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VEI January 2014 Featured Firm of the Month: Faller - German firm sells cardboard boxes and furniture

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About the Firm

Faller sells cardboard boxes and furniture, which makes it a go-to firm for the moving and furnishing needs of individuals and businesses. This practice firm is certified by the State Ministry of Education in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and operates out of a vocational college located in Waldkirch, Germany. The firm employs thirty people, who are organized into Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, Personal Management, and Accounting Departments (see list of team members below).

Faller partners with a real business, Faller KG (LP), which mainly produces packages for medicine. Faller KG offers the virtual Faller factory tours, skills training, and products and financial support for Trade Shows. Some VEI coordinators in the U.S. Network may recognize the firm, since they make annual visits to the International Trade Show in New York.

Faller is interested in building and strengthening their business relations with VEI firms in the U.S. Network.

Get in touch with Faller via the contact information at the top of this page.

Faller at 2013’s International Trade Show in NYC.

Team Members


Volker Schuck, Stefan Brock

Purchase Department:

Julia Kern, Heike Schlenker, Hans Burger, Huong Nyguen, Nadine Nothstein, Lisa Hess, Kathrin Jarolin, Jakob Kienzle

Sales Department:

Mateusz Kaminski, Nick Ohnemus, Sascha Friebe, Moritz Herbstritt, Lena Bayer

Faller at their office


Ronja Ruf, Jule Lach, Manuel Dick, Elias Kunz, Daniele Fiorentino, Benedikt Schwendemann, Eva-Maria Schneider, Nicolas Spengler, Daniel Tscherwen

Personal Management:

Marius König, Lucas Wernet, Angelika Makelko, Nadine Makelko, Lisa Wagner


Lukas Winterhalter, Max Reiner, Lisa Linse, Lena Bayer, Sergej Werz, Lisa Wagner

Faller at International Trade Fair in Ulm, Germany

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VEI Students Visit Gütermann, a German Mittelstand Firm

VEI students prior to tour of Gütermann manufacturing facility

VEI students prior to tour of Gütermann manufacturing facility

In late November 2013, VEI students from NYC, Long Island, and New Jersey traveled overseas to attend the German Practice Firm Trade Fair in Ulm, Germany. During the trip, the students were invited to tour the headquarters and manufacturing facility of Gütermann, a Mittelstand firm in Gutach-Breisgau, Germany.

As cited on Wikipedia, Mittelstand companies are small to medium-sized enterprises that are “highly focused, achieving unprecedented efficiencies by designing a business model with a razor-thin focus and learning to do the one thing really well” then to “compensate for their razor-thin focus… they diversify internationally and enjoy great economies of scale.” Mittelstand companies benefit from Germany’s apprentice system, which provides highly-skilled workers, and there is a “collaborative spirit that generally exists between employer and employees…”

According to the Harvard Business Review, “The amazing resilience of the German economy is often attributed to its reliance on Mittelstand companies, small to medium sized enterprises. These typically family-run businesses employ more than 70% of all German employees in the private sector, and are export-oriented, making Germany the second-largest exporter in the world.” Many of the successful Mittelstand companies combine a cautious and long-term oriented approach to business with the adoption of modern management practices, like employing outside professional management and the implementation of lean manufacturing practices and total quality management. The Mittelstand emphasis on long-term profitability stands in contrast to the public corporations of many countries (including German public corporations) which face quarterly or annual pressure to meet expectations.

Gütermann mentors and partners with the Practice Firm at Berufliches Schulzentrum Waldkirch (BSW), a German Vocational school that has been sending students to the NYC Virtual Enterprise International Trade Fair for years. This year, students and teachers from BSW provided home stays to American students who spent a week in Germany learning about international business, Mittelstand companies, and the German System for Vocational Education.

Follow the links for additional information and enjoy the photos of a trip that students will remember for a lifetime.

Image Gallery from the Trip