2020 International Trade Month

By February 10, 2020 News

February 2020 marks the fourth annual International Trade Month! During this month, VE students are encouraged to buy and sell with some of the 7,000 virtual firms (practice enterprises) in the more than 40 countries that are part of the PEN Worldwide network. This is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their multicultural communication skills, virtually network with a diversity of students, and practice their sales abilities while earning more money for their companies.

PEN Worldwide is an organization similar to VE, but on an international scale. Headquartered in Germany, it oversees a global network of virtual firms in schools, universities, vocational training institutions, companies, and training centers on nearly every continent.

As a member of the organization, VE offers American students the opportunity to interact with other virtual firms within the network, and trade with them in a simulated global economy. Several of these firms also attend the Youth Business Summit and participate in the Global Business Challenge each year.

Below you will find the resources you need to start trading with other firms, and some additional online trading events going on around the world.

Happy trading!

Romanian Firm at Virtual Enterprises International’s Youth Business Summit, International Trade Exhibition Competition on April 17, 2019.

For International Firms

Increase Your Visibility in the U.S.
Use “tradewithUSA” as a search term in the International Firm Directory in PenApps to find amazing U.S. firms to trade with.

U.S. Web Shops
The U.S. network has more than 400 active webshops where you can buy exciting products from VE firms. Review the Firm Directory to get started finding businesses to trade with.

For U.S. Firms

VE will be recognizing top international traders throughout the month and all incoming and outgoing international transactions will be tracked, highlighted and promoted. For a quick-start guide to trading on the international market, download instructions here or using the link below. For Export Documentation, Export Resources, and International Trade Best Practices, check out the International Trade Resources page in the Hub.

Stay tuned for top-sellers and top-buyers lists for U.S. and International Firms along with helpful tips for finding and being found in the international directories. Review best practices and tips found at the link below to ensure your firm’s success during the International Trade Month.

Link: International Trade Month

Link: A Quick Start Guide to Trading Internationally

2020 International Trading Events Around the World

Several trade fairs occur all over the world throughout the year, and are an opportunity to reach out to firms that are particularly open to trading during that time. Visit PEN Worldwide’s Events Calendar to see what events are happening when and where!