldYour Name HereFt. Hamilton HS
Company NewsletterGoldImagination, Inc.The Maxine Greene HS for Imaginative Inquiry
Company NewsletterGoldGlow GamesMattituck HS
Company NewsletterGoldNAVA, Inc.Academy of Finance and Enterprise
Company NewsletterGoldThe Party ProjectHerricks HS
Company NewsletterSilverA Helping HandWest Hempstead HS
Company NewsletterSilverSwayWesthampton Beach HS
Company NewsletterSilverDelta DormsJericho HS
Company NewsletterSilverAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HS
Company NewsletterSilverComforting CaninesHewlett HS
Company NewsletterSilverHOPEAcademy of Finance and Enterprise
Company NewsletterSilverMini SportsLong Beach HS
Company NewsletterSilverWave WorksBabylon HS
Best BoothGoldSuppLIBaldwin HS
Best BoothGoldPink Sand Travel PacksCedarBridge Academy
Best BoothGoldDelta DormsJericho HS
Best BoothGoldSnap ShackMiller Place HS
Best BoothGoldSol EnergyMount SInai HS
Best BoothGoldBrama ChocolatesOceanside HS
Best BoothGoldTota VitaSyosset HS
Best BoothGoldSwayWest Hampton Beach HS
Best BoothSilverYour Name HereFort Hamilton HS
Best BoothSilverPort ClothingNorthport HS
Best BoothSilverG Flash Music ProductionSayville HS
Best BoothSilverDoughnut DynastySewanhaka HS
Best BoothSilverDronEatsSouthold HS
Best BoothSilverAstroDoughSyosset HS
Best BoothSilverLeisure in the TriangleThe Berkley Institute
Best BoothSilverImagination, Inc.The Maxine Greene HS for Imaginative Inquiry
Impact MarketingPlaceFirm NameSchool
Impact MarketingGoldAt Your ServiceWest Hempstead HS
Impact MarketingGoldHomeProsPlainview-Old Bethpage JFK HS
Impact MarketingGoldSuppLIBaldwin HS
Impact MarketingGoldA Helping HandWest Hempstead HS
Impact MarketingSilverAstroDoughSyosset HS
Impact MarketingSilverCoffee CubedWantagh HS
Impact MarketingSilverEntertainment ExpressIslip HS
Impact MarketingSilverNovaPatchogue-Medford HS

Participating Teams

CompetitionPlaceVE FirmSchoolCityState
ApprenticeWinnerTeam: Agora-West Coast Credit Union
Booth Design1st-GoldEden Bath EssentialsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCA
Booth Design2nd-GoldPure LaveBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Booth Design3rd-GoldGuardianOxford AcademyCypressCA
Booth DesignGoldEcocentricFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
Booth DesignGoldSweet AbyssDos Palos HSDos PalosCA
Booth DesignSilverTasty CreationsArmijo HSFairfieldCA
Booth DesignSilverTinkerOxford AcademyCypressCA
Booth DesignSilverFizzleThousand Oaks HSThousand OaksCA
Booth DesignSilverEndless POPsibilitiesMarina HSHuntington BeachCA
Booth DesignSilverHooplaCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Booth DesignBronzeLes Club ChiensCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
Booth DesignBronzePoppin' PetalsArvin HSArvinCA
Booth DesignBronzeVE RadioMt. Miguel HSSpring ValleyCA
Booth DesignBronzeNurtureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Booth DesignBronzeSimply SafeMillikan HSLong BeachCA
Company Newsletter1st-GoldGuardianOxford AcademyCypressCA
Company Newsletter2nd-GoldCurrent ThreadsBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Company Newsletter3rd-GoldAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Company NewsletterGoldHelio TechCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Company NewsletterGoldSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Company NewsletterSilverPure BoxPacific Palisades Charter HSPacific PalisadesCA
Company NewsletterSilverAtlasLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Company NewsletterSilverSimply SafeMillikan HSLong BeachCA
Company NewsletterSilverTinkerOxford AcademyCypressCA
Company NewsletterSilveriKOMOSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
Company NewsletterBronzeCop & DropLa Serna HSWhittierCA
Company NewsletterBronzeEl BigoteSamueli AcademySanta AnaCA
Company NewsletterBronzeNurtureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Company NewsletterBronzePeel OffJohn F. Kennedy HSLa PalmaCA
Company NewsletterBronzeSweet AbyssDos Palos HSDos PalosCA
ECommerceWebsite1st-GoldPhoenix WoodStockdale HSBakersfieldCA
ECommerceWebsite2nd-GoldEcocentricFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
ECommerceWebsite3rd-GoldAtlasLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
ECommerceWebsiteGoldAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
ECommerceWebsiteGoldSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
ECommerceWebsiteSilverHelio TachCentury HSSanta AnaCA
ECommerceWebsiteSilverPeel OffJohn F. Kennedy HSLa PalmaCA
ECommerceWebsiteSilverNurtureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
ECommerceWebsiteSilverVE RadioMt. Miguel HSSpring ValleyCA
ECommerceWebsiteSilverExotic Fruit ImportsRidgeview HSBakersfieldCA
ECommerceWebsiteBronzePure LaveBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
ECommerceWebsiteBronzeSilo-WareBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
ECommerceWebsiteBronzeEden Bath EssentialsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCA
ECommerceWebsiteBronzeLes Club ChiensCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
Elevator Pitch1st-GoldAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Elevator Pitch2nd-GoldSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Elevator Pitch3rd-GoldSolar Charge PackWest HSBakersfieldCA
Elevator PitchGoldCYCLE BUDDYJames Logan HSUnion CityCA
Elevator PitchGoldNurtureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Elevator PitchSilverExotic Fruit ImportsRidgeview HSBakersfieldCA
Elevator PitchSilverXtreme SportsLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Elevator PitchSilverAromabaiGolden West HSVisaliaCA
Elevator PitchSilverSteez SkateshopMoreno Valley HSMoreno ValleyCA
Elevator PitchSilverPIXSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
Elevator PitchBronzePhoenix WoodStockdale HSBakersfieldCA
Elevator PitchBronzeEcocentricFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
Elevator PitchBronzeProject Eco PawsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCA
Elevator PitchBronzeREADINJames Logan HSUnion CityCA
Elevator PitchBronzeLes Club ChiensCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
HR Presentation1st-GoldTinkerOxford AcademyCypressCA
HR Presentation2nd-GoldConneXusCentury HSSanta AnaCA
HR Presentation3rd-GoldiKOMOSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
HR PresentationGoldSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
HR PresentationGoldInVEstSan Juan Hills HSSan Juan CapistranoCA
HR PresentationSilverEcocentricFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
HR PresentationSilverNurtureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
HR PresentationSilverHooplaCentury HSSanta AnaCA
HR PresentationSilverAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
HR PresentationSilverPowerCloudCentury HSSanta AnaCA
HR PresentationBronzeXtreme SportsLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
HR PresentationBronzeAtlasLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
HR PresentationBronzeAromabaiGolden West HSVisaliaCA
HR PresentationBronzeSuite 81 JewelsMontclair HSMontclairCA
HR PresentationBronzeEl BigoteSamueli AcademySanta AnaCA
Impact Marketing1st-GoldNurtureMurrieta Valley HSMurrieta ValleyCA
Impact Marketing2nd-GoldPowerCloudCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Impact Marketing3rd-GoldProject Eco PawsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCA
Impact MarketingGoldEden Bath EssentialsCarlsbad HSCarlsbadCA
Impact MarketingGoldPeel OffJohn F. Kennedy HSLa PalmaCA
Impact MarketingSilverEcocentricFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
Impact MarketingSilverAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Impact MarketingSilverHooplaCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Impact MarketingSilverLes Club ChiensCanyon Springs HSMoreno ValleyCA
Impact MarketingSilverCurrent ThreadsBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Impact MarketingBronzePure LaveBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Impact MarketingBronzeSteez SkateboardMoreno Valley HSMoreno ValleyCA
Impact MarketingBronzeVE RadioMt. Miguel HSSpring ValleyCA
Impact MarketingBronzeSilo-WareBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Impact MarketingBronzeHelio TechCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Job InterviewHiredTinker - VE InternOxford AcademyCypressCA
Marketing1st-GoldTinkerOxford AcademyCypressCA
Marketing2nd-GoldSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Marketing3rd-GoldCurrent ThreadsBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
MarketingGoldiKOMOSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
MarketingGoldConneXusCentury HSSanta AnaCA
MarketingSilverAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
MarketingSilverAtlasLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
MarketingSilverCYCLE BUDDYJames Logan HSUnion CityCA
MarketingSilverFabricatedThousand Oaks HSThousand OaksCA
MarketingSilverPIXSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
MarketingBonzePure LaveBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
MarketingBonzeSimply SafeMillikan HSLong BeachCA
MarketingBonzeNurtureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
MarketingBonzePilunaThousand Oaks HSThousand OaksCA
MarketingBonzePowerCloudCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Novice Booth Design1st-GoldAloehaRoosevelt HSFresnoCA
Novice Booth Design2nd-GoldBella's BeddingLe Grand HSLe GrandCA
Novice Booth Design3rd-GoldEndless POPsibilitiesMarina HSHuntington BeachCA
Novice Booth DesignGoldPhoenix WoodStockdale HSBakersfieldCA
Novice Booth DesignGoldSolar Charger PackWest HSBakersfieldCA
Novice Booth DesignSilverWear the FruitAtwater HSAtwaterCA
Sales Materials1st-GoldPeel OffJohn F. Kennedy HSLa PalmaCA
Sales Materials2nd-GoldPhoenix WoodStockdale HSBakersfieldCA
Sales Materials3rd-GoldHelio TechCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Sales MaterialsGoldHooplaCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Sales MaterialsGoldTinkerOxford AcademyCypressCA
Sales MaterialsSilverConneXusCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Sales MaterialsSilverAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Sales MaterialsSilverFabricatedThousand Oaks HSThousand OaksCA
Sales MaterialsSilverPowerCloudCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Sales MaterialsSilverSteez SkateshopMoreno Valley HSMoreno ValleyCA
Sales MaterialsBronzeCYCLE BUDDYJames Logan HSUnion CityCA
Sales MaterialsBronzeEndless POPsibilitiesMarina HSHuntington BeachCA
Sales MaterialsBronzeSilo-WareBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Sales MaterialsBronzePIXSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
Sales MaterialsBronzePoppin' PetalsArvin HSArvinCA
Sales MaterialsBronzeSolar Charger PackWest HSBakersfieldCA
Sales Pitch1st-GoldiKOMOSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
Sales Pitch2nd-GoldNurtureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Sales Pitch3rd-GoldCurrent ThreadsBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Sales PitchGoldSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Sales PitchGoldEndless POPsibilitiesMarina HSHuntingtom BeachCA
Sales PitchSilverSilo-WareBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
Sales PitchSilverTinkerOxford AcademyCypressCA
Sales PitchSilverGuardianOxford AcademyCypressCA
Sales PitchSilverInVEstSan Juan Hills HSSan Juan CapistranoCA
Sales PitchSilverFabricatedThousand Oaks HSThousand OaksCA
Sales PitchBronzeAtlasLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Sales PitchBronzeFizzleThousand Oaks HSThousand OaksCA
Sales PitchBronzeHelio TechCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Sales PitchBronzeH2YdrOCitrus Valley HSRedlandsCA
Sales PitchBronzeSimply SafeMillikan HSLong BeachCA
Salesmanship1st-GoldSolar Charger PackWest HSBakersfieldCA
Salesmanship2nd-GoldPop-T, Inc.Homestead HSCupertinoCA
Salesmanship3rd-GoldSilo-WareBloomington HSBloomingtonCA
SalesmanshipGoldAromabaiGolden West HSVisaliaCA
SalesmanshipGoldBack Pack+Deer Valley HSAntiochCA
SalesmanshipSilverNurtureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
SalesmanshipSilverTinkerOxford AcademyCypressCA
SalesmanshipSilverCop & DropLa Serna HSWhittierCA
SalesmanshipSilverGuardianOxford AcademyCypressCA
SalesmanshipSilverXtreme SportsLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
SalesmanshipBronzeEco-JuiceRedlands HSRedlandsCA
SalesmanshipBronzePilunaThousand Oaks HSThousand OaksCA
SalesmanshipBronzeEndless POPsibilitiesMarina HSHuntington BeachCA
SalesmanshipBronzePowerCloudCentury HSSanta AnaCA
SalesmanshipBronzeH2YdrOCitrus Valley HSRedlandsCA
State Business ChallengeWinnerTeam: Jun Marketing Strategy
Video Commercial1st-GoldSafe N' SoundMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Video Commercial2nd-GoldPhoenix WoodStockdale HSBakersfieldCA
Video Commercial3rd-GoldEcocentricFountain Valley HSFountain ValleyCA
Video CommercialGoldXtreme SportsLa Mirada HSLa MiradaCA
Video CommercialGoldGuardianOxford AcademyCypressCA
Video CommercialSilveriKOMOSouth Pasadena HSSouth PasadenaCA
Video CommercialSilverFizzleThousand Oaks HSThousand OaksCA
Video CommercialSilverConneXusCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Video CommercialSilverCurrent ThreadsBakersfield HSBakersfieldCA
Video CommercialSilverPowerCloudCentury HSSanta AnaCA
Video CommercialBronzeTinkerOxford AcademyCypressCA
Video CommercialBronzeNurtureMurrieta Valley HSMurrietaCA
Video CommercialBronzeADropPalm Springs HSPalm SpringsCA
Video CommercialBronzeAncora SafetyCentennial HSBakersfieldCA
Video CommercialBronzeREADINJames Logan HSUnion CityCA

Thank You to Our Judges!

VEI would like to thank all the judges who contributed their time, talents, and effort to supporting our local VE student professionals.

Abby Bilanin, Geller & Company

Andrea Pfeil, Goeth-Institute NY

Angelo Scialfa III, Fox Run Group

Annie Herman, Journal-Dow Jones

Arpit Akruwala, VE Alumnus

Beth Grossmen, ACORD

Bonnie Manter, BBM Technologies

Bonnie Messing, Geller & Company

Charlotte Beyer, Principle Quest Foundation

Cindy VandenBosch, Turnstile Tours

Doug Young, Council for Economic Education

Eileen Monreale, American Institute of Marine Underwriters

Frank Chiarello, The Tower Group Companies

Gina Pol, VE Alumna

Jeff Rubin, Hub International

Joann Halpern, Goeth-Institute NY

Joshua Siegel, Georgetown Angels

Junior Manon, NYCDOE

Michael Mahoney, Mahoney Associates

Nan Donelon, Women in Hedge Funds

Norman Chester, Institute of Monagement Accountants

Renee Black, PricewaterhouseCooper

Richard Johnson, Halstead

Roberta Mittman, Center for Well Being

Scott Mitchell, Euro-Pen International

Sean James, former NFL Player, now Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Educator

Susan Hirshmann, Morgan Stanley

Susan Miller, JSM Strategy Advisors



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