Winning Women

Winning Women is a Female Leadership Conference Series designed to support and prepare high-potential VE female students for future success.

Previous Events

March 3, 2017

VE International presents Winning Women hosted by NBC Universal. (Photo:

March 3rd, 2017 Winning Women hosted by NBC Universal. (Photo:

This conference held on March 3, 2017 hosted at NBCUniversal provided 50 female VE students with leadership and early career development training. The morning session, led by executive coach Karen Lindsey of Lindsey Resources, focused on four key themes: communication skills, personal brand, professional presence and emotional intelligence. During the afternoon, female business leaders from a variety of industries engaged with the students in themed break-out activities intended to put the morning coaching session into action. The wisdom and expertise of these real world “Winning Women” truly inspired and empowered our young adults.

Winning Women Joins Together Students and Professionals at NBCUniversal
NBCUniversal hosts “Winning Women” Career Day

October 31, 2016


A special thank you goes to Alexandra Van Arkel, Founder of Winning Women, and her team of mentors at NBCUniversal who spearheaded this important initiative for Virtual Enterprises.