Entrepreneurship Students Pitch Plans for Bosch eBikes

By June 3, 2016 March 21st, 2019 New York City, New York City Metro Area, News


On Tuesday May 24th, 2016, 40 Entrepreneurship students in teams of five participated in the first-ever New York City Global Enterprise Challenge hosted at Microsoft. Inspired by the Practice Enterprise Business Challenge held in Karlsruhe, Germany, students were given two hours to prepare a presentation intended to persuade a panel of judges whether or not to market Bosch eBikes in New York City and/or the surrounding area. The event provided a great opportunity for high school juniors taking Entrepreneurship classes to hone their research, communication, and time management skills, ahead of taking Virtual Enterprises in their senior years.

Prior to the event, students were invited to several workshops at the Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL), where they learned how to use databases for research. Using these databases, along with articles provided by the NYC VE office, the students gathered relevant information in preparation for the Global Enterprise Challenge.

GEC winners

We would also like to highlight some exemplary students who stood out to the judges given their poise, preparedness, and presentation skills. 

honorable mention

Thank you to the following judges for volunteering their time and talent to help these Entrepreneurship students grow as business professionals.

Tara Fay-Reilly, Executive Director of Admissions at Mercy College

Natascha Lehner, Executive Director at German American Partnership Program

Naasik Islam, Fordham University and VE Alum

Charan Singh, VE Fellow, Brooklyn College

Abril Peña, VE Fellow, Baruch College