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I Started a Business

The VE-JV Career Academy helps engage middle-level students through real-world experiences and hands-on learning about technology, business, and careers. Students learn business by doing business, test driving potential careers. Students work individually and as a team to develop technology, problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking skills, preparing them for success in high school and beyond.

The VE-JV Program was made possible by the generous support of the New York Life Foundation

Annually serving 60 middle schools and 7,000 middle school students

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Technology Applications for Business

Course Description

Technology Applications for Business introduces students to technology projects typically used in the business and professional world that require facility with spreadsheets, presentation software, word-processing, graphics, web design, and social media. Lessons and activities are built around an entrepreneurial theme and include projects such as creating a budget, conducting a break-even analysis, making expense reports, developing newsletters, developing and presenting a business plan, and more.

VE-Junior Ventures

Course Description

VE-Junior Ventures challenges students to build on skills from Technology Applications by collaborating with their classmates to launch and manage a business that replicates the functions and demands of real business in both structure and practice. Students take on the roles of employees in a company, work in functional departments of the organization (marketing, sales, human resources, accounting, finance, and IT) and complete department-related work and projects that support the goals of the company.

School Administrator Testimonial

“The VE-JV program has opened doors for our scholars to be able to experience “the business world” and gain experiences they would not have half the opportunity to do without the VE-JV program. It allows for our scholars to shine nationally as they compete in competitions and participate in events. Scholars are learning skills they can apply in their other classes as well as in in high school, college, and beyond. The VE program brings another level of opportunity for scholars at NWP to participate in something not all other schools offer.

Other schools should consider opening a VE – JV program because of the skills and opportunities scholars are exposed to through the program. Scholars not only get to experience starting a company or business, but they also learn computer skills, teamwork skills, communication skills, and are able to be creative. The program becomes very scholar-centered and allows for students to serve in leadership roles. The VE-JV program comes along with a community that provides support for teachers and allows for collaboration and professional development.”

Randi Schafer
Assistant Principal
New World Preparatory Charter School
Staten Island, NY

Ready to Start Preparing Your Students for the Future?

VE-JV Schools

Great Lakes Region

Ray Graham High School, IL

Long Island Region

Baldwin Middle School, NY
Evergreen Charter School, NY
J. Taylor Finley Middle School, NY
Robert Finley Middle School, NY
Roosevelt Middle School, NY
Valley Stream Memorial Junior High School, NY
Valley Stream North High School, NY
West Hempstead Middle School, NY

Northeast Region

Mount St. Mary Academy, NY
Sweet Home Middle School, NY
Wells Central School District, NY

NYC Metro Region

Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem, NY
Freedom Prep Charter Schools, NJ
InTech Academy, NY
IS 2 George L. Egbert, NY
IS 281 Cavallaro, NY
IS 51 Edwin Markham, NY
MS 053 Brian Piccolo, NY
MS 137- America’s School of Heroes, NY
MS 226 Virgil I Grissom, NY
MS 936 Arts off 3rd, NY
New World Prep Charter, NY
William McKinley JHS, NY

Southern Region

Annabel Perry K-8, FL
Apollo Middle School, FL
Attucks Middle School, FL
Bair Middle School, FL
Coral Springs Middle School, FL
Dave Thomas Education Center, FL
Democracy Prep at the Stewart Campus, TX
Dillard 6-12, FL
Driftwood Middle, FL
Explorer K-8, FL
Falcon Cove Middle School, FL
Indian Ridge, FL
Kanapaha Middle, FL
Lauderdale Lakes, FL
Liberty Middle School, FL
Margate Middle, FL
McNicol Middle STEM & Magnet, FL
New Renaissance Middle School, FL
Nova Middle School, FL
Olsen Middle School, FL
Palmview Elementary School, FL
Pines Middle School, FL
Pioneer Middle School, FL
Pompano Beach Middle School, FL
Sunrise Middle School, FL
Westglades Middle School, FL

Western Region

Alliance Jack H. Skirball Middle School, CA
Bryant Middle School, CA
Choice Learning Academy, CA
Elizabeth Learning Center, CA
Florence Nightingale Middle School, CA
Legacy Magnet Academy 6-12, CA
Reginald Benton Middle School, CA
Ridgeline Academy, CA
St John’s Lutheran Church, CA